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We got food in the mail

One of the gifts we got for Christmas this year was a Snackcrate subscription. So far we have gotten a Christmas box, an Egyptian box, and a Pakistani box, with sweet and salty snacks appropriate for the theme of the box. What usually happens is we go through the box when we first get it and anything that’s a gummy or jelly Mrs. the Poet designates as mine because she doesn’t like the texture. Then we go through looking for “strange” flavors, like the ketchup potato chips in today’s box, and the chili and lime chips, and basically anything hot. Those I get also, because my darling wife has an extremely white person tolerance for capsaicin, having lived all her life with people from NYC and Upstate NY. I, on the other hand grew up as a Military Brat getting food from a variety of cuisines, from Korean to Schezwan(sp?) to Thai to Mexican to stuff I never learned where it came from unless it was Hell it was so hot. We’re talking stuff that would be a crime against humanity if you were forced to eat it, and we were fed it as kids, so maybe? Also some Moroccan because we lived there for a few months. It’s been years since I had couscous, and now that I think about it I want some.

Anywho, had some… interesting snacks today, nothing too hot, but lots of unusual tastes like Garlic Chili, and the aforementioned ketchup chips. Like I wrote, I like this stuff, basically this is what I grew up with except even stranger like the ginger and nutmeg Winter Spice Twix from the Christmas box. That was subtle, not in-your-face like American Pumpkin Spice, but still not what we get on the daily unless you get all your beverages from the place with the mermaid on the cup. And even then that’s only from September through early January. Something else Mrs. the Poet said was mine was the bag of Candycane Cookies from Honolulu, because she doesn’t like mint. That one we can blame on morning sickness after she brushed her teeth, and having to brush them again after she threw up. Yep associating mint with throwing up puts you right off from mint four decades, the youngest turned 41 this year.

As it works out after we weed out the textures she doesn’t like, the flavors she doesn’t eat, and the stuff she just refuses, there isn’t much left besides chocolate bars and cookies, so I get the lion’s share of snacks. And because I’m a Garbage Gut, I eat what’s left. I think that’s why my kids grew up to be such picky eaters, because “Dad will eat it.”