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Operation Time Shift underway

I’m currently at hour 20 of Operation Time Shift, intended to put me to sleep at or shortly after 2200 tonight so I can be functional by 0700 Thursday. I will be back throughout the day to update this post, so yes, I’m liveblogging again.

OK just passed 23 hours and coming up on 24 and as long as I don’t have to pass any field sobriety tests I’m good.

Passed 24 hours since I got up and I keep finding the world tilting and I’m hanging out of my chair. This ain’t good.

Coming up on 26 hours awake and I’m getting my second wind, although the world still tilts alarmingly on occasion.

Almost hour 28 and still hanging tough, but it’s getting harder and harder to sit up straight in my chair, I seem to be leaning heavily to the left. And I’m also having trouble telling my left from my right. That ain’t helping at all. Also all that coffee is taking its toll on my bladder sphincter as I have totally lost count of how many trips to the bathroom I made since sunup. Somewhere in excess of 14, but less than 20, I think.