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They closed the tax office an hour early today, and the Feed

Cutting to the chase, they closed the GISD tax office as I was walking up to it at 1600. The line of people out the door were very vocally unhappy about getting turned away, to the point that police were on hand for crowd control. I think that this may have been a planned thing, because the police were there long before the office was closed. I know this because I was walking up to the door as they closed it and there was a cop inside already.

Up first is good news from just a half-day’s ride east from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Injured cyclist rides again following months recovering WoaB and employees very happy to see this. Her recovery period was about the same as mine.

LAPD shows NYPD how it’s done. Suge Knight Arrested For ‘Suspicion Of Murder’ After Fatal Hit-And-Run This was a pedestrian death on a closed film set, but still, NYPD should be taking notes.

Speaking of NYC, they had another fatal pedestrian right hook. Woman Fatally Struck By Nassau County Bus Driver In Queens And in spite of a bus full of witnesses NYPD failed to arrest of even charge the driver.

Another article on the loss of who may have been the world’s oldest active cyclist. Long Beach loses its 106-year-old symbol of cycling

And that makes for a great segue into our next link, our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Atwater paper calls legal cyclists lane hogs, a handful of links and a long list of upcoming events

Update on a cyclist that a road-raging driver tried to kill. Donations help injured cyclist recover at home I like the remodeled bathroom, Mrs. the Poet wants a shower like that, too.

Infrastructure news from VA via DC. Bills in the Virginia General Assembly would hurt and help transit and cyclists I’ll withhold comment on this because I haven’t read the full text for any of the bills.

A hit-and-run driver gets a gentle caress on the wrist from a CO judge. Woman gets probation for hitting Fort Collins cyclist, fleeing They totally ignored the sentencing guidlines for felonies of this nature. According to one commenter if this had been treated like other crimes of this grade of felony the minimum sentence would be 2 years with the possibility of probation.

A little legal infrastructure in action in Jolly Olde. Marjorie Trappenden accelerated into Kevin Lane on High Road, Woodford Green, on February 9 Another dead cyclist with the killer getting community service in the UK.

I find it interesting that a surviving cyclist elicits more severe punishment than a deceased cyclist. Diabetic driver mum jailed for crash which left cyclist seriously injured

Another “bicycle safety” article from people who haven’t been on a bike since elementary school. Life in the bike lane: Riding responsibly Once again too much emphasis is placed on helmets to prevent wrecks.

Another article that should not have to be written, but was because too many drivers have the morals of a Chaotic Evil kinder. Attorney John Nojima of Lederer & Nojima, LLP Reminds Cyclists to Carry Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Light of News Regarding Hit-and-Runs Now if they would just provide a source for this insurance that doesn’t require buying a car and getting a license first…

A little humor from Spokesmama. 10 Reasons Not To Get A Cargo Bike The one I thought was hilarious was the one about not supporting the poor oil companies… HA!!

Last link is a bit of bike culture from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Critical Mass Set To Take The Streets Friday

And I’m out of links again.

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Things are getting weird, and the Feed

OK things are getting a little flaky around Casa de El Poeta lately, and I don’t think it’s entirely my fault. I know the weather is not my fault, but some of the things that people in the house are doing are just bizzzzzarre. Moving things from one place to another, that don’t belong to them. Crying, you would not believe the amount of sobbing I hear around the joint. And moving the thermostat. Every morning I get up and the thermostat has been bumped up a degree or two. Moving the thermostat makes me angry, because that costs me money, and money is one of those things that we never seem to have enough of around here.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, they put another notch in their steering wheel. Bicyclist hit, killed in western Hillsborough County and Bicyclist killed along Sheldon Road The truck driver failed to yield to the traffic on the sidewalk with fatal results, but because the bicycle did not have a headlight that’s OK. And this is another reason why FL kills more pedestrians and cyclists than any other state.

An OH driver that deliberately hit cyclists and then got out of his truck to punch the one he missed in the face gets a fine. Road Rager Who Punched Cyclist Apologizes in Court

More links to the story of the cyclist getting hit by a Sheriff’s Cruiser in the bike lane. Ex-Napster exec fatally struck by sheriff’s patrol car while biking and one of the first links Cyclist fatally struck by LA County Sheriff’s car in Calabasas and the updated link Cyclist fatally struck by sheriff’s car is ID’d

Also from CA is another “winner” of a door prize. Breaking news — 37-year old cyclist critically injured in Westside dooring

More on that IL drunk driver that killed a cyclist. Bail set for DUI driver accused of killing cyclist

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Barclays to discontinue its sponsorship of ‘Boris Bikes’ as cycle deaths on London roads increase

A sort of infrastructure-ish article. Bike helmets are less effective than we think That being said I still wear a full face hard shell helmet (as safe as a bicycle helmet can get) every time I ride, except when I need to ride with my ears unencumbered to diagnose a malfunction or impending malfunction.

