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It is finally over, 2021 can only be better

Literally we had Nazis, race riots, and a literal, factual, plague (that some people still denied while the bodies were stacking up like cordwood), and multiple natural disasters related to climate change. Like the Beatles’ song said “Everything is getting better, getting better all the time (It couldn’t get much worse)”.

So, we are getting the Nazis out of office, some of them anyway. Some are hiding so we can’t de-Nazify the US. Buuutttt, we have already unelected a bunch, and COVID unelected a bunch more. I’m sorry for the families of those who lost their lives committing gross stupidity because I’m sure somebody loved them, kinda like that stupid dog that’s always running into things and falling on his face and never gets the stick but brings back strange stuff nobody wants. Somebody loved them because how else would they have had children. So I feel sorry for their kids and significant others, not so much for the actual idiots.

But we still need to get rid of the actually factual fascists in office, which might be a long process because we seem to have overlooked being a fascist as a disqualifying status to holding elected office. I wonder how they missed this at the end of WWII? You think it would have been a no-brainer to make fascism disqualifying after surviving a global war against it and losing thousands of people because of it not counting all the people of Hebrew descent who were killed. But for some reason we didn’t do this in 1945-6, so we have to do it now. I’m not sure exactly how to do that and be Constitutional, but there are smarter people than me who probably need to work on this problem of preventing people who would be war criminals or criminals against humanity from running for office. For instance there were thousands of crimes against Humanity committed in the previous administration, ranging from dividing families seeking sanctuary to jailing babies and making actual infants defend themselves in court when they were not even verbal yet, much less able to understand the charges they faced. That’s what I’m talking about with the actual fascists in our government. What can we do about them before they commit actual crimes in our names?

Other considerations, what can we do about making hit-and-run the same as assault with a deadly weapon? Because cars are orders of magnitude more deadly than knives or guns, we need to make using one to injure, even “by accident”, a criminal act. After all in most places you are responsible for where the bullet goes when you pull the trigger, even when you are not shooting at someone. Same should be true when you pull the trigger on a motor vehicle.