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Another hint that I’m getting old

Another short post of things I noticed. I’m getting a blur at the top of my vision that I couldn’t figure out what it was. It moved with my head and obscured the top edge of my vision, and got brighter when the sun was coming from the side window on my face.

Then I had something itch in my left eyebrow and when I rubbed at it the blur went away for a few seconds. Yep, my eyebrows are hanging in front of my eyes now like I’m a Mentat from Dune, or I’m just old now. Since I’m not a Mentat, I’m sticking with the “I’m old” hypothesis.

Happy Pi Day

Yep, it’s that time again when we geeks share a love of math and puns, when the date happens to match something numerically significant. Today we celebrate by sharing pie because pun, the English word pie and the Greek letter pi are pronounced the same in most parts of the Anglophone world.

We are doing things a little different here at Casa de El Poeta. We had a $5 off coupon for cheesecake which in spite of the name is really a pie with no top crust. So our pie really is a lie, because it’s claiming to be a cake. Or is our cake a lie because it’s really a pie? Anywho, we’re eating cheesecake tonight.

In a few hours we are going to have game, I hope we get something done on the run we started back in January. That run was to rescue or kidnap a teen troll or orc (can’t remember after all this time) from a gated community in Denton. Anywho, if the GM is healthy today, and everyone is awake, we might get somewhere on this run. And I have to go now…

Happy Cinco Pun and weird stuff

It feels like it has been years since I used this pun.
Same spelling, completely different meaning

In non-news I had a ton of mayo on my spicy chicken patty sandwich, and I’m getting a ton of strange articles about my brother’s ex-wife getting killed while trying to pet a wild alligator. Cindy was kinda like Elmira from Tiny Toons, but less abusive of the “aminals”.

Still thinking about the Sprint-T nose and exhaust but I don’t have anything I can show for it yet. I’m still trying to figure out where I want to put the radiator in relation to the front axle and if I want the nose to poke out past the fenders so the radiator doesn’t sit higher than the nosepiece, and there’s the whole threading things through the frame bit, because the nose is going to fit lower than the top of the front bulkhead. There will be structures that I have to fit the nose around/under/over and I’m still trying to wrap my head around how that will work. The big thing is the front bulkhead will be the second-tallest structure in the frame after the roll hoops, and the nose will go right under or over it because things are just that bad. Seriously, the fairings on the front fenders will be between 19″ and 20″ in front of the front axle centerline and the top of the front bulkhead will be about 30″ above the bottom of the frame so the bottom rail of the frame will clear the tires at full lock. I can visualize it, but I have difficulty in translating my vision to words. I know that if I make the bottom of the rail tangent to the tire at full bump but straight ahead, it will have plenty of clearance when the tire is at full lock and under the lower rail of the frame. That’s all that I can ask for.