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Our DM is very good at TPK, and the Feed

Today’s post is getting a late start because of another game session with the Kinky D&D group. After getting my head pointed the right direction last time, after it was removed by another party member under a compulsion, my character was ready to take on the world, and plunder the dungeon. Unfortunately we ran into a pair of succubi, sisters as it happened, and once again we had a Total Party Kill. The only one to escape was my NPC apprentice, the half-elf bard, because she ran when she saw what we were up against before the first spell cast or shot fired. Which was good considering that my character was the only one to get a shot off at the succubi, causing enough damage and disruption to the one I hit that she was out of the battle for the rest of the fight, but in the meantime her sister managed to get all the other characters compelled to attack the other members of the party, which given how lethal our characters are is probably the best strategy rather than going toe to toe and slugging it out (except with my character, he can’t fight in melee and has to keep taking 5 foot steps back and casting defensively so going toe to toe with him is a good idea, and going toe to toe with him by compelling another character to attack is even a better idea). Where we made our mistake was not attacking the succubi immediately as they were being held prisoner and we figured they would prefer a unimpeded release to combat. We had a better than even chance to take them out had we just gone in shooting instead of trying to negotiate for their release. Anywho, the bard managed to find the efreeti outside the dungeon (that we had only entered in the first place because there was a tornado coming), and convinced him that it was in his best interests to revive the party so we could rescue his sister from the half-fiend, half-green dragon who was intent on using her as breeding stock. He honored her wish to revive the party and get all the treasure in the dungeon from the areas we had already cleared, and then we moved on to taking care of the efreeti’s quest to save his sister from being forcefully impregnated by the fiend/green dragon. At this point we all had to level up. My warlock is now level 9 and does 5d6 damage with his Eldritch Blast, has a +7 attack bonus against the touch AC at ranges up to 250 feet, and a +8 bonus at ranges inside 30 feet. My apprentice is now 5th level and no longer has to fork over 500GP to my character at every level after this, her apprenticeship is complete (but she’s still an NPC).

The Big Story comes from the Great White North, as a head-on wreck between two cyclists kills one and puts the other in hospital. Jacques-Cartier Bridge bike path crash kills 1 and Fatal cycling collision on Jacques-Cartier Bridge Basically, someone crossed the centerline before daylight on a blind curve (because of the walls that keep the cars out of the bike lane) and heads literally butted. Both cyclists had head injuries, and neither one was wearing a helmet. To prevent with built environment, same thing as I say for drivers, slow down to a speed that you can stop in the distance you can see clearly. To improve the built environment replace the concrete walls with heavy steel bollards filled with concrete and put a transparent wall on the bicycle side of that.

The other Big Story is on this side of the northern border as a suspected drunk driver drives on the wrong side of the road and hits a cyclist head on and kills him instantly. Cyclist killed after being struck by suspected drunk driver on Lookout Mountain and Golden dad out on evening bike ride killed by alleged drunk driver The only thing that will prevent a wreck like this with the built environment is changing the built environment. Driving drunk is already against the law, driving on the wrong side of the road is against the law, and passing more than one vehicle and passing on a double-yellow line are also both against the law. My change recommendation is public execution of drunk drivers and public destruction of their cars, preferably in a single step operation.

Closer to home a cyclist north of the Red River from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell while riding on the shoulder of a road to the right of rumble strips intended to keep cars from driving in the shoulder. Norman bicyclist killed near Purcell I don’t see how this could be avoided by the cyclist, he was hit from behind while riding about 4 feet to the right of the fog line on an 8 foot wide shoulder, about 2 feet to the right of the rumble strip. I suspect that the driver was impaired or distracted, and that nothing short of a barrier-protected bike lane could have prevented this wreck. The likelihood of getting barrier protected bike lanes on a semi-rural OK highway is slightly higher than the likelihood of a magnitude 6.5 quake in OK City.

Over in WI another cyclist is killed by another hit-and-run driver. Suspect in custody after fatal Germantown hit-and-run crash And Suspect in fatal Germantown hit-and-run crash released from custody He is impeding the investigation by refusing to give up the driver. Of course, since he’s probably the driver he’s protected against self-incrimination by the 5th Amendment. So, screw the 5th and charge him as the owner of the vehicle, which makes him responsible for what happens with it. That’s one of the things people are constantly harping about on bicycle registration, that it makes people accountable. Well, if registration makes people accountable, make this owner account for this wreck by going to prison.

And another hit-and-run wreck. Bicyclist injured in hit-and-run The cyclist was injured but the bike was undamaged, a strong indication of a buzz job or punishment pass. This is very similar to the wreck that killed Larry Schwartz outside Plano which precipitated the Ride of Silence in 2003. The main difference here is the cyclist was alive and semi-conscious when someone got to her a few minutes after the wreck. By the time someone found Larry, well that’s why we have a Ride of Silence.

Wanna bet this one gets solved ASAP? Wayne cop struck while training for charity bike ride Nothing on what happened aside from telling who owned the weapon vehicle.

Our Daily Ted (I bet you thought I forgot). Morning Links: Caltrans may remove dangerous Topanga Cyn reflectors; Vision Zero becomes official LA policy

And still in CA, another frikken hit-and-run. MAN ON BICYCLE KILLED IN MARIPOSA HIT AND RUN I am so freaking tired of hit-and-run drivers I could scream.

Last link is from Oz. Australia’s biggest bike-lane skeptic ‘wants to destroy cycling in Sydney’ Neanderthal, ain’t he?

And I’m tired, I have to get up early tomorrow, and I’m still very unhappy about that last link’s comments section.

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I had errands to run on the Big Feed Day

Now that Mrs. the Poet is home I have access to her account for paying the bills that my income won’t cover (which is just about everything except groceries). So I spent a few 2½ hours out in the 99°F heat paying bills that had to be covered today or face huge late fees. I was fully hydrated before I left and did not stop to rehydrate until I got home, so I’m all hot and sweaty and thirsty now. That’s called “living in Texas”. 😛

Up first the biggest story continues to be the cyclist hit by a texting driver in OK. Young Teacher Biking Across America Senselessly Killed By Driver On Her Phone also Key Biscayne native killed riding bike on Oklahoma highway and this Schoolteacher Killed by Distracted Driver While Biking Cross-Country for Charity: Officials Wow a bike wreck covered by People magazine! NYC teacher killed during cross-country bike ride for charity And from Gothamist NYC School Teacher Biking Across Country Killed By Distracted Driver In Oklahoma and even this Teacher on cross-country charity bike trek killed by driver looking at cellphone in Okla. Am I allowed to say this was a senseless death? Because this was a seriously senseless death. This is even easier to avoid than a DUI murder: put the fucking phone away when you are behind the wheel or handlebars. BAM! your driving or riding abilities are improved 1000% over your on-the-phone state.

