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I’m back, and a bit tired

First of all I got up about 4 hours early this morning so I could do everything in one swell foop. Swell foop accomplished, and lottery ticket purchased. I’m now the proud possessor of a DART Reduced Fare ID. The kicker is I keep nodding off because I got up in the middle of my sleep cycle and I need to sleep.

In Sprint-T news, I found a forum where a guy is installing a Pentastar in a Dart Swinger, replacing a dead Mopar 360 backed by a 4 speed with a Pentastar and the 5 speed manual out of a Mustang. The weight savings by using the 5 speed are considerable and if I had the floor space for the extra pedal I would do it with the Sprint-T. He claims the transmission comes in at 85 pounds compared to the 200 of the 8 speed automatic I need to use. Now the really good news is he took a lot of pictures of the dressed engine with a measured part to use in the scaling process. That means I can throw together some junk to make a dummy engine of the right size in scale. Nothing too detailed, but good enough to use as an engineering model.

The bellhousing bolt pattern

Since there is at least one labeled dimension in the drawing I can use it as a reference to scale other things, like this picture.

back side and full height and width of Pentastar

I haven’t had time to scale the second picture yet to determine how tall and wide the engine is, probably tomorrow when I’m not doing anything. I can’t think straight right now, so I’ll wait until I get a full sleep cycle and am better able to perform critical measurements.

And I’m going to wrap this up, because I’m nodding off.


Another busy week planned

OK I have things planned for this week. Tomorrow is the local primary election, and Wednesday I go to get certified as “handicapped” for getting a reduced fare ID from DART. Since I have to use a cane to get out of the house if I’m reading the regs correctly, I shouldn’t have any problem. The published reg is if mechanical assistance is needed to get to the bus then you qualify for a reduced fare ID. The lady I talked with at the qualifying agency said that since I have been “driving a stick” since I stopped using the Zimmer frame after the wreck I should walk out with my completed Form 1000 in time to take it to DART HQ with my State ID and $2 and walk out with my Reduced Fare ID.

So, busy next two days.