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I wrote this headline knowing people would not see it until after midnight, and the Feed

Here’s the sitch (to quote an old cartoon). I don’t wanna have so many links to post on Monday, it seriously harshes my vibe to use another old expression. I also have (had) something to do this evening, so I won’t be able to hang around and post the afternoon Feed links. But this also means I will be posting any links that come in the midnight Feed.

Up first we have more on that fatal NYC hit-and-run. Driver Fatally Strikes Bushwick Cyclist, Hits Cars, Leaves Scene [Updated] and Bicyclist Killed in Brooklyn Hit-and-Run Crash, NYPD Says Another one Neighbors Mourn ‘Good Father’ Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run More links by still no more information than there was in the second Gothamist link from yesterday. Nothing has changed on the advice side either, nothing the cyclist could have done and since the driver went salmon to escape infrastructure would have been just one more thing for the driver to ignore.

Maybe two days’ ride from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, we get a minor wreck. Bicyclist not seriously hurt after collision with truck Salmon cyclist hit by driver not watching where he was going. Lots of blame to go around, but I would put equal blame on both. I blame this mostly on physical infrastructure and a lack of education on how cyclists are supposed to use it.

Something happened to a NOLA cyclist. CYCLIST KILLED ON CHEF MENTEUR OK it changed while I was creating the link. As of right now the cyclists were hit from behind (!2! of them) while riding in the right lane. Apparently watching where you are going and not hitting slower vehicles is not a high priority for NOPD enforcement. Protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another deliberate assault on a cyclist by a driver, this time in IN. Police: Driver intentionally struck bicyclist Driver made a close, “punishment” pass, cyclist complained, driver decides to “upgrade” the punishment, and gets charged with assault.

Reaction to the cyclist getting hit by a red light runner in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, again (they got a whole year just barely in second place). Lakewood Ranch residents concerned over bicyclist safety Seriously, I don’t know what they could have done about this one. The driver was running a red light. Had the cyclists been using infrastructure that was “up to Dutch” the light would still have been red while they were crossing, they just would have been in a different part of the intersection when they got hit. Maybe confiscating and crushing the vehicles used in a fatal cyclist or pedestrian wreck will have some beneficial effect on lowering the number of pedestrians and cyclists who get hit?

A CA cyclist is released from the hospital after getting left crossed. Novato cyclist released from hospital following collision with SUV Funny, I don’t recall reading about the driver getting released from jail… Intersection protocols if they would do any good to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A CA cyclist is passing stopped vehicles between lanes (legal in CA) when one driver decides to “not stop”. Bicyclist injured in Watsonville crash I put this one on the driver, completely. The cyclist was riding legally past stopped cars, so had the driver merely remained in the lane and not moved sideways (turned into the cyclist) there would have been no wreck. From the injuries it sounds like the driver moved pretty abruptly into the cyclist. Infrastructure to remove cyclists from proximity to entitled drivers.

Another link to the right hook concrete mixer bicycle wreck. BICYCLIST STRUCK AND KILLED BY CEMENT TRUCK IN SAN MARCOS As I suspected yesterday. Intersection protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure right to keep cement trucks from trying to occupy the same space as cyclists.

A cyclist hits a stop sign running vehicle. Cyclist Hit Near Coronado Golf Course Entrance Because it was the cyclist’s speed and not the car’s that did the damages, the damages were fairly light. I still wouldn’t want to be in that kind of wreck. Intersection protocols mooted by lack of reaction time, and infrastructure mooted (partially) by the driver ignoring the traffic control and entering the bike infrastructure when the cyclist was present. Making drivers responsible for all costs when they are in an at-fault wreck with a cyclist, including lost wages and medical costs might cause people to look out for cyclists here like it does in the Netherlands.

Another day, another link from Ted. Help stop hit-and-runs, stop a Burbank equestrian bridge grab, and your Morning Links

I’m having a problem figuring this one out. Bicyclist crashes while riding on Highway 101 The wreck I’m not having any trouble figuring out, the cyclist was unable to look out of traffic and watch the road surface at the same time and hit an obstruction in the road, excuse me the shoulder of the road. It’s the part about bicycles not allowed on the freeways that I’m not understanding. 101 is a US highway, and as such is required to be available to all legal roads users. Then they were saying stuff about the freeway not being open to bicycles there. !?!

Today seems to be our day for salmon everything. Cyclist in ICU following vehicle crash on Kings Driver not looking at what is in front of him/her runs into salmon cyclist in front of the vehicle while pulling out of a parking lot, probably turning right. To avoid don’t salmon and use intersection protocols, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Final update to a WI hit-and-run. UPDATE: 5 Years in Prison for Deadly Chippewa Falls Bike Crash But she gets to keep her license to drive? I don’t see any mention of a driving ban so it looks like she can start driving as soon as she gets home from prison.

A MA wreck managed to merit a blotter report. Cyclist Struck, Injured on Federal Street Nothing on the mode so I’m at a loss for advice. Intersection wreck so probably intersection protocols, and getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would probably prevent it.

Moving on the Jolly Olde we get another joke sentence for hitting a cyclist. Teen driver killed Sheffield cyclist and Motorist locked up after city cyclist killed on Peak road also “Incredibly light” sentence for driver who killed Sheffield cyclist If I’m reading the reports right the driver swung wide and hit the cyclist on the wrong side of the road? And had “57 meters” (187 ft) of the cyclist being visible before hitting him. And the driver never showed any remorse about the killing of the cyclist? Then how the Bloody Hell did he get such a stupidly light sentence? TANJ!

Apparently logic is not a very stringent requirement for coroners in the UK, which seems strange. Woman killed by HGV at Bow roundabout had cycled through a red light, coroner rules Cyclist hit from behind running a red light that did not exist for the truck? How’s that again? I’m sorry but this is so stupidly biased I can’t even say how bad it is because it is so bad it defies description. The cyclist running the red light was hit from behind by the HGV that was NOT running the red light.

Obviously not the same coroner as the previous link. Coroner criticises lack of action over Holborn junction safety after cyclist was killed in coach collision Similar wreck to the one in the link above, a left hook of a cyclist proceeding straight in the bike lane to the left of turning traffic that did not yield. Did not help that the signal was for a right turn as the cyclist passed the back of the weapon vehicle, then for a left.

Cycling drunk is safer for other people than driving drunk, not so safe for the cyclist. Cyclist killed in spate of London road deaths was twice the drink-drive limit

Pro tour cyclist hit by a car while training. US cyclist Chris Horner hospitalized with punctured lung, broken ribs after training accident And Italian drivers have (had?) a reputation for not driving crazy around cyclists.

