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OK, wow, that was quick

I got a notice in my email that yesterday was the 10th anniversary of moving my blog to WordPress from MySpace, more than 12 years since I started doing my old blog on an adult web site because all the other blogging sites I tried crashed the browser that came with the Linspire OS né Lindows, computer I was using way back then. That was so many computers ago I can’t even remember how many. According to the records on the dashboard page this is the 3131st post not counting the 9 pages also on this blog, linked under the title bar. That works out to almost a post every day for 10 years or a post every 1.1664 days, or 0.857 posts per day. Or from another point of view I skipped and was lazy for 521 days in the last 10 years. So there is room for improvement in my productivity. Basically I took a year and a half off from blogging in the 10 years I have worked at this URL.

In some ways it doesn’t feel like any time at all until I remember how many computers that either aged out and couldn’t run the browsers needed to create posts, or just flat wore out and had to be replaced from mechanical failure of parts too old to be replaced. And when you consider the last computer basically ran for 5 years and replaced a computer that was too old to run the browser needed to post on this site, which replaced the other computer that was too old to run the browser… Well then it starts looking a lot more like 10 years since I posted the first time here.

I don’t want to think of the pain and suffering linked here back when I was tracking wrecks and how to prevent them (ban cars). Seriously those years ended up being Not Good for my mental health after a while, but were something I needed to do after the wreck, Because Reasons. I’m still personally pissed off at the driver of the murder weapon, but I have moved on to the point that the wreck no longer dominates my life like it used to. The Sprint-T has taken that job over. 😁

Laptop is back up and connected

It’s working but I don’t know for how long it will stay working. I did the usual computer troubleshooting routine, modified because a Chromebook won’t boot without an internet connection and no internet connection was the problem. Anyway I knew that the WiFi was working because multiple devices were connected to it, so I went to wireless mode and got a good clean reboot. Connection diagnostics came back all green so I plugged the Ethernet back in to get in highspeed mode so I could get some actual work done.

There are still bits and pieces falling off, so I really need to get $$ for a new laptop. I’m torn between another Chromebook or one of the cheap Windows laptops, mainly because it is hard to find a Chromebook with actual storage, and because Windows still has a “virus/trojan of the day” problem. But the price difference from the last time I had to buy a laptop is gone. So, I could buy a Windows unit with adequate storage and wipe Windows for Ubuntu, and probably pick up a performance boost when I’m not using the internet. And still be cheaper than a Chromebook with similar storage, because Chromebooks with hard drives sell at a premium compared to the 16GB SSD units. So, this gives me a few weeks to raise cash for a new laptop (because desktops tend to be gaming units that are ridiculously overpowered for surfing the web and writing blog posts and short stories and have price tags that match their power.

And now I need to take care of the e-mails I couldn’t read on the phone and do more research on laptops suitable for my needs. This will not be a quick process.