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Happy tropical storm Bill, and the Feed

We are not-quite-flooded out here at Casa de El Poeta, just the usual swamp in the back yard and where the two roofs intersect in the front to send the water from the north-south roof and the east-west roof out of the same corner. I’m considering putting up a deflector to split this back up so it doesn’t all land in the same place every time it rains, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. So, galvanized steel, powdercoated steel, or powdercoated aluminum in order of least difficult to most? Which material should I use to make the deflector?

Up first is some Infrastructure! news from the Great White North. Advocates call for city-wide bike grid after 3 cyclists killed in 2 weeks and Advocates call for city-wide bike grid after 3 cyclists killed in 2 weeks Yep, a protected bike lane probably would have kept that (assumed) drunk driver from killing the cyclist last week, but a network of them would have allowed the driver to get home without needing a car as long as he was sober enough to not fall off the bike.

Speaking of the Devil. Mitchell Irwin granted bail in deadly hit and run Because of the obstruction of justice caused by the driver waiting more than 18 hours to turn himself in there was no way to prove suspected drunk driving, but some of the charges can be proved without knowing the driver’s BAC% at the time of the wreck and they carry significant prison terms all by themselves.

Our Daily Ted is a little lighter today. Morning Links: Hermosa backs safety improvements; San Diego details deaths in the county, including on bikes

And Daily Ted Part 2 is a very good thing to keep on your phone as an app. Why Attorneys Tell You To Never Admit Guilt

More on a CA bike death. CYCLIST KILLED BY DISTRACTED DRIVER WAS RADY CHILDREN’S CFO This looks almost word for word like an article I linked a couple of days ago from a different outlet…

Still in CA. Billboard reaction: ‘To be called roadkill is really disturbing’ While I agree with the premise that attention must be grabbed, there is “grabbing” and there is “assaulting”, and I place this one firmly in the “assaulting” camp. And given the recent death of a cyclist lighted from all angles like a freaking Christmas tree, how about we make “not seeing” a cyclist or pedestrian a crime, punishable with surrender and recycling of the motor vehicle used in the crime?

This cyclist was killed by bad infrastructure, and they are trying to blame the victim for not looking far enough ahead? Cyclist’s death highlights hazards Not to mention that besides looking ahead it requires knowing or remembering the curb cut is not wide enough for 2-way traffic.

NYC is just a terrible place to try to get around, the latest evidence. Pedestrian Dies After Being Struck By Two Drivers In Inwood I will give both driers credit for stopping, and the second driver had almost zero time to react when the pedestrian was knocked into his lane. Why the pair were crossing the street where they did and when is not known at this posting.

Methinks the TWU is unaware of the word “irony”. City Bus Drivers Protest Vision Zero Law By Driving More Carefully OOhhh! They will drive totally within the laws! [faint, iz ded] Or to quote a substantial fraction of the commentariat: “Thank you for obeying the law and not killing me”.

The most dangerous vehicles in London just claimed another victim. Cyclist seriously injured after being hit by skip lorry on London Bridge in rush hour As of this posting the cyclist was still alive in hospital.

Less dangerous vehicle compensates with more-dangerous driving. Angry cyclist films woman eating bowl of cereal behind the wheel of her Land Rover The funny part is how much of the commentariat is grousing about the “dangerous and illegal” cyclist while giving the driver eating a bowl of cereal and milk in traffic a pass.

UK cyclists complete a dead cyclist’s journey that he couldn’t. Friends of Washington cyclist killed by a bus set to take on Coast to Coast cycling challenge

Don’t wear HiViz, get mocked by the courts and killed by drivers, wear HiViz and get beat up by a gang of drunks on the side of the road. Cyclist beaten up after his hi-vis vest gets mocked

And if you don’t want a smelly gas scooter on your multi-million $$ Yacht: Why billionaires want these electric bikes

And that’s all I got today, no more links. Now Ima go play with the plans for the adaptor to put Wide 5 hubs on (reproduction) early Ford spindles.

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Contrasts, yesterday was a late start with a huge Feed, today is an early start with a tiny Feed

Yesterday I didn’t even get started filtering until after 1900, today I’m typing the first sentence of the post by 1130 and I have maybe a third probably a quarter as many links as I had yesterday. “Yesterday” didn’t get posted until early this morning. I’m betting I get done with today’s post before 1400, Let’s see. ETA: it looks like 1700 today.

