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My ears are ringing so loud right now…

Seriously, I can see why some people kill themselves over tinnitus. Mine is so loud right now that it drowns out just about everything else. The dryer, the dishwasher, Mrs. the Poet, traffic outside the window, all just an undertone to the incessant screeching in my ears. Unfortunately my med for this is only slightly effective today, I even heard it in my dreams last night, which is highly unusual.

To go with the screeching in my head I also have aches and pains in my hips and the muscles around my hips. I had a massage Friday, which helped for a day, but the pain came right back Saturday, and even worse yesterday. And this morning I barely had the DEX to get out of bed because my hips hurt so much. Getting up and moving around helped restore some of my DEX, but I’m still a bit of a klutz around the house. And I’m still having problems getting out from behind the desk quick enough to not pee my pants trying to go to the bathroom. Today my shirt got tangled up in the drawstring on my pants further delaying getting the pants clear. Yeah, this has not been a good day for Opus the Poet.

I noticed that the volume of the noises in my head was inverse to how rested I am, when I’m good on my sleep, very little noise, when I’m just a little off the noises are louder, and when I’m really tired it sounds like a centrifugal-flow jet engine in my head, you know the ones that have the siren built into the design. Today has been a constant flyby of the little screamers. Unfortunately the med for the noise is the same med as I take for the nerve pains in my legs and hips and I’m maxed out on that to keep the twitching in my sleep from waking Mrs. the Poet. Anywho, I’m taking as much Gabapentin as I can at night so I can sleep, but even that wasn’t enough to silence the jet engines in my head last night and today. Yet another reason to strangle the guy who’s been dead about a year less than I was, only he didn’t have the fortune to comeback from the dead, so I could strangle him for the pain and suffering he’d inflicted upon me… Yeah the noise gets worse with lack of sleep, which makes it harder to get to sleep which makes it louder which makes it harder to get to sleep, ad infinitum.

In news not related to the noises inside my head I entered a contest for a fully-built LS3 engine with a 4″ stroker crank that makes an advertised 700 HP from 415 in3. It has an advertised price of just over $14K which means if I win it I’ll have to come up with about $1K for taxes, but still I’ll have an engine for the Sprint-T and I won’t have to crawl around with the snakes and scorpions in the junkyard to get it out.

And I’m still hearing the sound of AT-37s taxiing down the street. And I’m tired so Imma put this to bed.