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Yay beer! And other things.

Just got back from the store with a new (to me) beer, Shiner Homespun Cream Ale. I have a new favorite beer. Seriously, this is the beer I have been looking for for years, slightly sweet and not over hopped with just the right balance of sweet and bitter. I must send a letter to Shiner and tell them this.

Work on the Mid-Bucket has slowed while waiting on the parts to arrive, some of which are still not made yet. I mostly have been analysing the frame for things to leave off and make it lighter. I have found 2 tubes that are redundant so far for a total weight savings of 5.5 pounds.


On the Mini Sprint-T I’m almost done resizing the wheel halves for width after taking some time off for the Mid-Bucket. Filing the resin wheel halves is much quicker than the stainless steel steering arms on the Mid-Bucket, but because they have to be within a thousandth of an inch precision it’s only quicker in how long I spend actually filing them down compared to fitting the steering arms on the Mid-Bucket.

On the RPG front we are having some difficulty creating my character based on my life. Specifically my HP and natural armor or DR or in the terms of the game we are playing, Body and Hardness. Here’s the rub, the getting hit by cars doing from 25 to 30 MPH and walking away with minor abrasions is how Hard my body is in game terms. Getting hit by a truck at 60 MPH and barely dying is how much Body I have. Un-dying is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish that is covered by the rules but only for creatures in-game. And in-game I’m 129 years old, Mrs. the Poet has been dead at least 40 years, and I’m still living in the same house in Garland. I’m still mostly riding my bikes to get around except when I’m being a Runner when I have a couple of vans and cars. Also I’m an actual walking Urban Legend in-game having been a Runner since the events that created the game world. There are a number of people in law enforcement who don’t believe I actually exist, there are rumors I’m not actually human, that I’m some kind of avenging spirit, and even weirder stuff than that. This is going to be FUN!

On another front, my musical tastes are giving my YTM app apoplexy. So far on my saved music I have Jazz, Swing, Hip-hop, Classic Rock, Acid Rock, Electronica, Ambient, Trance… and whatever they classify Blue Man Group as. Seriously my tastes cut across so many genres My Channel is like listening to a radio that can’t stay on-station. If you can, do a search for Opus’ Fun Junk playlist. And prepare for your mind to get blown. 😀

And now I’m just doing the keyboard equivalent of babbling to hear my own voice, so I’m packing it in now. Happy Easter!

Weather has been here, wish you were beautiful

The title is the punchline to a very old joke from before I was born, and accurately sums up the situation here in The Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. The highs and lows have been swapping places with highs less than the previous day’s lows, and lows higher than previous highs. I went from long pants and long underwear to shorts and t-shirt for my daily walks on consecutive days and back again to long pants and underwear. Yesterday I went for a walk at night in shorts and t-shirt and was a little chilly, today I went in the middle of the day with a sweatshirt over a long-sleeve T and still my hands got cold, much worse than yesterday’s walk at night. Mrs. the Poet has a condition she calls “changing weather crud” that in the past she got once in the fall and again in the spring, this year she has had it the entire month of December with no end in sight.

In other news I spent the majority of my Xmas money buying parts I don’t have the equipment to fabricate to the level of precision required, at a reduced price because someone bought the wrong parts and returned them after trying to install. So I’m getting them at 20% off original price. Maybe more, there was a discount code I tried to use that wouldn’t work that would have taken another 10% off the already discounted price that will probably get refunded when they get real live humans reviewing the order next week. Anywho the parts are steering arms that attach above the axle on the reproduction early Ford spindles I got last year. The main difficulty with making these on my own is the thickness of the stock used, the arms made for bolting to the bottom of the spindle are cut from ¼” mild steel and bent so they bolt through tabs with nuts, the ones for the top look like they’re cut from 1″ plate and are threaded so they don’t need nuts or bent tabs. My cutting tools are pretty much maxed out at 3/16″ thickness plate or 0.125″ wall tubing. Sure they will cut thicker stuff but my ability to make the tool go where I want to go instead of where it wants to go declines sharply when I exceed those limits. And don’t get me started about my hole-drilling abilities with my 3/8″ capacity hand drill. And I picked up a big bottle of Shiner Holiday Cheer beer to toast in the New Year tomorrow for $3 at my local grocery store. Since Mrs. the Poet will probably only drink an ounce or two (30-60 ml) and I’m not a big drinker either so the 32 oz. bottle will be more than enough for our private little party.

