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Today’s agenda: Church, eat, Church, watch TV and then Church

Followed by blogging. Yep, I spent most of the day in the church building between services and congregational meetings. I did get home from the second trip to church long enough to catch Joey Logano’s victory circle celebration after the Talladega Sprint Cup race, but I have no idea who won the Formula 1 race down I-35 in Austin because I missed the whole race during the congregational meeting.

The congregational meeting was thrilling (not really) as we discussed the budget for the upcoming year. We then divided the budget into two parts, the “keep the doors open” budget required to well, keep the doors open, and the “everything else” budget, and used the “keep the doors open” budget to determine what the minimum pledge should be. With the number of members divided into the “doors open” budget we determined that we had to make the minimum pledge equal to $240/year, or about $5 a week. If we get more people we can reduce that, but I wouldn’t. We have additional bills that make us a church beyond just keeping the doors open.

The good news is we can make our budget, pay our national dues and still have money left over for building upgrades or buying a new building should we outgrow our current location. This is good.

On another front, I may be turning Mrs. the Poet around on buying a donor vehicle for building the Sprint-T. She can’t stand to lose the sunk costs of the items I needed to have to design the basic frame any more than I do. So I need to figure out how to build the car at the storage facility that has no electricity. Simple, huh?

PSA, Opus the Poet


Still basking in the post-party afterglow, and the Feed

Yep, things have been very rosy around Casa de El Poeta so far, very rosy indeed. I’m still eating the leftovers from the party, and enjoying my presents. And now I have to ruin it by reading about bike wrecks and crappy infrastructure. 😛 I guess there is only so long you can keep a great feeling going.

Up first I’m going to try to keep the good times feeling going with birthday boy Ted Rogers and our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Anti-bike lane madness grips Coronado, and OC police stop a one man bike-born crime wave

Staying in CA for a while. KTVU Stays Classy With Fearmongering Segment on “Bike Yield Law” Yep, thousands of pedestrians could be killed by stop sign running cyclists, except no they won’t. Two pedestrians have been killed by cyclists in S.F. since the turn of the century. That’s about S.F.’s normal pedestrian tally from motor vehicles in a week.

Still in CA, and another link to the driver who managed to kill a bicyclist and a motorcyclist on opposite sides of the road. Two killed in crash involving car, bike and motorcycle Not saying these guys are slow, but that wreck was 2 weeks ago. Still amazes me how someone could manage to kill 2 people on opposite sides of the road in the same wreck and not be actually trying to hit anyone. Just saying… :whistling:

Moving north and east of that wreck. Child severely injured in bicycle, minivan crash in Boise As the article is posted now they have no idea how the van ran over the kid, just that he was dragged about 40 feet after the initial impact and he was wearing a helmet (which does a bloody hell of a nothing against getting dragged by a motor vehicle).

South of the ID wreck we get a cyclist hit in my old college town. UPDATE: Bicyclist seriously injured in car crash “Vision problems”? As in “blind as a bat”. Yeah, if you “can’t see” a cyclist then you need to not drive. Seriously, of this guy wasn’t trying to hit the cyclist he needs to be taken off the roads permanently for incompetence, otherwise he needs jail and then permanent license revocation.

And moving north and east from the UT wreck we get a MT wreck. Cyclist Injured in Early Morning Crash They don’t even know which end of the bike got hit, but the cyclist only had a minor head injury? Possible buzz job with no bike damage, or possible salmon cyclist bailed in front of the weapon vehicle and not hit but the bike was mangled? Those are the only two scenarios that I can envision where the investigators can’t tell which way the bike was going from the damage it sustained. I’m betting on “buzz job” if only because the likelihood of jumping off the bike without getting hit is extremely low.

OK now we move to KS for another hit-and-run. Police find driver suspected of hitting cyclist, leaving scene and the reaction to the wreck Cyclists seek safer roads after hit-and-run wreck The debris looked like a hit-from-behind wreck.

Someone in NYC has a pair. Bronx DA Johnson Files Manslaughter Charge for Cyclist’s Hit-and-Run Death This was the cyclist killed riding the City Island Bridge earlier this month. That was a fast move by the DA, another thing not known to happen often in NYC when cyclists are killed or injured.

A cyclist is injured in GA. Macon cyclist critical after being struck by vehicle in Bibb County The cyclist was in a group of 3 and was the only one hit. This tells me the driver was not paying full attention to the road. And should probably be shot at dawn, smoking a low-tar cigarette.

Another one hit in IN ( I love that pun ). Bicyclist killed in accident on 500N Ugh! How can the make the claim that speed was not a factor when the driver was driving too fast to see what was in the road in front of him until he hit it?

They still kill cyclists in FL and every so often you have to take a break and remember the ones who died. Benefit ride for cyclist Chris Liddy Except this one didn’t die, was not riding his bike when he got hurt, and by all accounts seems to be a genuinely great guy. WoaB gives moral support (the only kind of support we can afford) to this ride.

