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OK the ice and snow is gone, and the Feed

By this evening the last of the ice and snow that has been dominating the weather in these parts finally went away. Good riddance! Finally we have temperatures our heating system was designed to cope with and Mrs. the Poet has divested herself of her coat and 2 of the 4 shirts she was wearing. Yep, she’s down to 2 shirts and 2 pairs of underwear and heavy wool socks, instead of the “everything in the drawers and closet” costume she was wearing yesterday and Saturday. I still keep getting awakened at night with her trying to keep getting closer even after she gets into full body contact under the covers. I mean at this point the only way she could get any closer would be to skin me and wear me as a coat, which is kinda hard to do in your sleep and messy besides. Outside of the house the roads are no longer coated in ice, just slightly damp, and the number of injury wrecks has declined to only slightly above “normal” for a weekday. Have I mentioned that TX drivers lose their minds when the roads are anything less than perfectly dry and smooth? You would think that given how low the state’s road maintenance budget is compared to how many miles of road we have people would be used to crappy roads by now.

Up first is the massive amount of links to various aspects of an Italian cyclist “winning” the “door prize” in Australia. Brunswick cyclist death: ‘Car-dooring’ fatality prompts calls for motorists to pay more attention and Chilling footage of cyclist’s road death sparks passionate debate I wonder if anyone was paying attention to the bike lane symbol peeking out from under the weapon vehicle at the bottom of the image? Alleged dooring death: cyclist launch Sydney Road parking ban petition and another one Sydney Road bicycle death: Labor minister Jane Garrett sets emergency meeting as Greens MP Greg Barber renews call for TAC-style dooring campaign not done yet Italian cyclist Alberto Paulon killed on Sydney Road, Brunswick, remembered by work colleagues and memorial ride still MORE! Brunswick cyclist’s car-dooring death a ‘wicked waste’ and easily avoidable, safety campaigner says are we done yet? Tougher dooring penalties call rejected after death of Italian cyclist Alberto Paulon As I interjected between links I noticed what appeared to be a buffered bike lane underneath the line of parked cars the cyclist was next to when he was doored and thrown into the path of the truck that killed him. What is going on that there was nothing mentioned about this in any of the hundreds of comments I read about this wreck?

Also generating a ton of links is ongoing reporting on the lawsuit filed against the driver of a car that was used to kill a cyclist and the owner of that car. Suit filed in death of cyclist hit by alleged drunk driver also Suit filed in death of cyclist hit by alleged drunk driver and Cyclist’s Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Alleged Driver As I have written earlier, they should also file suit against whoever is in charge of this piece of infrastructure for the third identical death in 5 years in nearly the same location, a drunk driver drifting into the bike lane and hitting two cyclists from behind at high speed. One such death is a tragic accident, two is a coincidence, three is a design defect. We are now in design defect territory.

I find this conviction unusual especially given the state it was obtained in. Judge to sentence man for death of Casper cyclist Seriously 16 years in prison for killing a cyclist in Wyoming? The state that recently decided they didn’t need to know how and how many cyclists were getting killed and injured on their streets and highways?

Another one of those links about a dead cyclist that I don’t have a good label for. BICYCLIST STRUCK, KILLED BY CAR IN FRESNO COUNTY LAID TO REST

And while we are talking about CA here’s Our Daily Ted. A giant falls — Alex Baum, the father of modern LA bicycling, dies at age 92 WoaB sends its condolences to the LA bicycle community.

And some people in CA are just bastards. Robin MIller: Grow up and put your helmet on Seriously, I wear a helmet every time I ride my bike (and the recent medical problem I have been having that has been keeping me from wearing my helmet is also keeping me off the bike), but I know my helmet is mostly to protect my heirs in the lawsuit they will file against the driver that kills me to show I did everything in my power to not get killed.

