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“Chris Christie” is becoming a real pain in the neck, and the Feed

There, I said it. This lump of useless fat sitting on my neck has literally become a pain in the neck. I can’t wait until the surgeon cuts me open and peels that thing off my neck, because it has reached the point that the lump is restricting my range of motion to the point that I get a pain every time I try to turn my head in any direction. It feels like the bottom of my skull is hitting the lump but it is probably the muscles not being able to get out of the way because the lump is already there, although when I check with my finger the finger gets caught between the lump and my skull, so a little of both, maybe? Anyway, I want this useless lump of ugly fat gone from my neck and my life. In this picture I leaned as far forward as I could so “Chris” would be more visible.

Up first because this is THE major issue of riding a bike in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, an observation from WoaB hero Bikeyface. FOR LACK OF A RACK That’s right bike parking. There are nearly no bike racks in Garland except for a few near the square, and a couple tucked behind buildings at our “mall” that isn’t a mall.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Injured SD cyclist needs your help, CA keeps dopers on the road, and Winnipeg ups the ante on ciclovías Good links in that one.

What is a sports icon to do when he can no longer play his sport? BARRY BONDS IS SHIFTING GEARS

I have long suspected that what is depicted here was exactly the case. Bicyclists Belong in the Traffic Lane

I feel like quoting “Patton” (the movie) when I read this. Jobst Brandt, cyclist, inventor, author and industry influencer, dies at 80 You know the quote I’m talking about, right?

Update on the cyclist killed by a driver on the wrong side of the road in GA. Funeral Scheduled For Thursday To Honor Cyclist Who Died Following Accident Yes, this is the cyclist killed by Smirking Man. Smirking Man still had not made bail last time I checked.

Kids watching too much TV and not getting enough exercise? No TV unless you exercise! My version used a car alternator and an inverter running off a battery charged by the alternator, but this will work for people who have TVs that won’t come back on after the power goes off until the remote turns it back on. The trick for mine was to use a very small battery and an inverter with an adjustable low-voltage cutoff, set between the alternator output and the resting voltage of the battery. That way you always had full voltage to make the alternator work, and the TV would only work as long as you pedaled. Keep the pedals turning and you could watch TV, stop pedalling and you had to get off the bike and find the remote, find someone to turn the TV on while you pedaled, and go through the startup sequence on the bike/inverter combination.

National infrastructure news from DC. Clock ticks down on highway funding The gas tax was last raised in 1993. Clinton was POTUS at the time. In the last 10 years we have had to bail out the Transportation Trust Fund 5 times that I remember… Because the gas tax does not pay enough for new construction, and don’t get me started on maintenance. This has a direct impact on the funds needed to pay for things like bicycle infrastructure that would not be needed if there were no cars or heavy trucks clogging the streets and roads.

A cyclist documents the hazards of a busy street to NYPD, NYPD responds by blocking the cyclist from being able to tell them about people parking in the bike lane or making illegal turns from it. Cyclists Demand A Safer Jay Street, NYPD Doesn’t Want To Hear It

A UK city begins a safety campaign that doesn’t automatically blame cyclists and demand styrofoam hats. Look Once, Look Twice … Think Cyclist and Think Bike Motorcycles are having a similar problem with blind drivers “not seeing” them, so they are part of the campaign as well.

The recent deaths in Thailand have gotten the attention of the media and government. How to make our roads safe for cyclists and Thai editorial: How to make our roads safe for cyclists also Cyclists need more support

Another Lifestyle article from FL. Tallahassee Officers to Bike Hundreds of Miles to Honor Those Killed in the Line of Duty

And I’m out of links again.

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Coffee, and the Feed

I don’t think anyone understands the intimate relationship between when this blog gets posted and the amount of coffee I consume. Mondays are the worst as I stay up late watching delay-broadcast motorsports (or the TdF in July) on the tube until 2 or 3 AM and then get up too soon to get started filtering the Feed and trying to make some sense out of the links and articles. If I didn’t down massive amounts of the precious Vitamin C2 there would be no blog post on Monday, but 2 on Tuesday (which has happened more than once). The rest of the week coffee is the difference between an early afternoon (US Central Time) posting and an early evening posting. One thing I have discovered is that there is no difference in effect between the cheapest coffee available (Dark roast Robusta from the dollar store) and expensive brands like Peet’s. they all produce pretty much the same boost to productivity. What does change is the better the coffee tastes, the more I drink of it earlier in the day and the quicker the post comes out, to a limit. That limit is of course if I spend all my time drinking coffee I can’t filter the Feed or compose the post, as with drinking lots of coffee comes lots of trips to the bathroom. So what inspired this particular riff? The first thing I did this morning after getting our of bed was shamble to the coffee pot and prepare a 16 oz. “cup” of coffee, then shamble back to turn on the computer. As I read my e-mails I finished the first 16 oz. and went for a second. and I’m about halfway through that as I compose this paragraph, and this isn’t even the good coffee, it’s Safeway store brand Classic Roast (not even the dark roast stuff).

