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Listening to “Billy and the Boingers” while writing

You would not believe what you can find on YTM. I literally found the video for the Billy and the Boingers song “You Stink But I ❤ You" that I never knew existed. There are actually two videos, the official one for the Boingers and another for the real band that provided the music, Mucky Pup. I wonder what happened to them after the Boingers?

I didn’t win the lottery, again. No surprise as I know what the odds are, just a little disappointment. Wednesday’s jackpot is $16e6, again something I could easily live with. And I have been looking at the costs for buying a Pentastar V6 crate engine and the automatic transmission it bolts to and they are supposed to get back to me Monday. Used transmissions are about $1800 by themselves so I’m not looking at this as a cheap option. Indeed it looks like it will fall closer to the LS3 crate engine than the 383 Blueprint crate engine, but I won’t know for sure until after I hear back from the parts department.

My hand is still bothering me. I have been comparing the symptoms to previous experiences and it comes closest to back when I first started commuting to Farmer’s Branch by bicycle, about 100 miles a week. I injured a nerve in my palm sometime in the second or third week and it took several months to recover, mostly because I couldn’t take a break from commuting by bicycle and my route was under repair for most of the time I was working that job. There is a nerve that runs through the middle of the palm that can get pinched if you keep putting pressure on it like if you ride 15 miles a night over broken pavement. The other 5 miles a day was getting to the bus and from the bus to work. Incidentally that’s the route I was riding when I got killed, but by then the repairs had been finished.

And speaking of my hand pains, it hurts to type again. So this post is over.


I got the parts, and I got hot

Well I got the replacement stones for the hone today, walking 3.2 miles in a little over 1:30 including waiting in line at the parts store. Even with the cloud cover today it feels like 102°F because of the humidity, but the dry bulb temperature is only 93°. Not surprisingly the Go Run app says try again later.

Aside from the heat and humidity today was rough on me for other reasons. I had an idea grab hold of me and it wouldn’t let me sleep until I got it mostly fleshed out. I was an idea for another A-Mod class SCCA Solo Racing car exploiting the low minimum weight and the minimum size rules by using a V-Twin motorcycle engine beside the driver for extremely low polar moment and a roomy driver compartment, and the rear axle from a Lightning Sprint car, which is a class of motorcycle engine powered dirt track racer. Anyway this idea wouldn’t let me shut the brain down until I had fleshed it out enough to see if it was feasible. Unfortunately that was about 0800. I tried to stay awake long enough to get the storage unit paid for but I fell asleep watching the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup qualifying and didn’t wake up until 1630. I never felt right walking to get the part or walking home. And that car is feasible as a A-Mod racer BTW.

And I’m still falling asleep at the wheel (keyboard) so I’m going to shut this down before I break my foot or my face.