And in NYC a killer driver refuses to admit fault or even that he committed hit-and-run when he killed a cyclist. No Apology From Trucker 3 Years After Killing Williamsburg Cyclist The sad thing is even if they pull his license and he kills someone else, unless he is drunk or leaves the scene again the most he will get is a ticket for driving while revoked.

OK this is mostly a bike story because they stabbed this guy so they could steal his bike. Islington stabbing: Alan Cartwright, 15, killed while riding bike with friends and Islington cyclist stab murder inquiry begins

A little UK “infrastructure”. I use quotes because there is little to none for bicycles in this article. Cycling campaigner brands Westminster Council’s attitude to road safety as ‘neanderthal’

News of a driver actually facing charges for killing a cyclist in Enn Zed. Driver charged over fatal cyclist crash Another turning truck running a cyclist over from behind…

Seriously, what is wrong with some people? Cycle-route booby traps: a growing danger for Spain’s mountain bikers Barbed wire and heavy fishing like at face or neck height? Rocks big enough to require 3 people to cooperate in carrying and placing them? This is acts of terrorism, pure and simple. And that steel plate with spikes welded into it? Someone was trying to kill somebody.

And here is some real “Lifestyle” of the cycling kind. 2015 Twelve Hours of Santos: Riding to Help an Injured Racer

And thank [$DEITY] I have finally reached the end of today’s links.

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Moving Bean Day to Tuesday, and the Feed

After the pain from yesterday I did not particularly feel like doing the beans and rice today. I mean I woke up with sore feet and a bit of a headache this morning, then had to deal with coffee that had been watered down because the tenant that does that woke up to her workplace being shut down because of the weather. Oh I forgot to mention the weather. Basically we woke up to find everything encased in sheets of glare ice, including the roads. Buses were not running and neither were the trains as the “scraper trolleys” that were decided upon as the cure for the paralysis caused by the ice last year have not yet been installed. Basically only emergency services and grocery stores are up and running “normally”. And everybody but me has been bundled up like they are about to assault the North Pole or something. I put a T-shirt on to fight the chill as just shorts and slippers was too chilly… Current thermostat setting is keeping my office at 62°F, which is nice for me but a little chilly for the other members of the house. Our outside temperature has been no higher than 27°F today. For the end of February in TX, that is on the chilly side. The good news is the spring bug hatching had already begun due to a couple of weeks of freakishly warm weather, if this cold snap holds for another 2 days we will have a very small amount of biting bugs all summer. So it isn’t like there is no up side to this weather.

Up first the DIYDoT the next town over takes bicycle infrastructure maintenance into their own hands, with the blessing of the city. Our First Trail Cleanup Day Was A Success Ho many times have people been forced to take street maintenance into their own hands because the city didn’t or wouldn’t do it? Why is it the DIYDoT is almost always deployed to make or maintain bicycle infrastructure? Congrats to the people that did this.

Another entry from the DIYDoT created a 40 foot long tunnel in the snow covering a major bicycle path so that bike commuting would not be disrupted. Boston cyclists built a 40-foot-long snow tunnel for commuting Admit it, given the chance you would have done the same thing, right? Because how cool (literally and figuratively) is it to ride through a huge tunnel in the snow?

NYC’s campaign to reduce pedestrian deaths from turning vehicles running into people crossing with the light in crosswalks hits a snag. Woman Killed In Queens Hit And Run Witnesses reporting in the comments section said the victim had barely stepped from the curb before getting hit.

A CT man takes a plea in the killing of a cyclist two years ago. New Milford man pleads guilty in Weston cyclist death This “person” tried to hide the damages to his car after the wreck but was not successful at the deception.

Continuing the theme of scum and ne’er do wells appearing in court over killing cyclists is this report from FL. 21-Year-Old Driver in Fatal Key Biscayne Bike Crash Appears in Court Another driver that tried to hide his crime after leaving the scene.

At the head of a long line of links from CA is our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Biking the Oscars, challenging helmet stats and a big jump in Santa Monica bike commuting That Boston bike tunnel link is in Ted’s report also, and one of the helmet follies links as well. Just saying because I recognized the links after I filtered my links.