Our Daily Ted, Part 1. Morning Links: It’s Mobility Monday — contact your councilmember to support LA’s Mobility Plan as written

And Part Two. Update: 23-year old Newport Beach e-bike rider died after colliding with parked van and Corona Del Mar Cyclist Killed After Crashing into Parked Car Something caused that cyclist to be a couple feet off the curb at nearly the speed limit when he hit the back of that van. Seriously I have seen bikes hit by cars going 40 MPH on the wrong side of the road that had less front end damage than the bike in this wreck. Unfortunately the only witness in police custody has been transferred to the coroner’s custody…

Part three. An open letter to the LA City Council in support of the Mobility Plan 2035

And another wreck in Sooner Country. Cyclist killed in Pontotoc County crash If the street view of that intersection is to be believed, there is no way to safely cross that ramp as a cyclist, and no way to avoid the frontage road riding from northeast to southwest or vice-versa in certain areas. This is as much an infrastructure failure as a wreck between two vehicles.

Interesting response to a MI wreck. Boy seriously injured in car-bike accident in Lansing What is interesting about this report is in the comments section, where none of the comments blamed the cyclists involved, and at least one directly blamed the driver. And this is in spite of a Street View that shows the weapon vehicle had right of way and the cyclists were facing stop signs. I wasn’t able to follow the street view far enough to find a speed limit sign, but from the comments it can’t have been too high as this was in a residential area.

Another hit-and-run in PA. Cyclist injured in hit and run in East Liberty, police say If you see a car missing a mirror near Philly, call the number in the article.

More on that 2 vehicle bike wreck that was minus any motor vehicles in Philly. 68-Year-Old Man Seriously Injured After Collision With Another Cyclist While Riding Bike Not known if the victim was the one riding salmon or the other one.

Another bike wreck minus motor vehicles in MA. PMC Rider Seriously Injured In North Attleboro Bike Crash The PMC is a ride on the long direction of MA from NY to the sea going east. Neither of these guys finished the ride.

And in upstate NY they can’t figure out how a cyclist got hit from behind. Bike rider seriously injured in Kinderhook collision Seriously? “when a Hyundai Azera driven by Leah Tricozzi, 45, of Valatie, heading northwest on Route 28, struck Donald J. Wilber, 68, who was biking in the same direction in front of her, for unknown reasons.” When a car hits a car travelling the same direction do you try to figure out a way to blame the slower car for getting hit, or do you just write the damn ticket?

Another one killed in the most deadliest state in the US to ride a bike or walk. Fatal bicycle crash in Polk County and 2 Die in Separate Polk Crashes The cyclist appears to have been setting up to make a left turn on one of the intersecting streets in the area. I call this one an infrastructure failure, the cyclist was doing what it takes to make a legal left turn and appears to have had the legal requirements of lights and reflectors (not mentioned means everything legal 99% of the time).

Meanwhile in NC a drunk crosses the centerline and hits a cyclist head on. Driver charged with DWI after cyclist hit, killed in Hickory Remember what I said about the bike running into the back of the van in CA? This is the picture I was writing about. Notice the blood on the roof of the weapon vehicle, which sustained additional damage from hitting a pole after hitting the cyclist on the shoulder of the road. It almost looks like the driver was targeting the cyclist.

These kind of wrecks make me the craziest because they are almost always the fault of the cyclist and so easy to prevent. Huron: 15-year-old bicyclist killed by train See what I mean? All that is needed to prevent this wreck is staying behind the crossing guard.

Another hit-and-run in OH. Pickerington man injured in bicycle crash If my area readers see a vehicle matching the description of the weapon vehicle notify LEO at the number given in the article.

Read the article, then read the comments to see why the article fell on deaf ears blind eyes. Editorial: An open letter to cyclists, motorists Seriously, it is like they read the article and then completely dismissed it because it didn’t comply with their prejudices.

More of the same in a different accent. Bicyclists seek solutions following accidents

This is just one city among thousands in the US, albeit one of if not the largest city (depending on how you define “largest”) so multiply this by say, 100? NYC’s $138 Million Pothole Problem

Tragic story from the Great White North. Did vigilante kill Michael Sullivan for pretending to take child’s photo? Not a True Canadian then. And talk about jumping to fatal conclusions.

Ugghh! Cyclist struck by SUV in Oshawa intersection Who outside of the weapon vehicle is saying the cyclist ran the red light?

I was uncertain about including this one because it was so low-information. Cyclist dead after collision in Vaughan

Not a good ride in Jolly Olde. RideLondon 2015: cyclist dies from suspected heart attack while climbing steep Surrey hill I’m reading separate reports that I can’t link to at the moment that are blaming heat and dehydration for the death.

And here is one of the Good Guys. Cyclist going the distance to help terror victims

And I am out of links, hurrah!

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I mowed the lawn this morning, and the Feed

I know for most people mowing the lawn is no big deal, but with my allergies it can be dangerous. Someone has to do it, and as the choices are me, Mrs. the Poet who can’t pull the start rope because she’s left handed and you have to use your right arm to pull the start rope, or paying money we don’t have to someone else to do it and from the way that clause was constructed you should see the problems with that. I started to do it earlier in the week but had to quit because of back pains (standing bent over the mower to fill the gas tank and clean the dirt off the air filter caused it to go into spasm and it never quit spasming). Then it rained, then I had more back pains, and today I had no back pains and good weather to mow. So the rest of the lawn got mowed.

On another front, my Death Day celebration is coming up on the 31st. You know what is a good thing to give a guy that died and came back from a motor vehicle wreck? Amazon gift cards, or a Logitech steering wheel for the PS2 that is compatible with GT4, or a USB steering wheel and a copy of GT3 since you can grab a good new USB PS2 steering wheel and pedals that will work with GT3 and a copy of GT3 for less than the price of a used Logitech wheel and pedals. I just want to have a controller that works so I can build a virtual Sprint T and drive it, since it is looking less and less likely that I will ever get the chance to build the real thing. I’m trying to find out the file format for cars in the GT games, because I have read that GT3 cars can be imported into the GT4 game by putting them in your garage, and that you can connect a PC via the LAN connection on the PS2 and convince it that you are downloading your GT3 garage to the GT4 game garage… Can you tell I’m trying anything that would let me drive this car I have been thinking about for over a year now?