Moving to Oz for several links we get this ugly wreck first. PHOTOS: Cyclist, 78, injured after collision with car at Coalcliff Leo are sitting on the details but as this was not in an intersection and the debris field was so large I would say it was a hit-from-behind wreck. Protocols, and infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Intersection wreck. Cyclist killed in Rockingham named Well we were given the cyclist’s direction of travel and road, but nothing about the driver’s. Intersection protocols might help, but getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would have prevented the wreck pretty much no matter how it happened.

Another blind driver cuts two cyclists off. Two cyclists injured at Fishing Point The driver was making a u-turn directly in front of the cyclists who hit her car in the driver’s side, giving her a front-row seat to the carnage.

A little Lifestyle article. Cyclist remembered in Howard Beach

Moving west, we get the same thing in CA as the NYC link above. Memorial Ride Set for Bicyclist Killed by DUI Driver

And our only real Infrastructure! report of the day(s). Cyclist petition grows Need I say the comments section only points out the desperate need for the law?

And final link is to a contest (not mine). CALL FOR ENTRIES – PHOTO CONTEST If you are local and have some good pictures of cycling the DFW area, give this contest a try.

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles. Mostly fits.

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A metric buttload of links, and the rest of the Feed

Yep, three days since the last list of wrecks results in lots of wrecks, whodathunkit? Also I’m kinda distracted by the Sprint Cup race that was postponed from yesterday on the tube. That wreck that took Junior out was truly weird. I’m no big fan of the Junior Nation but I don’t bear any ill will to Dale Jr. at all, especially not for the kind of wreck like that. Now Jimmy Johnson getting his car damaged without hurting himself or anyone else, that I’m cool with. I have a lot of antipathy about Jimmy that I can’t explain, because when Richard Petty was equally dominant I had nothing like that against him, likewise Darrell Waltrip back in the 80′s. In fact I knew Darrell back then and used to hang out in his speed shop on my days off. Of course I was racing mostly-stock econoboxes on courses defined by rubber traffic cones in parking lots, not in stock cars back then.

Up first is a local story to WoaB World HQ. Cyclist hit by DART train near Lawnview Station The question on this one is did the cyclist fall down because he was hit by the train, or was he hit by the train because he fell down, and if that’s true why did he fall down? Still he was hit by a train on the platform, which implies he was wanting to use the train (DART has bike racks on all their trains). So just maybe a matter of standing back on the platform?

I think the Big Story is the cyclist fatally right-hooked in Boston last week. Bicyclist killed in Charlestown hit-and-run and Somerville truck yard searched after cyclist killed in Sullivan Square crash also Truck sought in fatal hit-and-run and this one Arrest made in connection with Boston hit and run finally Alleged Charlestown Hit-and-Run Driver Bail Set at $5,000 Right hook means the cyclist had virtually no reaction time from the witness descriptions so unable to apply intersection protocols to avoid. Only way to survive this would be infrastructure that completely separated bicycle and heavy truck traffic, or in cases where that was not physically possible making operators of heavy mass killing machines liable for wrecks with bicycles and pedestrians.

Next up is a strange and bizarre wreck where the cyclist injured was just more collateral damage to a wreck that started well before the weapon vehicle even got to her. Cyclist injured, a dozen cars damaged in wreck at college and Driver Hits Cars, Bicyclist on Park Street As I read the links, the driver began having a medical issue that made him a passenger in the vehicle a few blocks before pushing another car into the cyclist, then continuing down the street bouncing off parked cars before finally doing enough damage to the weapon vehicle to cause it to stop, where the driver got out, walked a few steps and then collapsed unconscious. This is something that only barrier-protected infrastructure could even have a chance of preventing. I mean what can you do about an unconscious driver? The driver certainly can’t do anything about it. This is a wreck that I expect to see even fewer of than we do now after the full rollout of the ACA catches people who had hidden medical conditions before they turn into life-altering events. I mean right now it’s a 3 or 4 a year thing, but I expect it to become one or none per year after the ACA is fully implemented.

Continuing on the bizarre wreck theme a salmon cyclist avoiding a vehicle in the bike lane is part of a multi-vehicle wreck. 3 injured in crash involving bicycle in St. Augustine and Cyclist in critical condition after hit by car OK Lots of blame to go around in this one. First is the truck driver that made the right turn into the bike lane, the cyclist would have been hit from behind had he been going the right direction in the lane. Second the cyclist should not have been riding salmon. The rest of the victims seem to have been innocent bystanders caught up in the wreck. This was such a fluster cluck I can’t say how to avoid it, but I know in this case the number of victims would have been far less had the cyclist not been riding salmon.

Still in the once-again most deadly state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle we get a driver running a red light and hitting two people crossing on bicycles. Bicyclists injured after driver runs red light Nothing the cyclists or infrastructure could do to prevent this wreck as the driver was ignoring a traffic control already. Witness reports had the driver enter the intersection several seconds after the red light. Fortunately neither cyclist was killed or suffered life-altering injury.

Still in FL we get a hit-from-behind hit-and-run. Family pleads for driver in cyclist’s death to come forward Since the cyclist was not hit in the road but on the shoulder the fact of no lights or reflectors should be moot, especially since the time bracket of the wreck straddled local sunrise. Anyway protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and infrastructure to prevent. Dutch infrastructure, not the paint on the side of the road “infrastructure” we get in the US.

On the theme of red-light runners we get this hit-and-run in AZ. Deputies search for car that hit young rider on Tucson’s NW side The kid was hit in the crosswalk crossing with adult supervision and the crossing light. The driver ran from the scene without even checking to see if the kid was OK. Intersection protocols might have helped avoid or mitigate damages, but as the driver ignored the built infrastructure changing the physical infrastructure would only change the location of the wreck.

An incomplete wreck report from CO. Cyclist seriously injured after being hit by car Basically they know a cyclist was hit somewhere in the city and that’s pretty much it as I read the post today.

A NYC report shows why you need to have wearable ID in case your wallet gets stolen after the wreck. Police Need Help Identifying Cyclist Critically Injured By Cab Since the only witness reporting to the police was the driver of the weapon vehicle no charges have been filed. Also nothing about the mode is currently known.

Assault charges filed against a driver? Police: Driver intentionally hit Portland cyclist and A PDX Driver Faces Punishment for Hitting a Cyclist, For Once, And It’s Steep. Multiple witnesses reported the driver deliberately rammed the cyclist by swerving into him at a stop light. Unfortunately in the days since this happened people have found a way to blame the cyclist for being the victim of the assault.

