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Things are good

The Wi-Fi router is fixed, the new computer is connected to the router, and I’m back to over-thinking the Sprint-T. So everything is perfectly normal (there is a clip from one of the Addams’ Family movies where Wednesday says that but I can’t find it on YouTube). Anyway there was some kind of software problem with the router, the Frontier tech did an update through the Internet, and everything is fixed now as far as computers are concerned.

Now on the Sprint-T there is a problem. I was reviewing the rear axle I selected and discovered a potential problem. The axle tube is held in the center section by set screws, 4 of them, and there is some debate on how well they would stand up to resisting the entire rotational torque of the system reacting against the right side tube retention. Because as the rear suspension is designed now the anti-rotation link for the drive is on the right side only. I have one opinion that if I drill and thread the axle tube for the bolts to go all the way through the wall of the axle tube and use Grade 8 bolts it will hold up forever, and another that says I’ll need to replace right side tubes once or twice a season because they aren’t built for that kind of stress, what with the reaction torque in two directions getting planted against the road, all through the wall of the axle tube and 4 little bolts where is enters the center section. There is room for debate on both sides of the question, even from the people who make the axle. The other option is to attach the torque link or arm to the center section because it is designed to resist the force internally. but that really eats into the passenger side of the interior…

Also I have been having problems getting to sleep at night as the discomfort I have been having with the wrecked leg has been just enough to keep me from sleeping. Actually once I get to sleep I have no problems staying asleep, I just get to stare at the walls until sunrise waiting to get tired enough to sleep. That has been annoying as well as missing most of the day in bed because I’m so tired. I woke up at about 1300 and it felt like I hadn’t been asleep at all. I mean it doesn’t hurt-hurt, it is just annoying enough that I can’t sleep without getting exhausted. And I drag around all day in a daze. I could be worse, but I could be a heck of a lot better. And speaking of dragging around in a daze I had to type the last sentence 3 times before I could get all the words to make sense, so I’m going to take a pain pill and a sleeping pill and try to get up at a decent time in the AM. I am having serious problems seeing to type or to read the screen to make sure what I thought I typed is what is going on the screen. So off to bed for this old blogger.


I was on the road for 6 hours and my feet are killing me, and the Feed

I really should have gotten my toes done before doing all that walking, but one of the reasons I did all that walking was to deposit my check so I could get my toes done. At least this time I didn’t put any holes in my socks. So this put me back home starting filtering at 2030 instead of my normal 1430. Something else slowing me down is the almost 400 political campaign e-mails I got today in advance of the end-of-quarter deadline at midnight, because scattered amongst those money beggars are the online newsletters I check every day for an occasional bike story that doesn’t show in the Feed. I generally get on or two links a week out of that, sometimes way more, so it’s worth the effort.

OK finished filtering and it is 0322. For those not used to a 24 clock, that’s 22 minutes after Gigi loses her Internet every day, which happens at 3 AM here.

Up first is Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Former CM Rosendahl passes away, Calbike endorsements, and holding hands to stop texting

You have to start somewhere. HOUSE PANEL EXPLORES ROADSIDE SALIVA TESTING At the moment there is next to nothing known about weed and other legal or semi-legal drugs other than at some concentration they impair driving. Alcohol has a well-known effect on two critical aspects of driving, judgement and reaction time. What does pot effect? damifino.

We have one of these in the area I live and I was even a member of it at one time. Bike Advisory Committee Works for Better Bicycling in San Francisco You think anyone pays more attention to these guys than got paid to the Bike/Ped advisory committee at NCTCOG?

Infrastructure-related wreck in MD, no cars involved. Women injured in Crownsville bicycle crash There was not much coherent posted about this wreck, “they hit a bump and crashed” is the entirety of the report.

This is just sad. 7-year-old Cape Girardeau girl recovering from serious injuries after being hit while riding bike There is nothing blaming the victim here, perhps the driver of the suv that ran her over was (mostly) at fault. Nothing on the mode except that an intersection was involved.

I had a very hard tie understanding this when I first filtered it. Legislation would steer bicycle safety in right direction It’s still word salad in need of editing, but I think it says that bicycles would always have right of way over motor vehicles. That sounds very much like a presumed liability law, assuming that cyclists are not going to put themselves deliberately out there to get hit, because that really hurts and getting hit by a car takes a long time to recover from.

One new wreck and one old wreck from a NC. Cyclists struck by motorists Another left cross in NC, followed by a rehash of the Belize wreck.

Hmmm, drivers may not know they are driving virtually blind. Study illuminates big performance gap for car headlights Just like for bike lights, it’s not just the amount of light put out, it’s putting the light where it will do the most good.

Infrastructure from far West Canuckistan. Victoria Mayor says fatal collision involving cyclist was preventable The mayor is blaming the wreck on the lack of a barrier between the truck and the cyclist. Since the wreck was a right cross I have my doubts about that, but if they can do protected intersections like the Dutch… Maybe?

One of the strongest memes of this blog is don’t hit the pedestrians! Cyclist breaks little boy’s leg – then rides off: Can you help find the culprit? Especially don’t hit-and-run the pedestrians, even if they walk into the side of the bike as you are passing them. And watch out for little kids!

“Oh, the horrors I saw as I held the hand of the woman I ran over with my truck!” Lorry driver tells court how he pleaded with injured cyclist to ‘hold on’ This should not have been allowed to be presented to the jury. Remorse after the fact has no bearing on if an unlawful act occurred. But it seemed to have the desired effect on the jury. Husband of cyclist killed by London lorry cries as driver is acquitted and Family “devastated” as London lorry driver cleared of killing cyclist

Another UK cycling death. Tributes to ‘gentle giant’ cyclist Steve Wand who was killed in Westerham Good Friday collision The wreck appears to be due to human error on the part of the cyclist who died.

