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Blue has been found, and the Feed

My stolen bike Blue has been found at a Garland pawn store and placed on hold pending a property hearing in front of a judge. I haven’t seen him yet, but the RBENT club member who spotted him said that he was mostly intact except for a missing headlight. The rack was still on the back but no mention of the pump, fenders, or computer still being there. I will probably have to get another frame pump and fabricate another mount to hang it from. I am somewhat resigned to having to redo the fenders, but heartened that having done the job twice already the biggest problem will be buying another 2 sets of fenders to get the blanks to use to build the front fender. After I did the first part of this paragraph I got a call from GPD that the pawn shop was disputing my claim and I will have to be present at a property hearing in 6-8 weeks.

Up first is a Daily Ted left over from the weekend. Weekend Links: UCLA Transpo group honored; Bike the Vote next month and score a Wolfpack Hustle T-Shirt Catch the stuff that hasn’t happened yet.

Here’s a good one for you and three friends of a similar size and riding similar size bikes. Free to good home: a bicycle-powered star destroyer About the only place I could ride this would be the lead hole. Any other position and the supports would be floating above my shoulders. Put the big guys in the back and let it slope down to me.

I really don’t care if the Episcopalian church has a raging drunk leading them so long as the drunk is not driving. Cyclist death opens debate about theology of addiction Seriously, as long as she’s not driving they can do any damn thing they want with her, that’s outside my purview. Separation of church and state and all that.

I can haz infrastructure in CA? Plan in works to add third eastbound lane and bike path on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge All that money and the bike lane doesn’t even have a permanent barrier? Yeah, that “bike lane” will never see a bike.

More CA infrastructure news. Berkeley Bicycle Subcommittee Mtg: Bike Plan Launch, Hearst Ave Bikeway

More infrastructure news this time from MN. Guy On A Bike: Ghost Bikes

Sad news as what is believed to be CA’s oldest living cyclist gives up the “living” part of that title. Long Beach’s oldest cyclist Octavio Orduno dies at 106

Several cyclists have been killed on one short stretch of road and there is debate about changing the infrastructure to keep drunks out of the bike lane? Facing South Florida: Cyclists Struck Part II That there is any debate on what to do just strikes me as insensitive to the memory of the deceased, and insulting to the survivors. It’s simple, put in a steel guardrail between the bike lane and the driving lane so there is no way for the drunk drivers to get to the cyclists. Since the problem is drunk drivers put a tax on alcohol to pay for it. I also like the real-time speed monitoring idea.

UK infrastructure at its usual crap state. Edinburgh cyclists sue council for tramline injuries The video in the article was shot less than 5 minutes after the camera was set up on a notoriously bad stretch of road, and there were pictures of other bicycle traps disguised as bike lanes. Seriously, whose idea was it to put the tram in the freaking bike lane?

This news from Oz just floors me. Police investigate rope-stringing incident that injured cyclist Part of what floors me is the amount of time elapsed between the terrorist act and the posting of the news article. Really, it took from October to the end of January to let people know about a home-grown terrorist attack on a citizen?

They ignore a terrorist attack on cyclists but one cyclist a year causes pedestrian injury and they demand cyclists all line up to pay insurance? Pedestrian case sparks cyclist insurance calls

Another collision with wildlife or pets in Enn Zed. Cyclist injured in collision with dog Dogs are bad because they can take you out and you will never see one coming.

Still in Enn Zed, someone thought they had the right to abuse a little girl for riding her bike in the bike lane. Show respect: mother The comments are literally priceless, and worth every penny of it.

Your next package could come by bike. 5 businesses embracing the cargo bike

Last link, someone else has made a minor improvement to a hub-motor e-assist bike. Salem company bets on smart electric bikes Yet another company that will “change the world” with an e-assist bike.

And that’s all I got today, I had a late start because of having to go all the way across town to find Blue today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Poet


Working on the car without touching the car, and car racing has started on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I have been using some tools that I have access to her at Casa de El Poeta to visualize where the frame is going on the Sprint T. What I did was measure out where the edges of the mounting flange were on the body at 3 major “landmarks”: the firewall, the back corner and the “joggle” where the body necks down between the dashboard and the firewall, because there is A Major Change in the body width between those two points. I place the pre-determined locations of the firewall and the rear axle on a piece of graph paper then located the front axle and the body mounting flanges from those and from those I located the wheels and tires. Then I put in the frame rails and some of the crossmembers that I know the locations for already because they locate something that has a specific location, mostly things like the gas tank and the front axle. Anyway here’s a picture.
Yay, frame!

Something I wanted to try was seeing if loading the picture at a higher resolution and then shrinking it down leads to a better quality picture.
Frame at higher resolution.

You can see two different tires in the picture, the street tires on the left and the race tires on the right The actual size in the brochure for the street tire is 26.5″ tall and 10.5″ wide but I drew it in as 28″ tall and 10″ wide. The race tire is drawn and in the brochure at the same size, 24″ tall and 14″ wide. The little circles in the drawing are the uprights of the roll cage that run between the 1.5″ by 1.5″ square lower frame rail shown in the drawing and the 1.5″ round upper frame rail that I will add later. Something else I need to add are the rest of the crossmembers for things like the transmission mount and the front mount for the rear suspension trailing link. I would like to make that the same crossmember if that’s possible because that is simpler than a transmission mount and additional bracing for the front of the rear trailing arms.

I am a firm follower of the KISS school of engineering, the Colin Chapman school of auto engineering, and the Captain Murphy school of engineering. Everyone knows about the KISS school, but not many people are familiar with the Colin Chapman and Captain Murphy schools. Colin Chapman was the legendary founder and first engineer of Lotus Cars in England and his philosophy was, “Never build two parts to do two things when you can make one part do both things.” Not many people know Captain Murphy, but most people know the general law of engineering named after him, “If something can break or go wrong, it will.” This can be synthesised into a single statement made by Charles Kettering an early 20th Century GM engineer, “Parts left off do not add weight and never malfunction.”

Something else car-related today was the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, one of the premier road races of the US and international seasons. This year’s race was a nail biter right down to the checkered flag, with less than 5 seconds separating second place from the winner after 24 hours and 740 laps of the Daytona “roval” course for 2819.4 miles of racing. The lower classes of racing had similar finishes for their races with the GTLM class being only a few seconds apart at the end also. Prototype Challenge was also close with the leader wrecking out less than 20 minutes before the finish of the race. The only class that did not have first and second places on the same lap just before the end of the race was GTD.

Something bicycle-related for today is there is a strong possibility that Blue has been found in a local pawn shop. I’m taking the card I was given at the time of the theft and my computer with the picture of Blue as my background picture. with me when I go to verify the identity of the bike, but honestly with as few of that model bike that were sold locally and the factory rack still on the back of the bike, according to the report, there is little doubt that this is Blue. I will have to reconstruct the serial number because I can’t find the hunk of paper where I had written it down. I remember the number was June or July of 07 making it an ’08 model and the serial was in the 200s. This time I will make sure I don’t lose the paper again when I write down the serial.

Since I have to get up early tomorrow I’m going to end this post earlier than I had planned. I really want to get Blue back so that I can start riding again with the upright seating position and see where I’m going.

PSA, Opus