Up first for no particular reason is more on the 7YO killed by a DUI hit-and-run driver in Ca. Community mourning 7-year-old killed in NE Fresno crash I can’t believe the people blaming the infrastructure instead of the drunk driver that killed a child and left the scene. Granted there could be some improvements in the infrastructure but the deficiencies did not contribute to this wreck. All the blame lies with the drunk driver that was exceeding the speed limit and failed to stop as signalled by the traffic controls. About the only thing that could have prevented this wreck would be retractable bollards triggered by the approach of a cyclist on the path. I watched video of one of these stopping a box van loaded to 50K pounds dead in its tracks at 50 MPH. I would like to see these deployed at all no-turn-on-red lanes that the turn would cause the vehicle to cross a pedestrian area or bike lane placing the pedestrian or cyclist in mortal peril.

Still in CA a cyclist who was killed has been identified. Cyclist Killed on Campbell Avenue Identified I hate SWCC wrecks, especially when I don’t have access to any pictures of the bike to confirm or refute the narrative.

Another CA link to the kind of cyclist fatality that you just can’t do anything about. Wounded cyclist dies at San Diego fire station I still don’t understand why people shoot cyclists when all they have to do is run them over from behind and claim blindness (I didn’t see him!). And apparently the cyclist was shot at more than one time as there were multiple wounds.

More on the cyclist hit-from-behind on a 4 lane road in KS. Bike crash kills local doctor remembered for his work in the community And still the cyclist gets blamed for riding in the road instead of blaming the driver for not moving over to pass in the adjacent lane. Edit: The comments have been removed from the link, apparently someone got the message about the driver being in the wrong in this wreck no matter how they tried to spin it otherwise.

More on the cyclist killed riding on a NC Marine base. Soldier with Utah ties is killed in bike accident at North Carolina Navy base While according to this article they are now saying the cyclist wasn’t at fault in the wreck they still are not actively placing any blame on the driver, either.

Updates on another NC wreck. Struck cyclist offers cash reward after hit and run Could we get a little more investigation from the people who get paid to do this, instead of having to post rewards and beg for information?

Update on the survivors of a hit-and-run in TN. Cyclists injured in hit and run still love the ride I’m wondering why it took 11 months to charge the driver when they had the driver within an hour after the wreck to prove DUI.

This must be important, the same story was up from three different URLs in the Feed. UPDATE: Bicyclist killed in Richmond hit-and-run The cyclist was hit from behind, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. I would suggest making hit-and-run a prison time felony as a starter.

I’m not sure which state this wreck happened in, but it was a really bad wreck. Friends Of Teacher Killed This Weekend Send A Message: “Stop Making Victims” OK, the cyclist was riding off the road on the shoulder when she was hit from behind by a motorcycle whose rider was trying to flirt with the DUI driver of the second vehicle that hit the cyclist. I’m still trying to figure out if it was even physically possible for the cyclist to avoid getting hit in this wreck, and I’m not having much luck in coming up with anything that would work. Short of executing idiots immediately after wrecks like this I don’t see anything that would allow the cyclist to avoid this wreck or prevent a similar one. And guys if she’s driving drunk she’s also probably not using birth control properly if at all, don’t even bother trying to flirt… Anyway to prevent shoot the drivers at the scene, tape it and show it on national TV for at least a month.

Infrastructure! news from Enn Zed. Cyclist blamed for her own death and Cyclists plan campaign to clear killed rider’s name What has locals in such a tizzy is the very spot where the cyclist died was identified as dangerous and potentially fatal 4 years prior to the wreck, but the coroner’s report blame her for her own death. There is a MUP next to the road, but it is segregated from the road by a railing and only accessible from either end with no signage directing cyclists that it even exists as bicycle infrastructure, and no way to get on it if you enter that road after the entrance to the path. It would be like blaming the customers in a bank robbery for not being behind the bullet-proof glass with the tellers when the bullets started flying.

And somewhat infrastructure related, apparently if there is a cyclist protest going on everyone on a bicycle is protesting? Critical Mass arrests: police charge three I would really like to see mass arrests of people in traffic jams for disrupting traffic, using the same logic… More Scotland Yard defends arrests of ‘Critical Mass’ cyclists and 3 charged for cyclist protest outside Olympic Park also Cycling arrests raise questions about legacy Olympic organisers want to leave What I find amusing is that as many as 50 of those arrested may have just been trying to get home from work with their normal mode of transit and were not a part of any protests, nor had they been notified that riding a bicycle there could get them arrested.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today…

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