More UK infrastructure. ‘More imagination’ called for to combat thousands of extra cars coming into West Cambridge

More infrastructure, this time from the Emerald Isle. Petition for lights after cyclist death

Another one dies in Oz. Perth cyclist dies after being knocked off bike in Gosnells Did someone declare an open season on Oz cyclists?

Seriously, is there an open season on Oz cyclists? Three WA cyclists in car collisions

And it’s now 0457, and I can barely see the screen to type. I will come back to suffer some more after a few hours of sleep, blessed sleep.

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I broke a tooth last night, and the Feed

I had a piece come off one of my few remaining teeth last night as I was putting the post to bed. It’s a very strange situation, half of the front of one of my incisors just fell off the tooth while I was eating a crunch candy bar. Notice the “crunch” is not capitalized because Mrs. the Poet bought generic candy at the Dollar Store rather than the name brand stuff. I don’t think the fact that the candy was not brand had anything to do with 1/4 of the tooth coming off. At the moment it isn’t uncomfortable except for the sharp edge that was left exposed to my lip and I have managed to only cut myself on that the once. But I have to remember that I have a broken tooth and bite and chew accordingly.

Early Christmas gift notice. Dumbing of Age: The Fifth Book Collection I love the title of the book. Seriously, love. And I want a physical paper book, not just the PDF. I’m old fashioned that way. I have a bunch of books on PDF but I also have many tons of paper books.

Up first is Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: A very sad weekend in bike racing, and bikesplaining from a windshield perspective That “windshield perspective” link is a riot.

Local but not actually bike related. Driver to face charges in West Dallas crash that killed 3 children How fast was he going to kill three people inside a light armored vehicle, and critcally injure another, while also inflicting injuries on the driver?

Another driver runs a stop sign hitting a cyclist on a through street and LEO can’t decide if the driver should be charged? Broomfield cyclist injured after car collision The one earlier was in CA this one is in CO. And to answer the question, the driver ran a stop sign and caused injury to a cyclist with the right of way, you better at least give a ticket, if not an assault charge.

Hit-and-run wreck in IL. UPDATE: Altamont Man Riding Bicycle Struck and Killed on Route 40 Monday Morning, Search for Driver That Left the Scene Continues Hit-from-behind wreck or maybe just a buzz job that killed because of aerodynamic effects causing the rider to get caught in the rear wheels.

Nice little infrastructure fight in NJ. Bike-Share Fight Brews in New Jersey You can ride your out-of-town bike-share bike but you can’t park it because, it ain’t our bike-share bike. Sure that will pass muster with the constitutional folks?

And since we are discussing NJ infrastructure why not NYC? The Official (Mostly Accurate) 2016 NYC Bike Map Is Here Looks nice, but most bike infrastructure looks nice when it’a lines on paper.

And since we are in NY here is the NYP take on the stupid rich guy riding a bike from L.A. to Vegas in less than 48 hours for a $1.2 million bet. Instagram playboy reveals why he’s risking his life for $600K OK 10 years ago this would not be that big a deal for me to do since I was riding 120 miles round trip to have lunch with a friend, but since having “Chris Christie” move in and be evicted from my neck I probably couldn’t do this in the time limit today.

How to fund cycling infrastructure while reducing carbon pollution. Comment of the Week: Raise the gas tax one penny per fatality If this had been in effect for last year using the 2013 fatalities there would be a $52.80/gal tax on gas last year, because it usually takes until August or September to get all the vulnerable users totalled up and then the tax would go into effect the next year after that. The tax would be $56.04 nationally this year. OR would have a $0.64/gallon tax based on the 2014 statistics while we in TX would be ponying an extra $5.26/gallon. Yes I think this would be an excellent way of reducing vulnerable user fatalities, both because drivers will be incentivized to not hit vulnerable users and as a way to build infrastructure that protects vulnerable users from motor vehicles.

Another infrastructure article from America’s Copenhagen. Guest article: Want safer streets? Ask for them I guess asking nicely would work, if there was an “Or else” with teeth attached to it.

More from the DIY DoT in Portland. What are all these unauthorized orange traffic cones telling us? They are telling us that the bike lanes are incomplete without something sticking up to keep drivers out of them.

And tragedy in Portland. Gresham police say 10-year-old boy’s death on Burnside is “horrible accident” This is one of those wrecks that human nature and bad infrastructure combine to create a situation with no winners.

Do you know the words before you click the link? The three words that mean so much when they come from a cyclist.Also known as calling your pass.

Wreck in West Canuckistan. Cyclist, 73, killed in collision with delivery truck in Victoria Truck wreck with a cyclist at an intersection, probably a right hook but since LEO aren’t telling anything we don’t know.

Infrastructure article from Jolly Olde. Chris Boardman dismisses Janet Street-Porter’s anti-cycle infrastructure article as shouting and stamping devoid of logic

Still in the UK, this guy did something extraordinary. Tamworth man completes gruelling 1,000 mile cycling challenge John o’Groats to Land’s End is comparable to riding from Texarcana to El Paso by way of Brownsville or Amarillo.

Another extraordinary achievement in Jolly Olde. Shanaze Reade sets Guinness World Record – for cycling Wall of Death Of course a track cyclist would be good for this. It’s like the world’s smallest and steepest banked velodrome.

