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Still cleanly poor not filthy rich, and the Feed

There were no winners in TX for the PowerBall jackpot, so I’m still a starving writer. At least I have a well-lighted garret with cats to keep my feet warm. I really would have liked to have a chunk of that money though.

Up first:

Truer words were seldom said.

The Big Story today comes from Oz, where a motorcycle cop assaults a cyclist on his bike because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Motorbike cop ‘pushed’ cyclist to the ground after he allegedly ran red light and Police officer pushed cyclist off his bike in Sydney’s CBD, witnesses say Listen to the witness report, the cyclist was riding with the light when the motorcycle cop rode up from behind at a very low throttle and just shoved him off the bike right in front of the witness. No siren, no verbal warning to stop, just “putt putt putt wham!” and the cyclist going “WTF!?!” If there was anything the cop said that happened it happened outside the view and earshot of the witnesses.

Infrastructure news from America’s Copenhagen. After years of planning and compromises, 20s Bikeway is poised for construction I don’t know why but it always feels like the compromises are on the cyclists’ side.

More on the same general subject from the same location. TriMet projects on Orange Line path at SE 8th should improve cycling If only there was some process where actual users of the infrastructure could see and comment on a project before it’s built so that dangerous or annoying mistakes could be caught and fixed without having to tear out the mistakes, saving $$. Something like maybe an advisory committee of cyclists and pedestrians? Or would that make too much sense?

Our Daily Ted, part 1. Morning Links: Alleged drunk hit-and-run driver faces charges, and Che Garcetti leads urban streets revolution

Part 2. Describe Your Ride: What riding a bike can teach us about driving a car

Still in CA. Norwalk Man on Bicycle Killed in Traffic Collision in Downey The directions of travel say the cyclist got more than halfway across the intersection before the wreck. That is a strong indicator of a stale green as shown in the Google Earth view of the intersection which had what looks like 4 lanes for the cyclist to cross and a high speed limit on the street he was crossing.

Some good news, a killer driver was found guilty of killing a cyclist. UPDATE: Man who killed cyclist found guilty of criminally negligent homicide Part of me wants to do a happy dance, part of me is still sad because the cyclist died needlessly.

News from GA as someone “mansplains” why cyclists can’t use a park to get away from cars. Reader responds to News Cycle column on proposed Forsyth bike ban

More on the MD cyclist stabbed to death. Three Arrested for Murder of Cyclist I’m still waiting to hear of a reason why they stabbed the cyclist. Theft? Settling a score? Gang initiation? Attack of the Stoopids?

More infrastructure news. Blaming Pedestrians While Absolving the Streets That Kill Them There are 3 unmarked and 1 marked crosswalk at that intersection, one street can’t be crossed at all according to the LEO report and one can only be crossed on one side because that’s the marked crosswalk.

Speaking of an attack of the Stoopids, here’s a very public one by a MO legislator. Missouri Lawmaker Wants to Require Tall Fluorescent Flags for Cyclists Fifteen feet tall to be precise, or 2’6″ feet taller than trucks are allowed without an oversize vehicle permit. Illegal under Federal laws, so on any road built with Federal Funds the flags would have to be removed and then reinstalled when back on the lettered county roads.

Here’s more on my least-favorite form of bicycle infrastructure. Study: Sharrows Don’t Make Streets Safer for Cycling Sharrows work well on traffic-calmed streets with little motor vehicle traffic. But then not doing anything also works well on traffic-calmed streets with little motor vehicle traffic. So why waste the money on useless paint?

More infrastructure news. Why bike lanes make people mad

Here’s a Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot moment from Jolly Olde. Hit-and-run driver stops to berate injured cyclist before driving off The driver apparently thought enforcing minor traffic infractions by assaulting the cyclist with his motor vehicle was perfectly reasonable.

WTF? part 2. Girl, 18, drank 5-and-a-half double vodkas before crashing car through roundabout No cyclists were harmed in the production of this link, though one did require a change of pants.

Back to Oz, two bikes go down in the same space. Cyclist treated for head injury after accident at The Spit, Mosman Sure they said the second cyclist went down aviding the first, but that just means the second didn’t have time to register that he would have gone down without the first cyclist to avoid. Regardless something made the first cyclist fall…

A wreck in Enn Zed. Car and cyclist collide The damages to the two vehicles involved look like the cyclist got hit after getting most of the way across the intersection and moving at a fair clip as the front wheel showed impact from the left and the front corner of the car showed impact but the main impact of the cyclist was in the center of the windshield. The intersection looks to have bike lanes on one street and a stop sign on the other.

E-assist bike news. Electric Bike Revolution Spinning Profits for Dutch Companies

How do you feel about going for a ride with Bono? Bono giving fans the chance to go bike riding with him in New York

Last link, do you need to ride more or… 10 Things Sex and Cycling Have in Common Do you get enough… bicycling?

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My nation thanks me, and the Feed

I’m in the process of being released from the SPRINT study that recently announced that if you can stand the side effects it’s better to have your systolic pressure under 120 mmHg than 140 mmHg. I was in the <120 mmHg group as were most of the survivors. As I understand it now I'm going back into testing for side effects in new meds or combinations of meds. The sad thing is now I won't get that free autopsy 😉 but the good thing is I didn't need it.

Up first is a hit-and-run in IN. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run crash in Lawrence and Police say suspect in deadly hit-and-run of biker attacked girlfriend before causing two crashes also Driver in stolen car hits, kills cyclist in Lawrence, both identified The driver was at the controls of a stolen vehicle (but this may have been a vehicle he bought not knowing it had been stolen) had just beat his GF, and had two other wrecks during the incident. I thought I read that he was drunk at the time but I couldn’t find that reference after I finished filtering. No way for a human cyclist to avoid this wreck.

An unrepentant drunk driver and crazy guy gets a long prison sentence (but not long enough) for killing a cyclist several years ago (they had to wait for him to be sane enough to aid with his defense before they could try him). Lyons driver sentenced to 8 years in prison for Boulder cyclist’s death and Driver gets 8 years for Boulder cyclist’s death I say the driver should have gotten more for repeat DUI causing death, like taking one last ride in the vehicle on the way to a car shredder, but I have a slight bias after getting hit (and killed) by a drunk driver back in 2001.