Here’s a chance to ride away on a high-end e-assist bike with good climbing capability. Win a ProdecoTech Outlaw SS Electric Bike! I’m already entered, but I’ll be (almost) as happy if one of my readers gets the bike.

One of those “Dumbest Stuff on Wheels” videos turned out to be useful besides as an object lesson (don’t do this because it hurts). Video Of Brutal Bicycle Accident Allows Doctors To Link Impact Forces To Specific Facial Fractures Yeah, don’t do that, and wearing a helmet won’t fix stupid.

I need to find wheels as strong as these seem to be. This Is The Greatest Cycling Video Of All-Time

Schadenfreude. Tourist Maimed By Cabbie Sues City For $27.5 Million Go get ’em Sian!

Last link is a fun video for a really big toy. Sorry about the delay

And those were all the links about bicycles (more or less) that gave me fits today.

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Another Feed full of non-bicycle things

Lots of motorcycle wrecks in the Feed today, and lots of just motorcycle racing. That’s one of the big reasons that humans will still be required in the news compiling business for a long time to come, is the lack of discrimination of machine information gathering. It’s real good at what to bring in, not so much at what to leave out.

Up first is more from the trial of the thing that walks like a man with a medical degree. ‘I wanted to teach them a lesson.” — Road rage trial resumes. I told you he freely admitted guilt to the cops, now it’s part of the trial transcript. He deserves to never breathe free air again, but that ain’t gonna happen. I’ll settle for never being allowed to drive a car again, for the rest of his miserable life (and living where he does, not being allowed to drive will make his life miserable).

Up next is a rare kind of wreck, the bike on pedestrian with pedestrian injury. Comatose man apparently had been hit by bike Pedestrians should be wearing helmets to prevent brain injury, see what happened to this guy!?!?! Getting serious, don’t ride on sidewalks, but if you ride on sidewalks don’t hit the pedestrians. If you do ride on sidewalks and hit a pedestrian, stop and make sure he or she is OK before you leave, and leave contact information when you do leave.

A rare and exotic wreck again, the double SWSS. Police release name of Farmington teen struck and killed “The van tried to avoid the first cyclist and he did that very successfully, but it was unable to avoid the second since they both swerved the same way,” Drury said. Umm, yeah, two cyclists swerving the exact same way… That said the report indicates a lack of reflectors and lights on both bikes, so reflectors and taillights. Remove any excuses that drivers use to hide their bad driving skills. Then follow hit-from-behind protocol to avoid the idiots that shouldn’t be on the road in the first place.

Another report on the woman killed by a truck in Chicago. Cyclist Killed After Being Pinned Beneath Truck Interesting choice of words in this article, she wasn’t hit by the truck, she fell underneath it. Whatever it’s still male bovine digestive byproduct. I can no longer tell you how to avoid this wreck, as nobody is giving a straight story. None of the reports are consistent even on the location of the bikes at the time of the wrecks with locations reported from in front of the bus to between the truck and the bus. The only consistent fact besides the dead cyclist is filtering past stopped vehicles. I know breathing bus fumes at a stoplight is unpleasant, but breathing bus exhaust and surviving is preferred to filtering up and getting killed by an irate driver.

Next is a report from a not-so-jolly Jolly Olde. Cyclist injured in car collision Interestingly enough instead of all the anti-cyclist comments, most of the UK comments lately have been about the drivers not paying attention to the roads thereby hitting the vulnerable cyclist. This would not be the case in the US.

Now for my readers that are real infrastructure wonks (like me)… House of Commons Committee Publishes Repot on Road Safety Focuing on Pedestrians and Cyclists The spelling and grammatical errors are in the original, I just used copy and paste. One of the interesting things about the report is the identification of the number of wrecks that caused injury to cyclists and pedestrians but which were not reported to police in spite of requiring more than simple first aid. This tells me that unless you have severe injuries even a hit-and-run isn’t going to be reported, that the rate of hit-and-run has gotten so high in the UK that it just gets ignored in many cases. This is a terrible thing.

Another report for the wonks in the crowd. Which K Street do you prefer? My vote would be the option with bike lanes and fewer car lanes, option 3.

And that’s the whole mess for this morning. Something special is coming up later in the day.

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