Another link to that attempted murder in Oz. Police seize car in connection with hit and run that left cyclist in critical condition Get ‘im! grr!

Another wreck in Oz. UPDATE: Cyclist, 78, killed in freak accident If witness accounts are to be believed he may have had some kind of medical condition just prior to hitting the parked vehicle while riding uphill. Or in other words he wasn’t going fast enough to get injured from the impact, much less killed, so something must have happened before the wreck.

More wreck news from Oz. Police question man after cyclist killed in hit-and-run near Perth [facepalm] Seventy-three years old and “didn’t know” he hit anything.[/facepalm] And there was a second cyclist hit who didn’t even merit a separate article… More Three dead in Easter Monday crashes as weekend toll rises to four

Still in Oz. Loved ones remember man with passion for cycling and humour

Responding to the many injuries and the death in the pro peloton. The Elephant Not in the Room

The good news is getting on your bike will cause you to lose a few pounds. Middle-aged cycle commuters typically 4-5kg lighter than those who drive to work The bad news is unless you restrict calorie intake and really push your commutes long you probably won’t lose much past that initial loss. Of course you really don’t “need” to because your fat to lean ratio will be so improved.

Review of an e-assist bike. Testing the Bosch Edgerunner This is a mid-drive bike as opposed to the cheaper but less able hub motor bikes.

And while we are on e-assist, here is a cell comparison for the ones who make their own packs. Ebenezer Scrooge’s 18650 Ebike Battery Shopping Guide For 2016 If you make your own packs you can get bleeding edge performance for a season, maybe a year. That’s how much the technology is moving, still. It’s not the same as when I was doing experiments with SLA just as NiMH cells became cheaply available and you could get twice the capacity at half the weight, but there are still major advances out there in capacity and especially current delivery.

And it’s after 0400, I’m going to bed. Sorry Gigi for posting late again.

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Another late night coming, and the Feed

Yep, I know this one won’t get out until after Gigi loses her Internet access (sorry Gigi) at 0300 CDT. I don’t know what time of day that is for her, but that is a strange time of day to lose Internet access, you know what I mean? And I’m still puzzled over how she’s getting on the Information Superhighway, seeing as how she lacks fingers and thumbs to use a standard device, and had serious difficulty expressing herself verbally without resorting to certain 4,7, and 13 letter words that are generally not used in polite company (some that I didn’t use around her, I don’t swear in Yiddish). So how she gets online is a question that may never get answered.

Up first is Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Bike collisions down across LA, hit-and-runs up in IE, and special offer on a new lighted backpack That’s a nice backpack, shame I hove zero chance at it.

Still in CA. PUBLIC SAFETY: Number of Inland area hit-and-run accidents soaring Make hit-and-run fatalities equivalent in punishment to murder and raise the budget to investigate the deaths so that it would be highly unlikely that you would not get arrested, and require that all vehicles used to commit hit-and-run be destroyed in the most public way possible, and in short order you would get people deciding that staying and taking the lower punishment and keeping your car would be the wisest course of action.

I still say this person was riding in the inside lane in preparation to make a left turn when she was hit from behind. Cyclist killed by car was loved by many

Also still in CA. Two die in separate gang-related shootings in Santa Ana Avoiding this is about as easy as avoiding a flat-black car running without headlights at night and at high speed from behind you. You literally can’t see this coming.

A little closer to home, they found the lowlife who killed a cyclist and ran away in NOLA. Driver arrested in fatal hit-and-run that killed Monique Massey, NOPD says and Police make arrest in crash that killed bicyclist There is some dispute about the color of the weapon vehicle, but that is just an example of why eye-witness testimony is so unreliable, /especially when one of the witnesses was close to being another victim.

Just two days ride south of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Cyclist injured in hit-and-run; police seek driver Left cross, minor traffic ticket. Leaving the scene of an injury wreck, felony with mandatory prison. Watching an idiot get abused by cops for being an idiot, priceless.

Another link to that story of the cyclist hit in WA that used an internet comment section to identify the weapon vehicle. Cyclist has life-threatening in hit-and-run crash Again, a hearty “Thanks” to the readers of Jalopnik for their outstanding contribution to solving this crime.

Down the coast a bit from that wreck, infrastructure news from America’s Copenhagen. Surprise! Gasoline sellers dominate funding of campaign to stop Portland gas tax

This is just soooo Portland. City preps for Bernie Sanders rally with extra bike parking Yep, Bernie’s coming, better get the bike valets ready… 😀

The DIY DoT in Portland calls itself the Portland “Transformation” Bureau, and they have been busy. Portland ‘Transformation’ bureau unveils a new trick: ’20 is Plenty’ signs

Somebody ran a stop sign in Casa Grande. Bicyclist struck by car in CG flown to hospital If I’m looking at the Street View of the wreck right. the cyclist was on the through street and the driver ran the stop sign.

On the other coast in CT. Cyclist clipped and injured on Route 107 The narrative suggests a buzz job or punishment pass, either way use the hit-from-behind protocols to prevent or reduce injury.

It isn’t even officially open yet, but it has been wrecked twice? Updated: Driver damage to bike lane barrier now at $15,000 You know bicycle infrastructure would be a lot cheaper if so much work wasn’t required to keep people from driving on it.