MD infrastructure story that goes back to a recent wreck. Friends call for safety after 19-year-old cyclist killed The more I read about this wreck the more I think the person who signed off on this design needs to be in prison. The warning signals for the intersection were not even located at the intersection but rather were located up the hills on either side. And they risked people’s lives with this? Seriously this was just a wreck waiting to happen, the only wonder is how it didn’t kill sooner.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Dockweiler Beach bike path still closed, fund for homeless man who saved bike rider’s life

Also in CA. Cyclist, vehicle collide at Oxnard intersection I don’t think they could have said less with more words unless they really tried, other than the fact that there was a wreck. We don’t even know if there was a driver in the “vehicle” much less anything about the geometry of the collision.

This is why infrastructure should be left to engineers, not politics. EILEEN RODGERS: NORTH AVENUE LANE CHANGE DESERVES VOTE BY ALL She wants to put a road diet up to a vote? Is she crazy, stupid, or a Republican?

The GOP-led WI legislature refuses to raise taxes and fix the roads, but cities and counties are allowed. The Pothole Repair Act So the GOP dominated lege won’t fix things, but the mostly Democratic local bodies have to raise taxes to do things the state should have been doing like fix the roads, and when the time comes the GOP will point at the Dems and call them “Tax And Spend” because of it… I try to not be political but…

Ugh, this was just a Republican infrastructure barf-fest. Vision Zero a bust with the law (commentary) I hope I don’t need to tell you not to read the comments? Good.

GA infrastructure news. Atlanta’s First Chief Bicycle Officer Is Going to Have a Busy Year

Bikeface explains n+1 in woman terms. New Shoes

Justice finally in the Great White North. Jail sentence for hit-and-run driver in cyclist’s death Wait, this is “justice”? Fifteen weekends in jail and having to drive really carefully for 2 years so he doesn’t get caught driving without a license? For killing a person and leaving them to die alone. TANJ!

From Jolly Olde, more on the driver going more than twice the speed limit when he hit and killed a cyclist. 70mph driver who killed cyclist on Commercial Road ‘should be jailed for life’

This is why you should always ride around puddles. Cyclist killed after being thrown into road ‘by a pothole that was filled in days later’ There could be a Canadian Trap Door Alligator in that puddle, or just a square-edged pothole that will break a wheel and cause you to wreck.

Still in Jolly Olde, where is your bike most likely to be stolen? Where are Britain’s railway cycle theft hotspots? We crunch the data

Infrastructure woes as parents turn the school run into a gantlet. Safety fears outside Cambridge school after 12-year-old breaks her leg in collision She’ll be perfectly safe once Mummy puts her in a light armored vehicle instead of letting her walk to school.

I still don’t know what happened, did the guy get hit by a car while working on his bike, or get run over by his own car? Hopes for first cyclist memorial to be put in Cambridge inspired by World Naked Bike Ride organiser

Inattentive cyclist hits car stopped at crosswalk. Cyclist runs into back of car on Tamaki Drive What more can I say except watch where you’re riding?

Last link also from Enn Zed. Car versus cyclist on Hutt Rd Another driverless car hits a cyclist?

And I’m dine and way too tired to do any tagging.

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I spent most of the day on my feet or riding the bus, and the Feed

I was running some errands today, well yesterday/today, since this is getting created after midnight, and my feet and back all hurt. The only thing I can say is I’m getting old. I really need to get one bike running so I can do something about my core strength and not have backaches all the time. Also I miss riding bikes, even ones as cantankerous as Francis/es. I have all the cutting and fitting done, I just need to braze it all together and put it on Francis/es so I can ride it the way a cargo bike is supposed to be ridden, slowly and sedately with panache. Now I look like Quasimodo with half a pickup truck. 😛

Up first, can this really be true? Texas DOT Isn’t Learning From Its Horrific Road Fatalities Calendar This quote: “Texas hasn’t had a day without a traffic fatality in more than 15 years.” yeah.

Apparently it is too great a challenge to get drivers to slow down so they can stop in the distance they can see clearly. Hi-vis paint for New Forest ponies? Yes, you read this right, rather than get drivers to stop hitting the animals they’re going to round them up twice a week and give them a quick spray of neon dye.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: All hands on deck for Expo Line bike path, hit-and-run goes global, and Culver founder one of us

Still in CA. Elderly man fatally struck, dragged by car along Monterey Park-Alhambra border How do you drag a man’s body and bicycle 3/4 of a mile and not know it?

PA wreck. Cyclist hurt in Pohatcong crash identified as Hunterdon County doctor At this point they are only saying the cyclist was hit head-on at a sharp bend in the road, no mention of which vehicle was over the centerline.

Still in PA another example of why cars are roughly equivalent of artillery. Truck crashes into Pine Road building in Dickinson Township Even when people are trying very hard not to be, motor vehicles are incredibly destructive.

More on the GA cyclist who was deliberately run down in GA after complaining of a close pass. Regarding Greg: Injured cyclist focuses on the big picture He has permanent brain damage, memory loss, and is confined to a wheelchair, but he retains a positive outlook on life! edit: whoops! that link kinda disappeared while I was making it! I had a minor computer crash and thought the link survived.

Infrastructure news from America’s Copenhagen. City testing ‘rumble bars’ to prevent encroachment into NE Couch bike lane I still think a sniper with .50 cal AP rounds would be the best solution if they won’t install a k-rail.

More good news from Portland. Biketown, the day after (reflections on a big deal) Biketown is the name of the new bike share system sponsored by Nike. Portland was one of the first cities in the US to consider bike share, but it took them forever to implement it.

And last bit from Portland more than a year later they are finally talking about allowing MTB trails in an area that has had them almost as long as MTB existed. Off-road update: New council date set for River View plan, committee selected for Master Plan

More infrastructure news from WI. 35th and Capitol Needs an Overhaul One of those 5-way intersections that just kinda dump everyone into the intersection at once because timing lights is HARD and planning bike lanes is even HARDER.

A wreck in VA. Cyclist transported to hospital after colliding with car during morning commute and Cyclist injured in collision with car on Broad Street Another crossing cyclist just pulling out in front of moving cars trying to get hit. And I have beachfront property in AZ to sell. On the off chance the cyclist was pre-coffee and not looking for cars you know how to avoid that situation.