And back in TX before rocketing across the globe, Houston wants better bike share. Houston Poised for Massive Bike-Share Expansion As at the moment we only have 1½ bike lanes in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell we are not yet ready for bike share.

Cyclist down in the Great White North. Cyclist injured in collision with van Nothing explicit on the mode, but implicit was the cyclist was directly in front of the weapon vehicle when he was hit from the right side. We may be dealing with a stale green wreck on this one.

And still more bad news for the drunk that killed 2 cyclists and his passenger in far West Canuckistan. Whistler cyclist’s wife sues car’s driver, owner, after husband killed in crash Yep, the guy driving was not the owner…

More good news from Jolly Olde. Serious injuries among Britain’s cyclists rising three times faster than distance ridden Given how hard it is to measure miles and minor injuries things may be even worse than they appear.

Last link, what if US law was like UK laws that allow people injured by bad infrastructure (both design and maintenance) to sue the responsible party? What If Traffic Engineers Were Held to Safety Standards Like Carmakers?

And I’m all done for the day.

Billed @€0.02, Opus

PS. Yanno, if everybody who subscribed to this blog would send the equivalent of €0.02 for every post I would be able to buy groceries every week and not worry about always getting the store brands. Or I would have money to spend on building bikes from raw stock instead of using donor bikes for things like forks and rear dropouts.

The Sams Club Bike MS Ride, and the Witch on a Bicycle

What does one have to do with the other? Well, my church has decided that we are going to participate in this ride, which is basically Frisco TX to Ft. Worth TX over 2 days.

I was invited to participate in the Plano Cycling team but as a poverty-stricken bike blogger I’m going to need some assistance from people that have money, i.e. Not Me.

One of the things that has been discussed is creating a way to use the church’s PayPal account to collect online donations for this. Another thing that was discussed was my using this venue to promote both my doing this and my church, which I think is a great idea. Sacred Journey Fellowship does a lot for the community, but most of what gets done happens behind the scenes away from the glare of publicity and we have gotten a reputation of not doing a lot of charity work, when actually we have several ongoing charity projects pumping steady cash and goods to our partner organizations. This time we want to let people know about it. Everyone thinks I’m going to be doing the “hard job” of riding the bike and posting about it in my blog. HA! The hard part for me will be the getting in front of people to raise money, the 150 mile bike ride is my reward for surviving the fund raising. As a minimum I have to get $325 to cover my registration and bare-bones fundraising for MS, naturally I would prefer to get substantially more than that.

My long-term goal for this is to start a Witch on a Bicycle team, with jerseys and everything, maybe in a couple of years. We could do a picture of Gigi on the jersey… or maybe not. While part of that would be about promoting the blog, part of it is a sincere desire to help people. That’s what this whole dang shooting match is about, helping people. I help by telling about wrecks, and what you can do to avoid getting hit in the same situation. I help by pointing out infrastructure projects that will work, and also when they are a colossal waste of time and money. And if this goes through I will help by raising money for deadly diseases by riding bicycles. I can see eventually doing the MS 150 in the spring, and the Livestrong Challenge in the fall without impacting the regular work of this blog too much, or messing with what passes for my “normal” life.

So, training for the ride. I do a bunch of short rides on Blue, just about every day, but I don’t do any kind of extended long rides very often. When I do long rides my ability to withstand the pain in my backside from the seat on Blue is more the limit on my endurance than my aerobic or physical endurance. maybe if I could install the same kind of seat I had on Gigi my butt would stop being the limiting factor of my bike rides. “Butt” for the time being I have to live with the seat I have. In the meantime I really need to work on my ability to make long rides in the 50-75 mile range, in any kind of weather. The best way I can think of to do that would be to ride up TX 78 to Farmersville, which is about 65 miles round trip, until I can do it regularly with minimal stopping. There are several turn-around points on that ride that allow me to tailor the ride from 16 miles to more than 70 if I decide to go as far as the TX 121 junction, to more than 120 if I decide to go through Whitewright and Tom Bean to Sherman. This will be a major departure for me because I usually don’t ride just to ride, I ride to get someplace and it usually doesn’t matter how far I ride to get there if the only way there for me is by bike. As I have posted in this blog before I don’t do that “e” word very much, I just ride my bike and that’s pretty much all the workout I get. Riding to not get somewhere is coming perilously close to that “e” word, “exercise”.

I haven’t decided yet if I will do the ride with or without the commuting gear on the bike. Part of me wants to do the ride with those kitty-litter buckets hanging on the bike with the cut-down license plates and the mailbox reflectors on the back, while part of me is thinking about keeping up my average speed with all that junk on Blue slowing me down.

That’s a lot to ponder, so leave a comment about doing the ride, keeping my butt from giving out on me, and on riding continuously instead of in 3-10 mile shots.

PSA, Opus