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I’m bored

I have a minor injury to the back of the wrecked leg, so I can’t go for a walk. I don’t really have anything interesting to write about nor anything to watch on the tube flat screen. I haven’t made any great advances in the design of the Sprint-T either.

About the only thing slightly new is I have a different pain in my wrecked leg. The leg is all swollen up and there is a line across the top of the calf muscle that is tender to the touch. I think this might be related to the vascular damage I got when the truck hit me, but I’m not sure. One thing I do know is related to the wreck is my foot turning purple when my leg swells up which is what color it is right now.

So, anyway I decided to watch crazy cat videos on YouTube because why not?


Changing weather, and maybe no Feed

When I hit the office this morning the first thing I did was check the Feed and there was nothing in the Feed folder in my mail. So this may be a very short blog post.

Weather here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell has been variable this week as we had snow on Tuesday with skating-rink driving conditions, and shirtsleeve temperatures with light breezes yesterday. Many people I know are sick because of the rapid changes in temperature because they are not hardened to the cold as I have by running around wearing shorts and slippers as the thermostat is gradually lowered a little bit every day to get the house down to low to mid 60s F (16-18C). I used to go barefoot, but the continuing nerve problems I’m having with the foot on the injuredcrippled leg has forced me to wearing both socks and slippers in the house to prevent pain that literally knocks me off my feet (I go back to bed until my feet warm up). Anyway, the changes in the weather have left less-hardy people abed with colds and flu has also been prevalent in the area. One of the advantages of working at a home office (besides wearing nothing but soccer shorts and slippers to work) is I’m not constantly exposed to communicable disease, unlike Mrs. the Poet who works with those biological warfare vectors known as “children” every day.

Time passes.

The mail came in and among the other things was a big box from Alertshirt.com. My post-Christmas purchase finally arrived and I now have 2 long-sleeve wicking Ts, a short-sleeve wicking polo that I’m wearing as I type, a long sleeve cotton sweatshirt that is oh-so-cozy, and a zippered mesh vest that has a crazy huge array of retro-reflective stripes, about twice what I have with my ancient blinky-LED vest. That blinky-LED vest is going to be salvaged to make flashing wrist bands so I can be better seen while signaling turns, and the rest of the reflective strips will be glued to my Army ALICE ruck to make me less invisible when I’m getting large items from the grocery store. And they also included a VERY COLORFUL pen… When the bulk of your merchandise is ANSI Safety Lime and you put pictures on your promotional items they become VERY COLORFUL! This is the second large purchase that either I made or was done for me, and I’m very happy with the previous purchase as those items are still in very frequent use. I’m sure the stuff I got today will be in similar rotation, especially as everything but the sweatshirt is a 3 or 4 season article when combined with layering. And the vest can be used in any season as it doesn’t add much to insulating properties nor take anything away.

And as there doesn’t seem to be anything in the Feed folder today I’m going to post this and be on my way doing errands like depositing someone’s Christmas money into the bank, for which they will BE GRATEFUL OR ELSE! At least now I’ll be more visible on the trip there and back…

Billed @$0.02, Opus