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Good news and bad news after visiting the Lab Rat Keeper, and the Feed

As the spider said time’s fun when you’re having flies, and the Feed

Nothing is going on related to either spiders or flies today, I have just been waiting for the chance to use that quote for several months. Some time this week we will be going to buy the bus tickets for our vacation, and also trying to find someone to mow the lawn when we are gone. The crazy lady we rent a room to will still be here and our eldest will be dropping by the house to make sure the cat eats and gets some loving, so the house will not be unguarded while we are gone. I’m still trying to find a local source for that fershluginer (old Mad Magazine expletive there) hunk of mild steel to use for the crank forward bike’s seat tube, and Hephaestus is still pounding me about building something because I have the gift and it shouldn’t be wasted. Even drawing designs out on paper hasn’t been enough to shut that down, I’m going to have to build something soon. And right now the only thing stopping me is finding the raw stock to cut and weld into the bike frame…

Up first, someone tried to kill a cyclist with a light armored vehicle in GA. (UPDATED) Witnesses – SUV chased down cyclist OK having been on the receiving end of this kind of deal myself, if the driver is serious about trying to kill you there isn’t much a cyclist can do about it except try to roll away from the impact to someplace where you can’t get hit a second time.

A critical hit-and-run in NM. Cyclist critically injured in hit-and-run crash The narrative describes a hit-from-behind but does not state so explicitly, but I would use those protocols to avoid the wreck anyway. Getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would prevent the wreck. And finding the perp and crushing his truck will keep him from doing it again…

A “grr…” angry moment in NYC. Police: Bicyclist Killed In Crash With Minivan Near Citi Field And as usual for the entire state of NY, “no criminality suspected” of the sober driver who remained at the scene of the hit-from-behind wreck. Protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent, including Dutch traffic laws to make hitting someone with a motor vehicle an assumed crime unless proven not to be. IOW start all wreck investigations as criminal investigations unless the evidence proves otherwise, especially the ones involving a fatality.

Another fatal wreck in NYC just makes me want to scratch my head. NYPD Has No Info On Brooklyn DJ Killed While Cycling In Bushwick The wreck narrative is hit-from-behind with possible assault by the driver of the first vehicle that hit him, and pure pinball for the second vehicle. I would place this in the “not avoidable by human cyclists” category, but getting the infrastructure right would prevent it, including LEO who give a flying…

What’s interesting about this PA wreck is the fact that nobody has been blaming the cyclist for running the light. Bicyclist injured in collision with car on Erie’s east side Intersection wreck between two vehicles on intersecting streets and nobody says the cyclist was running the red. The car was there a couple of thousandths of a second earlier than the bike as the damages to the car prove, but nothing about who was there running the red. The Street View says the cyclist was going the wrong way on a one-way street, but that wasn’t mentioned either. Intersection protocols are moot in a situation like this, so the only thing would be getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch”. This is a very strange wreck.

A WI cyclist is injured by a seriously distracted driver. Oostburg Cyclist Seriously Injured “I didn’t mean to do it! It’s the bee’s fault!” Hit-from-behind so use the protocols to try to avoid this idiot (who may be allergic to bee stings, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt), and get cyclists away from crazy drivers with infrastructure that’s “up to Dutch” to prevent the wreck.

A serious “Ahhgghh!” moment after a cyclist was taken from the scene by ambulance in CA. Paramedics find 3-foot snake in bag of bicyclist struck by car Naturally the snake takes precedence over the narrative of the wreck for this article.

How to get locked up for killing a cyclist in the UK. Three locked up for killing of Pontypool cyclist Yes, if you kill a cyclist with anything other than a car, then you get locked up.

A cyclist didn’t kill a pedestrian after all. Pensioner died of natural causes two and a half weeks after collision with cyclist When the death was reported there was some confusion in the UK cycling press about the length of time between her release from hospital and her death with many saying if she was that fragile she wouldn’t have been released from medical care. And as it turns out the proximity of the death with the wreck is just happenstance.

Ted is in fine form today. Morning Links: Phillip O’Neill memorial ride and walk, cyclist’s rights on PCH, and a new bike video from LACBC

Infrastructure! news from NYC. DOT Targets 20 Of The Deadliest Intersections For Pedestrians

And a bit of Lifestyle from WWII. Maine woman resisted the Nazis on beat-up old bicycle

Last link is a Facebook picture of a really awesome way of exercising lane control in an urban setting. Lane control Note the high aerodynamic drag makes this impractical for long trips, but for those under five mile urban jaunts it should be fine. Mount white blinky lights on the front and red blinky lights on the back, or amber blinkies all around if you can find them to increase your visual footprint.

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today.

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