Up first from the Great White North, why use an entire car to hit a cyclist when just a wheel works just as good? Runaway car wheel strikes cyclist, sends him to hospital Um, OOOOhhhh Kaaaayyyy then. Moving along…

Moving closer to WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, a cyclist hits a car head on. Cyclist killed in collision in northeast Arkansas OK there are only 2 ways for a bike and a car to hit head on in the road, somebody was on the wrong side of the road. Problem is the narrative leaves that information out, but does mention the driver of the SUV the cyclist ran into (or that ran into the cyclist) was uninjured. So… Don’t ride salmon?

Update on a CA wreck. Wife of paralyzed cyclist thanks community The cyclist is now officially paralyzed from the chest down, and there is still some question about the condition of his lungs. WoaB wants to remind everybody to send this victim some positive energy to use as he needs.

A SWCC left cross in GA (too many acronyms/abbreviations). Cyclist injured in bike vs. car accident Cyclist allegedly hit while running a red light, but did the driver not see a car and assumed the road was clear to make the turn? Because I don’t see any mention of any other witnesses except the driver of the weapon vehicle as the cyclist was transported by ambulance from the scene. Anywho, this is an intersection wreck so protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A LEO-involved bike wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Sheriff’s deputy car collides with Cape teen cyclist Nothing about the geometry of the wreck, but the intersection appears to be a 2-way stop. Since the directions of travel were not given, and they aren’t blaming the kid for running a stop sign or riding without lights before sunrise, I would say there is a very high chance the Deputy did a “Not See” on the bicycle and ran the stop or stopped and went when there was no car in the intersection. And failed to miss the cyclist he didn’t see.

Moving to the north a KS cyclist wipes out on a steep trail because she was too short to see the warning signs. 9-year old injured in bike trail accident OK unless this was a technical off-road MTB trail I call this really bad infrastructure, if it was an off-road MTB trail and the signs were too high for this rider to see them it’s still not-very-good infrastructure. OK the video finally played so I could see the facility in question and whoever built the thing should be in jail. Imagine a street with a sign “Next 700 feet undrivable, get out and push”.

Update on the unlicensed cab driver that killed a cyclist in NYC. Police: Driver Who Allegedly Struck, Killed Cyclist Was Not Licensed For Livery Cab The initial report was no license, not just no commercial license.

A pair of red light runners collide in Paradise. Cyclist injured in early morning crash with sedan the weapon vehicle was making an illegal right turn on red (no stop) and hit the cyclist crossing in the crosswalk against the DONT WALK sign. If the DONT WALK sign was still flashing then the cyclist was technically running a yellow (or not even that, as most pedestrian signals only flash during the latter part of the green phase). I am not entirely certain about HI traffic codes on cyclists crossing in the crosswalk and which set of signals they need to obey. The one thing I do know is that even with infrastructure “up to Dutch” that would not prevent the driver from running a red light at 0246.

An apparent BUI in AK. Bicyclist critically hurt in collision with SUV in Midtown Anchorage Cyclist was weaving through traffic and apparently disoriented when he cut off an SUV and got clobbered. Not much I can say except don’t ride impaired, and that even drunk cyclists are safe from wrecks with cars with the infrastructure “up to Dutch”.

A cyclist is dragged through an intersection in the Great White North, and blamed for not wearing a helmet. Bradford teen cyclist airlifted in critical condition following collision In one picture you can see the cyclist being extracted from under the driver’s side of the weapon vehicle. The narrative seemed more concerned about the cyclist’s helmet or lack thereof than the geometry of the wreck. That only leaves me with the advice to get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent a similar wreck.

A buzz job kills in Jamaica. Police seek truck driver in death of cyclist Hit from behind protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Another infrastructure wreck, this time on camera in Scotland near where my daughter lives. Cyclist helmet cam video of tram track crash You can see from the video what looks like zero warning before the wreck, one second riding along normally the next sliding on the street…

Another Aussie cyclist gets buzzed. Witnesses sought to Caulfield South cyclist crash Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Sad Fiesta Island news, for and against the 3-foot law, and a new reflector could stop cars sooner

Lifestyle from CA. Family of Slain Rider Wants Drivers to Change Lanes to Pass a Cyclist

Lifestyle from the East Coast. Danvers woman conquers Washington in honor of friends killed by motorist For those who are not familiar Mt. Washington is the Pikes Peak Hillclimb for the east. And there is an event for e-assist cycles in the early fall, late summer called the Alternative Energy Regatta or something like that. They have never had more than 2 e-assist bikes make the attempt in the same year because of how tough the climb is. Just completing the climb is a serious test of battery capacity and motor cooling.

Lifestyle from the Great White North. Cyclist killed in collision commemorated with ride fundraiser

A new approach to making bikes theft resistant. Coming Soon To A Pole Near You: A Bike That Locks Itself If this becomes widespread this will be the first major change in bicycle design in almost a century. I don’t count all that crabon bushwah, that is just a materials thing

Battery breakthrough for a low-cost high rate cell. Energy Breakthrough, A Supercapacitor Battery Made From Hemp Supercapacitors are not really “batteries” but they have enough energy capacity now to be considered as a competitor for chemical storage. Where supercaps have it all over chemical storage is charge/discharge rates, making them really useful on systems that have lots of regen and energy recovery. And naturally lower-cost energy storage for large passenger and truck EV means lower cost energy storage for e-assist bicycles.

And going the other way for capacity and low weight over low cost. Tesla Developing 500-mile Graphene Battery? And this is also good for e-assist, lighter cells of the same capacity means better performance without assist, or the same weight means longer assist.

