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I paid taxes today

Today was the day I paid my taxes early. After doing the checks earlier this month, I got over giving away $2700 (almost) and took the checks to the Tax Offices and got the receipts. The receipts were the important part, so that I could prove I gave the check even if they forgot to deposit it. Now I get to keep my house for another year. I had my step-tracking apps turned on (both of them) which documented how long I spent waiting in line, and how far apart the tax offices are. Basically I walked over a mile, and stood in line about a half hour. Between walking between the offices and standing in line and shuffling forward I took 6156 steps.

Tomorrow I might commit myself to spending more money, as I contacted people about changing the tub in the bath connected to the master bedroom to a shower stall to fix the hole in the wall from where the shelf behind the tub basically collapsed, and also replace the leaking plumbing. Between the tub faucet and the sink we are leaking away over 1k gallons every month. It’s not a lot of money for the water, but our sewer bill is based on water usage during the winter. So between the water and the sewer bills, we are dumping a lot of money literally down the drain.

Other news, do you remember Arthur Dent? The space left on my neck after the useless lump of fat we called Chris Christy was removed we named Arthur Dent, and it was being a literal pain in the neck today. After I got done I was nauseous a touch because of the pain in my neck, so I had a little lay-down instead of dinner. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain in my neck (have I mentioned that Arthur is being a REAL pain in the neck today?) so I watched some idiot box (Mrs. the Poet prefers CBS) and had a little tea. I also had some dried cranberries, and cookies from Mrs. the Poet’s stash of Milanos. I really like the dried cranberries we bought, they are tangy and slightly sweet and are easy to chew.

Something I have been contemplating was the budget for the Sprint-T, should I use the stimulus $1.4k to buy a rear axle, or should I just continue to collect savings to apply to it? The axle I have been looking at the most was a quick change that was 60″ between the bolt surfaces, making it about 6″ narrower than the front axle’s hub-to-hub distance. This would be good because if I didn’t hit a cone with the front tire it was an automatic clear for the rear tire by about 3″ at any speed.

That wasn’t my plan when I bought the front axle, I chose that size because I was going to get a minivan as a donor vehicle, and the hub-to-hub on the minivan drivetrain was 66″ ± and I wanted front track to be pretty close to rear track so that I wouldn’t clear a cone with the front tire only to hit it with the rear. I could have tucked the rear wheels much closer to the engine and transaxle because not being used for steering they just had to clear in the straight ahead position, but that would have required major modifications to the stub axles that were vastly outside my abilities and tools at hand. So I just bought the axle for the width of the drivetrain, which shortly after the front axle arrived was no longer available.

But anywho, I still need to make a decision about the rear axle. The cheap thing to do would be a fabricated housing for Grand National style hubs and a Ford 9″ center section to go with the disc brake rear calipers I bought. The cool thing would be a quick-change rear with the V-8 style centersection and aluminum tubes for the Grand National hubs, which would be just as strong as the Ford 9″ but several pounds lighter and several hundred dollars more expensive. The other thing about the quick-change is what is inherent in the name, it is absurdly easy to change the final drive ratio with just a quick swap of the spur gears in the back of the housing. That means I could have a Powerglide transmission that is 50 pounds lighter than the 4l60E I would have been more or less forced to use to have decent gas mileage between races, without giving up the decent gas mileage. Or I could keep the 4l60 and use the quick-change to get the perfect ratio for racing and let the overdrive do its thing for gas mileage.

Well, it’s late and I have a busy day waiting tomorrow, so this seems to be a good stopping point.

Today I go pay taxes

The forecast for the AM is great, PM starts to turn cold and possibly rainy by late afternoon. So the plan is stay up all night and go pay taxes in the morning. I am hopeful I can get this all done by noon and only have to buy an AM pass instead of having to buy both halves of a day pass (one AM and one PM pass are the same cost as a day pass). It’s supposed to be about 45°F (7°C) when I leave, rising to 60° (15.5°C) by the time my AM pass expires. Like I said I hope the lines are short enough to get through by noon so I don’t have to spend the money for a PM pass to make my costs the same as a day pass. And yes I’m “frugal” (AKA “cheap”). You can’t live on $10K/year without being frugal to the point of being “cheap”. Old family brag: We pinch a penny so hard Abe squeaks.

I don’t like paying taxes out of savings, but I like what happens if taxes aren’t paid even less. Now I’m not talking about civil or criminal penalties, I’m talking about what our property taxes buy, like streets and libraries, schools and police and most especially the fire department. Real life has shown that while these can be done by private industry, it costs less and is done better by people not out to make a profit out of it, because inevitably the money for the guys on top doubles or even triples the cost of the service compared to government-run services. Because let’s just admit it when we let “free enterprise” control essential services the guy that runs/owns the “service” is going to “service” himself financially first and foremost, maybe pay the workers half of what they would get from the government or less if he can get away with it, and spend as little on equipment as possible. I’m not making this up, this is what has actually happened in places where fire and ambulance service is provided by non-government providers.

So, after the sun comes up I’m going out to pay my taxes because I like what taxes buy.