A bike wreck about 50 miles west of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell has become a civil rights matter. Civil rights group outraged over findings in bike death inquiry I got some bad news for you guys, it’s not because the victim was black, it’s because he was riding a bicycle.

A LA man narrowly avoids death while trying to cross a major highway. Bicyclist survives collision with 18-wheeler And by “narrowly” I mean by fractions of an inch. The area in Google maps looks about as bike-friendly as an active gunnery range, with nothing crossing the Interstate except other high-speed highways. If you have destinations or are starting from anywhere in the area and need to get to the other side of I49 your options are extremely limited without a car.

A MA cyclist is seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver. Biker seriously injured in Newton crash Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And prosecute hit-and-run drivers similar to drive-by shootings that hit random people, because the hit-and-run is much more deadly than gang-bangers shooting people at random or just hitting the wrong person when they try to kill someone.

More on the NJ cyclists hit by a minivan with no brakes. 2 boys hurt when car crashes on bike path That’s right, the kids were hit riding on a segregated bike path. The ironic part of this link that you probably won’t get to see is that when I pulled up the link right next to the article was an ad for “Cool Car of the Week”, a weekly feature on the TV station the link was posted on. I don’t know how you can avoid getting hit by a vehicle with no brakes while riding on a segregated bike path… And I would say they needed to install a stronger fence on this path.

More on that VA ninja cyclist. Suffolk bicyclist killed after collision with car

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle 9 years running is working hard to retain that title. Bicyclist dies in hit-and-run accident at I-4 and U.S. 92 Even if he survived the initial impact with the weapon vehicle, that 80 foot drop from the overpass to where they found his body would have killed him anyway. Unfortunately the witnesses to the wreck only saw the cyclist’s body come over the side of the overpass and fall to his death, not the initial impact. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and give cyclists some way of getting around barriers like Interstate highways without having to ride on another highway to prevent. The comments were mostly positive for this wreck, which shows that maybe there is hope for the state.

A hit-from-behind wreck in IN. Bicyclist, 58, hit by car, killed while riding on US 40 And the driver admits to being blind when he claimed he did not see the cyclist. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or mitigate, and infrastructure to prevent. And stop blaming cyclists for not wearing reflective clothing when they get hit at 1330 in the afternoon.

“Justice” in WI leads to a legislator calling for a mandatory prison term for fatalities inflicted while DUI. Wis. drunken driver gets 90 days for fatality I’m trying to contact the legislator for specifics about the bill.

A severe but survivable NE wreck. Omaha bicyclist suffers broken bones in car collision Left cross, one of the more deadly modes of hitting a cyclist with or without a motor. Intersection protocols to avoid or mitigate the damages (mitigating more likely than avoiding), and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Update on the WA cyclist hit by a driver going too fast for conditions. Truck hits woman on bike in Enumclaw

A CA wreck that just makes you wonder as a bus driver hits 3 cyclists, killing one and sending the other 2 to hospital. BIKE RIDERS HIT BY BUS ON CAMP PENDLETON; 1 DEAD How dense do you have to be to hit 3 cyclists essentially at the same time? More 1 dead, 2 injured in bike-bus collision at Camp Pendleton

The beginning of the story about the latest UK Twitter twit. I was still drunk and ran a cyclist over on purpose, woman tweets I would say there’s something in the water but it isn’t water, it’s the beer.

And your moment of outrage as a UK cyclist hit by a bus is arrested because a bus passenger was injured when the bus hit the cyclist. Teenage cyclist arrested after pensioner injured What is left out of this report was the cyclist had a head injury and wandered off after the wreck and was found near the wreck looking for his bike.

And apparently it’s the cyclists’ fault for road rage and bad driving when the cyclist has a helmet camera. Helmet cams for cyclists set road users on collision course and Researcher: Helmet cams antagonize drivers

Something funny (Goddess knows we need it). Cager dic Driver-to-English translations.

Last links, Infrastructure! can make people active when they want to be even without reducing the ability to use cars. The value of transportation in promoting physical activity From the USDOT blog (yes everybody has a blog now except my cat). And Infrastructure in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. New Trail In Garland: Lee F. Jackson – Spring Creek Forest Preserve And a WA neighborhood got so tired of people getting hit or almost hit riding bikes that they built their own bike lanes with city approval. Oakbrook residents take safety, walkability into their own hands

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Warming with a chance of rain, and the Feed

I realize that the bitching about the weather constant weather reports on a bike blog are …boring?… but I figure since I harp all summer about living in the suburbs of Hell, I should get to complain a bit about when it gets cold, too. Right?