And because I haven’t linked a cat picture lately… Here’s what happens when you get an inbred cat

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Now we wait, and the Feed

The check has been deposited into a special account I had set up just for such things back in the ’90s, some place to park “hot” assets until they had cooled off and could be used. At the time I was building prototypes for toys and sometimes had to handle checks for thousands of $ and needed a place where I could put stuff and not have to worry about losing everything if the deposit turned out to be tainted in some way, so I created a second savings account just for that eventuality. None of our investors or contract jobs turned out to be “shady”, but even after the toy shop closed for lack of business (we lost our shirts making a “working” ST:TOS tricorder with magnetometer and weather station) I left the account active by moving a dollar or two in and out of it every couple of years or so “just in case” and 20 years later, I’m needing it again.

On another front, I may have to get surgery done on the lump on the back of my neck. It was tested a few years ago and determined to be a benign lipoma or fatty tumor. The problem is it has been getting bigger lately for whatever reason and has gone from interfering with my bike helmet when I ride bent over on a normal MTB, to hitting the back of my head when I’m finishing a bottled drink or travel mug. I have to take the lid off my coffee cup to get that last swallow. And this week it got to the point where it just plain interferes when I move my head. It ain’t deadly, but it might aggravate me to death so it has to go. I’m going back to my doctor early next month on an unrelated subject, but I will definitely bring this up with him then. Seriously this thing hurts almost every time I move my head now.

Up first because of proximity to WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, a cyclist is right hooked in NOLA. Cyclist struck by driver on Magazine Street, police say I have one thing to say about NOPD, they certainly seem to “get it” about the hazards of the right hook. Now if they could “get it” about the “punishment pass”…Anyway, right hook means intersection protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Not sure of the state on this right cross wreck of a salmon cyclist. Cyclist injured after colliding with vehicle This is the primary reason not to ride salmon, drivers are not looking in your direction when executing turning movements and will hit you and it will be your fault. Not that I have to say anything to my readers, you guys already know this, right?

A NE man is seriously injured by a serial traffic violator. Police: Omaha man arrested after hitting cyclist and Bicyclist, 45, critically injured by car that police said was being driven erratically One report had the driver of the weapon vehicle swerving all the way across the street before hitting the cyclist from behind. This moves this wreck from “normal” to “unavoidable by human cyclists” category, and also the “not likely affected by Dutch bicycle infrastructure” category. The driver failed to keep the vehicle on the street even when using both sides of it, bicycle infrastructure would just be “more street” for him like the sidewalk was.

Update on a NY wreck. Wayland man sentenced to 2-6 years in cyclist’s 2013 death Kill someone while under the influence by any other means and you will get serious prison time, much more than “2-6”. But cars are “different”.

A cyclist in far West Canuckistan gets compensated for a wreck with a loose dog. Cyclist felled by unleashed Chilliwack Doberman awarded $39,000 For those unaware Dobies were originally bred to haul children in small carts as both a draft and as a guard animal, and they are very aggressive around anyone they see as threatening “their kids”. The article shows the device intended to restrain the animal failed to function, probably because of a dead battery.

Even the trees are out to get cyclists in Oz. Cyclist seriously injured in crash – Blue Mountains The tree limb fell into the shoulder and partially in the road and the cyclist suffered serious injury trying to avoid it, but the severity of the injuries makes me think the tree or another vehicle hit the victim. But seriously, this falls into the “not avoidable” category.

More on that UK wreck that is currently in the trial stage. I posted links yesterday as being from two separate wrecks when they were in fact this wreck. Driver looking at photos on phone hits cyclist – then snaps fatally injured victim, court told I sent this link to someone who knows about these things, and he indicated the driver could have “narcissistic personality disorder” whatever that is… More Minibus driver accused of fatally colliding with a cyclist told police ‘I’ve killed a man’, court told

After bad infrastructure gets a cyclist killed all road users are advised to exercise caution until the infrastructure in question can be fixed. Drivers urged to use caution after bicyclist killed AFAIK cyclists in NH are required to use a bike lane if one is provided, even if doing so will get them killed, so it’s up to drivers to “not kill” cyclists.

More infrastructure news from SD. No sidewalks by new Sioux Falls middle school So, they expect everybody to ride the bus to school, even those that live less than a mile away? No sidewalks or bike lanes (and probably no bike racks to park at even if they decided to ride a bike to school).

Lifestyle from CA via Facebook. Remember Matthew: Change Lanes to Pass a Cyclist This is a FB Community Page to remind people that cyclists are human beings and fragile.

Lifestyle from NM. Amazing cyclist, 94, outlives his competition The anchor person wanted to know what he does to live so long but didn’t want to do the one thing she knew he did, ride the bike… >sigh< 😦

And a potential game changer for e-assist bikes and EV. Secretive Company Claims Battery Breakthrough The claim is a completely solid-state battery with no liquid electrolyte, built the same way as my laptop screen and at about the same cost.

And I seem to have run out of links again. Fortunately before I ran out of mind. 😉

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After a long day, the Feed

Well I’m back from my expedition to the pharmacy. I left the house at 0900 and returned about 1810, mostly because catching transfers on the way back is a nightmare of watching busses go by just before the bus I was riding got to the stop. Then I get to sit and wait almost an hour for the next bus in that direction, twice (I missed two transfers). Add to that the processing time to fill my prescription and we’re talking an all-day trip just to fill one prescription. And one very tired blogger at the end of it.

Anywho, Happy St. Paddy’s day! Here at Casa de El Poeta we had a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner with potatoes and carrots to accompany. Mrs. the Poet got to prepare a meal without having to remove the flavor first or work from a package and it was delicious.

Up first after a long weekend is more on the SXSW wreck. Small vigil held for Dutchman killed in SXSW tragedy and Cyclist vigil for SXSW crash victims postponed even this from Houston Vigil honors victims of South by Southwest tragedy This wreck has literally left me without words. Well I have words, but they are so inadequate to express the magnitude of what happened. If something like this doesn’t lead to calls for car control and restrictions on car possession, waiting periods for car buyers and all the other things that go with having weapons of mass destruction, then I don’t know what will. Latest I hear on TV is they are not expecting at least 2 more of the injured to survive, raising the death toll to 4 out of the 25 hit.

Omaha was a bad place to be riding a bicycle last week as we get more on that wreck where a vehicle crossed the road to hit a cyclist head-on. Retired teacher, athletic trainer killed in collision west of Omaha and Woman, 82, identified as driver who struck cyclist also Driver who killed cyclist identified When a driver veers all the way across the road to hit you on the opposite shoulder there is not much you can do about it, except maybe bail to the right if you have time to react. Infrastructure might have prevented the cyclist from being there to get hit if it was completely up to Dutch standards.

