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Still dealing with pedal extremity edema, and the Feed

Well the swelling went down in my good foot, the one on the end of the leg that didn’t get mangled. The bad news is the one on the other leg the swelling did not go down. It’s uncomfortable to walk with it and I still can’t get a shoe on it. 😛 And now I have these tiny divots under the scars where my shoe got ripped off my foot in the wreck. They look very strange…

Up first is Our Daily Ted, Part One. Morning Links: LA advocates sue over Glendale-Hyperion redesign; bike lanes and bikeshare dominate the news The number of unanimous votes from the council is not out of the usual for here in TX as most issues are pretty cut-and-dried before they ever get to a council meeting, but the unanimous votes for a general plan then voting against specific parts of that plan when it comes time to implement them is kinda dodgy.

Daily Ted, Part Two. Guest Post: Provoking, Scaring and Piercing the (Driver’s) Reptile Brain Part 1

It was a wreck like this that caused me to stop doing wreck analysis in this blog. Family and friends mourn bicyclist killed in hit-and-run on Elysian Fields Avenue Sounds like a genuinely nice guy. I’m sorry to hear of his passing, the world needs more artists to show us what is beautiful in this world. More Police search for driver who killed bicyclist and fled

And 3 days ride from WoaB LEO blame a cyclist for crossing an exit ramp on a highway built more like a freeway and the only way through for the cyclist. BCSO: Fatally struck cyclist may have been at fault I can’t get an accurate location, just “Hwy. 90 west of San Antonio” so I can’t say if there was a route that kept the cyclist off the highway. But to blame a cyclist for not seeing a turn signal on a vehicle behind him by more than a quarter of a mile is absurd. At that speed (60 MPH) a vehicle would travel almost a half mile in the time it takes to cross an offramp.

One got away in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Bicycle may have saved boy in van crash Apparently the bike made the kid a little more mobile than he would have been afoot and prevented the stolen van from running him over.

And in another neighborhood, a child cyclist’s death is met with “You want infrastructure, you have to pay for it.” Rubonia faces cost of sidewalks after child’s death Now where are they going to get that kind of money, and why aren’t tax dollars being spent on the commons? (Aside from the fact that this is a non-white neighborhood?)

Remembering a cyclist killed in the Great White North. Oakville cyclist killed in Milton remembered for his passion and devotion to his family and teaching

Road.cc weighs in on the laughable sentence for the driver who killed a cyclist while texting non-stop behind he wheel. Driver who killed cyclist had been checking WhatsApp messages leading up to collision

Why the UK needs better bicycle infrastructure. Cyclist deaths: Why you are 17 TIMES likelier to be killed on a bike than in a car And that picture of the remains of deceased cyclist Ying Tao was just horrifying.

They came desperately close to killing another cyclist in London. Cyclist injured in west London crash as bike snaps in two under wheels of lorry Did you see where the cyclist was hit? In the “bicycle box” at the front of the intersection, exactly where he was supposed to be, and on the driver’s side of the truck.

Really now! Injured cyclist has bike stolen while being treated on ground

After reading the contents of the last three links I certainly can believe this headline. Law firm calls for protection for cyclists after nearly 500 injured on roads in Bath, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire And with 3 out of 4 cyclists not at fault for their wrecks something needs to be done.

An act of terrorism against cyclists in Oz. Wire strung across road could have seriously injured This could have been fatal if the rider had been a few inches shorter or the wire a few inches higher. I hope they charge the miscreants with acts of terrorism meant to kill.

And I’m all outta links again. I’m going to go elevate my foot.

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Getting ready for game night, and the Feed

I had enough food for myself, except for stuff that goes bad when you let it set, so all I got today on the grocery run was some salty snacks and soft drinks for the gamers, and a gallon of milk because I consume nearly that much in a week between all the coffee and cereal I consume when Mrs. the Poet is not cooking breakfast for me. And whew! run-on sentence. I also had to go pay the utility bill because they will be closed tomorrow so I can’t pay it then. And sometime I need to get this unruly mop on my head trimmed down and shaped up so I look like a respectable human being, not some troll living under a bridge.

OK up first because this is just too freaky, the county judge and prosecutor both had bike wrecks on the same day in OH Franklin County judge, prosecutor crash bikes on same day and Ohio prosecutor, judge injured in bike crashes in separate incidents on same day The prosecutor was riding the judge’s old bike that his staff bought for him in 2013…

Still dealing with LEO and “coincidence” two bike cops had brakes fail at the exact same time after doing crowd control at a crime scene. Police Officer on Bicycle Injured in Sherman Oaks CollisionThe brakes on BOTH bikes failed? As a bike mechanic that seems… highly unlikely. Also was it both brakes on both bikes or just the front brakes or different brakes? This strikes me as a case of sabotage.

Still on strange “coincidences” involving LEO, this time in NYC. NYPD Officer Has Raging Hard-On For Upper West Side Cyclists This is reminiscent of the Dallas report where one downtown officer issued 53% of the helmet citations… Or the time NYPD issued tickets for leaving the bike lane while they parked their cruiser in the bike lane.