Flori-not-duh. Miami-Dade Merges Public Works, Transportation Into One Agency They both work basically the same place. I mean think of it, how many times have you seen street built and made perfectly smooth, and then 6 months to maybe 2 years later they tear it up to repair or replace the sewers or water mains or maybe the storm drains, when if they had done that while the streets were already torn up while they were replaced it would have cost less and when they got done the streets would stay smooth an in great shape for many years to come. When they patch the street after doing work months or years after the street was rebuilt the street is never as smooth and it jut keeps getting worse and worse at the edges of those patches until they have to get repatched and then potholes start forming and long before it should be the street needs to be rebuilt again.

Another LEO acts like bike helmets protect children from getting hit by cars. Trooper donates helmets after student’s bike accident Kids being kids there will probably be a few wrecks, and maybe one or two kids will not get hurt as bad because they had a helmet on. Also kids being kids a large number will get disgusted at wearing the helmets and stop riding bikes and develop some kind of disease caused by inactivity. And the number of kids who quit will greatly outnumber the kids who didn’t get hurt because they had a helmet on.

I had to look up where this was to figure out why a large group of Americans would be riding bikes there “Belize is a country on the eastern coast of Central America. It is the only country in Central America whose official language is English.” Wikipedia. Five Cyclist Injured on Highway in Western Belize

Humorous infrastructure from Jolly Olde. ‘This cyclist is mortal’: acerbic T-shirts warn drivers of their behaviour Dying is not so bad, it’s that bit between the injury that kills you and actually being dead that is a B*tch. And then the part where you come back alive after being dead? Mother %*$(#$ that hurts!

Oh come on! Hunt for Vic hit-run motorist and Do you know this car? Police release image of car wanted over Ballarat hit-run This was no “accident”, this was attempted murder. No way for a human cyclist to avoid a wreck like this.

Still in Oz. Two cyclist hurt in Vic hit-and-run crash This is another link to that 2 out of 3 wreck I posted on yesterday.

And I’m finally out of links. See you Sunday.

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I have been participating in the political process, and the Feed

I was attending a volunteer welcome and campaign HQ grand opening for the candidate in the next state rep district over from mine, the one that is actually inside Dallas County. The candidate is Victoria Neave (@Victoria4Texas on twitter). First thing I have to say is this was the BEST(!) feed for volunteers I have ever been to, with real food (MexMex) instead of rubber hot dogs and vulcanized hamburgers. I had a carnita, enchilada, taquito, spiced rice, and refrito frijoles, with a Dr. Pepper to help it down. Second the reason I’m supporting this candidate instead of the one running in my district is my district has gone tea party ever since the previous (R) candidate was sent to prison on fraud charges, and is so gerrymandered that it is more than a full day’s bike ride to get from my house to the eastern edge of the district wayyyyy out in the country and back. Parts of Paris TX are in the same representative’s district as me. And I have just about fuck all in common with the people in Paris, aside from Blue Bell Ice Cream and barbeque.

And as I was getting set up for today’s posting I put the 10 hour leekspin video on the phone for my monotonous background music, and in the suggested videos was the “Top 10 Movie Suicides”. That’s a ringing endorsement of my musical choice, isn’t it? 😛

Up first is a shooting in Houston. HPD: Bicyclist shot, killed while riding in N. Houston The victim was just in the area and caught by a stray bullet. There’s is literally nothing any cyclist can do to avoid a situation like this. Even moving to “the country” won’t prevent it because you still get meth heads fighting over cook labs and moonshiners fighting over turf. I understand this happens much less outside the US.

Ted is back from his mental hygiene break. Morning Links: Rough week for LA bike riders, Streetsie Award celebration, and more sexist bike marketing

Over in AZ lots of links about a hit-and-run. Gilbert police identify bicyclist killed by hit-and-run driver and Update: Cyclist in Gilbert hit-and-run has died also Gilbert police identify bicyclist killed by hit-and-run driver

Also in AZ. Survey finds support for reduced speed limits I find it fascinating that the number of people who want the speed limit reduced in front of their house is nearly identical to the number of people who want the speed limit reduced in other people’s neighborhoods, so this is definitely not a case of NIMBY.

Moving up to CO, update on the cyclist losing his arm in a training crash. Phil Zajicek, Boulder cyclist injured in Flagstaff crash, remains in medically induced coma

Also in CO. Teen who killed Fort Collins cyclist avoids jail time So instead of getting shredded in the car used to kill the cyclist, he gets to do “community service”, but at least this time his community service will be supervised by the peers of the cyclist who was killed. This was a driver who swerved right when he was trying to avoid a truck and trailer he almost hit because he was driving asleep, and there was a cyclist in the place he swerved into.

Also still in CO. Cyclist killed in crash ID’d The weapon vehicle was ID’ed as a private trash truck and found. They are still trying to find out who was driving the truck at the time.

Over in America’s Copenhagen… Suspect arrested after cyclist hit by truck, killed in SE Portland Gee this looks just like the article from Portland ME I linked to earlier. This was the wreck from Bike Portland. Arrest made in fatal crash on SE Center near Powell Butte – UPDATED

Speaking of cyclists getting shot. Plea deal results in 10-year sentence for bicyclist’s death The only thing that bothers me about this is this was another cyclist totally uninvolved with the shooting that killed him, so “accidentally” killed. The shooter was trying just as hard to kill this cyclist as the average driver does when they kill a cyclist, but the sentence was orders of magnitude longer for this death than it was for a cyclist killed with a motor vehicle that is a much more effective killing machine.

The cyclist hit from behind was guilty of his own death because “dark clothes”. No criminal charges to be filed in death of Phenix City cyclist Sean Rey

FloriDUH! Bell teen injured in bicycle accident I wonder who told LEO the cyclist turned left into the 1998 Mercury Marquis (deSade edition?), the driver of said Mercury? Have you read a more perfect SWSS report?

