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Thankful for what I have, and the Feed

While I wait for our ride to my daughter’s house to get off work I’m very thankful for a lot of things. First among those is I have a family that cares for me and sometimes feeds me, I’m very grateful for that. Second my readers are the greatest, especially whoever sent the check to buy the new cargo bike. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all of you, because you’re the reason I do this blog. If nobody read this blog then I wouldn’t have any reason to write it, would I? Third I’m grateful that there are places that place cycling for transportation on an equal basis with driving and walking because I have those good examples to use when I speak to those in power. I have been doing this blog since October of 2006 as a bicycle safety blog, before that it was just a place to write down random thoughts and musings (since March of 2003) and as my blog changed where I had to host the blog changed as well. Minor things I’m grateful for are electrolyte replacement drinks, energy and protein bars in handy single serving packaging, bike gloves with Kevlar palms (haven’t fallen once since I started wearing them 😉 ), my church and the people in it, and peanut butter. Yes peanut butter, I like a good PB&J or PB&H sandwich when I’m in the middle of a long ride.

Not many links today, with most of them being about the same wreck in GA as a 15 YO cyclist is killed crossing a busy street. LaGrange teen struck and killed while riding bike and LHS student struck by vehicle, killed also 15-year-old struck, killed riding bike This was not an intersection wreck and also not a SWCC wreck, the cyclist was trying to get to the right side of the road for his return journey and did not judge the speed of oncoming traffic properly. Infrastructure might make getting home without having to cross a busy street possible, I know it does in the Netherlands, with bi-directional bike paths on both sides of busy streets so that people can get to or from either side without having to cross at other than an intersection, or single direction lanes with frequent crossings that do not require cyclists to actually set wheel on the busy street or road.

From NYC they had a really bad stretch yesterday. Three Pedestrians, One Cyclist Killed In 30 Minute Span The cyclist was right hooked by a hit-and-run driver, but fortunately there were witnesses and LEO have a pretty good idea of the weapon vehicle. Unfortunately that LEO is NYPD, so I don’t hold out much hope in the killer being caught, let alone prosecuted.

The only other link I have is for a mountain biker that crashed off the road before he even got to the trails. Fire crews help rescue injured mountain biker in Oak Park I don’t know if he “veered” off the road or was “helped” off the road by a passing vehicle. So if he was “helped” off the road then hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, but don’t go quite so far off the road that you have a wreck trying to avoid getting hit. And infrastructure to prevent.

And those are all the links that gave me fits (or not) today.

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Short post today, and still begging for stuff

Felicitations! I love big fancy words, don’t you? And that is so much nicer than “I wish you a happy hello and a very good day” even though it has almost as many syllables.

First up I will be baking bread in a borrowed oven Friday and Saturday preparing for the auction and circus on Saturday night, and the newer laptop is still SNAFU and I can’t get the older laptop to take Linux so I can use the wireless adaptor, meaning I can’t blog at church while the bread rises. So no wreck reports Friday or Saturday, but I will do a wreck-free Sunday post.

Second, I seriously need that reline kit for the Bellistic helmet Size M. I’m starting to get little bits of liner in my hair after riding, which means that while I still have some protection for my head, it isn’t very much any more. Also that motorcycle helmet I was supposed to be getting last spring for use as a winter helmet never showed, so I need something like a MX or ATV helmet with a vented chin bar for conversion to a winter bicycling helmet. Actually this helmet has lasted longer than any helmet I bought. My first 2 full face helmets both had chin strap failures long before the energy absorbing liner started falling apart. That’s the biggest reason why I want a reline kit instead of buying a new helmet, when you find a good product you want to stick with it. And I need the motorcycle helmet to keep my face and the rest of my head warm this winter, same size as the bicycle helmet: Adult Medium.

This fund raiser is going to be so cool, I wish at least some of y’all could be there. There will be several very fresh loaves of bread going to the auction including one that will be auctioned off hot from the oven.

Not a PSA, but I don’t think I should be billing either, Opus