But don’t worry, the judicial branch will prevent you from getting ripped off by the cops. Judge: Cyclists Charged An Extra $88 By The DMV Are SOL Umm, maybe not…

More on the driver charged with homicide in the death of a cyclist in Seattle. Seattle man charged with vehicular homicide in cyclist’s death Something is wrong here. The security tape at the restaurant he was at showed a pretty non-drunk individual who left half his beer behind (and ate a ton of food), but the police report from a half hour later said the driver told them he had 4 beers and his ADD meds and appeared very drunk. I’m adding 2 and 2 and getting pi. Not that I have any sympathy for a bicyclist’s killer, it’s just half a beer with a big dinner and he left looking sober to staggering drunk less than a half-hour later? What happened in less than 30 minutes to get from what left the restaurant to what killed the cyclist?

More on a cyclist getting shot in L.A. Update: Man On Bike Shot, Killed In Commerce At this point motive is unknown, no suspects…

And more on the cyclist shot in Detroit. Bicyclist, 55, shot dead in Detroit Black SUV with one suspect dressed all black, the other dressed in a white T-shirt and a black hat… And they got out to make sure they shot the dude. And don’t read the comments section, your skin will fall off…

Another link to the attempted murder of a group of cyclists in CA, by the driver of a stolen car. Bicyclists seriously injured in hit-and-run collision in Yolo County I mean seriously, WTF?!? Was someone testing the theory that you can get away with murder if you hit someone on a bicycle with a car?

More on the drunken assault and killing of a cyclist on a street that would have made the wreck either impossible, or much less damaging to the victim had the planned changes been made. Man charged in hit-and-run that killed Highland Park cyclist There would have been no way for the driver to reach 80 MPH had the speed pads and road diet that had been planned and budgeted for 3 years ago been installed…

And was this an assault, or just a very stupid driver? 1 dead, 1 injured after car hits bicyclists; riders were owners of Havasu bike store

And seriously, how much more can you find against this driver, because that impact site on the weapon vehicle was directly in front of the driver. Cyclist’s death still under investigation If he was drunk it’s DUI manslaughter, if he was sober it’s murder. That’s the only thing I can take away from this wreck. There was no way the driver “didn’t see” the cyclist, and no way for the cyclist to “swerve” into that side of the truck from the shoulder that looks to be maybe a foot wide or not wide enough to use as a bike lane.

Someone else thinks the tacks and pins in the roads are terrorist attacks on cyclists. Sabotage and hatred: what have people got against cyclists? A very thoughtful article.

And I’m out of links and patience. Time for a snack and a lie-down. Arthur Dent is being a pain in the neck 😉

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The other “long day” of the week, and the Feed

Yep, this day is gonna be long because I wait until the last lump of the Feed comes through about 0001 in the morning. This does two things, first of which is it keeps Monday a little more manageable, and second is it reduces the age of the oldest links on Monday, which keeps it “news” and not “recent history”. But what this allows is a break in the middle to do “other things” like Pagan Fellowship night at church tonight. This is mainly our Heathens and Wiccans getting together and either drumming or dancing (to a CD if no drummers show up), and sometimes beer or mead is shared. Alcohol consumption is generally low-key and the home-made selections are judged on taste and drinkability over alcohol content (one offering was severely down-graded because it obviously went for alcohol content over flavor). But mostly drumming and dancing. I’m not much of a drummer and these days I’m mostly just a “sway to the rhythm” dancer, but I go and I participate to the fullest of my abilities.

Up first because it’s awesome, Germany has found a solution for both employing people approaching retirement age and getting local food to city dwellers. In Germany, elderly bike messengers will deliver your local veggies From the article, it’s not just veggies but a host of items that are locally produced and sold, and the web site does not take orders on the weekend so that people can get out of the house and see the products in person…

Down the road about 2 days’ ride from WoaB, they caught a stupid one. Man arrested after cyclist killed in hit and run He “thought he hit a deer” in that neighborhood? Give me a break! I mean yeah I would have kinda sorta accepted “big dog”, but “deer”? Getouttahere! He knew what he hit and still left the victim to die in the stroad (that’s a thing that can’t decide if it’s supposed to be a street for people or a highway for getting things outta there in a hurry, so it sucks at both jobs).

In NYC we have another pedestrian injury with a hit-and-run cyclist. Hit & Run Cyclist Leaves Woman Severely Injured On The UES Given what happened to the cyclist that hit a jaywalker in Central Park last year I can see why he left the scene (remember him? Pilloried by the press, “no criminality suspected” by NYPD because that’s exactly what they say when a driver does the same thing) but still DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS! and if you do stick around until they get transported, or until LEO tells you to leave. Leave information as required.

Our Daily Ted is … daily, today. Bike rider killed in Mid-City LA crash by apparent drunk and/or stoned driver If you look at the video linked in the article you can see the bike lighted like a Christmas tree, front, back, and sides. There was no lack of conspicuity on the cyclist’s part. This wreck will get the “blind driver” tag as well as a tribute video from ZZ Top.

Because reaction is better than no action. Bill in memory of killed cyclist would toughen law on repeat DUI offenders The two bills would double the amount of time the authorities could “look back” for a previous DUI and double the maximum sentence for second and subsequent DUI. They still let them keep their cars though… I postulate that multiple DUI would become much harder if the vehicles involved were turned into scrap metal even if there was no wreck. And the “need” for a motor vehicle for whatever should just be that much more incentive to not drink and drive.

Another wreck involving alcohol abuse and injured cyclists. Saint Malachy Parish School: Principal, vice principal injured during bike ride This is an update on a wreck where the drunk driver ran into a vehicle waiting at a stop sign and pushed that vehicle into the cyclists, except now they are saying the drunk’s vehicle hit the cyclists after hitting the vehicle at the stop sign.