Meanwhile in the Great White North. ‘I just want justice’: grieving mother wants answers after death of cyclist Not even a trafficv ticket for at least 3 misdemeanors…

How long was this driver on the roads between the arrest and the conviction? HGV driver jailed after travelling on M11 and A14 in Cambridgeshire while three times drink limitHe said his client was the sole provider for his family who sent his wages home to pay for his wife’s cancer treatment and his daughters’ university education.” And I have a bridge I’m looking to unload, cheap, with a great view of London. This lout should never drive another mile for pay again. And I’m not really sure he should drive at all, period.

Maybe you should use a better wind screen on your lights? Candle-powered: the Dutch cyclist in trouble when the wind blew

This is another reason why cyclist should know advanced first aid. Cyclists save collapsed man’s life – with help of tyre lever I don’t know about using a tire lever for surgery, but it worked this time…

And this looks to be a great movie. Video: Battle Mountain – Graeme Obree’s Story One of the things this movie really brings out is the level of preparation and design work required to ride a bicycle more than 50 MPH on a level road powered only by human being(s).

A strange wreck in Oz. Cyclist critically injured after group crashes into kangaroo carcass Apparently this particular ‘roo blended in pretty well with the color of the road surface.

And last link, the buffoon who took money from the budget to build bike lanes to pull some out while smoking crack has died of cancer. Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dies And I’m trying really hard not to do a Nelson on this one, but the trmptation is just so great. Seriously, I don’t see this as divine retribution from Lady Ghisallo, or any other deity.

And I’m done finally.

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Free Burrito Bowl day, and the Feed

I went out to get my free Chipotle burrito bowl today, cashing in my coupon. I have always liked Chipotle food so this was not an arduous or distasteful undertaking. Or even that expensive because of the DART mid-day pass. I went with the steak because when they aren’t free I usually get the cheaper chicken or tofu and wanted to see how the grass was on the cow side of the fence. I also had the brown rice instead of white, black beans, and the spiced corn salsa with salsa verde, plus cheese and lettuce for a balanced selection of veggies. I thoroughly enjoyed my burrito bowl.

Up first is how to develop the habit if getting around by bike. Habit Loop I remember doing this…

While I’m doing positive, life-affirming links…Delaware’s longest paved trail (a 16 mile smooth asphalt strip that you’ll be able to ride without ever stopping all the way from Delaware City to Chesapeake City) will be totally complete and finished this year.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Jamming on North Fig, Bike the Vote endorses in Culver City, and selling butts instead of e-bikes

Things are busy over in Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge police: Bicyclist killed in wreck with 18-wheeler on Plank Road Salmon cyclist who may have been taught to ride that way gets hit by truck driver looking one way while turning the other. And I’m not making that “taught that way” up, it’s from the article. Well at least he was able to see his death coming at him.

And later in the same day in a different part of town. Bicyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run on Siegen Lane I’m having a hard time seeing it in the picture because of he glare from the headlights of the cop car they propped the bike against, but i think I see the bike’s taillight in the picture of the crime scene. Given how smashed up the back of the bike is that is freaking amazing. And since the back of the bike is smashed and they are saying the found bits of the front, possibly the drivers side of the car I’m going o call this one a hit from behind wreck.

Back to CA. Police Identify Bicycle Rider Killed in Carlsbad and Bicyclist killed in Carlsbad collision lived in Cardiff also Bicyclist Struck and Killed in Carlsbad Identified Wow, she rode all the way from Wales? J/K This is one of those “laugh so it doesn’t hurt so bad” kind of wrecks.

Wreck in CO. Cyclist injured in hit-and-run near Boulder released from hospital Still looking for that “sports car” with a missing mirror…

Is this corruption in NYC? Witness Says NYPD Let A Hit & Run Driver Flash His Badge & Slip Away Seriously, this is 19 different kinds of fucked up.

I keep making fun of articles that make it sound like cars are driving around on their own volition, but this time it’s true. Driverless Corvette Runs Over Woman On Midtown Sidewalk Corvette had a remote start system that somehow was activated after the driver left the scene, and the car drove itself onto the sidewalk.

Infrastructure from Portland. #WorkZoneWTF: Advocates want city ordinance to ensure safe passage through work zones Construction sites on busy roads can be a major stress on vulnerable users when they have to walk/ride in the main travel lane.

Brazen thief. Video shows thief stealing bike from Red Cross while owner is inside giving blood There was a half-joking suggestion to remove a finger from the bike thief in the comments section. How about just beating him with a bike chain instead?

How about actually enforcing the laws when the perp admits to breaking them? Linn County DA won’t prosecute driver who admitted checking his phone before deadly hit-and-run crash What is so hard about this case? The driver admits to picking up the phone right before the wreck, and leaving the scene.

More Portland infrastructure. BikeLoudPDX hits Active Transportation Summit with “not-so-cool infrastructure” flyer There are some examples of crap infrastructure that is still too prevalent in America’s Copenhagen.

Back across the country to Buffalo. Bicyclist killed after colliding with vehicle in Buffalo At this point it appears the cyclist though the 2-way stop was a 4-way stop and the weapon vehicle was going to stop.