How to pass a bicycle in the road from MS. Change lanes to pass

They eventually deal with a dangerous drunk driver in Bermuda. Road ban for dangerous drink driver I would have liked to see those bans consecutive rather than concurrent…

And from Canuckistan they prove that induced demand exists for cyclists as much as drivers. New cycling infrastructure increases number of cyclists on Winnipeg roads, report finds I suggest not reading the comments if you want to stay sane. Since I haven’t been sane in years I waded through them for you.

Humor from Jolly Olde. Cyclist rides through puddle – how Drummond Puddle Watch became an unlikely internet phenomenon

Also from the UK. Force all cyclists to use cycle lanes says Mr Loophole I’m not sure if this is hate speech or satire, sometimes it can be hard to tell.

Follow-up to a wreck from before I started doing this blog. 10 years on: Wife of cyclist killed in Rhyl tragedy reflects on his legacy

From Oz, the way to get compliance with the law is to remind people not to break it right before you plan on enforcing it. Police warn South Australia cyclists and motorists to share road ahead of safety operation I’m not convinced this is the way to run a sting…

Still in Oz. Cyclist injured in crash with car near Geelong This is exactly the kind of wreck the 1-1.5m passing law was intended to prevent, the hit-from-behind.

Last link is highly inspirational. The cycling Kung Fu Nuns That’s almost 1400 miles they’re riding.

And that’s all I got, and the sun is about to rise, so I’m off to bed for a few hours. I’m going to get a haircut tomorrow. Yes I know it’s “winter”, it got down to almost freezing a couple days last week.

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This is going to be a long night, and the Feed

After working on the post later than 0330 this Friday morning, and then spending about an hour to 90 minutes +/- turning my brain off so I could sleep, I was awakened at about 0830 by Mrs. the Poet calling the kittens “Bad children” at a very high volume, and again at frequent intervals through the morning, until I gave up on sleeping and wished my wife a happy 62nd birthday. I have been fighting “brain fuzz” all day today and I apologize in advance for my grammar and sentence construction.

I went out after breakfast to purchase Mrs. the Poet’s birthday gift, not having had a chance to have transportation and money at the same time to buy anything earlier. I got her a Barnes & Nobel gift card (she loves buying books) and a bag of COAL candy (all caps in the trade name) at the “maul”, and dinner at the Whataburger on the way home, and lots of chocolate at the grocery store (bags of soon-to-expire Halloween candy at about 80% off, but it was still good). With the headways of the local line being what they are I left shortly after 12 and didn’t get back until almost 1600 in spite of only going 3 miles from the house at the furthest. We just finished dinner and it’s already 2030 as I type this. I haven’t even opened my email today much less started to filter the Feed… I’m doomed.

Up first, the most dangerous thing you can do to a kid is put him/her in a car, but we haven’t figured out how to NOT do that yet. Carseats and the Limitations of American Safety Culture Basically child carseats are tested to the same standards as cars with adjustments for kids not being able to extract themselves from restraints by themselves (and testing to make sure they can’t remove the restraints without an adult), but the best we could do was take motor vehicles from #1 killer to #2 killer in the age group that uses child car restraints. And for some reason they don’t work if the child is dressed for the cold so wrap the kid in blankets after you strap him or her down into a freezing cold child restraint seat. I guess sternum straps were a strap too far for parents to buckle, because the kid wouldn’t even need arms to be restrained with a 5-point harness with a sternum strap.

Infrastructure criticism from comments on the wreck of a cyclist in Portland OR. Comment of the Week: A map should not be an important safety tool Exactly! Maps should be for wayfinding only, and any route that gets you there should be safe for any mode capable of legally using that route. The fact that we are using maps to find “safe” routes indicates serious shortcomings with the built environment. “We should never, ever have to ask “why would anyone ride their bike on that route?”

And two days ride south of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, a pilot program tries combining exercise with transportation to give seniors more independence. On the Move, Seniors Lead an East Austin Trike Revival I set up a trike for a local senior citizen and she’s been riding the heck out of it to do things like run to the market and see people just down the street who are too far to walk but too close to get the minivan out and drive (and it turns out there are a lot of trips that fall under that criteria).

They have already completely blocked the sidewalk, why are they encroaching the bike lanes as well? Walk Bike Nashville It shouldn’t have taken that long to get the lane cleared up, but hey, slow is better than not at all.

Speaking of blocked bike lanes, here’s Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Water-blocked in a Santa Monica bike lane, and real sportsmanship in a Spanish bike race

Meanwhile in MO they finally got around to putting the former mayor of a town on trial after he hit a cyclist. Mistrial declared in case of Sunset Hills mayor accused of hitting cyclist The driver’s lawyer started going on about the civil trial during the criminal trial which caused the judge to declare a mistrial.

The FL cyclist killed by a cement truck was right hooked, according to the witness who watched him go under the wheels of the weapon vehicle. Bicyclist dead in accident involving cement truck on State Road 7 I feel for the witness wh had to watch the cyclist get killed.

More on that CA wreck where the driver was on the wrong side of the street when he hit a cyclist head on. Cyclist Killed, Driver Arrested in San Francisco Bicycle vs. Car Crash I thought there was something janky about that wreck when I read the driver was arrested at the scene for a vehicular homicide. Since the driver wasn’t impaired and didn’t leave the scene there had to be something about the driver’s behavior that caused LEO to arrest him on the spot before they even had time to check his social media profiles. Now we know he was trying to get around traffic by driving on the wrong side of the street. If they check his SM and find rants about cyclists he will probably go down on a murder charge. I’m pretty sure there will be a rant or two about cyclists being scum or freeloaders that never obey the law. And at 26 you know he has a substantial SM footprint.

Another VT wreck. Cyclist injured in Winooski crash with truck All that cheap gas has brought out the wrecks in droves. They’re saying this cyclist may have run a stop sign. And I can’t tell if the rear wheel was hit at an angle or directly from the side but not very hard. So the report may be right may be half right (he might have stopped and mis-judged the amount of acceleration he had at his disposal).