Next up is one of those helmet folly links complete with the offensive cartoon Ted mentioned in his link. Should California cyclists be required to wear helmets? Studies from places that have mandatory adult helmet laws do not show enough of a decline in deaths from head injury to offset the increase in deaths from sedentary life styles caused by the decrease in cycling from the helmet law. On an individual basis there is a slight reduction on mortality caused by helmet wearing in wrecks under the 12.5 MPH design impact speed of bicycle helmets, figure out how many wrecks involved 12.5 MPH and below motor vehicles and you’ll have the exact number. So for the population as a whole helmet laws are a net loss, for individuals they are a wash. And people want them because…?

A little legal infrastructure from CA. Cyclists Rally To Raise Awareness About The Dangers Of Distracted Driving This is in reaction to the Milt Olin death nearly two years ago.

A little lifestyle news from CA. Tour de Ed rides through almond orchards from Chico to Durham That sounds like a beautiful ride, I wish I could be there for it.

Moving to Jolly Olde, the company that owned the truck that killed a woman last week in London was in the process of training their drivers to not kill cyclists. Unfortunately the driver involved in the fatal wreck had not yet gotten the training. Cyclist death plant firm had gone through training programme

On other legal infrastructure questions in the UK. The discrepancy between results of law-breaking and consequences for it are still being debated. Prime Minister to meet Purley cyclists’ fiancées and Prime Minister to meet fiancées of two cyclists killed in drink drive collision The “person” in question killed two people while driving at nearly 3 times the legal limit for BAC% and more than twice the speed limit with other drugs in his system, and only got 10 years in prison for it. Inciting people to kill will get more prison time in the UK than killing with motor vehicle.

A bit of lifestyle in the UK. Craig Armitage: Riders unite in farewell to Otley cyclist pal and beloved dad

And another bit of infrastructure bashing, there is a reason why I make the statement that stating UK infrastructure is crap infrastructure is redundant. Bradford roads branded “death trap” for cyclists I have seen third world roads in better shape than these, hell I have seen Roman roads thousands of years old in better shape than these.

Another ghost bike tribute in Jolly Olde. ‘Ghost bike’ roadside tribute on anniversary of cyclist’s death I long for the day when there will no longer be a need for ghost bikes because drivers won’t or can’t kill us any more.

Infrastructure in Oz. Cyclists call for Annerley Road safety upgrades after student death The cyclist was killed while stationary at a traffic light. That puts this in the category of “unavoidable by human cyclists”.

More Oz lifestyle. Cycling champion Anna Meares leads Amy’s Big Canberra Bike Ride this weekend

And a major dose of wishful thinking in South Africa. ‘EDUCATION WILL BOOST CYCLIST SAFETY’ Yep, it sure will, education and confiscating and recycling the vehicles used to commit road murders…

And thank [$DEITY], I have run out of links.

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Blue has been found, and the Feed

My stolen bike Blue has been found at a Garland pawn store and placed on hold pending a property hearing in front of a judge. I haven’t seen him yet, but the RBENT club member who spotted him said that he was mostly intact except for a missing headlight. The rack was still on the back but no mention of the pump, fenders, or computer still being there. I will probably have to get another frame pump and fabricate another mount to hang it from. I am somewhat resigned to having to redo the fenders, but heartened that having done the job twice already the biggest problem will be buying another 2 sets of fenders to get the blanks to use to build the front fender. After I did the first part of this paragraph I got a call from GPD that the pawn shop was disputing my claim and I will have to be present at a property hearing in 6-8 weeks.

Up first is a Daily Ted left over from the weekend. Weekend Links: UCLA Transpo group honored; Bike the Vote next month and score a Wolfpack Hustle T-Shirt Catch the stuff that hasn’t happened yet.

