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Another day without the mask, and I voted

I’m really starting to lose patience over this mask thing. The tracker hasn’t moved in almost a week since the package arrived at the P.O. around noon last Thursday. Now back in the day I had a gig working for the UPS (not this office), and I know roughly how this bit is supposed to work. After the package comes in it goes to the sorting room, where someone eyeballs the address and scans the address barcode showing which truck it has to go on to get to the final destination. This usually results in the letter or package leaving in the morning of the next day. Now with this knowledge and also knowing when the package was accepted by the post office (which I know because during the handoff from UPS to USPS the package was scanned twice, once coming off the truck and again going into the P.O.) the package should have been in my mailbox by Friday afternoon. That I’m still kvetching about this at 0200 Wednesday is ample evidence that said package is still not in my hot little fist. But enough kvetching about things not in my control, let’s kvetch about things I did have some control over.

One thing I had control over was walking to the polling location and voting to support my candidate for public office. It was about 0.8 miles round trip to the school where I vote and it was also 99°F dry bulb or 106° Feels Like which made for a very uncomfortable trip to vote, and also my popping the top off my last bottle of Shiner Weisse and Easy for the year, because they already stopped brewing that and there wasn’t much in the supply line this year to carry on through the summer. But, I voted and I got my little sticker on my shirt saying I did. Speaking of shirts, I did a little undercover electioneering by wearing my All-Powerful Bicycle Lobby t-shirt to vote today. Thing is unless the election judges know about this year’s shirt, or they can read Latin, it went completely under the radar in plain sight.

Tomorrow (actually later today as it is now 0311) I call the P.O. again and ask where my tiny package went. I expect a quiet conversation on my part, I don’t know what the other side will return.


I’ve been on the run and other things

I still haven’t installed the new window AC unit yet because I had to be out of the house most of the day cleaning up errands. Add two days of temperatures above 95°F including yesterday’s trip to the Lab Rat Keeper. Today was just a trip to pick up a registered letter (nothing bad, communication from one of my gigs just making sure I get instructions or paid) and get my comic pulls.

Also I still haven’t recovered from injuring my back on Saturday, so standing around waiting on the bus was not fun, but walking to and from the bus wasn’t as bad as it was Sunday. Sunday was so bad I had to summon help telephonically so I could attend RPG group.

Other good news, I had to set up a checking account so I could get paid for what looks like it could be a recurring gig. This gig wants to pay by direct deposit or Pay Pal, but to spend Pay Pal payments anyplace but another Pay Pal account I need to link it to a checking account. I think I mentioned this in another post. Well today I linked my debit card to an app on my phone that lets me buy bus passes and just show the app on my phone to the driver when I get on the bus. It’s great but I have to keep a positive balance in my account and also remember to keep my phone charged and with me at all times when I leave the house. Bonus is that the app lets me pay for more than one person at a time so I can buy Mrs. the Poet’s bus pass while I buy mine. This means no more scrounging quarters for bus fare as long as we go together. She still needs the quarters when she’s by herself, because there’s literally no way she’s going to figure out my Android phone to use the app, and her phone is barely capable of taking pictures and sending texts.

I really need to get to bed now, but I have several hundred unread e-mails I at least have to read the headers of before I delete them. So signing off.