They laid a hero to rest, not just a cycling hero, but a warrior, and the current record holder for the fastest SEAL marathon. Former Navy SEAL killed in bike crash to be buried in Arlington Friday and Retired Navy SEAL killed in Md. bike crash to be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery Dude had some serious endurance athlete chops. Plus the Navy SEAL thing. That’s also pretty serious chops.

Another salmon cyclist hit in OR. Cyclist injured in early morning accident I would like to see a picture of the wrecked bike just to make sure it was hit in the front like it would be if the cyclist was riding salmon.

I’m not the only one pissed that drivers who kill basically get away with murder. Motorists Must Face Criminal Charges For Killing Bicyclists

From NYC a cyclist caught riding in the street (the only place legal to ride a bike in NYC) is arrested for resisting arrest when a BLM protest crossed his path as he went to get some dinner. Trapped In Parole: How Biking In The Street Sent A Man To Jail For 6 Months TANJ!

From Jolly Olde comes this facepalm. Make Cambridge cyclists pay congestion charge, says transport expert I disagree, the expert was Keith Peat’s dog, not Keith Peat himself. Keith Peat would have said something much more stupid.

More legal news from the UK. Man in the dock over collision with cyclist Another hit-and-run driver. I loathe and despise hit-and-run drivers…

Speaking of loathing and despising… Mile End crash: Cyclist seriously injured in police chase hit-and-run

Now I wonder what the driver did to make the cyclist stick his head inside the car and take the keys? Man in Christchurch injured after road rage incident -photo of suspect released The cyclist was obviously disarming a terrorist 😉 The problem here is we are only given the driver’s POV, not what he might have done to the cyclist. After all how many people do you know who steal the keys out of a car and then leave for no reason?

After you build a cycle track you have to keep running the entitled drivers out of it. Yarra Council issues 66 fines to tradies, taxi drivers parked in Copenhagen bike lanes Bike infrastructure does no good at separating cars from bicycles when it’s constantly blocked at some point by parked cars. Phase II of the enforcement action needs to be tow and impound, Phase 3 tow and crush. They have already gone through phases 0 and I.

Another infrastructure article. 8 Things Top Bike Cities Have Done to Promote Safer Cycling You’ll note that neither Dallas nor the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell are anywhere on that list.

And last link, fun time! The Milwaukee Bike Swap is back with a fresh new name: The Milwaukee Bike Bazaar!

Have fun. It’s now 0455 and I want desperately to SLEEP!

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Late start on a long day blogging and the Feed

I had to run errands this morning and go get my toes done this afternoon so I could spend more time on my feet this week. Tomorrow Mrs. the Poet and I will be going to the State Fair of Texas and doing lots of walking, then Wednesday and Thursday I will be volunteering for an HRC event “Out and Equal”. That adds up to a lot of time on my feet for the next three days. It also means that Tomorrow’s post will be late too, and there is a good chance that there will be no posts Wednesday or Thursday.

Up first, he’s GUILTY! Pardo guilty of manslaughter in cyclist’s death Now he’s going to get at least 2½ years behind bars.

According to Cyclelicious we have a repeat offender in this wreck. Male Bicyclist Suffers Major Head Injuries After Riding Into Vehicle in Hope Ranch and Timeline of events When I filtered the link, there were two pictures of the weapon vehicle there, now there aren’t any which makes comparing the two vehicles moot. The description of the wreck sounds fishy, especially with the report that there was no stop sign on the cyclist’s street for the cyclist to have run. What else did they get wrong?

Still in CA we get another hit-and-run. Anniversaries of Hit-and-Run Deaths Mark Time but Not Healing The guy was in and back out of jail before the second anniversary of the wreck…

This is just so wrong. MAN ON BICYCLE KILLED AFTER COLLIDING WITH SUV IN FRESNO COUNTY This is what is so wrong about the wreck,”‘I think this accident could’ve been avoided if the bicyclist was off the paved portion of the road way and on the dirt shoulder,’ said Sgt. Mike Trenholm, CHP.” No, it could have been prevented if the driver had complied with the Basic Speed Law and not driven faster than he could stop in the distance he could see clearly. But lights and reflectors would definitely help in letting the driver see the bike.

Still in CA but a change of pace, here is our Daily Ted. Morning Links: One year in jail for killer of OC cyclist Vinh Tran, LASD searching for Cudahy hit-and-run driver

Not done with CA yet. CHP: Cyclist killed in hit-and-run crash in Rio Linda The cyclist was just barely in the road alongside his wife, who was walking, when he was hit from behind.

Finally done with CA we move on to LA. Woman dies in bike accident in Iberville Parish Even though there was no time of day stated for the wreck, LEO are blaming the victim for not having lights on the bike. WTF?!? Either a headlight or taillight would prevent the wreck depending on which direction the wreck was from, but blaming the victim for not having lights and a helmet without releasing the information on How those would have been a factor in preventing the wreck is just libeling the victim.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike we have a survivor. Child struck by car while riding bike in Miramar Beach The narrative of the wreck states that neither one knew the othre was there until the cyclist came to the end of the driveway and out from behind the hedge directly in front of the weapon vehicle.

Wreck near BAHstahn. Woman on bicycle hit by truck, dies Nothing mentioned about how the wreck happened, just that it did and the cyclist died. There was originally more to the link, but now this is all that remains. I’m not going to post what I saw when I filtered this link because I now feel this was erroneous information.

First of two links out of UT. Cyclist injured in Davis County highway crash We have another SWSS wreck. Without seeing the crime scene and both the vehicles involved I can’t conclusively state the driver’s statement is full of donkey dust, but I smell an ass in the story.

Second link two cyclists are hit in an intersection by a red-light running driver. Woman dies, husband critically injured in bicycle crash with car If the directions of travel are correct, the cyclists crossed more than halfway across the very wide street before they got hit, meaning the driver ran a red that may have been red for more than 30 seconds. The driver should be in jail.

Not sure if these two links are the same wreck or if there were two hit-and-run wrecks in Indy over the weekend. Bicyclist killed in Eastside hit-and-run and UPDATE: Cyclist struck, killed by hit-and-run vehicle identified The second link has been updated and both links are about the same wreck. At this point the only thing they know about the wreck is the victim and he was riding a bicycle. The picture in the second link shows an almost undamaged bike with lots of blood on the street. I think the lethal injuries were caused by a buzz job as that would perfectly explain the lethal injuries and almost no damage to the bicycle.