A MI cyclist is injured in a hit-and-run. Bicyclist Injured in Wyoming Hit-and-Run Wyoming, MI… This appears to be another hit-from-behind hit-and-run from the narrative and the description of the debris so protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

More on a vehicular assault in MD. Cyclist Injured In Hit-And-Run Speaks Out As Riding Partner Remains On Life Support Once again we have the familiar hit-from-behind combined with the hit and run. Protocols and infrastructure, we really need that infrastructure.

You don’t need to get hit with a car to get really hurt riding a bicycle. Clearwater cyclist badly hurt as three bikes crash during ride Bobble in a peloton and you might end up like this guy eating concrete. The problem I see is there is no way to practice riding in a peloton at speed except to ride in a peloton at speed. It’s dangerous until you get enough experience, and there is only one way to get enough experience. Y’all be careful out there.

The wreck (and other) news from SoCal courtesy of Ted Rogers of BikingInLA. Morning links: LA cyclist is shocking collateral damage, fatal San Diego bike-by, NC writer gets it so wrong Ted has a few duplicate links to mine.

A cyclist in far West Canuckistan gets a judgment in his favor after getting partially wiped by a motor vehicle. Injured Nanaimo cyclist awarded $1.2 million after being hit by car

Lots of bad news out of Oz today, as another mass assault with a motor vehicle takes 7 cyclists down sending at least 5 to hospital. Cyclists injured after collision with car and Vicious cycle: injured teen Bryce Dean searched for his father after 4WD ploughed into cyclists The cyclists were hit from behind after the weapon vehicle drifted into the shoulder where they were riding in accordance with Australian law. Notice there is a Jersey Barrier to the left of the cyclists making hit from behind protocols moot as there was no place to go when the weapon vehicle came into their lane.

Trigger warning, this set my PTSD off like a bear in the face. Caught on camera: The moment when a car hits cyclist from behind I do not understand this wreck, the driver ran right into the cyclist who was almost directly in front of the driver.

Infrastructure! news from BikingInLA. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day — Main Street Santa Monica goes neon green Isn’t it lovely?

And those were all the links that gave me fits today this weekend.

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Full Moon tonight, crazy to follow, and the Feed

There is a reason there is the word “lunatic”. People get a little crazy at night when they can walk under the full moon. Not so much now because of all the artificial lighting we have, especially in cities, but the effect is still noticeable. And tonight we are having a Full Moon circle with no script beyond welcoming in a new lunation deity. And on Sunday we will have our final evening service until Summer as the people awake during the day outnumber the people that can only come to church at night. We don’t have the support staff to do two services, but it is thought that perhaps we will keep Adult Religious Education classes going for the Night People. The person we started the evening services for because she worked during the day on Sunday had her Sunday hours extended so she can’t even make a 1930 start time, her store closes at 2000 on Sunday now. Also much of the rest of the congregation has changed their work hours as well with many no longer having Sundays free for either service. So now Mrs. the Poet will get to go to Sunday services again. And I will probably have to drop Wreck-Free Sunday posts because of attending Sunday morning services and teaching Adult R.E. at night.

Another link to a hit-and-run in Houston. [$Deity] I’m getting so tired of links to hit-and-runs. Cyclist killed in hit and run crash It appears the cyclist was either riding to or from a nearby bike path along a bayou, but because the cyclist and bike were found so far away from the scene direction of travel and point of impact are impossible to determine.

A little closer, learning to use new infrastructure is sometimes hard. Who’s Legal In Austin Bike Lanes? Part of the problem is a lack of paved pedestrian spaces where you don’t have to walk through the mud and an antiquated law that requires walking through the mud if that’s all there is. Yep TX laws still say that strip of dirt between the edge of the road and the edge of the right of way is a “sidewalk” and you have to walk in it.

And speaking of people using the wrong infrastructure, a drunk in MI tried the bike path in his car. Drunken motorist busted driving on bike path Some people think if it’s paved then it’s car territory. Especially when they are drunk.

Moving to the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, when they can’t get you on the road they go after you on the bike path, part 2. Riders encounter carpet tacks along Tampa bike trails This would be an act of terrorism had it been on anything but a bike path.

Still in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Fabiola Santiago: Banning bikes not the road to a solution in Key Biscayne A wise person indeed to recognize the elephant in the room, people on bicycles are getting injured and dying because of other people driving irresponsibly, not because they are riding on bicycles which makes it “their fault”.

Still in the most deadly state in the US to walk or ride a bike a texting driver takes out a tree. Texting and Driving Crash Caught on Camera Think about the bike lane and sidewalk the driver crossed before hitting the tree. Just sayin’.

Still more on the death of a socially-promenant cyclist under the wheels of a SoCal LEO. Probe into former Napster exec fatally hit by sheriff’s car continues Things continue to percolate along but the pace of the investigation and the lack of dash camera footage is really getting the conspiracy theory crowd worked up hard. And I’m somewhat doubtful about the cruiser not having a dash cam myself…

Because infrastructure seems to be the theme of the Feed today, still in CA we have a major city giving at least some lip service to the idea that cars can be used without killing people. Imagine No Deaths: Supes, Safe Streets Advocates Call for “Vision Zero” I will reserve judgement on this one until I see plans of action for implementation.

Still in CA this one gave me giggles. Thief Sells Stolen Bike on Craigslist, Original Owner Enacts Revenge Instead of going to get the guy himself he sent an undercover cop to bust the guy.

NY cyclists ask for a pittance to make roads safer for everyone. Bicyclists to Cuomo: $20 million for pedestrian and bicycling projects Unless that $20 M is a recurring annual item not much will get built, again just sayin’.

A NYC traffic victim takes an awfully long time to die from his injuries. East Village Flower Stand Employee Killed By Driver On PCP & Meth The wreck was last June, the death was this month.

This one is really hard for me. For One Reckless Driving Survivor, “Life Looks a Lot Different Than Before” That could have been my life had things gone just a tiny bit worse. And I mean just a tiny bit worse, as in fractions of a millimeter worse.

A UK television “star” illegally takes a picture of a cyclist riding legally and complains about the cyclist. HooRaw ensues. “Point-making” rider hits back at Jeremy Clarkson

And still in Jolly Olde a cyclist feels… unappreciated. Cyclist: Drivers are out to kill me! There is a statement about never ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity, but I’m not sure it can be applied to this case.