I now have one of those pre-paid cards to buy stuff on the internet with. Now somehow there is supposed to be a way for people to go to a web site and load money to this card with my permission, but I still haven’t got that figured out yet. When I do I’ll let you know I know and if you desire to help me keep body and soul together, or just help me go on a trip or something, leave a message and I’ll e-mail you how it works. I just got the card and from reading the brochure I have to approve transfers to my account that I don’t initiate on my own. There is s small fee involved, and a $10K limit on the account balance. That means that if the amount someone sends me causes my balance to go $10,000.01 or higher my account gets frozen until I figure out how to get the excess out. Of course getting money out of my account when it is frozen… can you say rock and hard place? I do not foresee this ever becoming a problem for me.

Up first is a link that was sent to me by a reader via e-mail. As U.S. road deaths drop, more pedestrians getting struck Pedestrians are an indicator when cyclist statistics aren’t available because while people have a choice about riding bikes, everybody walks. If people aren’t riding bicycles but are getting wiped out in droves while walking that area is very infrastructure-sick, with no accommodations for modes of travel that don’t use a motor at high speeds. Notice that Florida tops the charts again this year, with the top three metropolitan areas in the country for killing pedestrians… I noticed that this was just a press release, the FARS web site still hasn’t been updated with the 2010 data and here it is almost 2012.

Our first link from the Feed is a CA man hit in a crosswalk. Cyclist seriously injured on Jefferson Street I thought it was funny that they couldn’t decide if the guy was walking or riding his bike in the crosswalk. This is a pretty large legal consideration in CA as there are significant legal differences between a pedestrian with a bike and a cyclist riding in the crosswalk. Until I can find out more about this I can’t say how to avoid a similar wreck, but from what I know right now this was not a wreck a cyclist could have avoided, particularly if the cyclist had become a pedestrian pushing a bike in the crosswalk.

More links to that story about the hyper-safe and -vigilant cyclist hit on a bridge in PA. Tragic, ironic accident in Bethlehem and Injured Bethlehem architect and avid cyclist dies early this morning I don’t know what more to add that I didn’t already say before.

A cyclist is killed outside Seattle on his way home from work. Bicyclist struck and killed in Kirkland and UPDATE: Bicyclist Killed in Crash Identified as Kirkland Resident Now the story is the driver that hit the cyclist was DUI, a detail that was missing when I filtered this earlier. Reports are that the rider was dressed in a glow-in-the dark clown costume (only a slight exaggeration) and covered in blinking lights.More Bicyclist struck and killed in Kirkland and That Word Does Not Mean What You Think It Means and also SUV driver was impaired in crash that killed cyclist, Kirkland police say I have to side with the PubliCola writer that fumes at the use of the word “accident” when referring to a wreck caused by a DUI. Once you decide to drive drunk, whatever happens next is a direct consequence of that decision and is no longer an “accident”. Also in that last Seattle Times link there were a greater number of people who blamed the drunk driver for his multiple DUIs than people that blamed the cyclist for being there to get hit, I think like a 5:1 ratio. Now can we please do something to get drunk drivers off the roads BEFORE they kill someone? This driver had “multiple” (which I guess means 4 or more) DUI convictions plus drug and other traffic convictions. There is no way he should have ever been driving something as large and dangerous as a Ford Exploder, or anything larger than a moped.

In Jolly Olde the father of a cyclist killed because the infrastructure was not designed to do anything but make motor vehicles go faster rails against the political body that refused to consider making changes to prevent future deaths. Ellie Carey cycle death: Father attacks London Assembly You may remember that the conservative party left en masse when the question of making changes to the streets to make cycling less dangerous was brought up, preventing debate by removing quorum. There is a parliamentary rule that would have allowed debate and decisions to stand, that quorum is established at the beginning of the meeting and assumed to remain until the meeting is adjourned. Obviously this rule was not invoked at this particular meeting of the London Assembly…

In other infrastructure news from the UK someone thought some kind of cycling license would be a good idea so they know who they are writing tickets for. “You’re nicked!” Lord Sugar sparks debate on whether cyclists should carry compulsory ID The guy that propose this is the UK equivalent of Donald Trump and has a similar show on UK TV, with a similar level of self-importance.

And that’s all I have today.

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