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I have been reading

Actual books, I have been reading actual published books that I paid money to keep and read. Well, keep on my computer and read on my Kindle app, which means “keep but not for long”.

Anyway, the list of titles is not very long. Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, the book about the Trump administration, I still haven’t gotten through. Turns out my tolerance for stupidity is just as low in print as it is in person. How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars (SpeedPro series) I’m skimming the text and looking hard at the pictures, because that’s where the meat of the information is. I mean he writes like me when I’m writing about the Sprint-T and the TGS2, but pictures convey that information better than words. I just can’t show you the pictures in my brain and he had decades of example pictures to choose from. And most recently Bite Me: Big Easy Nights (Wearing the Cape Series) is part of a Superhero series I started reading because it had an in-canon story crossing over with a web comic I read Grrl Power only this isn’t a comic. This is straight text, no illustrations. I already had the first and last books in the series when Amazon had a sale on this one, so I jumped on it. I bought it yesterday evening and finished it before I went to bed. And yes I prefer light fiction to the insanity in the White House. Superhero stories actually have to make sense and have a consistent internal logic, the Trump administration… “Logic is a little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow.” Spock, in “I, Mudd”.

So, today I tell you about what I have been reading, tomorrow I tell you about my trip to the Lab Rat Keeper. And my trip to buy Valentine’s candy cheap to give to Mrs. the Poet on our anniversary.