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Lots to unpack today

First I’m still getting used to my dentures. The lowers hurt and also cause irritations on my lower jaw but not actually on the gums, and I have trouble drinking from a cup with both of them in because my lips are impeded from closing on the cup to prevent spillage. That will come with practice.

Second, there was a Tweet I can’t respond to because I’m not allowed to since I quote Tweeted Agent Orange and said he should get what he suggested for BLM protestors (if IIRC) and Twitter booted me for suggesting violence. Anywho, the tweet was saying we live in unprecedented times, but we don’t, this is 1930s Germany with two people trying to out-Hitler each other, trying to control what’s left of the GOP after Qanon and MAGA took the party over making it the GQP. The only thing unprecedented is the depths each side is going to, to prove they are the one that “deserves” to run the country. My opinion on which side deserves to run the country is neither because both are not just evil but borderline maliciously evil and cruel, DeSantis demonstrably so.

I think I might have stated a few times on social media that the GQP should have to live with the same treatment they have forced on women and trans people, denial of medical care and constant harassment over using the toilet in public restrooms being the easiest to enforce. Of course there would have to be some way of telling who these people are so they can be instantly identified and their sanctions enforced. Maybe a red “Q” tattooed on their foreheads? Of course the tattoo would have to be done poorly and under unsanitary conditions so that infection sets in and they would need immediate medical care that would be denied as a matter of course because that was why they were getting the tattoo. But that would be cruel, maybe too cruel because the purpose of the tattoo is to make these loons suffer as much as they want women and trans people to suffer. So just have a red “Q” and prohibit them from seeing a doctor or using a public restroom, or maybe trying to vote since they are working so hard to prevent young people and minorities from voting. Or maybe allow them to get shot on sight because they keep voting against preventing school and mass shootings. Or any of a litany of things that the Q wing of the Republican party has been voting to restrict or prohibit. I would add entering a public library since they are so gung-ho about banning books, but they don’t read anyway so that wouldn’t impinge upon them in the slightest.

And I really don’t want to continue this rant, so I’ll put this post to bed.


Some things are set in stone

Because they are sunk costs and can’t be recouped. And obviously we are discussing the Sprint-T again today.

The choice of engine is going to be LS architecture, because I bought parts to install one into the car. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars buying front suspension parts (and I’m using the 4-bar axle brackets to hold the keyboard cleaning goop in the interim). I have a radiator that is built to keep the biggest of racing engines cool so I don’t overheat on the highway or at the race track. There are some bits that were ordered custom and are non-returnable, like the straight front axle, there are some parts that flat out did not fit, like the Garage Sale spindles that were not fully machined and somehow made it through QC.

Anywho, some things can’t be changed unless they are replaced with free stuff, which is why every time Power Nation which used to be Power Block, which used to be part of The Nashville Network around the turn of the century, has an engine giveaway I can use, I enter as much as I can, at least once if that is all that’s allowed, otherwise as many as I can get to the site for. I don’t have an engine, but because of previous purchases I’m limited to pushrod small-block engines so when I read about someone giving away an SBC, SBF, or LS engine I’m right there in line holding my figurative hat. If I thought it would get me the engine I would be standing there holding my actual-factual hat. The parts already purchased that are engine-specific are the radiator hose adapter, and the exhaust header kit, both made to install an LS architecture engine in the car with the other parts I bought. Other parts are engine agnostic, they will have to be used with fabricated brackets, or they literally will bolt to any engine to go into this car.

Back to the initial subject, I’m changing the design bigtime so that I can get in and out of it, but I’m not wiping the slate (boy is that an anachronism). The front end will still be mostly the same as the earlier design, and the parts behind the rear hoop will not change, unless I get several crates full of parts free. Now if you have a parts company that wants however much publicity this vintage blogger can generate for you by using your parts to build a different suspension on the Sprint-T leave a comment or drop me an e-mail and we will chat. But realistically the only thing that’s changing is the design of the rollover structure so I can get out of the car without needing a cherry-picker lift.

Short post on my hearing aids

The irony of getting hearing aids is if I didn’t need to be able to understand speech, I wouldn’t even need hearing aids. This was hammered home as I tried to get to sleep last night, because I could hear all three noises made by the clocks in the bedroom, and the sounds of the dripping faucet in the bathroom adjoining the Master Suite of Casa de El Poeta. Seriously, I could hear every coyote, neighborhood dog, trash panda, and the opossum going by the bedroom window. I can hear cars on the freeway more than 5 miles away, as well as the tollway that gets within 2 miles. If it wasn’t for the noise in my head from the brain damage I would have the hearing of a teenager who had never been to a rock concert, because my healing factor is that awesome. I heard phones ringing in the business adjacent to the sound proof room I took my hearing test in, and there were no walls on that room that were on the outside wall of the office. Below 4KHz my hearing is perfect which made adjusting the equalizer in the hearing aids “interesting”. I mean most people who need amplification need it from 1KHz on up, meaning I’m losing 3 or more channels on the equalizer because I don’t have any loss in that band.

This is so annoying because I just want Mrs. the Poet to stop mumbling, when she’s just talking normally. So I need some help, but not much help. And it annoys the piss out of me that I need help. Like seriously annoyed. And it also annoys me that I can’t heal brain and nerve damage like I can other things like skin and muscles. What good is it to be the closest thing IRL to Deadpool and Wolverine if brain damage is outside my abilities? It’s like “You’re going to live forever, but gradually get more and more stupid as you get older.” Something else to get annoyed at.

And that pretty much covers everything I wanted to say, so rather than ramble on, this is auf wiedersehen.