A PA sheriff has something that would prevent wrecks like the one in the paragraph above. Montgomery County Sheriff promotes bike safety PA somehow managed to pass a 4 feet to pass law and get it by a GOP governor.

Meanwhile in MI. Sheriff: Van driver not at fault in bicycle fatality If I’m reading this right the driver moved over enough to get more than 3 feet of clearance for where the cyclist was positioned on the road, but bad pavement caused the cyclist to be suddenly thrown to the left (and removed a portion of the bike tire tread in the process). The 15 YO driver was operating on a learner’s permit and had an adult in the vehicle at the time of the wreck. This is one of the main reasons why cyclists need good pavement as bad as drivers, because bad pavement can kill and cyclists already have to look three directions at once just to avoid getting run over by cars.

Another cyclist is hit-and-run in ID. 1 cyclist injured in a hit-and-run accident in Nampa The weapon vehicle left enough evidence behind that they know the make, model, color, and license plate. And there was no way the driver did not know he or she had hit a cyclist as the bike was “lodged in the passenger side of” the van.

A cyclist is injured in the Great White North. Cyclist injured when hit by car in Bayers Lake This close to the Equinox there is still good light at 1400 even that far north a driver making a left turn should be able to see a cyclist if they are looking for a cyclist.

Meanwhile in Canuckistan. Senior seriously hurt riding bike in alleged hit-and-run There is no “alleged” here, whoever hit the cyclist left the scene. Now when they find the driver he will be alleged to have been the one who left the scene. But the fact that the driver did not remain at the scene is not “alleged”.

First of many links from Jolly Olde is not so jolly. Van driver jailed for Alan Cronin cyclist death crash Not as good as could be hoped, but better than usually obtained.

And the first of our links from road.cc. 89 year old driver receives community sentence for his part in death of cycling father I’m still trying to wrap my head around “community service” for killing another human being, but apparently the driver did not directly kill the cyclist but only started a chain of events tha led to the cyclist’s death. The actual weapon vehicle was driven by another person who was tried separately.

And our second road.cc link. London cyclist critically injured in HGV crash and another link to the same wreck Old Street cycle crash: Woman, 52, fights for life as Tesco lorry driver arrested over collision HGV turning left hooks the cyclist who lost a leg in the wreck. Wishing the cyclist a quick rehabilitation.

Since they are not calling this a hit-and-run as I filtered it, I’m assuming the cyclist did not pedal off. Pedestrian seriously injured in collision with cyclist in Westminster In spite of what the comments said…

Cyclist advocate groups in Scotland try to get the laws changed so that they can get compensated in wrecks in a more timely manner. Insurers are anti-cyclist says campaign group and Strict liability to protect cyclists and pedestrians

Another hit-and-run, this time in Oz. Cyclist injured in hit and run at Toolern Vale That sounds almost like the driver tried to hit the cyclist on purpose.

Still more Oz hit-and-run action. Police hunt for driver after cyclist injured in callous hit-run crash

Justice in Enn Zed as a driver who almost killed a cyclist pleads guilty just before the start of the trial. Award-winning architect Andrew Patterson pleads guilty after his SUV pinned cyclist and left him crushed

Last link, use lights, lots of lights. Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske: Autumn lights

It is now 0319. Good morning and I’m going to be without tagging or proofing the post because I have to be up in less than 6 hours.

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Grocery day now with money, and the Feed

I’m sipping a Starbucks Toasted Latte right now, because someone loaded $5 on my Starbucks card for my B-Day and I didn’t discover it until last night. I’m also eating pretzels because the check finally came through and I can afford the “luxury” of salty snacks again. I need to go back to the store again tomorrow because I forgot to take enough $ out to get the cheap soda and there’s some stuff that is only on sale on Friday.

Up first this HPV will gladden the heart of any 2-4 YO. This Ice Cream Pedal Car Will Make Your Kid Twice As Happy The vehicle does not come OEM with a carrier for frozen treats, but a crafty type dad or mom could use insulation board to make one in the bed behind the driver and use dry ice to keep it cold just like they did back in the days this vehicle is modeled after.

Court cases today, more on the drunk driver who went on the wrong side of the road and killed a man. Pardo’s defense attacks police work in cyclist’s death Note to the investigating officer, in wrecks like this there is usually (but not every time) a skid mark from the cyclist’s front tire hitting the car that shows the point of impact, about 3-6″ long.

Other case, the driver that was going the wrong way on Fiesta Island and plowed into a group of cyclists leaving one permanently crippled is finally on trial. Trial begins for driver who barreled through Fiesta Island cyclists The defense attorney is doing his best to spin this as “just an accident”, but the evidence is pretty damning.

Just a few miles away a cyclist is gender profiled and accused of stealing his own bike. Coronado police officer harasses Navy Sailor for riding own bicycle See shit like this is one of the reasons why I joined the HRC. Nobody should get harassed because of the color bike he (or she) rides. NOBODY!

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: The Cannibal comes to Culver City, San Fran debates stop signs, and ride the coast with Calbike I would love to do that Calbike ride, but there are two things stopping me: Money to pay for the ride and get there, and I still can’t ride a bike more than a block without taking my helmet off so I can see where I’m riding.

I’m not the only one who thinks the bike lane NIMBYs need a shrink. Late Late Show’s James Corden Opens Fire on Coronado Bike NIMBY’s “We will ride side by side down the bike lane of Justice! Yes! Pedalling ever forward towards a glorious future, because they may take our bike lanes, but they will never take our freedom, to ride in those bike lanes.”

Still working the Stoopid in CA meme. To Tackle Anti-Bike Bias, SFPD Must Start With Knowledge of Traffic Laws Their “expert” still didn’t know the law. facepalm

Another “veering” cyclist is killed. Bicyclist dies after being struck by truck near Cuesta College The cyclist went straight but the driver felt he should have gone right, so he “veered” in front of the driver. Please reference the “facepalm” link above.

A driver gets charge with a crime for hitting a cyclist in CA? Manteca Driver Charged in Fatal Car vs. Bike Crash Misdemeanor homicide… Could you at least TRY?