First of several links from CA. Cyclist struck, killed Thursday identified as Livermore man, 48 SWCC wreck as the only surviving witness was the driver of the weapon vehicle. Intersection wreck so all the protocols apply, and getting the infrastructure up to Dutch would prevent similar wrecks.

First link from Ted today is not happy. Update — Bike rider killed in Coachella collision The update places this as a classic SWSS. You know what I think of those, but protocols to avoid, and infrastructure would make the “swerve” impossible.

Next link is also not fun. Update — bike rider killed in Huntington Beach hit-and-run Apparent red light runner and since the driver ran we can assume that was the red light runner as well because the innocent don’t run. Intersection wreck so use the protocols to “do something” about the wreck for cyclists, and get the infrastructure up to Dutch to prevent.

Something Nice from BikingInLA. A brief look at Sunday’s successful, stress-free Wilshire CicLAvia I wish we could get something like this here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, Home of 3 miles of bike lanes (if you count both directions) and 1000 miles of streets.

Moving to Jolly Olde an unrepentant cyclist killer is released without a day of jail. Driver who killed cyclist on Stoke Heath pedestrian crossing escapes jail The perp has never admitted to or apologized for the death, and still walks without jail? TANJ!

What appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist dies following truck crash and Cyclist killed in road crash also Cyclist dies in Palmerston North collision Apparent hit-from-behind so protocols to avoid or mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right so that large trucks and bicycles are not competing for road space, because cyclists will lose that battle.

Infrastructure! news from Enn Zed. ‘Tragic’ cycle deaths highlight challenges for safety panel Apparently nobody in New Zeeland can find the CROW manual link for the English translation. Design manual for bicycle traffic €90, if I had an account that I could use to buy one I would present it to the local city council here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell.

More reasons why Enn Zed is not close to heaven. Courts ‘soft’ on cyclist killers I have very few words on this and most of them are not suitable for a “family” blog.

Lifestyle from VA. Services Set For Cyclist Killed Monday Night RIP fellow cyclist.

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles today. More fits than giggles I’m sorry to say but that’s how it goes sometimes.

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Time to get the groceries, and the Feed

Today is a light day for groceries as all we really need to get is some TP, a loaf of bread, milk and replenish the yogurt supply (eating 4-6 oz. of yogurt a day makes my tummy work betterer). And of course I need to get my salty snacks refilled. The only thing I wish is that the salty snacks were not also the crunchy snacks, because those are a bear to eat when you don’t have any molars left.

Today’s Feed folder was infrastructure-heavy and (fortunately) wreck-light.

Before the bicycle stuff I often get asked why I describe my location as the suburbs of Hell. At Least Austin Traffic Doesn’t Look Like This Any other questions?

Up first they caught the driver that left a cyclist to die outside Houston. League City police arrest, charge woman in hit-and-run that killed cyclist The cyclist managed to stay alive long enough to get to hospital, but died in the ER. I’m still not getting anything on the mode of the wreck directly, but what little I have gotten seems to indicate a hit-from-behind wreck so use those protocols to avoid, and of course get the infrastructure right so that (possibly drunk) drivers are kept away from fragile cyclists.

And this has to be the most often e-mailed story I have ever gotten, there were about 5 different links to the same video, this was just the last one. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THIS: CYCLIST HIT BY PICKUP TRUCK, MATTRESS CUSHIONS HIS FALL I wonder if this cyclist was Irish, because he certainly was lucky on St.Patrick’s Day. The mattress appears to have come off the back of the truck just as the truck passed the cyclist, reducing the force of the impact considerably and also providing something soft to protect him while sliding across the road surface. If you want to get a good look go to YouTube, set the replay speed to 0.25, and start the video at 0:20.

A CA cyclist gets clobbered by the road (only) in this wreck. Moraga cyclist critically injured after crash in Oakland hills Something made the rider go over the handlebars and as witnesses said there were no other vehicles involved that leaves rider error, bicycle malfunction, or road surface defect. Unless one of the “witnesses” actually did something to cause the rider to flip over the handlebars…

Some slightly good news via Ted Rogers in BikingInLA. Breaking news: Wendy Villegas accepts plea in September hit-and-run death of cyclist Andy Garcia The plea gets her about 20% of the sentence she deserves which means about half of that actually as a guest at the Greybar Hilton. Still better than nothing.

A cyclist is killed by a truck in PA. Bicyclist struck, killed in Monroe Township The cyclist was riding the through street on a 2-way stop when the truck violated his right of way. Nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck, and infrastructure that doesn’t mix bicycles and semi trucks towing tanker trailers to prevent. Looking at the street view it seems very obvious that the truck driver is at fault in this wreck for failure to yield.

An act of road terror in Bermuda? Fishing line road hazards warning There was some public speculation this was set specifically to rob cyclists as there are a large proportion of the population that use cycling as their primary mode of transportation.

Oz has been dealing with a lot of road mayhem directed at cyclists. VIDEO: Riding on after an ugly week for cyclists Lots of wrecks in there.

Be careful of this link, there is an auto-playing video in it. Sydney cyclist loses function in hand after collision with car Her problems with her arm are strikingly similar to what I have with my leg, except she’s getting nerve surgery to repair the damage and I just get to suffer with mine :evil:

What appears to be an entirely infrastructure caused bike wreck. Byron Bay cyclists injured in crash If that was the road they were riding in that picture it appears to have a surface similar to the “baby-head” chip seal we get around here to discourage bicycling on quiet roads. I don’t know what to do about wrecks caused by roads not fit for the purpose, but I see that as becoming more common in the US as state DOTs divert more and more of their budgets from maintenance to construction, leaving existing streets and roads to turn into rubble.

Good luck getting prosecution when you get hit on your bike in Oz, unless you have a camera recording it. Bike riders told to buy cameras to help enforce new laws and protect themselves on the road Yeah, people who get hit by cars should not be the ones that have to prove their innocence when they are the victims.

First of a bunch of lifestyle and infrastructure links as we go back to BikingInLA. LA-style cyclist anti-harassment laws continue to spread, but there’s a catch; plus your Morning Links Some of the links are the same as I put up near the top of the post because we have similar searches going to find them.

Good news from America’s Copenhagen, Portland OR. The Orange Line might secretly be Portland’s biggest bike project ever Sneak a few million $ of bicycle and pedestrian improvements into the “mitigation” portion of a transit project? BRILLIANT!