More mayhem from Jolly Olde. Driver accused of causing the death of cyclist The driver t-boned the cyclist while one of them was crossing a street on a roundabout. Still trying to figure this one out. It appears the cyclist was on the side street when he was hit which meant he had the ROW.

From the Emerald Isle comes a report of prosecution not just dropping the ball but forgetting to even bring a ball to the court. Lorry driver ‘not guilty’ of causing death of cyclist in south Belfast How the Hell do you prosecute someone without even bringing any evidence to the court? This is beyond an outrage, this requires a head on a pike if not several heads.

A cyclist is killed in Oz. NSW cyclist dies following crash Unless the cyclist was hit on a one lane road somebody was on the wrong side of the road here. Since they’re not blaming the cyclist that only leaves one other party in the wreck.

I keep saying drivers are blind, here’s more proof. Serafin Dillon: There’s a reason we really do not see cyclists I’m 5’8″ and normally about 200 pounds and even with hi-viz on I still get people almost hitting me because they “can’t see” me. I should also mention that I get up to a 48″ chest measurement in winter, so I’m no tiny thing. Peruse the archives to see me in my hi-viz at a bike-to-work day in Garland last year.

Last link, next time you want to talk about your “epic ride” think about this really epic ride. Adventurer tells of bitter conditions to claim record for cycling across the South Pole Yep this woman rode from the coast to the Pole, on a tadpole trike, in -40° temperatures with 100 mph winds. Unless you were riding in Death Valley or across the Sahara you have nothing to say. And I will shut up about riding in 145°F temperatures over fresh blacktop from several years ago.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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Out running errands on a warm bright day, and the Feed

Yep we went from a subfreezing high on Monday to a mid-60s high on Saturday. I was out running errands today wearing jeans and a t-shirt (and my hi-viz road worker’s vest) and not even the slightest bit chilly. This is what climate change has brought to us here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, winters that you need a closet full of clothes for because what was appropriate one day is dangerously warm/cold 3 days later. We had similar temperatures as today at the beginning of last week as well. Is it any wonder I’m surrounded by people with coughs and sneezes?

Before I start, this was an exceptionally difficult Feed for me to filter on the emotional side of the equation, because of some of the final judicial outcomes recorded. Mrs. the Poet even threatened to throw me out of the house if I didn’t calm down and stop pacing up and down the hall from my office to the living room and back, grunting and sighing. I thought I was being rather restrained about things, really. There are no bodies in the house, and no structural damage to the house, nor even a broken window nor mirror…

I’m starting in SC with updates to a previous story. Cyclist fatally struck by fire truck identified and earlier reports that were too late to make yesterday’s Feed Bicyclist hit and killed by North Charleston fire truck and Cyclist hit and killed by North Charleston fire truck OK the cyclist was hit from behind. Still no word on the how and why of the cyclist getting hit from behind. When dealing with emergency vehicles moving over as far as you can is pretty much the only protocol in the book, especially when they are running “hot” with lights and siren.

One of the articles that resulted in pacing and grunting comes from CA. Probe into Santa Cruz cyclist’s death likely to take months This was the Tesla that ran head on into a cyclist riding in the bike lane on the correct side of the road.

Another article that resulted in pacing and grunting, with the frequent use of muttered profanity. Drunken driver gets prison for killing cyclist near Prosser The driver was 19 at the time of the wreck, and had a prior DUI. How in the names of all the deities of death and destruction did this guy get off with only a 2½ year sentence and not life? The cyclist was wearing an LED blinky reflective vest like I used to own and had multiple tail lights on the back of his bike, and he wasn’t even on the road! The cyclist, Jared Carr, was changing a flat tire with the back of the bike lighted up and facing traffic while stopped in the ditch. All the driver had to do to avoid this death was to stay on the road, at which he failed miserably. And people wonder why I’m so “cranky” about bicycle safety, I mean besides the fact that I ride and have been hit several times on my bike.

Back to CA for a SWCC wreck. School Board Member Involved in Injury Collision Since this was a mid-block “crossing” I can’t say for sure what happened, especially since there were no pictures of the wrecked bike. Intersection protocols if the bike was really crossing the road, or hit-from-behind if the cyclist wasn’t crossing the road.

Continuing the hopscotching across the country a driver in OH faces serious charges for killing a cyclist. Man charged in October death of cyclist appears in court This is a first for me, I believe. I do not recall ever seeing a driver charged with manslaughter for left-crossing a cyclist without a record of previous run-ins with cyclists.

Back to the other side of the country. Cyclist hit by car in Milwaukie identified, upgraded to serious condition Still no word on how many “witnesses” were not inside the weapon vehicle, nor any pictures of the wrecked bicycle. So, assuming the narrative is somewhat related to actual events, intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Stating a truth in the UK. Reader’s letter: Very few people are injured by cyclists

Good people in the Jolly Olde. Torquay fall cyclist Ron Keegan, 75, wants to thank Good Samaritans Lots of good people doing the right things came together to save this man’s life.

Moving down south a long ways, we get this head on wreck in Oz. Cyclist seriously injured in car crash at Waterfall Someone was on the wrong side of the road, kinda a given in Oz, but really since this was a head on wreck one vehicle had to be on the wrong side of the road for the location. Since the article doesn’t say who was salmoning all I can say is riding with traffic if it was the cyclist, to avoid. If the driver was on the wrong side then a cyclist is up the proverbial unsanitary tributary without visible means of locomotion. Infrastructure to prevent.

More from Oz. Skimming cyclists a dangerous practice Here in the US this is a “buzz job” or a “Jerry Brown”.

Infrastructure! news in the US from Al Jazeera? The truth about bike lanes

The same thing from a different perspective, where do the kids ride? A PLACE TO RIDE

Infrastructure in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Fabiola Santiago: Gimenez absent on Rickenbacker cyclist safety

Same song with a different tune from”Down Undah”. Richie Porte joins campaign for greater protection of cyclists on public roads

Really want to ride a fat bike, but don’t want to fight those tires? Part two. Felt – Bosch Concept Fat-bike

How do you grow eyes in the back of your head? Students invent ‘Bike Radar’ to help prevent cyclists getting knocked down It needs some work, but that’s a good start.

And those were all the links that literally gave me fits today.