Another cyclist hit near San Diego, is it something in the water? Teen bicyclist injured in Escondido crash Another cyclist is blamed for running the red, when the driver was the only one questioned at the scene. When was the last time you heard of a driver admitting to running a red light? Especially when someone (else) got hurt? /s

At first I thought this was a TX wreck, but this one was in CA also. Bicyclist injured after driving into car in Beaumont This was either a salmon cyclist, or a left cross. Since there was nothing about the cyclist being in the wrong lane I’m going to go with left cross.

Moving way to the east, more on the driver who ran over 5 pedestrians on a NYC sidewalk. Livery Cab Jumped Bronx Sidewalk This Morning, Striking Group Of PedestriansNo charges? Fuck you very much, NYPD.” and No Charges Yet For Off-Duty Uber Driver Who Jumped Curb & Ran Over Pedestrians Seriously NYPD, if you can’t find something, ANYTHING, to charge this guy with then you are not even trying. For crying out loud, he broke the left front suspension when he jumped the curb, you can see the tire pointed at the camera if you do a frame-by-frame as the car comes into frame. That takes a fair rate of knots, far in excess of the posted speed limit.

Is your commute optimal for your health, according to scientists? The Best Ways to Get to Work, According to Science I would say that from the above paragraph, Uber is not the best.

Would this work, or be legal? Make an example of Heather Cook My personal take is have her stand in front of a semi doing about 60 MPH with an armored front bumper. Let the semi miss her but be close enough for the bow wave to knock her ass over tea kettle while blowing the air horn. Rinse and repeat as required.

A pedestrian is killed and a cyclist gravely injured in IN. Woman killed, man critical after two separate crashes in Fishers In the picture of the bike wreck scene the head and tailights are both clearly visible shining on the road. This is another case of “didn’t see” = “didn’t look”.

An assumed drunk cyclist is killed the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike> Bicyclist dead after accident in Pinellas Park I still don’t see how centerpunching the cyclist with the truck was trying to avoid hitting him… but still don’t ride drunk, especially at 1600.

A little infrastructure news from AZ. PHOENIX PUSHES BICYCLISTS TO AVOID DEATH AND INJURY BY RIDING WITH TRAFFIC FLOW It was just a short time to be “official” but it’s still killing people to ride against traffic, because bicycles are not pedestrians. Pedestrians can side-step over a curb to get away from oncoming cars, cyclists just have to watch them hit.

More infrastructure news from AZ. Dangers of riding a bike in Tucson They keep blming cyclists rof not wearing helmets in wrecks that would not be survivable with one… TANJ!

Cyclist hit in NC. Cyclist struck, injured in Jacksonville Old guy in the crosswalk connecting the bike path segments on either side of a highway. As of this posting nobody was blaming the cyclist for anything, so maybe the driver failed to obey the crossing signal, or the law requiring vehicles yield to occupied crosswalks?

Moving a bit north of there a VA cyclist is injured in a hit-and-run. Cyclist hit by vehicle in Ashburn; driver flees scene I betcha had the driver been sober and remained at the scene there would have been no to minimal charges, but running from an injury wreck is a felony in VA. I wonder what the “false report” charge is about, faking a stolen car maybe?

Cyclist down in the Great White North. Amherstburg cyclist injured after getting hit by minivan Another “didn’t see” wreck of a lighted and reflectorized cyclist.

UK cyclists say it’s only a matter of time before crap infrastructure becomes killer infrastructure. Metrolink must make tram routes safer for cyclists ‘before someone dies’, say campaigners Wrecks have already caused injury when trams were not impending, at this point it’s just when instead of if a cyclist gets hit by a tram after getting stuck in the tracks and falling off.

“Hey see how great our infrastructure is?” 72 fewer killed or seriously injured on North East Lincolnshire roads “Our roads are so great we’re going to stop working to make them any safer.”

Last link is about a folding e-assist bike. Gi FlyBike: The first electric bike that folds in one second The Power Assist Yahoo group are convinced the hinge will fail on a full-sized American rider.

That’s it, I’m so tired I can barely see so I’m just going to check that the links are right and call it a night.

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Well now that that’s over back to the Feed

I had a great day on my birthday, ate too much, was shown much love by my D&D group, and generally had a good time. I’ll try to repeat the process again next year.

Some things are just sooooooo annoying. Pet peeve: bike infra designed by people who don’t ride bikes. It’s like virgins making sex toys for the opposite sex when all they’ve seen is pictures of the intended useage area, not to scale. And who have never seen porn either so they have no idea of what is supposed to go where. Or how. And this simile is starting to go off the rails, so I’ll stop while I’m behind.

There were two big themes in today’s feed: The drunken idiot driving on the wrong side of the road who claimed a human being was a pile of branches, More about the truck that turned left into a line of 8 cyclists and only managed to hit 5 and kill 1, and the whole rest of the bunch of hit-and-runs, of which there are legion.

So, scum bucket first. Lawyer: Driver in crash that killed cyclist thought he hit tree branches and Witnesses describe finding cyclist’s body And the rest of the links seem to have vanished when the computer crashed. Anywho, suffice it to say this guy gives “scum” a bad name. The cyclist was lighted and reflectorized well beyond the legal minimums, but that didn’t stop the defense lawyer from trying to blame the cyclist for being there to get hit by a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road.

Next up is more on the truck driver that missed 3 of 8 cyclists riding legally in the road. Bike ride in Cuyahoga Valley ends in tragedy for Plain Township father and Two bicyclists remain hospitalized after crash that killed man in Brecksville also FATAL CRASH KILLS ONE, INJURES FOUR this too “CRASH” NOT “ACCIDENT” and the letter “CRASH” NOT “ACCIDENT” Again I see reports that the driver of the weapon vehicle crossed the centerline a considerable distance before the intersection hitting the cyclists well after they crossed the intersection, and added to that the weapon vehicle stopped 20 feet before reaching the point at which he could have turned. The driver was either driving by braille, or terminally stupid. My bet is on the latter.

Speaking of terminally stupid, a drunk driver took out an Interstate-riding cyclist, for a case of the double-stupids. Driver arrested in death of bicyclist on I-94 in Minneapolis and Alexandria man hit, killed while riding bike on I-94 also Bicyclist riding in traffic lane on I-94 in Mpls. is hit, killed Near as I can tell from Google Maps there were plenty of alternate routes for the cyclist to take in that area, and there was no reason to be on the freeway. The closest area where the freeway could be considered a barrier to non-motorized traffic was several miles from where he was hit.