Here’s a good one for you and three friends of a similar size and riding similar size bikes. Free to good home: a bicycle-powered star destroyer About the only place I could ride this would be the lead hole. Any other position and the supports would be floating above my shoulders. Put the big guys in the back and let it slope down to me.

I really don’t care if the Episcopalian church has a raging drunk leading them so long as the drunk is not driving. Cyclist death opens debate about theology of addiction Seriously, as long as she’s not driving they can do any damn thing they want with her, that’s outside my purview. Separation of church and state and all that.

I can haz infrastructure in CA? Plan in works to add third eastbound lane and bike path on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge All that money and the bike lane doesn’t even have a permanent barrier? Yeah, that “bike lane” will never see a bike.

More CA infrastructure news. Berkeley Bicycle Subcommittee Mtg: Bike Plan Launch, Hearst Ave Bikeway

More infrastructure news this time from MN. Guy On A Bike: Ghost Bikes

Sad news as what is believed to be CA’s oldest living cyclist gives up the “living” part of that title. Long Beach’s oldest cyclist Octavio Orduno dies at 106

Several cyclists have been killed on one short stretch of road and there is debate about changing the infrastructure to keep drunks out of the bike lane? Facing South Florida: Cyclists Struck Part II That there is any debate on what to do just strikes me as insensitive to the memory of the deceased, and insulting to the survivors. It’s simple, put in a steel guardrail between the bike lane and the driving lane so there is no way for the drunk drivers to get to the cyclists. Since the problem is drunk drivers put a tax on alcohol to pay for it. I also like the real-time speed monitoring idea.

UK infrastructure at its usual crap state. Edinburgh cyclists sue council for tramline injuries The video in the article was shot less than 5 minutes after the camera was set up on a notoriously bad stretch of road, and there were pictures of other bicycle traps disguised as bike lanes. Seriously, whose idea was it to put the tram in the freaking bike lane?

This news from Oz just floors me. Police investigate rope-stringing incident that injured cyclist Part of what floors me is the amount of time elapsed between the terrorist act and the posting of the news article. Really, it took from October to the end of January to let people know about a home-grown terrorist attack on a citizen?

They ignore a terrorist attack on cyclists but one cyclist a year causes pedestrian injury and they demand cyclists all line up to pay insurance? Pedestrian case sparks cyclist insurance calls

Another collision with wildlife or pets in Enn Zed. Cyclist injured in collision with dog Dogs are bad because they can take you out and you will never see one coming.

Still in Enn Zed, someone thought they had the right to abuse a little girl for riding her bike in the bike lane. Show respect: mother The comments are literally priceless, and worth every penny of it.

Your next package could come by bike. 5 businesses embracing the cargo bike

Last link, someone else has made a minor improvement to a hub-motor e-assist bike. Salem company bets on smart electric bikes Yet another company that will “change the world” with an e-assist bike.

And that’s all I got today, I had a late start because of having to go all the way across town to find Blue today.

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Still wondering about everything, and the Feed

And by “everything” yes I mean everything. Well, almost everything, I know why the sky is blue, and why sunsets are red. Things that can be explained by science I read about and I understand. Things that can’t be explained by science I wonder about. Like the current Congress voting against the best interests of the people they supposedly represent from their districts, or voting to prevent federal funds from being spent to save women’s lives by terminating hopeless pregnancies, pregnancies that will kill both the mother and the fetus. Terminate the pregnancy and the mother has a chance at trying again assuming she can overcome the psychological problems that come from having a pregnancy that could have killed her before she could give birth, or just not spend the money and both are going to die with no second chances. Seriously this was put to a vote in the House as part of a much larger bill along with (not) paying for rape victims or victims of incest (pretty much the same thing as a rape victim) to terminate unwanted or medically dangerous pregnancies. And they voted against paying to save lives if it means terminating a pregnancy. I think paying for any medical attention to anyone that voted in favor of this is against my religion maybe. Actually no, it isn’t, and given the choice I would give medical attention or allow medical attention to be administered (even with my tax dollars). But I do think that they should be given the “opportunity” to sweat about it possibly not happening for as long as it wasn’t medically dangerous to withhold medical attention. If it wasn’t medically dangerous to let them sit forever, just uncomfortable or potentially scarring, leave them sit, since another proposed bill would defund Obamacare so that poor people would be denied access to health care even when that care is required for living without pain or permanent scarring. Yes this is personal for me.