And this report from Jolly Olde sounds a bit familiar, especially after the paragraph above. Pedestrian seriously injured in collision with car which had already struck cyclist in Sheffield Here’s sending good vibes to both victims of the drunk driver.

And [$DEITY] this is terrifying. Cyclist injured by wire across Brighton woods track If I saw something like this I would hunt the perp down and string him up with his own trap materials. This was an act of terrorism against cyclists.

And this is not much better. [TRIGGER WARNING] Cyclist hit and run victim describes moment motorist just waves and drives off This is why you ALWAYS get an ambulance ride to check you out after you hit the deck in a wreck. Shock and adrenaline are anaesthetic.

And after yesterday’s links to a cyclist killed almost a year ago in St. Louis, here’s some to one killed this week. Vigil held to remember cyclist struck, killed

Infrastructure news from “Joisy”. Montclair Named Top Among Bicycle Safe New Jersey Municipalities The fact that so many municipalities in NJ are spending $0/an on bicycle safety is really the most frightening thing in the article.

An infrastructure story from Portland. Cyclist sues for $21M over skinny bike lane in Portland Basically the bike lane has no escape route when the wall comes next to the sidewalk and curb, and the curve causes drivers to use a smidge of the bike lane to maintain their speed.

A little infrastructure from the far eastern Great White North, I mean after you leave Maine you have to go east some more to get there. Halifax hopes to double the number of cyclists in 10 years Another lovely toxic comments section blaming cyclists for potholes when the bike budget would not even pay for a single traffic signal. And don’t make the damn potholes in the first place.

A bit of UK infrastructure news. Number of middle-aged Bucks cyclists involved in road accidents soars due to Bradley Wiggins ‘popularity’ I would say the leap they made to reach this “conclusion” would have readily cleared the Grand Canyon, but I might be understating the thing a bit. A similar “conclusion” would be linking motorway wrecks with Lewis Hamilton leading the F1 standings. Both being Brits and both doing well in their sport and everything.

More UK infrastructure of the legal sort this time. Cyclists Demand National Lorry Safety Crackdown When one kind of vehicle is responsible for 100% of the deaths in a large city and a substantial percentage of the deaths in the rest of the country, that vehicle needs to be stringently regulated.

And frightening infrastructure news from Oz. Bus drivers speeding across NSW putting lives at risk What makes this report especially frightening for cyclists is the number of shared bike/bus lanes.

Two cyclists are on a great adventure. Why I ride: For hope As a person suffering from brain damage, I feel honored that these two are on this adventure..

Another lifestyle story, this one from MS. COAST CYCLISTS HOPE RIDE WILL BUILD AWARENESS

And Lifestyle from the UK again as another rider from Wales gets killed for no good reason. (is there ever a “good” reason to kill a cyclist?) Tributes to cyclist Alan Cronin after Wrexham death

And that’s all I got today. No wrecks this Sunday.

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OK the ice and snow is gone, and the Feed

By this evening the last of the ice and snow that has been dominating the weather in these parts finally went away. Good riddance! Finally we have temperatures our heating system was designed to cope with and Mrs. the Poet has divested herself of her coat and 2 of the 4 shirts she was wearing. Yep, she’s down to 2 shirts and 2 pairs of underwear and heavy wool socks, instead of the “everything in the drawers and closet” costume she was wearing yesterday and Saturday. I still keep getting awakened at night with her trying to keep getting closer even after she gets into full body contact under the covers. I mean at this point the only way she could get any closer would be to skin me and wear me as a coat, which is kinda hard to do in your sleep and messy besides. Outside of the house the roads are no longer coated in ice, just slightly damp, and the number of injury wrecks has declined to only slightly above “normal” for a weekday. Have I mentioned that TX drivers lose their minds when the roads are anything less than perfectly dry and smooth? You would think that given how low the state’s road maintenance budget is compared to how many miles of road we have people would be used to crappy roads by now.

Up first is the massive amount of links to various aspects of an Italian cyclist “winning” the “door prize” in Australia. Brunswick cyclist death: ‘Car-dooring’ fatality prompts calls for motorists to pay more attention and Chilling footage of cyclist’s road death sparks passionate debate I wonder if anyone was paying attention to the bike lane symbol peeking out from under the weapon vehicle at the bottom of the image? Alleged dooring death: cyclist launch Sydney Road parking ban petition and another one Sydney Road bicycle death: Labor minister Jane Garrett sets emergency meeting as Greens MP Greg Barber renews call for TAC-style dooring campaign not done yet Italian cyclist Alberto Paulon killed on Sydney Road, Brunswick, remembered by work colleagues and memorial ride still MORE! Brunswick cyclist’s car-dooring death a ‘wicked waste’ and easily avoidable, safety campaigner says are we done yet? Tougher dooring penalties call rejected after death of Italian cyclist Alberto Paulon As I interjected between links I noticed what appeared to be a buffered bike lane underneath the line of parked cars the cyclist was next to when he was doored and thrown into the path of the truck that killed him. What is going on that there was nothing mentioned about this in any of the hundreds of comments I read about this wreck?

Also generating a ton of links is ongoing reporting on the lawsuit filed against the driver of a car that was used to kill a cyclist and the owner of that car. Suit filed in death of cyclist hit by alleged drunk driver also Suit filed in death of cyclist hit by alleged drunk driver and Cyclist’s Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Alleged Driver As I have written earlier, they should also file suit against whoever is in charge of this piece of infrastructure for the third identical death in 5 years in nearly the same location, a drunk driver drifting into the bike lane and hitting two cyclists from behind at high speed. One such death is a tragic accident, two is a coincidence, three is a design defect. We are now in design defect territory.