Big bike projects are cheaper than big car projects for the same capacity, but “cheaper” =/= “cheap”. $60 mil Federally Funded Bike Bridge to Break Ground in Rahm’s Chicago This project has been in the planning stages since the last Daley was in office, Rahm just gets to preside over the ground-breaking.

This is not new, but people are still amazed it exists. This “ski lift for cyclists” helps you get up hills As I understand it this is the only route to what’s on top of the hill and the slope is such that only the most fit cyclists riding the lightest bikes could surmount it consistently.

Historical infrastructure. How did bicycling take over the Netherlands? Their reaction to cars killing large numbers of children in and out of the cars was to make cities and towns suitable for children. Our solution was to make cars into battering rams and add additional armored pods inside to further protect the kids in the cars, and then blame the parents of the kids killed and injured outside the cars for not putting their kids in cars where they were “safe”.

And as the victim of bike theft myself this story just makes me angry. Thieves steal vintage bikes collected for Houston Bicycle Museum

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles.

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The productivity monster ate my blog post, and the Feed

It was my intention to get up early and get a blog post done so that I would have my evening free for this thing they call “television” that I understand is highly entertaining and something I can share with others in a communal experience. But, Mrs. the Poet had other ideas. Since I can no longer get to my tool storage areas in the garage I have taken to keeping my tools in the living room where I can at least get to them. Well today Mrs. the Poet pitched a hissy fit over all the tools in the living room, and started “cleaning up”. Unfortunately her ideas of “cleaning up” were to do things like putting the 2 and 4 pound hammers and the chipping hammer in the same toolbox as all my precision measuring equipment and on the same level. At this point I don’t know how badly my calipers and micrometers are damaged if at all, but you can understand that I was not too happy to see the big hammers in and on the precision measuring tools. This devolved into a screaming match over whose house it was until I escorted her out to the garage and showed her all the “other people’s stuff” that was in the middle of the garage and more to the sides in front of my shelves and workbench. There is literally a wall 4 feet thick and more than 6 feet tall of “other people’s stuff” in front of my tool storage area, and there are 2 bikes including my show bike, that were in ridable condition except for flat tires because I can’t get to them under the piles of “other people’s stuff” on top of them. Then I calmly explained to Mrs. the Poet that if she wanted my expensive and sometimes delicate tools out of the living room she needed to get all the “other people’s stuff” out of the way of my tool storage areas and work areas. The last time someone “cleaned” the garage to put more “other people’s stuff” in it all my bikes were shoved off to the sides to make room which also blocked access to my tool storage and workbench. And I won’t say anything more about all the times I had to go out to the curb to rescue my stock of donor bikes…

Up first is a wreck in CA. Another cyclist struck in downtown S.F. There was little to go on in this wreck narrative when I saw the posting other than the cyclist was injured and transported. Infrastructure to prevent.

Another low-information wreck report from KY this time. Bicyclist hit in downtown Lexington At this point all I have is intersection wreck with a traffic control but no information on who violated the traffic control. Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A wreck in West Canuckistan. Cyclist hit by oncoming traffic The cyclist was hit when drivers had a “fresh” green, which means the cyclist was already in the intersection when the light changed. I wonder if the driver of the weapon vehicle will be charged with violating the right of way of the cyclist, or the cyclist with running the red in spite of the evidence the cyclist was well inside the intersection when the light changed. Anyway intersection protocols for whatever good they would do to minimize damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Also from the Great White North final closure on a wreck from several years ago. Injured Kanata 5 cyclist to get $1.7M This was a hit-and-run with a suspected drunk driver that wandered into the bike lane and ran over a whole peloton, injuring 5. Unfortunately by he time they caught the driver too much time had elapsed since the wreck to prove he was intoxicated at the time of the wreck. And what really chaps my backside about this is more than half the money is coming from the victims’ insurance.

SWSS wreck in UK has the evidence challenged. Cudham cyclist’s inquest evidence called into question by brother The classic SWSS narrative, the driver never saw anything until hitting the cyclist.

Another link to that horrifying UK story of the killer driver walking away from court with community service. Lorry driver who killed London cyclist is spared jail Really, 250 hours of community service for rushing and mangling a human being to death with a multi-ton killing machine? TANJ!

A mostly-infrastructure post from BikingInLA. Morning links: Undead bike lanes in Beverly Hills, 11 routes to the Valley, and a harrowing Brit Jerry Brown And that video at the end was a terrifyingly close pass. It looked like the passenger side mirror passed right over the rider’s head by a few inches which means the side of the truck was scant inches from the cyclist’s handlebars. <shudder>

Infrastructure news from West Canuckistan. Sunshine brings out cyclists & warning Canadian cyclists come out in droves when it isn’t freezing or drowning.

And a combination e-assist and infrastructure post from Jolly Olde. LAKES BIKE MARKET WILL BE ‘ENERGISED’

A FB picture that I find inspiring. Photos from Bill Drumbore’s post in I Love Bikes

Last link is a picture of the Danish Foreign Minister’s motorcade. Det ser man kun i DK. Udenrigsminister hjuler afsted søndag formiddag med flagrene slip og hipster-cykelkasse Sorry about the Danish headline but the first comment is a translation, I think. Let me Google it. Nope, Google Translate says, “It appears only in the UK. Foreign Minister wheeler off Sunday morning with flags clean release and hipster bike box.”

I’m back from my peregrinations, and the Feed

The headline is just a fancy way of saying “trip over”, but the trip did feel like a 1 day marathon travel session. My business took about 0:40 to 0:45 total today, but I left home at 11:12 and did not return until 17:22. The time not spent conducting business was either walking to a bus stop, standing waiting at a bus stop, sitting waiting at a train station, or riding a bus or a train. And except for the one train I missed by a few minutes in Downtown Dallas which required waiting 20 minutes for the next train in that direction I did not spend a whole lot of time waiting to make transfers. All other transfers took 10 minutes or less. And I still have to go back to both places to get the stuff they did not have in stock at some later date. And beyond all that now my feet hurt, and so do my back and neck. When I build my car I’m going to make doggone sure the damn seat FITS me so I don’t get the shoulder support hitting about 6-8″ below my shoulders and no support above that as I’m trying to keep everything balanced… That’s a big reason why I have neck and shoulder pain on these trips.

Ted Rogers got it right this morning. Morning links: More ghost bikes needed, watch out for drowsy drivers and a call for historical women on bikes If you see a driver who looks like he or she might be nodding off this week the recent switch to daylight savings time might have something to do with it. And the concept that there are so many cyclists getting killed that the raw materials for ghost bikes are getting scarce from too many needing to be built at the same time is about as horrifying as it gets.

