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This is probably bad news

They’re getting ready to transfer Mrs. the Poet from the hospital to a nursing home. And it will probably be the one she will die in. She’s not showing a lot of improvement except that they were able to give her a shower where I couldn’t. I think that had more to do with them and where they gave her the shower than with her, because it’s very hard to get Mrs. the Poet in and out of our shower, because of the small door to the bathroom and the size of the shower. I might have been able to get her clean if I stripped down and took a shower with her, but with my lack of upper body strength I have my doubts.

Anyway, I was only able to get to one of the nursing homes on the list they gave me, the one closest to the house. I can just barely walk to this one because I can rest when I get there before I have to walk home, and it is an easy drive for my son. The only one of the children living in the US who would have a problem is the daughter living out in BFE, which for the purposes of this post is Aubrey TX. I might have spelled that wrong, so when I get the actual spelling of the town I will edit this post with the right spelling but leave this mess.

Getting back to Mrs. the Poet, they had to do a skin graft over the infected hole in the top of her foot while they were checking to see if the infection went to the bone or just to the exposed tendons. And yes I know that doesn’t speak well of my level of care, but I did the best I could with bandaging her up and changing her socks, including buying her new socks in a larger size to fit over her swollen feet. When her feet got so swollen that I couldn’t fit my slippers over her feet I knew for a fact we had a problem.

As I posted earlier, a big part of the problem is my lack of upper body strength. I have a very low lift and carry limit, and that frustrates me no end. Some of this is from old injuries, some of it is from lack of exercise probably due to those old injuries making exercise a literal pain. I have shoulder injuries that make raising my arms straight over my head impossible, and signaling a right turn on my bike where the arm is parallel to the ground from the shoulder is also a pain if I have to hold the signal for more than a few seconds. So no upper body strength, and those injuries were from the Aughties and early Teens of this century.

And I really need to put a load of laundry in the washer, so I’ll cut this one short now and maybe do another post after visiting Mrs. the Poet this afternoon.


Feeding ice cream to my father, wreck-free Sunday

OK, I’m here, however you want to define that. In short terms I’m no longer in the same suburbs of Hell that I was last week. In longer terms I’m at my Dad’s place outside of Nashville TN, using his computer which is about 9 generations newer than my computer in the office at home, and also not busted so while I was trying to get WordPress to accept this as where I was going to be blogging from for the next few weeks I have actually been able to watch some of those videos in the links I have been sending you to. Wow! There was quite a difference in what was in the transcripts and what was in the actual video, wasn’t there?

Let me tell you what happened to Dad. He was on his way home from gambling in Tunica MS, and there was some rain falling. He was about 5 miles from his house when he hit a greasy spot in the road and hydroplaned off of it. My brother went to the wreck site and said there were no skid marks except on the gravel shoulder and down the side of the hill and then where they dragged what was left of the car back up the hill. The right side of the car and most of the bottom of the car are pretty much wiped out, but none of the airbags went off. So, Dad has a broken arm that popped back in place while they were doing the x-rays on him, and what hurts worse some tweaked back muscles that keep going into spasm every time he moves. He has been confined to bed since they released him from the hospital last week waiting for the swelling around the broken bone to come down so they can put it in a cast. In the meantime he has been in a splint and about 9 miles of Ace bandage. and the swelling has been coming down nicely.

Dad didn’t eat much before the wreck, and (another) near-death experience hasn’t done anything for his appetite. You may have noticed the headline, about the only thing he eats is ice cream, a goulash recipe my Mom concocted back before I was born, and Ensure nutritional drink. I haven’t been doing much better, substitute peanut butter and honey sandwiches for the Ensure, add coffee and cold cereal and milk, and an occasional fun-size candy bar left over from Halloween. I don’t know about Dad but I have lost 6 pounds in the last week. Dad didn’t have as much to lose as I did in absolute terms but I think he may have lost more than I did percentage wise. We’ll find out tommorrow when he goes back to the doctor.

Well I have to get started on heating up dinner for Dad, so this is where I’m going to cut it off today.

OSA, Opus