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Finally! It is here (content warning, scary picture)

More than a week after getting to the Post Office my mask is finally here, picture below
Mrs the Poet says this is frightening, not sure if it's me or the mask
Mask graphics by @damnyouwillis

In other news I might go for another massage Monday, because I’m only functional for a couple of hours after getting out of bed. That is not acceptable. I need to be able to turn my head and look for traffic every time I leave the house, not just a couple of hours between breakfast and 2nd breakfast. (BTW the Hobbit Diet of 7 small meals a day is really good for losing weight as it forces you to burn more calories in digestion.)

Tracking my video game controller shows it’s still somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, but it has already cleared US Customs electronically as from a Verified Shipper. So the first customs was Chinese exit to make sure nobody was trying to escape, now it has cleared US Customs. That means there shouldn’t be any delay in getting it off the boat and onto a truck. Now my steering box is still scheduled to get to Speedway 20200810 so maybe I’ll get it by my Death Day party on the 31st.

And I’m using ISO date convention of yyyymmdd hh:mm along with 24 hour time, because I’m a citizen of the world, dammit! If you check the id on my picture in this post you can see that my phone already does that down to the millisecond to identify pictures.

In other news, we here in TX are going through another wave of COVID19 infections, and I don’t know how much longer Mrs the Poet is going to last, emotionally. She’s at a point in her recovery where she can get out of the house to exercise, but still can’t because of the virus. She’s been stuck in the house except for a couple of trips to the local kid’s house up the road on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day meaning she has been inside this one place continuously since 20200308 when she was released from the hospital after her surgery, except for a total of 14 hours to visit with our daughter and her family. She’s still relying on the walker for balance and still has some weakness in the leg affected by her back problem. She hasn’t fallen since she had the surgery, so that’s an improvement.

Also if somebody has about $20k they need to get rid of I could really use a LS7 with 4l70 automatic transmission to get the Sprint-T project moving in both the physical and metaphorical sense. Everything included to get it running except the exhaust manifolds to fit the Sprint-T, and fuel and cooling systems. I would literally have nothing to do to this engine except weld up the LS header kit 1-7/8 tubes and bolt them in place of the factory manifolds. It would make the perfect 62nd birthday present😆.

OK now I’m starting to get goofy, time to put this to bed.