I find this conviction unusual especially given the state it was obtained in. Judge to sentence man for death of Casper cyclist Seriously 16 years in prison for killing a cyclist in Wyoming? The state that recently decided they didn’t need to know how and how many cyclists were getting killed and injured on their streets and highways?

Another one of those links about a dead cyclist that I don’t have a good label for. BICYCLIST STRUCK, KILLED BY CAR IN FRESNO COUNTY LAID TO REST

And while we are talking about CA here’s Our Daily Ted. A giant falls — Alex Baum, the father of modern LA bicycling, dies at age 92 WoaB sends its condolences to the LA bicycle community.

And some people in CA are just bastards. Robin MIller: Grow up and put your helmet on Seriously, I wear a helmet every time I ride my bike (and the recent medical problem I have been having that has been keeping me from wearing my helmet is also keeping me off the bike), but I know my helmet is mostly to protect my heirs in the lawsuit they will file against the driver that kills me to show I did everything in my power to not get killed.

And in NYC a killer driver refuses to admit fault or even that he committed hit-and-run when he killed a cyclist. No Apology From Trucker 3 Years After Killing Williamsburg Cyclist The sad thing is even if they pull his license and he kills someone else, unless he is drunk or leaves the scene again the most he will get is a ticket for driving while revoked.

OK this is mostly a bike story because they stabbed this guy so they could steal his bike. Islington stabbing: Alan Cartwright, 15, killed while riding bike with friends and Islington cyclist stab murder inquiry begins

A little UK “infrastructure”. I use quotes because there is little to none for bicycles in this article. Cycling campaigner brands Westminster Council’s attitude to road safety as ‘neanderthal’

News of a driver actually facing charges for killing a cyclist in Enn Zed. Driver charged over fatal cyclist crash Another turning truck running a cyclist over from behind…

Seriously, what is wrong with some people? Cycle-route booby traps: a growing danger for Spain’s mountain bikers Barbed wire and heavy fishing like at face or neck height? Rocks big enough to require 3 people to cooperate in carrying and placing them? This is acts of terrorism, pure and simple. And that steel plate with spikes welded into it? Someone was trying to kill somebody.

And here is some real “Lifestyle” of the cycling kind. 2015 Twelve Hours of Santos: Riding to Help an Injured Racer

And thank [$DEITY] I have finally reached the end of today’s links.

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Je Suis Charlie, and the Feed

It has been hypothesised that I pay little to no attention to anything outside bicycles, that if it doesn’t involve bicycles I don’t pay attention to it because I haven’t commented here about Ferguson or Eric Garner or anything else. Well I do pay attention to the rest of the world, I just try to keep it out of this blog. But the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris is an attack on every journalist everywhere, even those of us who don’t say anything about Islam or anything in the area except for a narrow focus of interest. This attack was both brutal and chilling, but I don’t know what can be done as there is no central authority that can be censured by the rest of the world for this failure of Islam to have a sense of humor.

Up first, some people have very little sense of humor about bicycles, like this author that called for giving people $500 to pay for their fines to run over cyclists. Now he writes this article pile of dreck. Give bicyclists their own roads and this is one response WaPo’s Courtland Milloy: D.C. Cyclists Need ‘Trails Through Wooded Areas’ I really like the tone of this Tweet: “Courtland Milloy needs a job in transpo. He will build us miles of bike paths! Made of candy canes! Through D.C.’s lush and magical forests!” As was pointed out in one comment, all he wants to do is get cyclists off “his” streets. More Courtland Milloy wants to ban cars from local roads

Can government force you to buy something that does not exist to use the roads? Missouri Rep introduces bill to require bicyclists to hold insurance I think requiring drivers to equip their vehicles with a phlogiston converter would be an excellent idea (no I don’t, J/K)

More news from down south in Houston, where a law intended to protect cyclists and other vulnerable road users goes mainly ignored. Few citations issued under law protecting cyclists, pedestrians Maybe they should take the example of Austin’s PD and send uniformed officers on bike backed with motorcycle cops hidden around corners to do the actual pulling over/arrests for assaulting an officer. Because when APD did it some cops were passed close enough to get dirty from the dirt on the passing vehicle.

Another terrorist attack that somehow never gets treated the same as attacks on other groups. Tacks on Hawthorne Bridge cause multiple flats For those unfamiliar, the bike lane on this bridge is separated from the motor vehicle lane on a metal grid that is almost impossible to ride on and near certain death for a cyclist that falls off the bike path. Getting a puncture here is extremely dangerous.

Some people will sue for anything. Connecticut Man Sues Citi Bike For Failing To Make Him Wear A Helmet and Man seeks $60 million in damages over alleged Citi Bike injuries You might remember us here at WoaB covering this wreck back in the day because the rider ran into an unpainted parking bumper jutting into the bike lane. The results would be much the same as leaving an unmarked parking bumper in any other lane of travel, except more human damage and less vehicle damage.

There is a long-standing joke in TX about why OK does not have any beachfront property, which gets amply demonstrated in this link. Oklahoma City Weighs 3-Foot Passing Rule — For Cyclists, Not Drivers

Assuming you survive, here’s what you need to do in case of a hit-and-run (in OR). Get Legal with Ray Thomas: What you need to know about hit and run

Our Daily Ted. 73-year old handcyclist killed in Palm Desert collision on Monday; first SoCal bicycling death this year Days like this I really feel for Ted.