Up first, more fallout from the bizarre question on the Australian version of Family Feud. Twitter reacts to Family Feud’s bizarre question about cyclists This reaction was mentioned in earlier links, but directly referenced in this link. Personally the part about this question was allowing “everything” as an answer to what annoying thing cyclists do.

Back in the US, terrorist attacks against transportation infrastructure continue in OR. County more ‘vigilant’ on Hawthorne Bridge inspections as tacks claim more victims and Tacks again flattening bike tires on Hawthorne Bridge I’m sure if someone was putting out caltrops and causing flat tires on a bottleneck thoroughfare for cars there would be major police presence and investigation(s) going on.

Well, after that it’s time for Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Justice denied and threats against cyclists, and it’s time to give up some of that good bike blood

A story also reported upon in the above link, the driver and the cyclist in this wreck are robbed during the confusion after the wreck. CYCLIST HIT IN WEST OAKLAND, ROBBED WHILE UNCONSCIOUS While the driver was trying to get the cyclist stabilized until the ambulance arrived he was robbed, and while the driver’s attention was diverted someone stole the cyclist’s bike and belongings.

Sometimes we win, even if it’s a Pyrrhic victory. Truck Driver Found Negligent in Death of Cyclist Amelie Le Moullac I consider this victory Pyrrhic because the driver was convicted in civil court, not criminal, and because the SFPD provided virtually nothing to the case except excuses for the driver…

Changing the legal infrastructure to favor cars less and people more in NE. Safety bill would clarify rules for bikes and cars

Still trying to figure out where the money came from on this one. Bishop charged in cyclist’s death released from jail on $2.5M bail The driver is returning to an “in-patient” treatment center for her alcohol addiction, after spending over $2 million to get out of a free one…

More on NYC traffic deaths by mode. Mayor says traffic deaths drop, cyclist fatalities spike Not sure what is going on here as fewer pedestrians get killed, while motor vehicle occupant deaths are flat and cyclists getting killed go up at a rate that exceeds the normal data noise.

A bit of news about the physical infrastructure in Portland, OR. A $10,000 solution to dangerous Springwater path intersection $10K to fix as major a problem as this is practically nothing, it’s a rounding error in most cities’ transportation budgets.

Moire Stoopid from the UK. Cyclists urged not to use Golden Valley Bypass after Gloucester man died in traffic collision Note that people using the same mode as the victim are being urged to not use the facility, not the people using the mode that killed the victim.

Potential victims must show proper deference to potential killers according to this schlock from News Corp, the parent company of Faux Nooz. Motorist and cyclist mutual respect key to road safety Yes I know that’s not what they say in the headline, it doesn’t come until a bit later in the piece.

Insurance companies in the Netherlands know that e-assist cyclists will reduce health care costs over those who don’t ride at all, but how to keep the assisted riders from increasing other costs is the question. Researchers at Delft University of Technology Target Risk Management (The safety of electrically assisted bicycles compared to classic bicycles) And it’s far cheaper to use free student labor than paid professionals when you are doing something like this.

More e-assist news from the US. Bosch rolls into Irvine to speed up eBike operation I like this particular system, 250 Watts through the cranks gets lots more performance than a hub motor, basically it’s like adding the power of another person without all the weight and bother of carrying that person with you, just a few pounds of batteries and the motor.

And I’m all out of links now.

