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Rough day, Happy Pearl Harbor Day, and I found some pictures

First of all, wishing all WWII vets and interred Japanese Americans a “good” Pearl Harbor Day. I remember one PHD where we did a “sneak attack” on the local Japanese restaurant and bought teriyaki everything because the owner was one of those put in the camps as a child, then we celebrated that we were all free because we “won” WWII, and he wasn’t in the camp anymore, and that what the Japanese government did had nothing to do with him until some idiot made it to do with him.

Second, rough day today because I had to deposit that check and get money at the bank, then I had to get some cat food so the cats didn’t try to eat us in our sleep. Lots of walking in temperatures in the mid-40s F (7° C) and drizzling rain and slight breeze making being wet and cold even wetter and colder. And I need to get a new rain coat that doesn’t leak and covers my head so the runoff from my hat doesn’t run down the back of my neck. That was plus uncomfortable. Not even close to being doubleplus, but still ungood. And yes I’m still a giant nerd that still lapses into Orwellian Newspeak at times.

And getting to the pictures, I found my old senior high school yearbook picture that my parents framed way back then.
Wasn't he a handsome lad

And to do a compare and contrast, this is just over 43 years later.
That's what happens when your face breaks a concrete street and you have bad allergies for years.

Now quick, which side of my face was partially detached in the wreck, just from looking that those pictures?


“A day that will live in infamy”

Just a quick post because of Pearl Harbor Day. As a former resident of the 50th state this day resonates with me at my roots. I used to live in a tiny village named Wahiawa HI. If you switch to the satellite view you can see the base I used to live on when I was in 1st and 2nd grade, off to the right of Whitmore Village. When I lived there it was NCS Wahiawa, now it’s MCCS Wahiawa. When I was living there, there was only the one Comsat and another military communications satellite, and almost all military communications was on the HF band bouncing off the ionosphere. That’s the main reason why I got bounced around so much as a kid, to talk to different places you had to use transmitters in different places to get the right number of skips to hit your desired destination. That’s why there used to be an NCS in NE, and another one in MN, several in TX, one in TN inside Ft. Campbell KY… and two in HI because the chain is several hundred miles long you can get multiple destinations from the state by using different islands, with sunken cables between the islands to carry information from Oahu to one of the outer islands. Which island I have no idea because I was a little kid and this was not a common topic of conversation.

Now there were two stations I knew about in Morocco, because there were families at both of them and we all went to the same school because there weren’t enough kids to have separate schools for each base after elementary school particularly. We lived in Sidi Yahia, the other com station was Bouknadel on the coast, and we all went to school at the air base outside Kenitra. I went to Kenitra American Junior/Senior High School in 7th grade even though we were living at NCS Sidi Yahia.

Thank you for following me down Memory Lane. Another short post tomorrow.

Today is a day that will live in infamy

Remembering Pearl Harbor Day is mixed for this Navy brat. I used to live on Oahu, and used to go to dirt track races just down the road from the bay, used to go to school at Schofield Barracks. I was there in the mid-’60s when it was easy to find people who were there as adults or kids, so I heard many first-hand accounts of the attack as a young child.

But I’m also a student of history, and know it wasn’t supposed to be a sneak attack, that the Japanese Embassy in DC had fired their American typist in anticipation of the war and the Ambassador himself hunted and pecked the declaration of war to be delivered to FDR an hour before the attack that ended up not getting completed until after the attack was finished. So, many mixed feelings

In Remembrance, Opus the Unkillable Badass

Happy Pearl Harbor Day for Wreck-Free Sunday

This is going to sound like an awful pun, but I used to have a friend who would “celebrate” Pearl Harbor Day by going out and getting bombed on Kamikazes. Well until his liver went on strike for a few days after a bout of alcohol poisoning, then he switched to sushi. Still “celebrates” with over-consumption, just on California Rolls and gunkan-maki and sometimes some Tempura (I swear the dude would eat just about anything battered and deep-fried). I celebrated by going to a Christmas concert with Mrs. the Poet (she does not get the “unkillable badass” in her surname) and one of the tenants. We saw (and heard) a local group called the Vocal Majority, a barbershop chorus that started about the time my voice stabilized enough that I could get back into choir again as a second Bass, and has been going strong and getting better ever since. One thing I have in common with the VM (as they refer to themselves) is we have both performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. My performance was a Christmas concert with all the local High School choirs that was broadcast in SLC and northern Utah, theirs was a TV concert that was broadcast world-wide. Slliiiiggght bit of difference there. 😉 XD

I have been roped into writing two more services for SJF next year, one on 2/15 and the other on 3/29. I’m hoping they will accept my disability and allow me to just write the service and not have to perform it as well. Seriously, I haven’t done ANY public speaking since that day teaching a class where everything just vanished from my memory, including my name for a second. I could not remember what came next, nor could I remember what I had already said so that I could reconstruct the lesson from what I had given and knowing what had to be taught. I could not remember anything for a while. I mean sure my name(s) came back after a few seconds, and what day of the week after a few more seconds, and why I was standing in front of these people a few seconds after that so I was only doing my impression of a fish out of water less than a minute. That was still too long. I can still read a service, but it would be wooden and lack grace, even if I wrote it myself.

Anyway the first service has numerous ways I can go, a service about L’Amore on the day after Valentine’s Day paying homage to our patroness for the year Aphrodite, A chocolate ritual (the last chocolate ritual we did was for Mrs. the Poet’s and my 25th wedding anniversary, and two people were hospitalized from either chocolate toxicity or not taking enough insulin before the service (it has been a while), or something sappy for said wedding anniversary that will take place three days later… I’m thinking that a service in homage to Aphrodite would get me in less trouble. I have been asked if I could do a re-run on the coffee ritual, too, so that is a possibility.

The 3/29 ritual is also rife with possibility… I could do a fast-forward autobiography covering all the times I have done foolish things in my life, but I have a hard 90 minute time limit, so I would have to skip a large number of things, very foolish things, just for lack of time. A long time ago I did an Animaniacs-themed service involving the children invoking the elements as Yakko, Wakko, and their sister Dot as Air, Fire, and Water respectively and an adult representing the element of Earth as Hellooo Nurse! who went with them to light the actual candles as the child invoked the element. The youngest kid in that ritual was just entering K the fall of year of the ritual we did in the Spring, she’s now a freshman in High School… and now I just made myself feel decrepit. I have done several Bugs Bunny-Daffy Duck rituals and one Urusei Yatsura ritual featuring Ataru Moroboshi as the Japanese version of Wile E. Coyote. And I can tell the people doing the spell check on this browser are classic Anime fans because there are no red squiggles under any of the names I just typed. And the only reason I could remember Ataru Moroboshi is a friend sent me a link to some scanlated Lum manga recently.

So, should I rewrite the “Duck Amuck” service, or the Urusei Yatsura service, now that I can incorporate Hotei since we have a person who does that particular deity now since He won the patron auction a few years back. Or should I do a “Disasters in Fast forward” autobiography? Leave comments below with your votes.

PSA, Opus the unkillable badass Poet