Since we didn’t have a post yesterday we have a surfeit of Daily Ted to share. Morning Links: 2nd officer faulted for beating of South LA bike rider, and a sad old song about careless drivers

And yesterday’s Daily Ted. Morning Links: Gov. Brown approves bike rider traffic school, too much Seth, and Peter Flax pens two must reads

And a sad one. Oxnard woman killed in bicycling fall in Port Hueneme

And because I feel like bouncing all the way to other side of the continent… Clinton Street Bike Lane Critics Tell DOT Officials They’ll Have Blood On Their Hands Oh Noes! I will get hit by deadly deadly cyclists if you give them a safe place to ride. /s

On the same subject but a broader perspective. DOT: NYC to Install Record Number of Protected Bike Lanes in 2015

Pretty pictures that most local DOT will gleefully ignore. Massachusetts’ Bikeway Design Guide Will Be Nation’s Most Advanced Yet

Hey lets go back to MN for no particular reason except this link. State DOT Wants to Get Drivers Off the Highways

This CA hit-and-run wreck could have been worse. Anaheim collision injures bicyclist; police arrest driver on suspicion of felony DUI As far as I can tell from the narrative the cyclist has serious but recoverable injuries, but since this seems to be three different reports mashed together, who knows. At this time the injuries are at least not life-threatening.

Another one of the hit-and-runs I mentioned at the top of the article. Local cyclist on mission to find hit-and-run driver who injured her Forensic scientists should be able to connect the mirror left behind to the make and model of weapon vehicle, assuming it’s OEM. So why does the victim not know what kind of vehicle hit her?

I don’t know if [grrrr] or [sigh] is the better lead-in for this. Bicyclist fatally struck by car on 47th Avenue This certainly looks like a SWSS wreck.

Another wreck that elicits the sigh or growl response. CHP Releases Name of Lompoc Cyclist Killed On Highway 154 Near Lake Cachuma The driver “attempted to pass the rider from behind and for unknown reasons, they collided,“. At least they aren’t claiming the cyclist was the agent of his own death.

Another driver giving scum bad name, this time in OR. Seriously injured woman faces soaring medical bills after hit on bike

An the hit-and-runs just keep coming. Fund set up to help injured University of Alabama student hit while riding bicycle

I have never seen a more convoluted way of blaming the cyclist for a driver’s mistakes. Lake in the Hills boy injured after bike collides with vehicle Really, the bike path crossed the driveway, making the bike path the through street, and they are trying to say that traffic in the left turn lane somehow had something to do with the wreck caused by the driver turning right from the driveway? Oh and “the sun was in my eyes” excuse? LAAAaaammme!

Another SWSS wreck. Bedford Teen Suffers Minor Injuries After Bicycle Struck By Vehicle At least this time the cyclist managed to ride away with minimal injuries.

Still another SWSS/SWCC wreck. Cyclist hit by car in Colonial Place seriously hurt Seriously, I’m getting a little frustrated at all the “suddenly entered the road from a sidewalk” and “swerved from the shoulder” reports today.

An indictment of L.A. infrastructure and LEO. The Ride of Way: A View of Los Angeles from a Bicycle Seat

In far West Canuckistan things just keep getting worse and worse for an accused killer driver. Family of well-known cyclist killed in Pemberton crash sues for negligence And there are still two more victims to be heard from, plus the cyclist he only grazed in the wreck. See, life just keeps getting better and better for him.

And from the Great White North. Cyclist injured, SIU investigating downtown crashThe SIU is automatically called in when there is a death, serious injury or allegation of sexual assault involving police.” WTF?

Also from the Great White North. Cyclist injured in collision with car Yeah this paragraph originally had a question mark because I missed the ON in the town description. anyway, left cross, you can read the protocols page just like I can and I need more page view clicks.

Ordinarily I don’t do breaking reports from Jolly Olde. Cyclist seriously injured in collision with two cars near Ashford I think you can deduce why I’m linking this one, the cyclist is still alive after getting hit by two cars. The dude is as tough or tougher than I am.

Something better and infrastructure-ish from Jolly Olde. Interactive map shows every London crash in which a cyclist was killed or seriously injured since 2005 This could come dangerously close to becoming a street map of London.

A drunk driver in Oz. Cyclist injured in Rockingham crash At least he didn’t hit-and-run.

The tester who passed this driver wasn’t real happy about it, but passed him anyway. Elderly motorist had ‘borderline’ driving skills before hitting cyclist, witness tells Adelaide inquest This is why testers should default to failing in case of a doubt. The alternative is giving Mr. Magoo a howitzer.

A hit-and-run follow-up. Man charged after cyclist injured in hit-and-run in Perth suburb of Mount Pleasant I don’t think that’s bondo on the front fender.

Two links to another hit-and-run in Oz. Cyclist injured in early morning Kwinana Beach crash and Cyclist injured in early morning Kwinana Beach crash At least this driver used the passenger side of the vehicle…

The latest fashions in foam hats. Preview: Bicycle Helmets for the 2016 Season The only thing I see worth while would be the “enduro” full-face helmets with adequate ventilation for long rides but protection good enough for downhill or street use, something that might have a shot at protecting your head in a wreck with a car.

And last link is a guy having a good ride in the early morning darkness. 5:33am: guy rides up our street blasting music weekly

And either I’m out of links or I’m out of sanity, and I don’t want to bet on either one right now.

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Another day playing Kinky D&D, and the feed

I have sad news from the dungeon. My Warlock8 was killed by a party member under a geas-like compulsion to love my apprentice and kill all other suitors. Even with the -5 penalty for a called shot while the target was in grapple with the person the geas required her to save, our half-ogre barbarian managed to behead my Warlock. At the moment I’m kibbutzing the party as a spirit that is only half heard, making suggestions from vantage points no one else in the party can get to, dispensing advice from the Great Beyond, until we find out if there is any chance at resurrecting my body. If we find that there is no way to bring me back in a timely manner my “spirit” will pass beyond the veil, and I’ll have to roll a new character.

