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I’m a WIMP, and I didn’t go to the fair today.

I’m a Weakly Interactive Massive Particle and I didn’t feel like interacting today (sub-atomic physics joke). Seriously, it’s gotten hot and very humid again today with evening thunderstorms in the forecast, and I just didn’t feel like going through that again just to have more Fair Food, even though Mrs. the Poet and I sat down and went over the Fair Food she wanted me to try and describe to her. I’m not a foodie, but I do have a good sense of taste and a handle on descriptive language for food, so she wants me to eat the food for her that she can’t get to the fair to eat. I don’t think I went into great detail about this, but Mrs. the Poet is having mobility issues, and “other” issues that prevent her from going to the State Fair of Texas the last few years. I guess one of the “other” issues is a slight touch of vanity or other kind of pride that prevents her from getting pushed in a wheelchair or using a walker with a seat to rest on when she’s too tired to stand anymore. I can see that, but I still think it’s “not smart” to either make yourself suffer, or deny yourself a pleasurable experience, just because of how it makes you look. Of course I have had almost 20 years of looking weak because I needed some help to get around to get over my feelings about it, so I might be a bit of a biased observer.

Anywho, after most of the week of not running, the AC has been going pretty constant today as Summer makes a last stand before giving way to Fall (we hope), so I didn’t feel any compulsion to go out today. Even the promise of a higher budget for coupons didn’t entice me out of the house. I already had a field trip this week to spend the last bit of my gift card and got run all over town because transit was over an hour each way when things didn’t go wrong to make what is a <5 mile trip (seriously, Google maps Bike There directions has it just over 4 miles over mostly quiet streets (except for a mile or so on Naaman School Rd. or N. Garland Ave.) and I could take my bike there in less than 30 minutes if I had a bike I could still ride) that is closer to 20 miles by bus. Things did go a Bit Wrong and the trip home was closer to 3 hours than one, which did nothing for my wanting to go out, and I just did not feel like taking another trip this week, but I suppose I'll have to, to deposit a check tomorrow and make a run by Harbor Freight for a Big Sale.

So I'm going to go put my feet up again and try to get the Wrecked Foot back to a more-normal color (feet aren't supposed to be blue when the rest of you is sweating).

Going to miss the Fair this Year

Due to a combination of bad weather and finances we are going to miss the State Fair of Texas this year. It has been cold and rainy the past two days, to the point I’m actually wearing a shirt in the house, and all the AC units still working are now shut down. I even slept under a blanket for the first time in ages, April or May at least. The office temp has warmed up to about 64°F.

One of the reasons I go to the Fair is to look at the cars, both for ideas for the T-bucket, TGS2, or Sprint-T, and because we are also looking to change our car-free status some day. Mrs. the Poet is having more and more trouble getting around, so at some point we are either going to have to buy a car, or get a subscription to Lyft or Uber or something. The other reason we go to the Fair is to try the food. You know, some of that deep-fried badness that tastes so good and is so bad for your arteries. But Mrs. the Poet can’t walk so good and especially with the weather turning colder her mobility is even more restricted. So with the forecast calling for an 80% chance of rain, and temps in the low 60s or high 50s F it’s pretty much a no-go this year because getting to the food takes lots of walking. There is discount food on Senior Day, but to actually get a meal you have to go to several vendors, because the cheap drink is one place, the cheap dessert in another, and the award-winning main dish is all the way over on the other end of the food area that’s about a quarter-mile away, leading to miles of walking between the car show and the food chase. So, no Fair this year. And because of the rain we have been having there has been a lost of flooding, both from rising streams as well as flash floods because the soil is completely saturated and there’s no place for the water to go except into the streets and storm drains that are already backing up because of rising streams and rivers.

On other fronts, I’m doing beans and rice again tomorrow because I need to help the food budget and that’s about the cheapest big meal I can make. The ingredients cost about $3 including spices, and because I’m using a slow cooker I’m not using much electricity either. And I really like the end result after the 8-9 hour process. And I had better like it because the recipe I’m using now makes enough food for 2½ dinners, or 2 dinners and a side or light lunch. So if I don’t like what I fix I’m seriously out of luck. When Mrs. the Poet is out of town that goes double because that means 5 meals in total from that one batch of cookery. Now if I chose cheaper ingredients it would be even cheaper, because brown rice is expensive compared to white, and there are less expensive varieties of beans I could use, but it wouldn’t taste as good and as many meals as I get from one batch of beans I need it to taste as good as I can make it.

Getting back to the Sprint-T for a few words, the deal with the transmission on the EJ20 Subaru engine might be a few pounds heavier than other possible combinations, but the cost of the combination is less than the cost of a rebuilt T5 transmission alone for the RWD conversion of the Subaru, not to mention tons less work because I don’t have to make a new bellhousing that connects the Subaru engine to a Borg-Warner (now made by Tremec) transmission. The transmission is one of the few things on the Sprint-T that weight is less of a concern than cost or ease of installation, because it sits in the middle of the car front-to-rear and just has a negative effect on the power-to-weight ratio and doesn’t affect things like polar moment or balance.

Life is interfering with my blogging

Short post again today because I have stuff to do. I have bills to pay that require getting out of the house and riding the bus, and we all know how much fun that is (not).

Yesterday I got my toes done and a haircut and went to the phone store to pay the bill but I got there just as they closed up and everyone was leaving because I misread the hours of operation. So I need to go do that again before they close this time.

Also I’m going back to the fair Thursday with my phone so I can take some pictures this time. See you tomorrow.