Stay warm or cool as the case may call for this NYE, and consider every driver on the road a drunk stoner on 2 days without sleep, because they’re out there and you don’t want to be the one that gets hit. I’m an unkillable badass but it still hurts like a mutha’ to get hit. You most likely are not an unkillable badass. ‘Nuf said.

BTW I have a playlist loaded to You Tube, labeled “Opus’ fun junk”. It’s 71 pieces of all kinds of music with electronica, EDM, trance, Classic Rock, New Wave Jazz, and some stuff that just defies classification other than the origin of cartoon music themes.

Peace out, Opus the Unkillable Badass Poet

What a race on Wreck-Free Sunday

I’m watching the Sprint Cup race from Watkins Glen right now that has dragged on because of 2 red flag sessions to repair the track safety barriers after they were destroyed in wrecks. The last restart is just rolling, with 2 laps to go. And now it’s over and A.J Almendinger just barely rubs ahead of Marcos Ambrose. The ‘Dinger is driving for a really small, underfunded team, and for him to win just says volumes about him as a driver. The driver he beat is no slouch either, Marcos Ambrose is a former V8 Supercars champion from Oz, one of the most competitive series anywhere, especially in the era Marcos won in when they only had the 2 manufacturers. So Wow! so Race, much competition.

Last night was RPG night again, and I shared my beans and rice with the gang, who pronounced it good. I’m not going to take that as a ringing endorsement, I have seen these guys wipe out Sloppy Joes extended with a package of mixed veggies, so it’s not like they are all that discriminating of what they eat. But describing the costs of making the dish (about $1 worth of beans, $0.50 of brown rice, and a few pennies in spices cooked for 7 hours total in a crock pot) and mentioning I could do this every week if required and have dinner at any time after cooking was completed was met with a resounding approval. That’s 10 servings of main dish for less than $2. That’s even cheaper than ramen.

So we played a Heros game with some pre-made villains. I was a gadgeteer named Waylon Talos. We had a group of us who were raiding an illegal bio-tech lab in New England (bad guys stealing from other bad guys) and getting paid a decent amount to begin with but there was a substantial bonus for successful completion of the mission objectives (destroy the lab, steal all the data, grab as many physical samples as we could carry) which we made in spades, as we “kidnapped” one of the lab techs as well. The lab had clone guards, gene-spliced baboon-squid hybrid guard animals, toxic exploding flower booby traps, and goofy password security systems. My character was about as useful as a broken leg but I did have one contribution during planning/prep for the mission that saved the mission, I built everybody a sealed air system with unlimited air (rebreathing with O2 replenishment), that saved everyone when we triggered one of the flower booby traps accidentally and the lab tech triggered one on purpose. I was originally going to give everyone sealed environmental suits but one of the party was stretchy and couldn’t use a sealed suit. Anywho, we “won” and got our reward.

My permanent character for the game is a flying speedster capable of sustained Mach 2.5 speeds and super strength, with a disadvantage of “theme music” whenever he flies that is loud enough to make a stealth approach impossible from the air, and the need to have a “power up” of a bag of tortilla chips every hour to retain flying powers, and for some reason the Scientologists really don’t like him. Oh yeah, he really doesn’t like bugs where he flies.

I’m thinking a character I really want to play is a bicycle-based speedster of some kind, where he has limited endurance on foot but slap him on his bike and he’s got full speed and unlimited range. I will have to send a text to the GM for this particular game to see if he’ll bite for this particular disadvantage. I could really work with this guy. I’m already thinking of who’s going to be on his case all the time since he can exceed the posted limits on the freeways by orders of magnitude. Digital orders of magnitude, not binary. 😉 We are talking riding a bicycle on the freeways at more than 500 MPH! Wheeeeeeeeee!

And it’s about time to get ready for evening services, so I’ll end this now.

PSA, Opus