IN far West Canuckistan they are having a problem with people getting hit with car doors while riding bicycles. Car door killers: Campaign tries to make a dent in cyclist doorings The little stat in the sub-head is a bit scary: “Doorings are responsible for 1 in 7 bike crashes in Vancouver” And that is just the reported door prizes there might be another 1/3 more that aren’t reported. And the comments section try to make it all the cyclists’ fault for being there to get killed…

Multiple links to a wreck in Ontario. Leamington cyclist killed in collision with van and OPP ID Cyclist Killed In Leamington Collision also Fatal Crash Takes Cyclist’s Life Blaming the cyclist for the driver not being able to stop in the distance he could see clearly. Also how many years has it been since a fatal bicycle wreck took a driver’s life without killing the cyclist? I know it was at least once since I moved the blog to WP back in 2008. The one that comes to mind was a cyclist buzzed well away from the road and the driver hit a tree in OK, but I don’t know if I could find that now.

Infrastructure in Edmonton. City staff hosts open house for bike lane layout Surprise, drivers paid little attention to the paint and were driving in the bike lanes with the cyclists… Barrier protected lanes are about the only thing that will work here, especially after the snow flies.

Another link to a UK pedestrian getting off a bus directly in front of a sidewalk cyclist. Pensioner in hospital after accident in Exeter Street Both the cyclist and pedestrian were transported to hospital, conditions unknown. Don’t hit the pedestrians. This is not the same wreck linked to yesterday.

Another UK wreck appears to be two bicycles from the picture of the crime scene. Man, 80, injured after crash with bike in Barnstaple You can plainly see two bikes in the picture. One appears to be a road bike with drop handlebars, the other is maybe a cruiser or city bike.

UK drivers really don’t respect cyclists, even when they are LEO on bikes. Driver ‘deliberately’ knocked down police cyclist in south London This is what happens when you have media continuously and continually dehumanizing cyclists.

Wow, Italy getting tough on drivers who kill. Italy gets tough on killer drivers – how do new laws compare to UK? Well there’s theory, and there’s practice. UK laws are tough in theory, not so much in practice as minimums are treated as suggestions rather than actual laws.

Speaking of getting tough on drivers, I’m having some serious difficulties with this one. Mildura driver who was nearly six times over the limit jailed over crash that injured cyclist Really, almost six times the legal limit for DUI and the victim is still in and out of hospital for treatments and maybe 2 years in prison? why not give him a teddy bear?

It’s amazing what passing laws do for cyclist safety. Injured cyclist praises safer overtaking laws ahead of Queensland review Now take the cars away when they hit someone not in a car, especially when that hit causes injury.

Another slap on the wrist for a driver causing injury. Woman admits causing crash that injured Palmerston North City Councillor Are they seriously blaming the victim for riding an e-assist bike that goes 12.5 MPH as “too fast”?!? That’s what my speedo was reading on Francis/es when I could still ride, and that’s a quarter-ton pickup truck with two wheels.

And it’s 0530, and I’m beat.

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I’m still among the living, and the Feed

Trip to the doctor went well, and there’s a new study already in the works. I have already signed the NDA, so I can’t say anymore about it except that it’s a BP med, but I’m sure most of you figured that out when I posted “new study”. I’m still waiting on the parts from VCG resins, but it hasn’t been long enough for the parts to get here yet. Maybe by Friday or Monday of next week at the latest.

Up first is Our Daily Ted, part one. Morning Links: Former Councilmember Bill Rosendahl near death; led fight to make LA better for bike riders

And part two. Update: Teenage bike rider killed Monday afternoon in San Diego solo fall more Teen fleeing robbery hits head on trolley tracks, dies also Boy on Bike Hits Head on Train Tracks, Dies The bike in question was either not equipped with brakes, or had very bad brakes to the point that the difference was not much of a difference.

Also in CA. EXCITING IMPROVEMENTS COMING TO SAN JOSÉ AVENUE Yes, good infrastructure. Not great infrastructure, but much better than what they already have.

More infrastructure news, this time from GA. Grady student’s death ignites calls for changes at Midtown intersection What changes will get made are impossible to determine at this juncture, and may make things work because they were “doing something” instead of looking at the CROW manual and doing somethinf right.

And a little south of that in FL. Families, FHP Want Info on Unsolved Hit and Runs I hope they get it in spades (which is a really old phrase that means “a whole lot”).

This is scary to watch. Helmet cam captures dramatic video of how not to pass a cyclist The video was not running properly on my computer (too many tabs) but there was an animated GIF that showed the van a few inches from the left hamdlebar that was bad enough.

Another link to the politician getting away with attempted murder of 4 cyclists. Middle finger councillor who ran cyclists off road fined Am I the only one who wants to break that man’s arm off at the elbow and perform a protological exam on him with it? Surely not.

Whee! decent infrastructure for a change in Jolly Olde. Cyclists’ verdict as Cambridge’s CyclePoint, the UK’s biggest bike park, opens at railway station Aside from the inability to lock up all kinds of bikes (no cargo bikes, LWB ‘bents, or tandems will fit those racks), it seems to be pretty good, and expandible to allow more parking.

A pinball wreck in Jolly Olde involving a bicycle and the cyclist is not only “not dead” but actually in reasonably good condition. Man seriously injured after two cars and a cyclist crash in Brighton The man seriously injured was one of the drivers.

I hope he spends a long time in jail. Man arrested over East Molesey cyclist hit-and-run

Another hit-and-run up north in Scotland. Cyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run collision and Wife of cyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run urges witnesses to come forward This was another hit from behind wreck which means that the cyclist was right there in front of the driver to be seen and wasn’t, and then he (I’m assuming a man would be more likely than a woman to do this) just drove away in spite of knowing there were bits of the car ripped off on the cyclist’s body (which would have made an almighty bang BTW) so yeah, die inna fire.

