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I’m back at the keyboard

And I have been applying the data from scaling the picture to checking the fit against the actual body sitting in the living room. The engine will fit with both ends hanging out by about an inch from the bottom, or about 2″ on the left only if that’s the way it balances out, or whatever way it works out. Or, thinking again, there is enough room to fit the whole mess inside a stretched pickup bed . It will be wide enough but I will need to stretch it to fit the front-to-back. Then I can sit inside the actual bucket instead of a pod out in front of the body. It will still be center-steer, probably with my feet through the “firewall” of the original body.

The trick will be making sure the front tires don’t hit the body at full steering lock, and finding someplace to put the fuel tank or tanks. If I can get enough room I might be able to stuff the gas tank behind the driver like on the pod in front setup. The only difference is instead of 34″ width to the axle for the footbox I’ll use the 26″ firewall width for the footbox. Still a ton of room for my brogans or combat boots, or my usual walking shoes, and the steering shaft. The critical thing on the front is keeping the tires out of the bodywork at full lock, and turning the tires parallel to the axle gives me 34″ between the tires. So if I keep the firewall on the body far enough behind the axle then the tire will not hit the body at full steering lock, and there will be room inside the body behind the driver for the 32 gallon fuel tank.

I might have to cut the back of the bucket off to get the engine and fuel tank in the available wheelbase. A bucket has 100-102″ of wheelbase normally, they run from 87″ to 116″ historically for buckets made from old passenger car frames, my bucket will be 100″ even. As mentioned in an earlier post, with the 32 gallon tank all the pieces and I take up 97″ with no extra space between the bits for bulkheads, which means I can use the same 1.5″ round tubes for the bulkheads and crossmembers that I plan on using for the frame rails.

While I was letting the cat out for the night I tripped on where the cats had wrinkled up the hall runner in the dark, and I think I broke a toe. It hurts constantly, and gets really bad when I touch the side of the toe, like really intense. The toe is swelling up and I guess I will find out in the morning if I broke it if it’s all black and blue. This really sucks because I need to walk to the store to get a lottery ticket later and that will be difficult with a broken toe.

Update, it’s a few hours later and I definitely have injured the toe next to the big toe on my left foot. As in swollen, and black and blue, and very painful and sensitive to touch.

I must be crazy, I’m making another stab at getting the stuff I need by taking the bus, and the Feed.

Well I’m about to try to get my stuff again, but this time I’m only going to one place. And there is nothing in the Feed Folder at the moment so I can’t even begin to filter until I get something. And I’m back with the stuff I left for a few hours ago. This trip was not so bad I left at 1030 and was home before 1330 with the music wire.

A minor wreck in TX. Minor injuries noted in bike wreck Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A MA child is killed while riding a bike. Boy struck and killed while riding bike Nothing on the mode of the wreck, but as it was a kid hit by another kid, I’m going to go out on a limb and declare it infrastructure-related. If they were following the Dutch model then the likely area for the wreck would have had a 20Km/hr speed limit which would 95% of the time resulted in little more than scrapes and bruises. More Boy Struck And Killed While Riding Bike In Mass. and 13-year-old struck, killed on bicycle in Hopkinton, Mass. That last link shows a highway running through a residential area as the scene, and the most likely mode of the wreck as hit-from-behind. The victim was struck just a few feet from his home as he entered the driveway.

A CT double wreck injured 2 boys. Two Boys Injured After Being Hit By Car While Riding Bikes Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And I was so relieved to find out that the driver was not injured when hitting 2 little boys with a light armored vehicle. [/sarcasm]

A NC double hit-and-run with one fatality that might turn into two. 1 cyclist dead, another injured in hit and run Hit-from-behind at high speed on a minor highway that is a connecting route between neighborhoods. The Street View of the location shows an area with good sight lines and no shoulder on the road, but 2 lanes in each direction leaving one to pass with. Since lack of lights and/or reflectors was not mentioned I have to assume they were present because if there’s anything The Media likes to do is blame the victims when someone riding a bike gets hit. I’m going to place this one in the infrastructure category as the location was about as bad as you can get for bike riding with the 45 MPH speed limit and no place to get away from motor vehicles with curbs on both sides of the road, so infrastructure to prevent and put a shock-sensitive claymore mine pointed back to avoid. Well not avoid so much as to leave an identifying mark on the weapon vehicle.

More on the victim of that left cross in CA. Former Amazon CFO killed while riding bicycle Now maybe something will be done about drivers who kill… Nahh, nothing will change in the near future about cyclists getting killed on the roads. Long-term, maybe, but with the gutless passing law on Gov. Moonbeam’s desk after he vetoed two previous bills being the best legal infrastructure CA can seem to muster.

And those are all the links that gave me fits about bicycles, or something like that.

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