Still in CA a cyclist apparently either did not see the red light, or they had some kind of massive brain fade that made them disregard it. Cyclist Killed After Running Red Light and Update: Red-light running cyclist killed in Glendale collision Sunday morning All I can say about this one is to have that first cup of coffee before you leave the house, and don’t start your ride until you feel it kick in, so you can PAY ATTENTION to what the infrastructure is telling you and you don’t run reds.

In CO it has been revealed that doing cocaine for 2 days solid and then driving to the sentencing hearing on your DUI conviction might not be a particularly wise thing to do. More charges after cyclist killed in W. Colorado I think the problem may have been more related to the lack of sleep causing brain fog and fuzz than the actual cocaine intoxication as stimulants are supposedly good for staying alert, but after a while there’s “awake” and then there’s “functioning” when it comes to using stimulants instead of sleeping. In my experience the cutoff point is 36 hours without sleep, and that was when I was 19. As I got older that cutoff point has creeped shorter.

A hit-from-behind wreck in RI. Warwick bicyclist seriously injured after being hit by car I’m still boggled that of all the vehicles that you can hit from behind a bicycle is the only one that is as much at fault as the motor vehicle that hits him or her. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And it’s a small state, why such a big hurry? I mean even the MS 150 does a longest axis ride and still winds up in MA after less than 75 miles, and Wikipedia says doing the longest axis ride and back isn’t even a century ride (close, at 96 miles total round trip).

Last wreck link is from the UK where a cyclist with no brakes almost got hit once and then did get hit by the next car. Driver Malcolm Moaby not to blame for crash which killed Chatham man Leon Edwards in Gravesend Road, Shorne The bike was missing a brake block but nothing on if the holder was on the bike or if it was one of the cheapy kind that puts a bolt inside the mold when the block is molded and the block and everything gets tossed when it wears out, they sometimes fall off the bike when not tightened properly Better quality blocks have a separate holder that the brake block slides into, and installing them backwards or upside down can cause the block to slide out in a few days to weeks if the locking pin gets left out. Don’t ask me how I found that out.

We’re going to stay in Jolly Olde for our first Infrastructure! link. Council sued over cyclist death They had five weeks at least to fix this hole after being notified by police that the hole presented a danger, and a week after the cyclist died the hole was still not fixed. I think barring criminal prosecution the best that can be done is to sue those responsible personally for most of what they have.

Moving all the way from Jolly Olde to 3 day’s ride from WoaB. Ellis, Payne: Roads need room for cyclists and pedestrians and Cyclists are being killed with disturbing regularity If our streets and roads were as dangerous for the people using cars as they make it for those of us that don’t, only the criminally insane would buy cars.

A faint glimmer of hope for the former most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. In legislative session, make the cross-Florida bike trail a reality Oh pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pretty please… Don’t veto this tiny scrap of real bicycle infrastructure.

And a nationwide bodyblow to the rails-to-trails movement. Supreme Court ruling delivers a major blow to bike paths

Not the kind of wreck that anyone can avoid, I’m just glad this trained person was first on scene when it happened. Manatee deputy honored for helping save bicyclist hit by golf ball The cyclist had a brain injury and a broken hip from the incident.

Last link, finally a e-assist bike priced on costs to manufacture, not on “what the market will bear”. B’Twin launch £420 e-bike Start with a sturdy but cheap-to-build regular bike then install a small hub motor and ancillaries to power it but not over-power it and voila cheap e-assist bike.

And those were all the links about bicycles I could find after I got home.

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I feel better now, and the Feed

A little time off away from the mayhem and gore has been quite rejuvenating. I still think I need to change focus here in the blog, but I can move that date back a bit from when I was planning for last week, on Valentine’s Day, to probably some time next year. Seriously folks, I have been doing the wreck coverage and analysis since late 2006, it is long past time for me to move on to other subjects. But Not Right Now.

Up first is an update on a TX wreck that didn’t make any sense when I first read about it, and makes even less sense now. Family seeking answers in bicycle death The location of the impact, the path of the weapon vehicle, the location of the impact on the weapon vehicle, none of that makes sense in any way shape or form except as a deliberate act of aggression against the cyclist.

Still in TX we have a hit-from-behind wreck behind a paywall. Rosharon cyclist killed Just from what little escaped redaction from the paywall this looks like a blind driver placing blame for his blindness on the cyclist he didn’t see, what with the “dark road” and the “Huffy bicycle”.

Still getting lots of links to the “good cyclist” killed in MN. Mourning bicyclist killed in Minneapolis and Minneapolis man charged with vehicular homicide in cyclist’s death also How a “safe” cyclist can still end up dead last link Memorial Bike Ride Honors Cyclist Killed in Uptown Accident I find some of these articles I have been reading and linking to this past week as offensive as describing a rape victim as “modestly dressed”, as if only “modestly dressed” women deserve not to be raped. Conversely, all cyclists deserve to not get hit riding on the roads no matter if they are out training, or commuting to work, or hauling stuff home from the grocery. The issue in this wreck was the driver that was more than 3 times the legal limit for BAC%, 0.27% on a legal limit of 0.08%. Not that the cyclist had a helmet on, or not.

A CO driver is charged in the hit-and-run death of a cyclist. Fort Collins woman arrested on suspicion of causing fatal hit-and-run crash with cyclist As much as I hate hit-and-run and DUI, this woman is still considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law, not the court of public opinion. She deserves a fair trial and a decent hanging.

A MA cyclist is hit and LEO are sitting very tight on the details of the wreck. Bicyclist hit by vehicle, injured in Amherst Seriously tight, as in the wreck was as the cyclist was crossing an intersection and LEO are not even saying what road she was using, much less things like direction… As of right now it’s “commie bicycle” and “redneck pickup truck” in a death match :P

Why is this not being investigated as a homicide/murder? Bail set at $25k for Keene woman charged in friend’s hit-and-run death She LIVED WITH THE VICTIM! Hello? She was familiar with his route, bicycle, and kind of clothes because she LIVED AND WORKED WITH THE VICTIM! I don’t know if this was his route home but at any rate a good portion of it would be on the street/highway he lived on. Not knowing the actual site of the wreck I can’t say much about avoiding it, but it looks like a good portion of the route home could have been on segregated infrastructure.

A fatal wreck in CA. Cyclist hit, killed during Tour de Palm Springs and Update: Tour de Palm Springs rider killed in Thermal collision LEO are sitting hard and tight on this wreck, also. Nothing official about the wreck, just stuff from ordinary people on the scene. At this point it is an intersection wreck with a 2-way stop in the cyclist’s direction and a possible “waving through” by a stopped driver and the weapon vehicle striking the cyclist after passing the stopped vehicle.