Another cyclist hit by a rail vehicle. Family pay tribute to cyclist Martin Hughes killed in collision with tram in Wythenshawe No, this is another link to the guy killed on Monday.

Windshield bias strikes in Oz. Cyclist created ‘dangerous situation’, says Tasmanian Full Court judge

Another serious bike wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist’s condition critical Nope, another update on an earlier wreck.

A wreck in South Africa. Man in serious condition after cycling accident That was a serious impact into a vehicle driven by an admitted blind man… The driver pulled out in front of the cyclist, and admitted not seeing the cyclist. Therefore he was blind, QED.

I see this here in TX, where they have money to build new roads but nothing to maintain the roads that have already been built until they need to be replaced. The Long and Crumbling Road The city of Dallas has a pothole backlog over $1 billion. And no tax base assigned to pay for it, so potholes fight for funds with police, fire protection, and libraries. Schools are a different branch of government here in TX.

OK it’s after 0400, I have been up since 1000 and I’m seeing double.

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Filtering this was a mess, and the Feed

Getting through the first round of filtering was a time-consuming mess today, like almost 9 hours with breaks just to get through that first round. Make that 9 hours and two computer crashes. Fortunately ChromeOS is set up to rebound from a crash with all the tabs intact but inactive so you don’t crash again. So I can weather a crash without losing links that I spent hours accumulating.

Up first is Our Daily Ted part 1. Morning Links: Close encounter with a sidewalk cyclist, football players ride among us, and some bikes used for evil

And Part 2. Mountain biker dies of apparent heart attack in Crystal Cove State Beach

Still in LA, a car destroyed a house. Two dead after vehicle crashes into Boyle Heights home [updated] Apparently there was a cyclist somewhere in the story when it first published maybe to do with the driver getting shot.

Still in CA. Street Smarts: Bicycle safety reports released

Scary situation from America’s Copenhagen. Road rage assault leaves man feeling helpless, frustrated and scared That would be menacing and/or brandishing in TX, assuming you could get anyone to take you seriously. Similar situation to what the victim in this case found, not taken seriously by LEO.

Also from Portland, they found lots of places where the infrastructure was deficient or missing. Gap Week follow-up: You’ve mapped 120 bikeway gaps around the city

Major concerns about the statewide bike plan for the people in Portland. Concerns mount over draft of state’s bike plan

Different outlet, same location, doesn’t like cyclists wearing bicycle clothes. Dr. Know: Spandex Blight

And one state up the map, they have traffic control problems. West Seattle traffic light is so long, bike commuter cooks breakfast burrito while waiting for it to change Yes he did have enough time to finish cooking the contents of the burrito and wrap it up before the light changed, but not to eat it.

Still in Seattle, bike share doesn’t work well with mandatory helmet laws. Seattle Bike-Share Needs City Bailout Apparently the city was supposed to take this over about 3 months ago and didn’t because ???

Same state, different town. Man riding bicycle killed after being struck by car The headline used the wrong adverb, instead of “after” it should be “from”. “After makes it sound like he was an animal put down to prevent further suffering.

More on the Dave Mirra tragedy, apparently he was a street cyclist when he wasn’t doing tricks on his BMX bike. Before his death, Dave Mirra overcame at least two horrible accidents to rule BMX and BMX and X Games star Dave Mirra dies at 41 in apparent suicide As has been posted to this blog more times than I can count, I loathe drunk drivers. If I was granted the right to make laws by fiat that could not be vetoed I would make crash tests be done with convicted drunk drivers instead of expensive instrumented dummies. I would handcuff them to the steering wheels of their cars for one final ride through a car shredder. And I’m the nice guy when it comes to dealing with DUI compared to my former business partner and still-friend who prefers death by slow torture finishing up with hanging with the DUI’s own intestines.

Cop v kid in FloriDUH! Miami cop hits boy riding scooter — dragging him up to 40 feet beneath patrol car If I’m putting the narrative together right, the actual wreck was at the speed limit for the area, but only because the cop had just turned a right angle corner and hadn’t gotten up to speed yet. Notice the cop using the universal get-out-of-jail-free card V2.0 “He darted in front of me!”

Memorial ride in OH over the weekend. Ghost ride honors cyclist killed in accident and Nearly 600 cyclists attend ‘ghost ride’ for Michael Prater

NYC wreck that continues to defy rational explanation. Gwendolyn Brooks, Killed by School Bus Driver on Atlantic Avenue Sidewalk Still blaming an as-yet unidentified car “cutting off” the school bus that caused the driver to swerve into the pedestrian area at a high rate of speed while plowing through parked cars.

Up north in West Canuckistan. Vancouver cyclist struck by semi-truck dies In spite of what one commenter posted 3:25 PM is still daylight and lights and reflectors are not required and in the case of the reflectors, not useful. The condition of the bike indicates this was probably a case of the driver mis-judging the size of his vehicle in relation to the location of the cyclist and hitting him just hard enough to cause him to fall off the bike.

Over in Jolly Olde they can’t even get drivers to slow down for a school crossing. Dangerous motorists near Tamworth school crossing prompt clampdown from county council Two wrecks, and 8 near-misses in a school zone?

Another link to the driver considered “too old to jail” for killing a cyclist. Pensioner who killed charity cyclist in crash near Killin avoids jail Even a year in jail would have sent the message that killing a cyclist was serious, but community service for making an illegal pass and running head-on into a cyclist in a flouro pink jersey (the Ugliest HiViz there is) sends the message that killing a cyclist is less serious than littering.

