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Foot problems are keeping me off the computer

Can’t take too long this time. In a nutshell I have been spending too much time sitting down, which makes my feet swell, which then makes my feet hurt, and so far the only relief I have found is lying down and elevating my feet.

And while I’m lying down, I think. It’s almost a reflex by now, the feet come up and the brain goes into gear. Since I’m lying down during the day I have light to read by and I bring a Speedway catalog with me. This at least keeps my mind from wandering off on tangents instead of solving problems that need solving for the least amount of money possible.

Something else I should mention is I won a $25 gift certificate to Speedwaymotors.com that had a limited lifespan, and I wanted a shift handle so I got the one in the link. The gift certificate covered all but $0.38 after the handle, shipping, and sales tax. So I have the style shift handle I always wanted for $0.38 out of my pocket.

And I just faceplanted in the keyboard again, so I’m calling an end to this post and time for bed. I guess I shoulda said I haven’t been sleeping well to go with the foot problems.


Seriously now, y’all can stop it with this weather thing, on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I’m getting tired of the freezing precip, the slush filling the streets, the bedroom temperatures in the high 50sF, Mrs. the Poet’s hands turning white because of previous frostbite damage when she was a teenager, people driving sideways because they have no idea how to drive when the roads are less than perfect… About the only thing that I’m not having a problem with is the total lack of any pollen in the air. One thing that has been a problem for other people has been driving in this mess, with over a thousand injury wrecks since Friday just in Dallas County. Throw in Tarrant (Ft. Worth), and Colin (Plano) counties and we have close to ten thousand injury wrecks since Friday. I haven’t been able to find a single report of a person on a bicycle getting injured in that mess, thank [$DEITY].

The weather has been so bad that they had to cancel RPG group yesterday because of driving conditions. So no tales of valiant struggle and crafty discourse with NPCs this week. I feel the loss just as much as you do. 😉 😀

I had a chuckle at this comic today in my Sunday Funnies. Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller Not going to comment about what happened, just that I chuckled a bit, not LOL especially not a Muttley LOL, and a bit more subdued than a Nelson Muntz Ha Ha!

I’m still doing the “invisible work” on the Sprint T. I’m still trying to make the build fit in the lowest possible budget while meeting the performance goals. You know what? I’m thinking that making budget, staying within Mrs. the Poet’s strictures against donor vehicles, and meeting the weight and handling goals is going to be impossible. I’m going to have to figure out a way to expand my budget somehow, because if I don’t at least come close to meeting the performance goals then the project will be a waste of time and money. And not meeting Mrs, the Poet’s “no mess” criteria is also a non-starter. I have to keep Mrs. the Poet at least sorta happy or I will find myself camping in the back yard or worse. So even though it means having to expand the budget, no donor vehicles. One thing I have been working on is putting a manual transmission in the tiny footbox left by the body pinch near the firewall on the T-bucket body. I can get a slightly lower engine if I use a manual and a small diameter flywheel, but there is no room for a clutch pedal between the transmission tunnel and the side of the body. Also there are a few engines that don’t allow the use of a slush box of any kind. What I have been trying to figure out is a way to work a hydraulic clutch from one of those motorcycle master cylinders and handlevers. If I could do that I could start and shift semi-normally, but I don’t know if I would have the required grip strength or the room for the lever travel. I know I could use a lever like a handbrake lever to work the clutch For starting from a standstill and switching to reverse or first gears, but I would need either a dog-clutch synchro transmission or some kind of handlever that would allow me to almost release the clutch, just enough slippage that I could get out of one gear and into another.

And I have a race to watch on the DVR, so I’m cutting it off here.

PSA, Opus