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One week until my Death Day celebration

That’s right, next week will be 15 years since I died. I’m trying to decide how to celebrate it, I’m thinking another zombie theme party complete with Jello “brains”. But I am open to suggestions. This is a celebration that while I died, I didn’t “stay dead”. I think the same thing that enabled me to fight through 40 years of depression without giving up completely also wouldn’t let me stay dead in the street after I got hit.

This year I would like gift cards to Starbucks or Amazon, or a small lathe if anyone has one they want to get rid of. I could do so much with something that would let me turn stuff up to 2″ diameter and down under 1/16“. I could make my own tires as a fer’instance. I could make my own rims from aluminum barstock, or widen and narrow kit wheels to fit other tires. There would be a lot that I could do with a small lathe, things that I could monetize. Building a model race car and need some oddball size race slicks? Easy peasy. Making road tires would require turning the tire to size and somehow carving the correct tread pattern into the blank, I’m not sure I could do that as I’m not a sculptor. Thinking about it I can follow a pattern that I could print off and transfer to the blank, by making the pattern from a picture of the tire in question. That would be time-consuming but doable. And then cast a rubber tire from a mold made from the blank. Thinking about it some more I could also make tires that don’t exist but could, like a 26X16.50R-15 Hoosier Pro Street. Currently the shortest 14″ wide tread Pro Street is 29” tall, that nobody makes a scale replica of anyway.

But enough of lathes and what I could do with one. What kind of party do you suggest?

PSA, Opus


Getting ready for my Death Day party, and the Feed

Things are a scheduling nightmare around Casa de El Poeta, as some other people are throwing me a Death Day party and I need to be 2 counties away for my grandson’s first birthday party the next day. There is a public transit option to get there but it doesn’t run the day of the party for my grandson and requires that I leave my party about 2130 or so to catch the train(s) for a more than 3 hour trip. I mean seriously the trip by bicycle is only 4 hours or so (according to Google Maps Bike There app(beta)), but the only way to get Mrs. the Poet there requires taking the train from Garland to downtown Dallas, transferring to the train to Carrollton, and then transferring to the A-train to Denton at the Trinity Mills Station. The actual trip time isn’t that bad, it’s the transfers that get you.

An upstate NY cyclist is run over in a residential area. Cyclist injured following accident in Ithaca Nothing on the mode, just a rough location in a residential area. Infrastructure that includes severely lowered speed limits and restrictions on heavy vehicles in residential areas to prevent.

A NYC cyclist is hit by a bus… Bike-Riding Boy Seriously Injured After Bus Hits Him and Brooklyn Child Hit by City Bus also Boy riding bicycle hit by bus in Brooklyn also Boy riding bike struck by MTA bus in Brooklyn The report that the cyclist hit the back of the bus is not consistent with the cyclist’s injuries and the wrecked bike. Those are consistent with the cyclist getting sideswiped by the bus and caught by the rear wheels. Had the cyclist hit the back of the bus as described the front wheel would have been damaged and not the back, and the cyclist would have had head and upper body injuries not his chest and abdomen. Also the area where the cyclist was hit was too narrow to share with cyclists as the bus was less than a foot from the curb while almost on top of the centerline marking. There was no place for the cyclist to go as the street furniture and telephone poles came almost to the curb and the curb itself was too high to ride over.

More on the cyclist run over by a semi in NY. UPDATE: Police ID biker hit, killed by truck in Saratoga The cyclist was under the front of the truck when responders came to the scene, so it was most definitely a hit-from-behind with no way to avoid the wreck. Infrastructure to prevent. Arrest drivers for running into cyclists from behind. More Police ID cyclist killed after crash with tractor-trailer

A WI cyclist is severely injured in a collision with a dump truck. Bicyclist collides with dump truck on Chicory Road Nothing on the mode or even a location aside from being on one particular road, so infrastructure.

More on that IL cyclist hit from behind near the center of the lane. St. Peter teen fatally killed on bicycle I guess I’m an example of how a cyclist is non-fatally “killed”… Again the cyclist was positioned in the lane in the place of greatest visibility and none of the reports mention a lack of lights or reflectors. So why did the driver hit this cyclist?

An OH cyclist is struck from behind and killed, no criminality suspected. Teen struck, killed on bicycle The cyclist was thrown nearly 90 feet after bouncing off the windshield in this hit-from-behind wreck, so protocols to maybe avoid or to mitigate any damage, infrastructure to prevent. From the comments this is an area that should see lots of young people on bikes so infrastructure that allows them to ride safely would be vital to not letting them get killed. More Cyclist Killed by Car

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike kills another one in the bike lane. Delray Beach bicyclist dies after being hit by car Seriously, killed in the bike lane? And no charges against the completely uninjured driver that just killed a man because, cars. More Delray Bicyclist Killed In Boca Raton And the driver was “impaired” according to a witness posting in the comments section. And still no charges? TANJ!

A cyclist is hit in a crosswalk in CA. Santa Rosa cyclist injured in collision with SUV Cyclist entered on a stale green or on the yellow and did not clear the intersection before the light changed and drivers charged into the intersection. The driver was just looking at the lights and not what was on the road in front of him.

An ID cyclist is recovering from a deranged rampage. Injured Nampa Fire captain to be released from hospital The cyclist was just the most seriously injured of a string of victims who were assaulted during the incident “…attacked a 15-year-old boy, stole the boy’s skateboard, kicked a dog, struck a construction worker with a shovel, broke into an apartment, assaulted a woman, tipped over a man in a wheelchair and broke windows in a house“. Something was seriously amiss with the perpetrator. Not something that a cyclist can avoid but fortunately not something many cyclists will have to deal with.

A wreck in central Canuckistan. Hit-run injures cyclist Intersection wreck is all that is published about it at the moment, so intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is killed in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in Markham And now you know as much about it as I do after making the link even if you didn’t click on this one…

Another cyclist killed in the Great White North. Cyclist Killed In Head On Crash With SUV To know what happened in this wreck lane position is critical knowledge, which is probably why it was not released by LEO. All I can say is someone was not in their correct lane. And Infrastructure to prevent. More Police release name of Aylmer man killed in bicycle-SUV crash

A totally infrastructure-caused bike wreck in Oz. Push-bike rider injured in Royal National Park Gravel the same color as the road it came from makes for invisible bike traps.

An “Are you kidding me?” wreck in Oz. Push-bike rider suffers head injuries – Engadine The rider had a coughing fit and went over the handlebars? And serious head injury even with a bike helmet.

Infrastructure news from Seattle as SDOT uses bicycles to slow down cars and save lives. Busy Seattle street gets safety makeover in wake of deadly crash While I’m ecstatic over getting some semi-decent bike infrastructure in an area that had been neglected in the past, I’m not thrilled that the reaction to prevent a wreck involving a repeat drunk driver was to use bicycles to slow down traffic. I think that in parallel to the infrastructure change should also be better enforcement of DUI laws including taking cars away from people who have lost their licences due to a second DUI. First time might be a mistake, but not the second time.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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