Also from CA is this report that the accused DUI hit-and-run driver that killed a cyclist was released from one jail only to be put in another. Accused OC DUI hit-and-run driver stays behind bars, and an ever-expanding list of local bike events

Up in the land of Rob Ford, a cyclist is hit but not killed. Cyclist injured in Vaughan hit-and-run, police seeking witnesses The bike was severely crushed in the wreck so I would call it a hit-from-behind even without a LEO report. The snowbanks on the side of the road moot the hit-from-behind protocols because there was no place a human could go on a bicycle except where he got hit, so I place some blame on the existing infrastructure. Getting the infrastructure right would prevent the wreck.

I think the culture is starting to change in Jolly Olde as witnessed by these two links. Racing driver jailed for Lancashire cyclist’s death and Racing driver jailed over cyclist’s death That’s right, nearly 2 years for killing a cyclist. I think perhaps a rising percentage of the judiciary cycling for transportation has crossed a critical mass, or just people whom they know, so that this has a personal resonance for the judges now.

A LEO in Spain is killed while riding his bike. Fuengirola policeman killed in traffic accident Hit-from-behind by an impaired driver, the narrative of the wreck does not appear to allow much time to react to the situation, but get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure news from the UK. Cyclist collision database could save lives & reduce injuries, says medical charity – but it needs funding

I’m not sure how to classify these links other than appalling. Cabbies Keep Driving Despite Their Roles In Fatal Crashes and 95% Of NYC Drivers Avoid Criminal Charges After Fatal Crashes

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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There’s white stuff on the ground and it ain’t coke, and the Feed

Woke to bitter cold this AM with a pretty good breeze, then things started getting really weird. This white stuff fell outta the sky…

And of course I’m pulling your collective legs, I recognize snow when it hits me on the top of the head and covers the ground. I haven’t seen snow like this in an age, a fine powder that blows and drifts gracefully even in light breezes. Seriously, I haven’t seen snow like this since I moved away from the mountains of UT to lower latitudes and altitudes back when Jimmy Carter was still president. Of course just because I know what snow is and how to handle it that doesn’t mean that other people here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell know what to do when the white stuff hits the ground. The hundreds of wrecks, mostly fender-benders, on the streets and highways of the Metromess are testament to that. The powdery snow on the walks was no problem to negotiate on the way to the mailbox but Mrs. the Poet reports that other sidewalks were not as good as ours and she slid around a bit on the way home. She also reports passing 3 wrecks during the part where she rode rather than walked.

Up first, the TX teen afflicted with affluenza again avoids jail in the deaths or permanent maimings of 7 pedestrians while the driver was drunk on stolen beer. ‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch Evades Jail Time Again This wreck was in the next county to the west from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell.

Also in TX LEO in Houston caught a hit-and-run driver from about 2 month ago. Houston woman arrested in cyclist’s hit-and-run death The cyclist was hit from behind in the bike lane and then left for dead. There is a very good chance the driver will get some prison time as she has a previous DUI and admits she was drunk at the time of the wreck, so drunk that she doesn’t recall the wreck.

More on that MN wreck where the driver rammed the cyclist from the street onto the sidewalk through a snowbank. Bicyclist fatally struck by van in Minneapolis; DWI suspected The cyclist might have survived without getting crushed going through the snowbank. More Suspect in crash that killed Minneapolis bicyclist released from jail

From CA, the suspect in a DUI hit-and-run was released from jail because the CHP hasn’t finished their investigation and the limit for holding a person without charge is 48 hours in CA. Suspect in Cyclist’s Death to Be Released From Jail Today You would think that they could hold her based on the evidence they already have, but no.

Also in CA charges are filed against the driver that ran head-on into a cyclist while sleeping (the driver was sleeping, not the cyclist). Manslaughter charges for Santa Cruz driver who fell asleep at the wheel I covered this wreck pretty thoroughly back when it happened.

The teens who assaulted a TN cyclist with both a motor vehicle and pepper spray have been charged and arrested. UPDATE: Teens charged in cyclist assault The bit that bothers me is they are still making noises about charging the cyclist for slapping the vehicle as it passed violating the 3-foot passing law. So they are going to charge the cyclist for being close enough to hit the weapon vehicle that was assaulting him?

Closure from the UK (almost). Driver guilty of causing A444 cyclist’s death by careless driving Speeding driver runs a red light and kills a cyclist, final closure not available until April 4 when sentence is pronounced.

I could have used these guys back when Gigi and Blue were stolen. The Sith Lord Vader Squadron Want To Help Get Your Stolen Bike Back

What do you do when you’re without a car and you are not in an urban area? Transportation Cycling in Rural Areas: Some Food for Thought

An example of good bicycle infrastructure. Where Traffic Signals Automatically Give Cyclists Priority

Some good infrastructure of the legal variety emerging from FL. Get tough on hit-and-run drivers

Infrastructure news from CA. SFMTA Adopts Policy That Seeks To Eliminate Pedestrian, Cyclist Traffic Deaths I suggest that charging drivers when someone kills a pedestrian or cyclist instead of dismissing it as an “accident” would be an excellent first step.

Infrastructure from NC. Latest cyclist death raises questions about road safety News flash, NC roads are safer than a third world country’s but not by very much.

Ever have someone blame you for something another cyclist did, maybe years ago? You’re a cyclist, so it’s your fault Logic doesn’t work, appealing to their sense of fairness doesn’t work, and applying a hammer to the offender’s forehead doesn’t work…

Last link, the worst driver in Ca has vanished from the face of the Earth. Dr. Thompson disappears, why ghost bikes are needed, and Times Steve Lopez says LA isn’t doing enough Now that the state of CA no longer has a vested interest in keeping TTTWLAMWAMD alive he can get run over crossing the street? That would be karma biting with a vengeance.

And those were all the links that gave me fits or otherwise about bicycles today.

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I can hardly move my fingers, and the Feed

The trip to get the metals was not so bad, but bringing the tubes home was an “e-word”. My left thumb, index, and second finger are cramping up so bad I can barely manage to get the fingers to the correct keys when I type. Seriously I need to backspace and correct about every third word, especially if there are lots of left-hand letters. Can we say “Ouch!”? I’m saying that and a whole lot more. Basically what the issue is the tubes were taped together to carry right-handed and my right hand is busy when I walk holding my cane. When I walk with my cane I almost never need to use it to catch myself from a leg malfunction, but when I don’t have my cane I almost always end up needing it and falling on my side or face. So I almost always have my cane in my right hand ready to catch me if the leg decides to “take a break” while I’m walking, and as I’m actively using the cane I think that also helps prevent the leg from “quitting” on me. But that meant I had to carry an unwieldy collection of tubing home on DART with my left hand and trying to keep the bundle under control ended up giving me cramps in my thumb and first two fingers.

