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Well I’m INTP-T I think

I finally took a Meyers-Briggs test. Apparently, I’m introverted and tactical, a logician. My best job would be an analyst. This tracks with what I’ve seen during RPG where I set up ambushes and fight out of ambushes about the same success. I’m good at tactics, too, in-game.

In other news I have no freaking idea what to do with this information. I know it has something to do with relationships and work, but I have no information about what kind of person I should be looking for or what kind of work if I was still looking for work. So I basically have information that would have been useful 10-15 years ago, but useless to me now.

I think something like this is why I get so many weird job offers on LinkedIn, I did some survey things way back when and I have what they’re looking for besides sociopathy. “They” did some tests and found about half of successful companies have full-blown sociopaths running the ship.