I tested fair fare today

I went to the State Fair of Texas today and test-fit some cars that Mrs. the Poet and I both liked. Interesting thing is Mrs. the Poet didn’t get in a single car, but there were a few that she insisted I get in and out of because she liked them. What I ate was not typical Fair fare because it wasn’t fried. Mrs. the Poet and I had pulled pork Frito Pie, separate portions, and split a Nathan’s hot dog. I never want to eat a $0.99/package hot dog again after having a Nathan’s.

And my hand is acting up again, so I have to cut this short.

What happened yesterday and the State Fair trip today

When I left off yesterday I was barely succeeding at preventing a face plant into my laptop. I went to bed right after posting and slept until about 1000 this morning. I had my coffee and a warm poptart from the replacement toaster that showed up yesterday. I much prefer my poptarts to be warmed inside and slightly crisp from the toaster outside, rather than the cold from the package ones I have been having since Mrs. the Poet killed the old toaster. The reason we have a replacement toaster is the one I got the beginning of the month came with a defective timing mechanism that would not hold the bread-lifter down to toast. The heating elements would get power and start to warm things up but I had to hold the bread lifter down myself until the poptart or toast was done, not a practical thing to do when you are almost asleep and the coffee hasn’t kicked in because it’s still in the pot.

So anyway, yesterday. I went to bed about 0230, tossed and turned until maybe 0400, got up 0610, and stumbled through taking a shower until 0650. Unfortunately in order to get to the LRK in time I had to leave the house at 0645 and be fully dressed. That wasn’t happening. I finally got dressed at 0710 and got ready to catch the next bus and hope to salvage something of the day. I got to the LRK about 1015 for a 0930 appointment. Fortunately there was an opening in the schedule because someone(me) had missed an earlier appt. and they moved everyone else up because they were early. Then the fun started (again, pt. 2). My blood work from the previous visit had something that was out of limit for the study and hours were spent on the phone discussing it. In the meantime my blood sugar was dropping like the proverbial stone, because I had been up since 6-ish with nothing to eat or drink except the tiny swallow of water I used to take my antidepressant. The upshot is I’m going to have to go back Tuesday for more tests and I may have to miss my religious retreat/camping trip next week. Then I had to stop along the way to pick up something I bought earlier, then wait an hour for the next bus home and get bread and by the time I got done with that it was after 1700 and I was dragging tail. After dinner I tried to post to this blog and well you saw how well that turned out…

That brings us to Fair Day!😆😈 Time to look at cars, eat anything deep-fried, look at the quilts and other fine crafts, and walk ourselves to death. I had less of a problem because Mrs. the Poet doesn’t like to try the cars on like I have to. There were some of the cars that I had a much easier time getting in than getting out and vice versa. The thing was there was a lot of time I wasn’t on my feet that Mrs. the Poet was standing outside the cars, not good for her problem with her back. If anyone is interested Mrs. the Poet wants a red Corvette, a dark blue Camaro, a white Mustang, or a gunmetal Challenger. Add a black Fiat 500 Abarth to that list for me, on the costs-are-no-limit list. On the other list we had several compact hatchbacks with gas mileage in excess of 35 combined and still-spritely performance. We had nachos, deep-fried cookie strips, lemonade and Dr. Pepper ice cream for our fair food. There was a lot of stuff we wanted to try but that was the limit of our food budget ($20), and we had come on a day that had cheap food.

Looking at the crafts I learned there is an adult scale model class. I also learned that the Mini Sprint-T would qualify, which means that if I get to building I might be able to enter the finished model next year.

And it’s about time for bed again…

billed @€0.02, Opus the Poet.

A drive-by blogging

Just a quick note to keep you up-to-date. I went to the State Fair of Texas today and just got home, and I have just enough time to dash off a blog post about it before I have to run to the Full Moon service tonight. I won’t even get to eat until I get home from the moon service, so no complaining!

There were a number of new fried foods at the fair this year but I could only try one, so I had the Fried Texas Salsa with Cheese Gravy. No that wasn’t a typo, not cheese sauce, Cheese Gravy. Sort of a cheesy white sauce with a little bit of meat-ish flavor about it, but pretty decent. The Fried Texas Salsa was a mix of a mild salsa in a corn batter that ended up tasting like corn chips and salsa, a favorite combination in the Poet household. I give the dish a 4 out of 5 score, very good but a little heavy for frequent consumption. Opus says try it out.

As always I went through the Auto Show at the Fair, and noticed 2 things: an increase in the number of small cars that get high gas mileage numbers, and the trucks had less frills and gew-gaws but more features that make them better workplaces, like the ability to become a wi-fi hot spot for up to 4 users or devices. I saw fewer concept cars, more production cars that were really desirable. I didn’t see as many SUVs as I had just last year as the new gas mileage standards are already taking their toll on the selection of mobile housing projects and urban assault vehicles, I saw a lot of models that got 25 MPG city or more and quite a few that got more than 40 MPG highway, with a gaggle between 35 and 40 MPG. The one concept car I noticed was supposed to get more than 40 MPG while still driving like a Corvette. The placard said it was the first hybrid Corvette…

I didn’t see many bikes at the fair this year except as car accessories, I saw one folding model that replaced the spare tire in the trunk of one car… Not sure about the practicality of that concept as I couldn’t get close enough to see if they really replaced the spare or could just fit in the spare well in the trunk.

And that’s all I have today, the links in today’s Feed will go up in tomorrow’s post

PSA Opus