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I’m resetting my diurnal cycle

Yep, another 34-36 hour “day” in an attempt to get my body more on the same schedule as Mrs. the Poet, so I can take better care of her while she recovers. I think I might have mentioned a time or two she finds my “normal” sleep cycle “not-very-normal”. And she refuses to change to my schedule, so I must conform to hers. My signal that it’s time to torture myself again is when I get up at 1600 instead of 1200-1400. That’s when I’m far enough out of sync that I feel the need to reset to going to bed at 0000 instead of 0300 or later.

And I need to pick up some hardware for the steering wheel mount at the Lowes. For some reason it wasn’t included with the mount from Speedway Motors but that just means I get to pick up the strength grade I want instead of what their accountants think I need. Since the mount is made from some grade of aluminum alloy I’m thinking that the higher grades of bolts will just result in pulling the threads out of the mount when the system fails instead of the bolt breaking.

And Clint just left a “deposit” on my leg as part of his ongoing digestive difficulties, which means I must change my pants, and this is also probably a good time to take my shower.

I’m staying up all night and day again

As I begin composing this post I just passed 24 hours since I got out of bed, and I have about 9 hours more to go. Why do I do this at over 60 years old? I have a doctor’s appointment that requires I leave the house to catch a bus about 2/3 of the way through my normal sleep cycle. I normally hit the sack about 0400-0500 and get up 7-8 hours later. Well I have a 1130 appointment, and I have to leave the house at 0915 to make sure I catch the bus. As you can imagine getting up in time to leave at 0915 along with eating and showering when you just got to bed at 0500 is sub-optimal to say the least. I mean I’m still fuzzy around the edges of my mind when I get a full 8 hours of shuteye. So you can imagine how functional I would be after less than 3 hours of sleep, because it takes some time to get to sleep after I get to bed. Mrs. the Poet has commented that my tossing and turning has kept her awake for more than an hour after I get in the bed. And I’m actually less sub-optimal after being awake over 24 hours without sleep than I am on only about 2-3 hours of sleep no matter how long I was awake before.

“Less sub-optimal” does not mean anything approaching good, mind you. let’s say it’s the difference between walking into a wall and breaking my glasses, and not walking into a wall and stumbling over the pattern in the floor. And yes I have tripped on the pattern of the vinyl floor when I was tired enough. And I’m well past the point of Tired Enough, the text on the composition page is swimming as I type it…😝 And I’m desperately trying to remain conscious while I do this. I can’t afford to buy another computer to replace this one. And I already faceplanted into the keyboard more than once, but not today. So I’m trying to stay awake and not break my laptop today.

I’ll post how the doctor visit went on Friday if I can manage.

Doing another sleep deprivation day

I have to be up and outta here by noon, and I was awake until almost 0900 yesterday and slept until almost 1600. So I figured that since backing up my body clock wasn’t working, maybe running it forward would get the job done. Seriously, I have done this thousands of times, twice a week when I was working Compressed D shift at TI, way back in the backside of the 20th Century. I would stay up all night the day before I went back to work on Friday and get to sleep about 0800 after all the kids left for school and get a few hours before I had to get ready for the day at night. Then I would stay up all day on Monday so I would sleep that night, and be on a diurnal sleep schedule for the rest of the week.

Well this is pretty much the same as Mondays back then, I’m staying up all day to reset, and because I have things to do during the day. Today I’m going to get my hearing tested to see if my problems are all strictly due to tinnitus, or if I also have a hearing loss to blame some of it on. Last time I was tested it was all on the tinnitus, but that was a long time ago and it’s possible that some deterioration could be from actual hearing loss. Or if the tinnitus has gotten so bad I need hearing amplification anyway, even though any hearing loss I have is minimal like last time. And I need to go to the bank to deposit some checks.

And I need to be getting ready now so this seems like a good spot to quit.