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Election day, and the Feed

Things are being decided today in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, and after I finish the post I’m going to try to vote. I say “try” because my voter registration card was in the wallet I lost back in June (along with nearly $500 in cash and gift cards), and I don’t know if being on the rolls for that precinct and having valid photo ID would be enough to let me vote.

Lots of non-wreck links today which is fortunate for my sanity. Too much death and CARnage makes me edgy and prone to violent outbursts.

Update on the CA cyclist hit head on in the bike lane. CHP: Dozing driver struck, killed bicyclist north of Santa Cruz And Officials ID bicyclist killed in Highway 1 crash north of Santa Cruz So he fell asleep with his cell phone in his hand? Because there are several published reports that have him clutching the cell phone as he emerged from the wreckage.

Update on the fatal wreck of a cyclist in NH. Driver had been in relationship with bicyclist in Keene fatal “Just happened” to hit your ex? I’m sorry but that is too much of a coincidence for me, charges should be upgraded to murder.

Another report on the cyclist killed by an 80YO woman driving an SUV in AZ. Bicyclist killed in Sun City West I’m seriously confused by this wreck as the pictures from the crime scene show the cyclist in the center lane of 3 with the weapon vehicle parked crossways to traffic and away from the intersection. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get access to the precise location of the wreck to be able to construct a geometry of the wreck and figure out what happened.

A child cycling in NY is killed. 11-year-old dies after being hit by minivan while riding bike and Bridgewater boy, 11, dies after being struck while riding bike Cyclist left the driveway and hit the side of a minivan in the highway, which makes this at least partially an infrastructure-related wreck as high-speed highways and residences do not go well together. Particularly if there is some king of vision obstructing vegetation on the side of the roads.

Blind driver hits ninja cyclist in NC. Bicyclist hit by car in west Charlotte Nothing on the bike lights, just the clothing color. I smell a cover up.

Good news from NYC. No Riders Killed in First 5 Months of New York City Bike-Share Program

Significant Infrastructure! news from Delaware. Delaware Drops “Share the Road” The “Share the Road” signs are interpreted significantly differently by cyclists and drivers. Cyclists see them as “allow bicycles safe passage” and drivers see them as “bicycles get off the road”. Of course the latter interpretation is the exact opposite of “sharing” a road.

Infrastructure news from IA. Do Bicycle Lanes Help Prevent Serious Injuries? The answer is “maybe”. If you consider the CA wreck posted near the top of this post, then the answer is “not so much”.

A bike plan with no funding source is not a bike plan, it’s a wish list. 64-Million Dollar Bike Plan in the Works for SLO

A problem that is not common for bike paths, fortunately. Chew on this: The bike path beaver is back

Infrastructure news from Oz. Safer cycling in the spotlight as roundtable meets at Campbell Town

And just general bad news from the UK. Bath lawyer warns that cyclists who don’t wear helmets could have crash compensation cut

A Dia de los Muertos altar for cyclists in L.A.

Along those same lines, a Ghost Bike in OH. All-white two-wheeler honors bicycle accident victim

A really cool kid on a bicycle. Berkeley 12-year-old bikes entire West Coast to combat climate change

Some days I feel sorry for cyclists in the Great White North. Crack-Smoking Aside — Does Rob Ford Have a Drunk Driving Problem? Toronto has a crack-smoking, drunk-driving mayor that hates bike lanes. And Toronto cyclists have my pity, for what it’s worth. And that’s coming from a guy living in a city with less than a mile and a half of bike lanes if you count both directions.

Last link. How to use bike share to evade zombies in a post-apocalyptic world

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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I’m going to get piano wire, and the Feed

OK I see question marks popping over everyone’s heads over that headline, so a quick explanation is in order. I got spokes that were too short to make Beer View Mirrors when I picked up some broken ones at the LBS (all they had on hand were ones that broke in the middle) so I’m going to the local Hobby Lobby to get some music wire to make the struts for the mirrors. I have the time because there is nothing in the Feed folder this morning. So there will be a time lapse between the opening paragraph ant commencing on the main body of the post. And I’m back, minus music wire. None of the places I went that sell crafts and hobby supplies had any music wire, in fact I was told it had been a while since they carried it. So, I guess I have to find an internet source for this once-common hobby supply. Seriously WTF? with not being able to get music wire? And a quick Google Search gives me a local vendor for industrial quantities of music wire at a price that I can afford I just need to buy 95 feet at a time. Seriously that’s like $0.12 a foot for as much as I need…

Blotter report on a bike wreck in NY. Police: Disorderly Youths; Injured Cyclist; Burning Package Reported Other than the cyclist’s broken arm there is not enough to discern the mode of wreck or even if there was another vehicle involved. Infrastructure to possibly prevent the wreck.

More links to that terrifying wreck in VT. 2 bicyclists injured in Vt. crash Still horrifying to read a day later… And with even more information. Two bicyclists critically injured; Shoreham man faces drunk driving charges

A wreck in GA injured a young cyclist. Young Boy on Bicycle Hit and Injured on Cherokee Road SWSS wreck with unconscious rider removed from the scene before he could be interviewed by LEO who took the driver’s version as gospel, again. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, an update on an earlier fatality. Letter from Lawyer Alleges Driver In Lake Hollingsworth Bike Crash Was Drunk This was the cyclist hit by a salmon driver a short while back.

Update on an OR wreck. Cyclist still recovering after hit-and-run crash Cyclist was lit and reflected way past common sense, and still got hit from behind.

A cyclist is injured in a possible act of terrorism in CA. Cyclist’s neck gashed in possible prank on Folsom trail To call this a “prank” is to vastly underrate the danger. At least the comments show the seriousness of the incident. Seriously, this is like about the second most dangerous thing you can do to a cyclist.

A wreck of unknown cause in the Great White North. Cyclist seriously injured in Burlington and Cyclist seriously injured in rural Burlington accident Severe head injuries despite wearing a magic foam hat, whodathunkit? except every person that knows bicycle helmets. At this point LEO are not ruling out hit-and-run, but that is only one of the hypothesis on the table. Also on the metaphorical table are front flat and debris that caused a front-end washout at speed (essentially the same effect from different causes). If it was hit-and-run then it would have been a buzz job, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and infrastructure would have prevented two and a half of the three potential causes.

