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Watching the race in Phoenix on a Wreck-Free Sunday

As I sit and type this the penultimate Race for the Chase has just started with a minimum of 3 drivers making it through to the final round on points instead of wins. Unlike the previous 2 rounds which had all three races won by Chase contenders, no Chase racers have won in the first two races of this round. That means that everyone is trying to get in the top 5 so they can get as many points as possible. I will come back to the race later in the blog post.

Yesterday was a fun day for the RPG group, we destroyed civilization and brought balance back to the world… in-game. There were 10 trees that represented the forces of nature that had been bound by a massive spell at the beginning of Egyptian civilization. Binding those trees somehow allowed our civilization to develop and flourish, and unbinding them has caused civilization to collapse, partially because unbinding the trees at the north and south poles caused a massive melt of the polar ice caps and a 300 foot rise in sea level… 😉 Can you say “Houston, you have a problem?” 😀

Sad news as “The Devil” of the Tour de France hangs up the horns. Tour de France Devil Hangs Up the Trident I first saw Didi back in 2002 when I was stuck at the house in July and got my first chance to see the TdF live on what was then the Outdoor Life Network, now NBCSN.

I forgot to leave a link to the steering wheel I bought Friday . Let me correct that Standard Aluminum Steering Wheel, 13 Inch I chose this wheel because it will clear the inside edge of the body when I place the column on the ¼ centerline that gives the driver and passenger equal space in the car. I would like to add this pad to the wheel to protect my chest and arms should I get hit head-on. That would be a great Christmas present (kids, that’s a hint).

Back in Phoenix things are getting exciting as Bad Brad is running second to Happy Harvick with a win making either one go on to the next round, but both on the outside looking in if they finish second. They keep going back and forth with who is in and who is out, and the situation changes with every lap. There are a minimum of 3 drivers that make it on points unless nobody in the Chase wins and in that case all 4 drivers will get in on points. And on the last lap with Happy winning (and getting really happy) Ryan Newman (AKA the Rocket Man for all those poles he won) passed Kyle Larson on the last corner of the lap to knock out Jeff Gordon from the Chase. The four competing for the Cup are Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin, Joey Logano, and Ryan Newman. Whoever of those 4 who finishes in front of the other 3 will win the Sprint Cup. Needless to say I will be live-blogging next Sunday.

Now it’s time for me to get ready for evening services, so I’ll leave you with this historic note: 25 years ago today East Germany allowed the citizens of West Berlin to take hammers and chisels to the Berlin Wall. I watched it live on CNN, the only 24 hour news channel at the time…

PSA, Opus the unkillable badass Poet