PGH decides to spend a few $ on bikes. This is out of a $76M budget. Pittsburgh sets aside capital money for cycling as part of 10-year plan That’s a smidgen over 2% for cyclists. I think we are worth at least 2%, don’t you?

You would think that a media outlet like Mother Jones would know better than to stoop to victim blaming. Mother Jones Rang in 2015 By Blaming Drunk People for Getting Hit By Cars

A bit of infrastructure news from Jolly Olde. Family of cyclist killed on Bow roundabout win compensation battle

And some legal infrastructure from the Emerald Isle. Road safety officer wants law on gap between cars and cyclists Yep, having a legally defined minimum between cyclists and deadly, deadly motor vehicles is a definite aid in finding fault when said motor vehicle splatters a cyclist.

More of that legal infrastructure from Oz. Queensland changes laws to favour cyclists

Still in Oz. Road accidents involving cyclists highlight intolerance: WA Police Assistant Commissioner

And last link, more gadgets to complicate your ride make your life better, CES 2015: Tech to help cyclists stay safe

And those were all the links I could find today.

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Allergies barely contained, and the Feed

Just letting you know that while things are not really bad on the health front, they aren’t all that perky either. I’m walking a fine line between not enough and too much on my allergy meds, because if I don’t stay above a therapeutic threshold I get no effect, but just a little over that and I get zonked semi-conscious and unable to function. Add to that the “stuff” I have been visiting the chiropractor over, and let’s just say that getting old ain’t for sissies to quote my wife’s mother.

Also we had our two weeks of spring, the high outside WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell was 80°F.

We got lucky today with few new wrecks to report, all from Jolly Olde. Rope peril for cyclist This is far from the “rope trick” spell used in D&D, this is more like the “clothesline trick” used to take out German motorcycle couriers during WWII. Many of them died, and it almost took out this cyclist. The only way of avoiding this booby trap is a very bright headlight aimed right where it will get on oncoming vehicle operators’ eyes. I think you can see where the problem would be with that.

Next we have another cyclist riding next to an overturning truck. Cyclist injured after lorry overturns on Chester Road, Stretford, causing severe traffic delays I think this makes two very similar wrecks in as many days, and the article is more concerned about the people going to the footy match being delayed than they are about the cyclist who escaped being crushed by inches.

And I really hope this article is not an April Fool’s joke by the media outlet. Kingsley Gordon-Allen killed cyclist Edward Orrey while drink-driving in February last year I’m sure your asking yourself what the heck is going on thinking that this might be a prank? The driver is going to jail for a very long time, and he’s going to be banned from driving for a total of up to 18 years, the 8 he’s in prison plus the additional 10 after release. I have seen DUI drivers that killed a cyclist get 250 hours of community service and a slight fine, which is why I think this might be a prank.

An unusual bit of bicycle infrastructure from NY. Schumer Pushes For Citi Bike Commuter Tax Break The “break” would pay for the monthly Citi Bike payment which is substantially more than the annual payment. This way everybody gets covered for their full amount.

Infrastructure news from OH. Protected bike lanes People are finally starting to see that a stripe of paint is no defense against a 2 ton hunk of hurtling steel and plastics.

Infrastructure news from the US. The 10 most dangerous states for cyclists—and the coverage riders need Given the high number of fatal hit-and-runs cyclists get compared to other forms of transportation having access to uninsured motorist (which also covers H&R) is beyond a “good idea”. And FL as the second most dangerous state to walk or ride a bike was short-lived as they are now back on top. Depressing, really.

Infrastructure news from the UK. 10 things that put people off cycling

Lifestyle from SD CA. San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman rides a bicycle

More Lifestyle from NYC Photos: Sam Polcer’s New York Bike Style, Which Launches Friday With a Party in DUMBO

Your daily dose of Ted Rogers. Your fool-free Morning Links, including a well-done bike film, and a book deservedly thrown by OC prosecutors Just read end enjoy.

Cycling may be coming to the Winter Olympics. UCI: Fatbikes in Winter Olympics, Banned from MTB Races

And another unicycle with training wheels roams the streets. A Bike or What?

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles. I much prefer giggles. Speaking of Giggles, I will be snagging as many April Fools links as I can for the post tomorrow.

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Happy New Year 2014, and the Feed

Well, most of us lived through 2013. Here’s hoping things will be a little less deadly in 2014 and that I will have less wrecks to write about and more and better infrastructure to write about. Especially since the Dutch have been so generous about sharing their bicycle infrastructure with those of us who are Anglophones.

Up first is my only US wreck, a head-on crash where it appears the cyclist crossed the centerline on a corner. Marin County: Bicyclist injured in head-on collision on Panoramic Highway Since I can’t get to any pictures of the bike or the weapon vehicle, or most importantly the crime scene I’ll have to accept the narrative as posited by LEO, that the cyclist had excessive speed for conditions and crossed the centerline on a turn. To avoid modulate your speed going downhill to remain on the correct side of the road. To prevent get the infrastructure right. There are very few wrecks that could not be prevented by getting the infrastructure right.

NM is not the only place where people set booby traps to injure or kill cyclists as is shown by this UK link. Police appeal after Hull cyclist injured by trap This wreck illustrates the hazards of leaving trash in the bike path as it can be used to disguise a booby trap as well as being a hazard in and of itself.

