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Thinking about an epic level troll

This would be a bit of a slog, but if someone could pull it off it would be EPIC! It would require getting a lot of public domain wildlife footage, and some editing software, and a YouTube upload account. Then go through all the matchups of all 55 Super Bowls and get the ones that had one or more animals in the team names and use the wildlife footage to get some kind of conflict or reaction between the animals for the team(s). Years that didn’t have animals get footage of owls hunting. Put together 1-2 minute videos of the animal conflicts or owls hunting and title them “Best Moment Superb Owl Y” with Y being a Roman numeral that matches the conflict to the game. Then upload the videos 2 or 3 times a week during the football season. Because you have all the letters in the right order the algorithm for searching videos will “hit” on super bowl searches. I know because searching for “superb owl” got me super bowl videos.

Have fun!

The case of the missing boots on a Wreck-Free Sunday

Tonight’s evening service was in honor of the Veritan archetype Trickster, and the archetype was definitely in play. One of the female congregants took her boots off because her feet were hurting, and because this is a normal behaviour for my church. The person sitting behind her moved her boots to a hidden location, then another person moved them while the first person was looking away, somewhere along the way the house ghosts got in on the act and the location of the boots was lost to everyone for a while, then they were found (but not by the owner). Finally the boots were placed in the passenger seat of the owner’s ride home, which I was not able to witness… And which I will relate next week after I hear the results.

Something else I have been watching on the idiot box this weekend was the Long Beach round of Formula E. While I’m heavily biased towards liking this kind of contest, I’m conflicted. One thing was there were two drivers that had to switch to their second car way early and even though the race was very short neither was able to finish, even with substantially reducing speed and acceleration from the rest of the cars. The race was over a distance of only about 80 km which is only 50 miles +/-, and they did not use the full Long Beach street course with the long curving “straights” and two tight hairpin turns, which they said on the pre-race were judged to be too harsh a test of the battery system because of the high speed of the straight. That was what triggered me, race cars that couldn’t race at top speed are not race cars. I think the culprit is a combination of the controller and the battery that just sucks the energy out of the system.

And this has been a long day, so I’m packing up and going to bed.

PSA, Opus