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I have something to write about

It’s something weird, but a topic is a topic and I’m running with this one.

Mrs. the Poet wanted orange juice, but didn’t specify as the kind of orange juice so we got her no-pulp calcium fortified juice. Now I’m drinking the last of the carton and it appears I’m drinking orange flavored mud. There is the sensation of not actual mud, but a slightly chalky feel to the substance that poured from the carton, like the calcium precipitated out and sank to the bottom. It has a very orange taste to it, so not bad just strange to find in your orange juice.

I want to start making parts for the Mini Sprint-T, but my tube bender seems to have taken a vacation without me. As in nowhere to be seen in the house and Mrs. the Poet has no idea what she did with it. Not even when I described it to her in detail. As I can’t make the roll hoops without it I’m up the unsanitary tributary for making the roll hoops plural, there are two identical pieces needed to make the middle part of the frame. Without the bender I can’t make those parts identical. Without the bender it’s unlikely I can even make anything resembling a roll hoop.

Other thigs (what are thigs and why didn’t my spell checker flag this when I meant to write things?) things on my mind (besides malfunctioning spell checkers) are I’m eating potato chips that were advertised as costing $1.87 and shelf-tagged $1.87, but scanned at $3.49 and I’m still steamed about it. They are very good potato chips, but they would be even better at $1.87. If I had caught the mistake before I left the store I could have had it fixed, but once I stepped out of the doors it was Too Late To Fix (dun dun, duhn music). Sorry, I’ve been listening to a really silly podcast and it kinda rubbed off on me.