Up first is a DUI fatality from CA. Update: 21-year old bike rider killed by 18-year old drunk driver on Santiago Canyon Road in Orange and Fire Chief Finds Downed Cyclist on Way to Work, Aids in Search for Suspect Hit-from-behind wreck from the report the driver was going too fast for a human cyclist to take evasive maneuvers mooting the protocols, the cyclist was reportedly hit in a bike lane on a highway with a 55 MPH speed limit so definitely infrastructure could have been better as the Dutch model has cyclists separated from highways like that with a sturdy barrier that even a loaded semi would be unlikely to jump. Now on a personal note as of this posting the driver is being held without bail for trying to run and destroy evidence, along with the person who was helping destroy the evidence. The car has been seized as evidence along with the contents. This should happen with every DUI wreck, fatality or not.

Still in CA is a bike-on bike wreck in SoCal. SDPD officer struck by Critical Mass bicyclist Note that in a bike-on-bike wreck people only get minor injuries most of the time especially in urban environments.

A wreck that I can’t figure out the geometry for in NYC. [Update] Cyclist Struck By Car Near Prospect Park The updated report says the cyclist crossed the road and hit the weapon vehicle head on, but the visible damages are all wrong for that geometry. Notice the pringled front wheel and the damage to the passenger side bumper with very little to no damage visible on the windshield. Had the cyclist actually crossed the centerline that far there would have been a crushed windshield with lots of damage, and the front wheel would have been crushed in a straight line not pringled from the side. Until the “official” story can account for the damages to the bike and the (lack of) damages to the car I don’t buy it. And until I can account for the damages seen I can’t tell you how to avoid the wreck. Getting the infrastructure right would prevent a wreck like this, but that would be ALL the infrastructure, legal as well as physical.

A wreck that’s 100% infrastructure on Scotland. Cyclists knocked off by Waverley barrier and Cyclists injured by Edinburgh station anti-terrorism barriers I was looking really hard at the picture in the first link to find the “no bicycles” sign, but I guess it must be over on the other side of the sidewalk (and the size of a sheet of notebook paper).

A wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist injured in Hills Rd crash And aside from the fact that a cyclist was hit at an intersection I know nothing about this wreck. So..Infrastructure! Ultimately it is the infrastructure that is at fault for not segregating the cyclist by both time and space. And there is plenty of room for bicycle infrastructure because “Traffic was not affected by the crash, police said.” If there’s enough room to transport a cyclist to hospital without affecting traffic, there’s more than enough room to install appropriate bicycle infrastructure.

And this bit of Infrastructure! news from the 49th State just makes your eyes pop. Anchorage motor vehicle laws stack the deck against cyclists If I’m reading this right even when a driver runs a red light and hits a cyclist, it’s the cyclist’s fault for not dodging the motor vehicle? WTF!?!

Final body count for 2013 from NYPD. NYPD: 16,059 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 178 Killed in Traffic in 2013 The numbers are just mind-boggling when you stop and think that this is just for one large city, granted one of the largest cities in the world. Add in the near 100% injury rate when cars hit soft and squishy unprotected humans… and the fact that there were over 16K drivers who hit cyclists and pedestrians and only 9 got tickets… TANJ!

Stay off the roads when it’s foggy out because drivers refuse to slow down for reduced visibility? Safety bike riding rules that can save your life Why not just give drivers tickets for failing to reduce speed in bad visibility (Basic Speed Law Tran. Code §545.351(a) & (b))

Chronicling the long struggle to establish rules that ban trucks with huge blind spots in the EU. Northumberland campaigner joins Olympic cyclist in Brussels ahead of safety vote That such vehicles are allowed to be made and nobody has sued the manufacturer yet just boggles the mind…

From Oz comes a not-surprising report that common activities are much more dangerous than riding a bike even without bicycle infrastructure. You’re 35 times safer on your bike than playing rugby I imagine that few people think more than twice about their kid playing rugby (or football in America), but how many would never allow their kids to ride a bicycle to school?

And those were all the links that gave me fits (and then some) today.

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I need to take a break from reading webcomics, and the Feed

Getting a late start on this one because I started an archive binge over on Questionable Content last night that only ended when my face met the keyboard. I really needed that chuckle break badly, not just because of the bike links I have been reading, but because I don’t just read the bike links, I read entire online newspapers full of terrible things I can’t do anything about. Check that I can do something about them and it’s stuff I have been trained to do, but blowing things up isn’t legal outside of a declared war zone (and to be perfectly honest wasn’t entirely legal when and where I was doing it on the government’s dime). So you see the need for “outlets” that allow excess violence to be safely drained away. Seriously it’s either funny pages or the funny farm or worse. Laughing at drawings is much better.

A non-paywalled link to the cyclist hit by a truck on a group ride in FL is worse and weirder than I expected. SWFL bicyclist seriously injured after hit by a truck This was a buzz job from the opposite side of the street, and they don’t even give the driver a ticket for violating the 3-foot passing law? OK not a wreck the cyclist can avoid, and what is needed to prevent a similar wreck is LEO doing their (expletive, deleted) JOBS! This was a deliberate assault on the cyclist with a deadly weapon and “(p)olice cited the driver for improper passing“. Links like this are a big part of the reason I did the all-night webcomic archive binge.

A DE hit-and-run becomes a fatal hit-and-run 3 months after the fact. Cyclist injured in October Del. crash has died Apparently the truck was running a red light because the next hit was a vehicle going the same direction as the cyclist. This vehicle returned to the scene as soon as it could get turned around. No way to avoid this wreck by normal human cyclists, and changing the infrastructure won’t work since the driver ignored the built infrastructure.

One state over from the previous paragraph a cyclist is blamed for getting in a wreck while using a bike path as it was intended and signed to be used (no I am NOT fooling with you). Defying Evidence, Baltimore PD Wrongly Fault Bicyclist in Collision This was a terrible intersection design, but the cyclist was riding where the signs directed him to ride. In every instance I can think of official signage directing traffic movements overrides traffic laws to the contrary.