International Infrastructure! news. Can Radar and RFID Stop Drivers From Killing Cyclists? The RFID idea is dead in the water as it requires the victims to spend money to not get killed, which comes perilously close to being an extortion racket with no guarantee that the people driving the deadly weapons will face similar requirements to update their vehicles. Since we have seen how well trying to get side guards installed that actually pay for themselves in reduced fuel consumption in under a year has worked, how will requiring installing gear that identifies and alerts drivers to the presence of cyclists and pedestrians with no other benefits like reduced fuel costs go over? I have a suggestion for that, allow installation of alert systems that warn drivers about cyclists and pedestrians to be optional, but make all wrecks between vehicles not equipped with the alert systems and a cyclist or pedestrian automatically the fault of the truck driver because the systems failed to warn the driver because they were not there? IOW allow trucking companies to bet on not hitting any cyclists or pedestrians without installing the systems, but make losing that bet as financially painful as possible, with pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of income, and loss of enjoyment all being paid 100% by the trucking company (or their insurance, who would probably require installing the alert systems as part of getting insurance).

Last link is to one of the premier e-assist bike companies making a better but less-expensive version of their flagship bike. The All New SIMBB 29C Bike – “ The Electric Bike SIMBBlified” Through-the-gears means the power gets transferred to the wheel at the most efficient motor speed for the bike speed or IOW more to the ground and less to waste heat.

And those are all the links that gave me fits or otherwise on this first day of the new year.

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Still a mess, and the Feed

Winter finally dipped a toe into the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell this morning with a sub-freezing low temperature. I’m sure that for many a morning low temperature of 28°F on 11/13 would be a balmy break from the cold, but we just had a daytime high near 80 on Monday and 28 on Wednesday just doesn’t allow time to acclimate to the change in temperature. My fingers (and toes) are still hurting from the temperature change and I’m wearing a sweatshirt to go with my wool socks. Hell, we just shut down the AC less than 2 weeks ago because it finally stayed under 78 in the house without it. In the [Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth]”Good News Everybody”[/Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth] category, the cargo bike is scheduled to be complete about 1/15/2014. Baby name suggestions still being accepted, so far the front-runners are “Woody” and “Thistle”. Other nominations include “Box”, “Bike”, and “Hey You”. And one lone suggestion of “Cat” because like a cat it will be very unlikely for this one to come when its name is called. The donor bike is a BSO from the 80s that has zero personality, none, zilch, nada, so no help there.

Up first why is there a controversy about not killing cyclists? When a cyclist is killed, why does the driver get the benefit of the doubt? and Death Of Paul Lin, Orange County Bicyclist, Latest Rider Killed By Driver Who Faces No Charges also No criminal charges for driver who killed Everett cyclist but $10,287 ticket Cyclists get killed, but aside from the occasional ticket (OK sometimes HUGE ticket) nothing seems to happen to the killers. I have been complaining about this in this blog pretty much from day one, certainly since I started on WordPress. Just FYI Day One was late 2006 and I have been here on WP since November 23 2008. So I have been doing this for a long time, and complaining for a long time, and now someone else seems to have noticed the same things I have been complaining about.

Someone is trying to do something about the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Bicycle safety takes center stage in St. Johns County meeting Unfortunately the comments show why infrastructure is needed, badly.

More on an OH hit-and-run. Prosecutor To Present Charges To Family Of DeSales Teacher Killed Something is seriously screwy with this case. More Suspect In Deadly Hit And Run Struck Cyclist Two Years Ago

Still in OH. Cyclist Seriously Injured in Chillicothe Hit-Skip This is like the 4th OH hit-and-run in a month, is there something in the water or something?

Speaking of OH hit-and-run… Former Intell reporter hurt in serious hit-run accident Good to hear the cyclist is in rehab for his injuries. My rehab was delayed because of all the road rash I had and the skin graft that had to completely heal before I could start any intensive rehab.

A NJ cyclist gets arrested on outstanding warrants after getting scraped off the road. Report: Injured man charged with escape after trying to leave hospital Nothing on the actual wreck or on what the warrant was for. Generally just bad journalism all the way around. More, but still nothing about the wreck or the nature of the warrants. New Brunswick man charged with trying to escape hospital

A cyclist is injured in Canuckistan. Injured cyclist recovering This is another wreck that does not pass the “smell test”. I guess if the bicycle went into shimmy then the narrative makes sense, but that’s not something the cyclist has much control over. And shimmy can cause parts to fall off of a bike, I had a bike go into shimmy and shake off the kickstand that was welded to the frame. If similar happened to this cyclist he could have lost control very easily. But how to prevent? I dunno.

Another cyclist hit in Canuckistan. Man riding bike hit by car near Casino Regina the cyclist left-crossed oncoming traffic, not much room for blaming drivers there. To avoid yield right-of-way when turning, to prevent see previous statement on avoiding.

More on that anti-cyclist terrorism in the UK. Cyclist hurt after hitting rope tied across Edinburgh path “I am completely horrified at how it was premeditated and so well designed.” Yes, acts of terrorism usually are premeditated.

Links to a bad wreck in Oz. Cyclist killed after being hit by truck in Sydney and Cyclist killed in Sydney truck collision Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And leading from this wreck into the next paragraph Cyclist killed in Sydney as 40% rise in death toll prompts call for action

Sort of infrastructure-ish. Number of cyclists killed on NSW roads doubles in two years So this year was a 40% increase over last year and a 100% increase over 2011? Or last year was 40% more than 2011 and 100% increase over 2010? Either way is going the wrong direction.