Infrastructure! news from PA as someone tries to sabotage a bike race. Reward offered in Millersburg bicycle race incident This has become a common tactic to harm cyclists on known heavy traffic routes. This time it could have been fatal had it not been that higher skilled riders went first through this area.

When you have a small area to cover and need to keep moving over it constantly, nothing beats a bicycle for security patrols. Secret Service to procure 90 TREK bikes for its bike patrol And if it’s good enough for the people that protect the POTUS, it’s good enough for anybody.


Another “safety” article, this one from KS. Don’t become a statistic; follow bicycle safety rules This one is actually pretty good, but nothing my regular readers don’t see some of every day. It is good to get it all in one place from time to time.

Last links, I don’t normally cover racing, but this is more like R&D for the future of cycling. ‘Flying Scotsman’ Cyclist Obree Sets A New Speed Record Obree goes more than double nickels on a prone bike with a crappy fairing, while Sebaastian Bowier set a new absolute world record at 83.13 MPH. If there was a safe place on the roads for vehicles like this, with electric assist or even tiny ICE people could ride long distances burning little to no fossil fuels.

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits.

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It’s too hot to not ride a bicycle, and the Feed

OK I know that headline really has a lot of people confused, so I will explain. I had to go pay the storage shed rent today before the late fees start accumulating, and the helmet modifications are still not done. So I could either walk in just over an hour total, or I could spend 2 hours taking the bus. Since most of that 2 hours would be spent waiting outside for a transfer I chose to spend that time walking rather than standing. With the temperature currently 99°F and the heat index even higher this makes for an uncomfortable walk, and an even more uncomfortable standing around waiting for a bus. Now I shall consume a quart bottle of cold Gatorade to rehydrate and cool down. But had my bike and accoutrements been finished, my time out of air conditioning would have been about a half hour (but I still would have needed that Gatorade). So, it’s too hot to not ride my bike.

Another death and an injury in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Largo cyclist dies, Clearwater police arrest hit-and-run There is a big hunk of that tandem missing from the scene of the crime, I wonder if they found it at the driver’s residence when they found his vehicle missing its windshield. Hit from behind so use the protocols to mitigate the damages and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Hit-and-run suspect: I don’t remember anything

A NY cyclist is killed in a hit-from-behind wreck at speed. Driver arrested in hit-run death of Amityville cyclist Don’t click on the photo gallery if you have a weak stomach. From what I could see of the scene from the pictures there was no reason to hit the cyclist as there was a lane to the left of where the cyclist was hit and ample space to slow and move to the next lane and pass, and also no place for the cyclist to escape if someone did not move over to pass. So hit-from-behind protocols could not be used here without sacrificing the bike and most likely a fair amount of skin or a broken bone. Infrastructure to prevent.

A CT cyclist is hit when he “veered” from the sidewalk. Bicyclist injured after weekend crash in New Haven Not enough information for avoiding, but infrastructure to prevent.

A VA cyclist crossed the road to hit a pickup truck head on? Bicyclist injured in collision That’s their story and they’re sticking to it, the cyclist crossed the road to hit the pickup truck.

A cyclist is right-hooked where the Mayor of Chicago was having a press outing. Rahm rushes to help injured cyclist clipped by turning truck Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Given who was there and how he now knows personally what crappy infrastructure can do, maybe this intersection will get fixed, leaving a couple hundred thousand to go.

Another link to the cyclist hit at a 4 way stop in IA. Cyclist Injured in Ely Crash Still blaming the only one that was not left on scene to talk to LEO.

A NE cyclist is hit by an SUV with no driver at the controls because he was having a medical emergency, but the cyclist still managed to attend to the injured driver before getting carted away in an ambulance himself. Bicyclist struck by SUV, assists driver This falls in the hit-from-behind category of wreck with little chance of avoiding the wreck, and infrastructure would have been of little to no help in controlling an unguided 3 ton projectile as witnessed by the number of previously solid objects left as rubble in the path of the wreck.

A cyclist was either run off the road or rode wide into a pullout area and lost control in CO. Cyclist killed in Colo ID’d as New Orleans man Not sure if this was excessive speed on the cyclist’s part or on the part of a motor vehicle that left no trace because the cyclist was successful in avoiding the wreck with the other vehicle like the Dave Stetina wreck. More Cyclist Killed In Colorado ID’d As New Orleans Man

Speaking of the Stetina wreck, here’s an update on his condition. Former Olympic Cyclist Upgraded To Serious Condition After Crash You know it’s bad when being unconscious and paralyzed is getting better…

A hit-and-run in CO. Driver Flees After Hitting Cyclist Intersection wreck and as the cyclist is not badly injured he may have been using the protocols without knowing it. Infrastructure to prevent including taking the cars away from people that commit hit-and-run. Let the driver watch the car get shredded into tiny pieces on its way to becoming new bicycles.

Another link to the Morro Bay wreck in CA. UPDATE: Bicyclist Killed From Car Crash in Morro Bay And this is still not an avoidable wreck.

Update on the CA right-hook fatality where the video of the wreck that SFPD said didn’t exist showed the driver of the truck to be at fault. Family of bicyclist killed in SF files suit Given the DA’s track record on similar wrecks there is less than a 10% chance the DA’s office will even file charges, and about 2% that the driver will get convicted.

Serious Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot moment from CA. Assailant uses cane to attack bike rider No description of what triggered the attack, if anything.

More on the drunk driver that killed a cyclist in Canuckistan. Cyclist killed in Richmond hit-and-run and Cyclist killed, hit-and-run driver found This was the wreck where most of the front of the vehicle was removed in the impact including the license plate which was found near the cyclist’s body.

And just when I thought the UK had regained some sanity about drivers killing people on the roads I read $&*t like this. Driver who killed cyclist given community order and Driver who killed cyclist given community order Two hundred forty freaking hours of community service for killing in cold blood! TANJ!

Infrastructure! news from practically my back yard. Dallas’ Months-Old Cyclist Protection Law Isn’t Being Enforced, Records Show Given the high (snerk!) levels of enforcement of every other traffic law the fact that there were no tickets issued on this one comes as no surprise.

Infrastructure from CA. Bay Bridge bicycle lane named for bike advocate

Infrastructure from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike the last 9 years running. South Florida roads may get more room for cyclists

And those were all the links that gave me fits today, well the ones that had anything to do with bicycles, anyway. I had a lot of fits about other links that didn’t have anything to do with bicycles.

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