A cyclist speaks out against the assault of a cyclist in TN. Jacobi
: Cycling is important to Chattanooga’s future

How to escape a dysfunctional relationship with a bicycle. I Love Bikes

What looked like a cyclist killed in a hit-and-run turns out to be a staged crime scene to disguise a murder. Manhunt launched after ‘murder’ at Cornish tin mine Apparently the killer changed the victim’s clothing after death. LEO became suspicious when none of the victim’s bikes was missing.

Also in the UK an all-driver jury led by a driver judge finds a driver not-guilty of running a cyclist over from behind. Minibus driver found not guilty after death crash and Minibus driver cleared of killing cyclist Actually I’m quoting from one of the comments in the second link.

My daily link to BikingInLA. It’s getting scary out there — dogs attack Pasadena bike rider; driver flees police with bike dangling from car Yep, I just decided that instead of picking through the article for links I should just link the whole article and let you pick the links. Some links are duplicated because they are in the Feed from other sources.

Last link is from BikeyFace. FINDING MY VOICE Sometimes here in TX after a couple of miles in the heat the best you can do is a squeak, I’m strongly considering an Air Zound horn for the bike I ride everyday, after I build it of course.

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits. If I didn’t limit myself to links about bicycles the blog post would never get done and would be gigabytes long.

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I’m back from the Doctor and the news ain’t good, and the Feed

OK I went to my scheduled trip to the chiropractor today, and that little fall I took Sunday turns out to be not so “little”. I had dislocations in 2 ribs and my right clavicle. They would have eventually worked their way more or less back into position but getting them back sooner was better in the long run. Add that to the bleeding problem I had Sunday and yesterday and that was a very expensive bike ride, at least in pain if not in actual money. Fortunately nothing was actually broken, just not where it should have been. I knew something was “off” because my other shoulder hurt right behind the shoulder blade when I woke up this morning. Anywho, everything is back where it should be and all I have to deal with is the lingering inflammation from the injury that should clear up by morning.

Up first is a man getting killed about as far south as you can go and still be in Texas. Cyclist hit, killed and Cyclist killed was peddling to work I don’t know what he was peddling, but he was pedaling a bicycle. Intersection wreck and they aren’t blaming the cyclist in this one so maybe the driver of the weapon vehicle ran a red light and it was caught on a redlight camera. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate injury, and get the infrastructure right to prevent, assuming the driver did not run the red light, because if that was the case no amount of infrastructure can “fix” this as the wreck would have been averted by simply using the existing infrastructure correctly.

And it seems Houston cops can’t be bothered to enforce a law that protects cyclists as a string of the exact kind of wrecks the law was enacted to prevent happens with zero tickets for breaking the law. Houston bike riders upset by cycling deaths No tickets for breaking the 3-foot passing law in the entire 6 months the law has been in effect? They are not looking very hard, I got passed within a foot 3 times in 7 miles Sunday.

More on a cyclist death in FL. Police: Driver was drunk in September crash that killed cyclist The cyclist had no chance of avoiding this wreck, I’m more and more certain every time more information is released about it. And since he was hit riding in a park designated as a place cyclists could train for long bike rides and races the only infrastructure that will help is the legal kind that takes bad drivers off the roads and away from motor vehicles.

Even cops can’t avoid people trying to run them over when they ride their bikes in UT. Las Vegas man arrested for evading police, nearly hitting bicycle cop with car OK this does not fall into any of the usual categories of wreck I cover, but I’m including this because, well because I wanted to. Ordinary cyclists would not be trying to pull over a car full of potheads.

And speaking of bike cops… MPD officer chooses bike over squad car during cold snap There are great tips about riding in extreme weather in this bit.

Sometimes even barrier protected bicycle infrastructure isn’t enough. Cyclist falls from overpass after car collides with jersey barrier Since the cyclist was parked and admiring the view when the barrier was hit and knocked him over the side I place this in the category of unavoidable wreck. And since it was on a barrier protected bike lane that pretty much excludes physical infrastructure from preventing another wreck like this. The only thing that could work would be legal infrastructure that takes away the cars of stoopid drivers, hopefully before they hurt someone.

Update on a CO wreck. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run crash near Windsor identified Still a hit-from-behind wreck, still use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Up in Canuckistan a cyclist is hit-and-run. Cyclist in critical condition in Calgary hospital after Sunday-morning suspected hit and run There were bits of the weapon vehicle left at the scene and an injured cyclist so they “suspect” a hit-and-run? Since this was in the middle of a bridge that pretty much moots hit-from-behind protocols because there was no escape route, infrastructure that protected cyclists behind a barrier would most likely prevent the wreck (see the Seattle story earlier in the post).

I don’t know how a cyclist is supposed to avoid this. Cyclist injured by flying shed roof OK first of all he wasn’t even riding when he got hit, he was trying to hide in the shelter of a bus stop. Second since the bus stop was virtually cleaned off the pad by the force of the impact it was good it hit him while he was in the shelter instead of out on the road.

Still in Jolly Olde, justice for a dead cyclist goes to the hands of a jury. Jurors retire over Southampton cyclist death crash verdict The jurors have to decide if driving while blind and killing someone is careless or dangerous or just one of those things. As there are no cyclists on the jury I suspect the driver will be “just one of those things”.

A SA cyclist is mugged for his bike and cell phone. Cyclist down but not out after mugging I guess this would be a bike-jacking?

Better news in another stolen bike story in this country. Velo Posse Recovers Stolen Bike. Thieves Beware Too bad they couldn’t let the thief “fall down” a few times as they already had him locked up when they recovered the bike.

Surprising news from Jolly Olde on the relative morbidity and mortality of bicycles and motor vehicles. Motorists and cyclists create army of walking wounded Actually motorists create the army, cyclists create a small platoon, and when it comes to mortality drivers are far better killers than cyclist both because the vehicles are more deadly, and because they spend more time on the road than cyclists. Last year the ratio was 253:1 in favor of the cyclists, while in the last 10 years the ratio was 145:1 in favor of the cyclists.

A little infrastructure news from MD. Maryland proposal increases distance between drivers, cyclists I like seeing laws that make hitting cyclists a crime, but I like seeing those laws enforced even better.

Some mixed good and not-so-good news from BikingInLA. Help a badly wounded rider get back on his feet, BAC Bikeways subcommittee minutes, and ride with Greg Laemmle

Last link is a funny. How To Be A Road Biker At least I think it was supposed to be funny, I have so many tabs and windows open right now that the video crashed repeatedly while I was trying to watch it, but other people who watched it thought it was amusing.

And those were all the links that made me laugh or cry or pitch a fit.

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