Lifestyle in CO. ‘Ghost Bike’ memorial planned Sunday for cyclist killed in Fort Collins

Infrastructure! news from SC. The City should pick a Charleston company to run bike sharing program Pay the national company to do what it does best, then let the local company take over the day-to-day stuff.

Last link is humor. 11 Signs You’re Definitely a Cyclist Hmm, I guess I’m not a “cyclist”, just a guy that rides a bicycle.

And those are all the links to bicycle articles that gave me fits.

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I’m beginning to feel like Sisyphus now, and the Feed

OK I spent another $5 on a bus pass and spent another 6 hours out on the roads trying to get 2 things done, buy music wire and pay the communications bill. When I got to the place to buy the music wire it had not made it in to the store yet, in fact they just called my cell to let me know I could pick it up tomorrow as it arrived this afternoon. The other thing I was trying to do was pay that bill, so I went to two places that I could get to on the bus in a reasonable amount of time that were listed on the Verizon web site as being payment sites where I could pay my bill in person. Of the two the first one was open but was no longer a Verizon affiliate, and the other was just gone except for the sign. In the parallel between Sisyphus and what I have been stuck with, I’m the guy that’s supposed to take delivery of the stone and get Sisyphus to sign off the delivery, but he’s never there because he let the stone roll back on him…

And before I could do the post I had to take advantage of having my son come by so I could install the window AC that required 2 people to lift it (and 4 to deliver it). The bad part is it is now almost 2200, the good part is it is finally under 25°C in the living room after several days of seeing readings of 31 and higher on the indoor weather station and about 90 on the oven thermometer I was using to read the room temperature… BTW today was another grocery day that I didn’t have to carry groceries for because my son was here with his car. I’m not going to say that it isn’t nice to have a car available, but it would not be a requirement if I had a working bike with some cargo capacity.

Another link to that SWSS wreck in OK. Elderly Tulsa Bicyclist Injured After Struck By Car And the comments said the cyclist “shot out of nowhere”, so it must be true then the cyclist was teleported into the middle of the street… and that bike is showing an awful lot of damage from the right to have been making a left turn. Unless he was making the left from a different street from the one he was hit on. Intersection protocols for that one then to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Update on a wreck that explains why so many people are killed riding bicycles in NYC. 13-Year-Old Hit By Driver On Queens Sidewalk Dies At Hospital They still haven’t given the driver a ticket for driving on the sidewalk after one of his victims has died, but bike riders are ticketed for riding from the bike rack directly to the street and not even getting in anyone’s way. That’s a $270 ticket for riding on the sidewalk BTW, which is $270 more punishment than the driver of the SUV has gotten so far.

A MA cyclist is killed. Boy, 13, is struck and killed by car while riding bike in Hopkinton Notice that anything the driver might have done to cause the wreck is not mentioned, but the fact they don’t know the cyclist had a helmet on is right there… Nothing on the mode nor location of the wreck, but since there was no intersection mentioned I’m going with either a hit-from-behind or some kind of a salmon wreck with the higher probability on the hit-from-behind because this outlet loves to mention anything a cyclist did wrong or might have done wrong, to wit in this report the unknown helmet status. More 16-year-old was driving car that struck, killed bicyclist, 13, in Hopkinton this is a breaking story as I type this so information I read may not be the same as what you click on.

A NC salmon cyclist is killed. Man on bike killed in collision with bus in downtown Raleigh Intersection wreck so the protocols apply, including the requirement to ride with the flow of traffic instead of against it, to avoid the wreck or to mitigate damage from it, and get the infrastructure right to keep people from riding against traffic in the first place.

An OH cyclist is hit-and-run. Local Teacher Hopes to Raise Awareness for Fellow Bike Riders Hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right so bicycles and dump trucks don’t have to share space.

A wreck in MI turns fatal. Police: 16-year-old dies after bike crash with SUV near Mount Pleasant Intersection wreck, it will be interesting to find out who failed to follow the traffic control. Intersection protocols to avoid, infrastructure to prevent.

Another hit-and-run in MI. Bicyclist critically injured in hit-and-run in Detroit Suspected drunk driver. I don’t know what else to write, except INFRASTRUCTURE!

A really bad wreck in CO. Driver charged with DUI, vehicular homicide in Hwy 50 accident Here I am getting the update when I never saw the initial story…Hit-from-behind wreck that the leading cyclist was able to avoid with the protocols, but the back rider never had a chance. As they were on bike infrastructure putting in “get the infrastructure right” means get the drunks off the roads as well as physical infrastructure. More Driver arrested after bicyclist killed in accident and Police: Driver on drugs hit, killed bicyclist Not just drunk, stoned, too.

Aftermath of a bike wreck in CA. Santa Anita Canyon Injured Cyclist Rescue (Photos) Nothing on the wreck, but it looks like something caused the cyclist to leave a perfectly good road to fall down a cliff. I’m hoping it wasn’t something silly like an allergy attack… but on second thought at least that would be preferred to being run off the road by an angry maniac.

Another CA cyclist is involved in a left-cross wreck Woman Killed Bike Riding Down Highway 35 From the description there was nothing a human cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck but infrastructure might have prevented it. More Bicyclist Killed After Colliding With Minivan In San Mateo Mountains and Update: Woodside resident Joy Covey killed in bicycle-van collision on Skyline Boulevard And the comments are actually mostly respectful and halfway intelligent as I type the post.

