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I mangle an old Internet meme, Wreck-free Wednesday morning

You have to go way back into the depths of Internet history to find this, but there used to be a big thing about a bad Engrish video game. The Game itself was not so bad, decent mechanics and replayability, but the cut scenes were so bad, because the dialog was badly translated subtitles, that people actually plugged quarters in it just to see the cut scenes. The game was Zero Wing…

Someone slipped us the car! Main screen turn on channel 4.

All of your roads are belonging to us!! Ha, ha, ha!

You have no chance to survive make your time. Your puny bicycles are no match for our motor vehicles.

We take to the roads for great justice!

If only real life was like video games, all bicycle riders would at least have something to shoot back with. We would probably still die in the same numbers we do now, but we could take a few cagers with us when we went.

PSA, Opus