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Dealing with dysfunction and people I love, and the Feed

Want a train wreck? Try combining a depressed Trans* person, and Mrs. the Poet’s denying of the existence of depression, forgetting the fact that I have been dealing with varying degrees of depression ever since the wreck that temporarily killed me. The seismic shocks have been rocking the house all afternoon. And I mean seismic, Mrs. the Poet can be very … passionate about things. I love her (obviously) but she has blind spots in her worldview. I probably do too. I think everyone has to one degree or another. It’s just that this particular blind spot makes it hard to explain about the situation. This is similar to trying to talk to a person about climate change when they don’t believe there is any such thing. The outcome is seldom pretty.

Up first, more anti-cyclist H8 on display in the media. Double standards on bicycle safety? Two hit-and-run wrecks, one a pedestrian with lots of publicity and information about the wreck, the other an un-named cyclist with no information other than he was killed on a particular highway and was about the same age as the pedestrian.

Hey, a city is taking responsibility for creating infrastructure that gets people killed or injured, and for a driver that t-boned a car with a dumptruck. Denver City Council OKs settling 2 crash cases involving cyclist, motorist for $235K The cyclist was caught in a road seam that flipped him over the handlebars, the driver was hit by a truck and “severely injured”.

In the UK, a cyclist can take a cycling course instead of getting a ticket. Cambridge cyclists to face course or fine if they break law Note that of the three infractions listed 2 are reactions to crappy infrastructure, not things that are in themselves dangerous to others. The other one is riding without lights.

From Oz comes a report of a highly biased and inflammatory slur against cyclists on a popular game show. Family Feud question about ‘something annoying a cyclist might do’ causes backlash The comments are priceless worthless.

A bit of US infrastructure news. Motivated to ride a bike? Bike-share company changes name Another sign that Portland has lost its mojo, as Alta Bike Share leaves Portland and fires all the bikey people that were running the company.

And quiet day, those are all the links I could find today.

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I may be off-air later this week, and the Feed

My daughter and son-in-law bought a house this week and have to be out of their old house by midnight Saturday, so I will be off-air Friday and Saturday to help them get settled in to their new place. In addition, there will be a wreck- and link-free post on Christmas Day. That means 4 days in a row without a post with links, Thursday through next Sunday.

I don’t think it is any secret that this witch is somewhat to the left politically. Well in the real world I’m a Centrist, but in the whackadoodle politics of the United States of Dyslexia where history is considered to be a Communist conspiracy I’m a flaming Socialist. I don’t mention politics too much in this blog except for as it intersects with bicycles, but there may be some politics either Thursday or Sunday. Just warning you.

I keep harping about the lack of will to build bicycle infrastructure, but the lack of will extends to just about every aspect of infrastructure. Infrastructure advances in the rest-of-the-world will blow your mind. Yeah, when Poland gets better Internet than we do, there is something seriously wrong somewhere and I’m betting that it isn’t in Poland.

From Oz comes another leak about the bike ride for the victims of the Siege of Sydney. Australian cyclists embark on touching “I’ll ride with you” tribute ride This is great, a wonderful thing for all the victims of the confrontation, those inside the building and those outside the building who were victimized because of the perceived ethnicity or religion.

After discovering that cyclists were not the problem (in spite of the statistical blip this year of two pedestrian deaths caused by bicycles after 5 years of no cyclist-caused pedestrian deaths) NYPD goes after the other victims in NYC. Cops put brakes on ticketing cyclists, target jaywalkers Still not targeting the cause of the problem, but the victims. Get it right NYPD, lives are at stake.

Dealing with bad infrastructure that is some of the best in the US. Collision on Springwater a reminder to ride cautiously on shared paths Sidewalks are not bicycle infrastructure, and bicycle infrastructure should not be treated like a sidewalk.

Our Daily Ted. Guest post: Detailed analysis of 2013 bike collisions in the City of Angels

Using the legal infrastructure as it was “designed” to be used, in CA. Driver in Fiesta Island Cycling Crash Found Competent to Stand Trial

And those were all the links I could find today.

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