Update on a different CA bike wreck. Police: driver on cell phone when she hit and killed bicyclist I keep telling people it’s not the thing in their hands that’s the problem, it’s the talking to someone that’s not there to keep an eye out with you so they don’t know when to shut up.

A cyclist in far West Canuckistan is right-hooked by a… trolley? Langford Trolley strikes cyclist towing children I’m going to go with a bus that looks like a trolley rather than an actual trolley on tracks. Right-hook means intersection, which means intersection protocols to avoid the wreck or to mitigate the damages from the wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent public transit from almost taking out a cyclist and her kids.

A fatality in the Great White North. Female cyclist struck and killed in Toronto’s west end Umm, OK she “fell” all of her own accord and got hit by a car in the other lane. Infrastructure caused the wreck, only infrastructure could prevent it. More Female cyclist falls off bike, killed after struck by vehicle on Lake Shore Boulevard

An act of terrorism in Jolly Olde. Cyclists cheat death after riding into lethal trap Apparently whoever put up the trap reset it after the first incident because they got another cyclist. More Cyclists injured in head-high rope trap in Bryn and Two riders in Manchester knocked off by rope strung across path; police appeal for help also Trip-wire purposely left strung across footpath in Wigan injures two cyclists

Words fail me at times. Memorial to cyclist killed in Lincoln vandalised

Lifestyle from CO courtesy of WoaB friend Belinda. Let’s rally for Dale Stetina to recover strongly and ride again! As a fellow drain bamaged individual watching a man come back from the dead is just awesome! Go Dale! WoaB strongly suggests that you support this if you can. Curses will not be invoked I’ll just be very disappointed in you.

And a lifestyle story from CA. Fourth Annual Share the Road Ride, Oct. 5 WoaB endorses this ride. Go for it.

And another lifestyle story from SC. Organizers hope Respect Ride set for Saturday will bring awareness to bicycle safety, curb fatalities

And even the deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike has lifestyle stories. New Smyrna Beach boy hit by car dies

And those were all the links that gave me fits today/night.

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Making change work, one driver and one cyclist at a time, and the Feed

If patience is a virtue (and I have it on good authority it is) then I am one of the most virtuous people in the world. I am attempting the metaphorical equivalent of strip mining a mountain with a teaspoon, trying to make my community bike-friendly. There are 2 main barriers to progress in this situation, both psychological. The first is nobody in city government wants to spend money on bike projects unless you give them the money and tell them that they can only spend it on bicycle infrastructure. The second is the attitude of drivers who think that only motor vehicles should be on the roads because they pay for them. I have seen the city transportation budget, both sources and expenditures, and there is no direct funding of streets from any motor vehicle tax or fee. The city has no such tax or fee and the state ain’t sharing what they collect. There is some Federal money but ironically that can only be used for bike and transit projects, not for the parts of the street for use by cars.

Up first is a combination wreck/infrastructure article from South Texas, the really, really flat part of TX. Coastal Bend cycling deaths underscore planning, driver awareness efforts Notice how many of these wrecks are either hit-from-behind, hit-and-run, or both.

Up next we have an update on the hit-and-run against a cyclist in Va. Beach VA. Police ID car from Va. Beach cyclist hit-and-run So, a turn-of-the-century BMW 3 Series with a missing passenger side mirror and headlight damage? Keep your eyes peeled Va. Beach readers…

Also in Va. Beach, more on the act of anti-cyclist terrorism. Crime on the roads of Virginia Beach This was an act that potentially could have killed dozens of people, and not just cyclists. There are drivers that will veer to one side or another to avoid a human being who has fallen in the road and they might strike someone on the side of the road or another vehicle causing them to wreck into oncoming traffic. This was a serious crime, but the namby-pamby response from city government to this act of terror indicates they (possibly sub-consciously) support the terrorists.

A SWCC wreck in MD, just up the coast from the Va. Beach madness. Cyclist injured in collision with car Note the lack of knowledge displayed by the LEO “Police said he did not use the crosswalk and failed to yield the right of way to the 2000 Lexus.” There is no requirement or obligation for cyclists to use the crosswalk. Not knowing the layout of the intersection or the direction of travel for both vehicles I can’t say which one was at fault in this wreck or how to avoid it except the generic call to use intersection protocols.

Moving out west a drunk driver seriously injures a cyclist, but escapes charges because the cyclist was drunk, too. Drunk Driver, Drunk Cyclist Collide: Cops I don’t “get” this one. If 2 drunks in cars had a wreck they wouldn’t let the one off the hook because the other was drunk. To avoid, ride sober in the correct direction for the side of the street you’re riding, and use lights and reflectors.

Still in CA, more information about a cyclist killed in a hit-and-run. Fund established for family of cyclist killed in hit-and-run near UCSC We are not “just cyclists”, we are people with goals and dreams and accomplishments. This article just brings that home a little more.

LifeStyles of the bicyclic. Cyclist spends his honeymoon pedalling to raise diabetes cash The guy has already made one trans-continental ride for charity, now he’s riding for diabetes awareness… Some people are just gluttons for punishment, and we love them for it.

And that’s all I have today. There were a lot of motorcycle wrecks, and one link of a cyclist that was a witness to a murder by motor vehicle in a parking lot, but that was all I had that was directly related to bicycles.

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