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I can’t do what I need to do for my happiness, what do I do?

I’m in a quandary. I need physical contact including hugs and kisses, but don’t have access to people who want to have physical contact. As you might imagine, this causes me problems. I need physical contact on the regular, and right now I’m at one for 2021 and not looking any better for 2022.

I try to sublimate my need for physical affection by massage, but TBH that is a poor substitute for the exchange of physical affection. It’s better than nothing, but that’s not saying much. Ramen noodles are better than nothing but living on just the noodles long-term will result in malnutrition, and substituting massage for acts of physical affection will result in the emotional equivalent of malnutrition. And the causes of both are pretty much the same, one is the inability to buy and prepare nutritious food, the other is the inability to find or hire someone willing to provide the kind of physical affection that maintains sanity. Money cures many forms of insufficiency.

And this is kinda short but the post is degenerating into a pity party and nobody wants that.


Still angry and can’t say why in a PG-13 blog

I’m angry because I need something that isn’t sex but is still something I can’t put in this blog. And the reason I’m angry is because I am this close (holding up fingers that are barely touching) to what I need but still not getting it. I mean if you were so close to something you needed but were not getting that you could physically touch it but still not have it you would be more than a bit pissed off, too. Well that is my current situation.

I don’t have words for how angry I am right now. Seriously, I don’t think words exist for how angry I am. This is beyond the Sprint-T, beyond beer, beyond not being able to ride any of my bikes. This is not my not having access to medical care that doesn’t use all my money, although that is a thing that makes me angry, just not THE thing.

Sprint-T is still stalled waiting on getting a drivetrain so engine and transmission mounts can be determined. I can’t put them on paper until I know where they go. I’m waiting to hear if I won that 311 Ford engine they won’t announce until October, but the affordable drivetrain I want is the aluminum 5.3L LS or LT and the 4l60e transmission. If I got my sums right that will give me a ready to race weight of ~1800 pounds with my fat butt in the driver’s seat and a full tank of E85 in the race tank. The 311 Ford is about 100 pounds heavier than the aluminum LS/LT and the lightest transmission I can bolt to it for the Sprint-T is a weight of 150 pounds according to Google, 17 pounds heavier than a 4l60e, so we are looking at almost a ton and about the same HP but lower low-end torque than the LS/LT and the 4l60e combination, because the 5.0 Ford has to spin higher than anything in the LS/LT families to make the same power.

If I had the money I would build something with the 4.125″ bore aluminum LS block and the longest stroke I could stuff into it, because engine physics says for the same intake manifold the larger the displacement of the engine the more power it will have at low RPM. The same intake caveat is because of the impact intake runner length has on low RPM power levels. It’s possible to have a small displacement engine make more power than a much larger engine, as proven by the super long runner TPI engines which had big block 454 torque but wimpy HP because of huge intake runners in the 22″ range where most intake manifolds have 8-10″ runners. The winner on intake manifold design is the large area long runner design. The long runners produce more torque at low RPM but the large area flows more air and fuel at higher RPM. The real winner for my purposes is a big engine with a long runner intake. The long runner and the big engine combine for lots of low-RPM torque but still good power at higher RPM because bigger engine = more power.