Up first today, the worst injured victim of a serial hit-and-run driver has died. Cyclist in hit-and-run crash has died and Report: Driver accused of hitting cyclist nearly 3 times over limit also Cyclist in weekend hit-and-run on life support You know someone at the DA’s office is going to get two brain cells bumping together and connect 3 separate hit-and-runs against cyclists, and the probablity THAT IT WAS DONE ON PURPOSE and upgrade the charges to attempted murder on behalf of the surviving victims, and murder for the cyclist who died.

This just showed in my Twitter: Jeffrey Rowland ‏@wigu 9 hours ago
Chasing a flying bat down a hallway on my bike was a thing I did today. So, I guess that’s a thing now.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: LAPD handcuff South LA cyclist over traffic ticket; Taylor Phinney makes amazing comeback

Update on a wreck in NYC that just became fatal. 24-Year-Old Woman Dies One Week After Being Pinned To Light Pole By Midtown Driver This was a pedestrian, but because of the weapon vehicle crossing the bike lane it could just as easily have been a cyclist.

How much evidence does LEO need to arrest someone for hit-and-run? How Much Evidence Does The NYPD Need To Arrest A Hit & Run Driver? Well, apparently having video of the weapon vehicle, and a piece of the weapon vehicle that has been matched by forensic evidence that was left at the scene isn’t enough if the victim was a cyclist.

Update on the NY cyclist left-crossed by a bus last week. Congers bicyclist killed by bus was artist, musician And a fellow UU.

Meanwhile over in CT. Police say injured cyclist was at fault I suppose it is possible that a cyclist ran the red in the crosswalk.

A MI cyclist is injured by a drunk driver in this article I can’t finish because of the paywall. Bicyclist injured; man arrested after crash Yeah, drunk drivers still need to lose their cars, and also spend the rest of their lives in prison when they kill. If I were Emperor they would get taken out in a mass execution with a semi with a reinforced bumper once a month until they started getting the message and STOPPED DRIVING DRUNK! How many years do you think that would take?

An IL cyclist is hit so hard the driver had to go to hospital for treatment of injuries. 2 injured after crash involving bicycle, car in Grand Tower That requires either an older model car that does not have the second layer of transparent vinyl on the inside to prevent flying glass shards on the inside of the vehicle, or the cyclist is as tough as the writer of this blog when it comes to a heavy impact.

A western WA cyclist gets clobbered with a motor vehicle. Female Kirkland cyclist hit by truck on Market Street, in critical condition Yeah, there ain’t no “gentle taps” with a big truck. This was the “other” kind of crossing wreck, the cyclist was on the through street and the weapon vehicle was turning left from the cross street.

In the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike. Bicyclist killed in North Fort Myers crash This one reads like two separate wrecks, one where the cyclist was hit by a vehicle that lost control in the bad weather and drove up on the sidewalk, and the other where the cyclist was crossing the road mid block and one driver stopped and the other driver went around the stopped vehicle and hit the cyclist as he came outt from the front of the stopped vehicle. And now the link has changed again removing the part about the cyclist crossing the road. Given that the weapon vehicle is sitting on its side there is a strong possibility that the “lost control in the rain and wrecked on the sidewalk” part of the report that is still up is the narrative that LEO are going with. And good luck trying to avoid that kind of wreck.

A little infrastructure news from Portland. City settles on diagonal design for diverter on NE Rodney This means one diverter can stop ratrunning on both streets of the intersection, reducing traffic volume through residential areas, for cheap.

Paradise says “What is your opinion?”. Honolulu Bike-Share Asks Users to Help With System Design

Remember that cyclist trapped under a car in Jolly Olde? Update on critically injured cyclist freed from beneath car on organised bike ride in Cotswolds Turns out getting stuck under a car is not good for your health.

Terrible drivers and terrible roads and what have you got? Why Manchester is a terrible cycling city

Some cities get that bicycles are not cars. The city that lets cyclists jump red lights

I’m not sure if this was an attempt at humor, or just a troll. Cyclist education would help to prevent accidents The reason I mention humor and trolling is the comments section pointed out the intersection mentioned in the letter does not exist.

And this is just so… special. Wes Anderson Spotted Riding Citibicycle Around Manhattan

And I’m outta links again.

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No post tonight, the visit to the Lab Rat Keeper drained me

I just wish that was not quite so literal as it turned out to be.

First is the lack of sleep issue. Last night’s post did not get finished until about 0230 or so, after 0200 at any rate. I was tired, but the brain refused to shut down and let me sleep, so I was awake until sometime close to 0400. Then the alarm went off at 0715. So I have been semi-functional all day on maybe as much as 4 hours of sleep.

The comes the dehydration. The relative humidity has been very low and the temperature has been high by “normal” standards, low by “Texas” standards, about 97-99°F. That just sucks the fluids right out of your skin. I compounded that by only having one cup of coffee with breakfast and then forgetting to drink water during the day until lunch. Lunch was a Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, small fries, and the biggest Diet Coke they sold. That helped for a little while until I had to sit in the sun waiting for the bus that was about 20 minutes late arriving. I was a bit thirsty when we got to the transit center, but not enough time to grab a drink before the bus home.

Then there was the actual visit with the Lab Rat Keeper. This visit was “torture day”. First the usual weigh-in and BP testing. Then the stuff that was not a part of the routine get more meds and go visit, the blood draw(s, I only got stuck the once but there were at least a half-dozen Vacutainers that had to be filled), the EKG (which only took one small patch of chest hairs off 😛 ), and then the mental acuity tests. First the good news, my memory impairment seems to only be relative to my previous standards, compared to other guys my age I’m a memory giant. The one that impressed the lady doing the test was the repeating back 8 digit numbers backwards. I missed one and got the other one which was a “pass” and would have allowed me to go on to the next level, except that was where the test maxed out. Remembering stories I didn’t do so well. I kept forgetting details like the names of the characters. Names have never been my strong point, just ask Mrs. the Poet how many times she gets called “Bob”.

So, when I got home I was tired. Run down. Vaguely thirsty. Sweaty and slightly stinky. And not really thinking all that clearly. So this is all the blog post you are getting tonight.

PSA, Opus the Unkillable Badass Poet