Down in Oz, they caught hordes of scofflaw cyclists riding without their Majick Foam Hats. SA Police road safety operation catches more than 800 cyclists, motorists breaking the law That’s a $400 fine now. TANJ! SMH

Funny, this guy had his Majick Foam Hat, but he still died. Elderly cyclist found on road at Henley Beach, taken to hospital with serious head injuries

Dangerous infrastructure in Enn Zed. Roundabouts in Marlborough a headache for cyclists Two bike stores each with wrecked bikes every two weeks averages out to a bike wreck per week, or 3 times the “official” rate.

Even terrorists know a bike is best for getting through thick traffic even if they can’t carry much in the way of explosives. Bike-borne suicide bomber kills 8 in Pakistan There are several groups at odds with the gov’t in the area, but so far none have taken credit for the attack. This could be a “lone wolf” sympathiser not directly affiliated with any group.

And last story is the Big Story from South Africa. Cyclists killed in Durban crash and Two cyclists killed by alleged drunk driver also Durban cycling tragedy: Man held for drunk driving this too PICS – Cyclists’ early morning ride in KZN ends in tragedy last link Wife rushed to cyclist’s side moments after he was killed You can see in some of the pictures that one bike had a tail light so bright that it caused lens flare even after the bike it was attached to was crushed almost beyond recognition. There’s just not a lot you can do about a drunk driver.

And it’s currently 0445. No tags, no proofing aside from checking to make sure I coded the links right.

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Oh [$DEITY]! the size of the unfiltered Feed

I have just spent 4 hours filtering the first page of the Feed, and I’m almost done, with the first page. Then I have the second page to wade through, and then the specialized searches that hit places I don’t have online subscriptions for. I’m fortunate that my last haircut left my hair too short to grab and pull out, else I just might do that. The biggest problem is all the non-bike stuff that comes with the unspecialized news outlets, the stuff that makes me angry, or sad, or gives me a feeling of schadenfreude. I have to process the stories and the feelings before I can get back to filtering, and that takes time. As some of you know bike infrastructure and safety is not my only Social Justice project, just the one I spend the most time on, and these other concerns also come up while I’m filtering for the post. Fortunately I have lots of time on Friday as I deliberately stay up late to get that last search of the day filtered and any links posted to my blog. I might be still composing the post at 0500 but the post will get done with the latest information before I go off-air for the weekend.

Up first Yehuda has rebooted! Huzzah!

From PA this is why it’s so hard to get an indictment for killing with a motor vehicle, much less a conviction. The law of criminal homicide The way the law is written combined with bias about motor vehicle operations pretty much prevent anyone from getting prosecuted for killing with a motor vehicle absent stuff like social media posts about going on a killing spree in their car (don’t laugh there was somebody who posted that to their FB status).

An abbreviated Daily Ted. All hands on deck! Planning Comm to consider anti-bike LA Mobility Plan amendments Feb. 11th

Still in CA. Cyclist killed in latest hit-and-run I can’t tell if the “casual clothes” was a “not a spandex warrior” or “not wearing a GITDCS” statement.

Also in CA. Cyclist Killed in Eureka Not being able to see the wrecked bike I can’t say if this was an accurate narrative or another variation of the SWSS. Assuming the narrative as presented was accurate a simple notice that “Idaho stop” requires cyclists to yield to oncoming traffic that has the right of way is sufficient.

Bikes can do a lot of things, maybe this is also one of them? What can Seattle’s bike movement do to help end homelessness? As the article points out only if we don’t decide every homeless person with a decent bike is a bike thief, any more than we decide every person living in their car stole that.

Also in WA. Sumas boy, 14, on bike hit by pickup, killed near Paradise When I lived near there back in the mid 1960s Paradise was a wide spot in the road with a co-op dairy that sold really good milk. If they have enough people to contemplate installing a bike path beside the highway they are a lot more populous than when I knew the place. The narrative is suggestive of the cyclist getting blown off of the paved shoulder into the travel lane, but not substantive about it. And another narrative placing blame on the cyclist’s clothing rather than the driver’s headlights.

Over in AZ. Mesa police: Bicyclist hit, killed in crash Again with the useless information that there were no crosswalks where the cyclist was hit. As cyclists are not required to use such things, why include that information? Again without seeing the wrecked bike the narrative is in question.

Now in NYC they are using the data from Citi Bike to determine bike commute patterns. What 22 Million Rides Tell Us About NYC Bike-Share

A cyclist is identified after a CO wreck. Cyclist ID’d from Friday Fort Collins crash The text described the cyclist as “dodging through traffic” but the video said she was preparing to make a left turn. Gee it almost sounds like the writer for the web article was told to blame the cyclist, doesn’t it? To me it sounds like she had to wait for a hole in traffic to let her merge over and someone filled the hole after the cyclist was already committed to the merge. You would not believe how many times his has happened to me her in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, only the hole-filler was able to haul it back down before hitting me.

Crap infrastructure only designed to get people cars out of the area as quickly as possible. Designing City Streets to Suit 47 MPH Drivers Is a Recipe for Failure Best quote from the comments: “Given that cyclists and pedestrians cannot attain driver rates of speed, it is consistent with the studies that led to the 85th percentile rule that urban streets be designed for low speeds to minimize these differentials.

Atlanta is trying to do something about their crap infrastructure. Atlanta’s Bike Czar

Crap infrastructure in America’s Copenhagen. Videos show difficulties navigating TriMet’s swing gates That last video was scary as the rider was so engrossed with getting the gate open she failed to notice the train coming until one of her kids spoke up. I like the creative use of the sandwich sign as a doorstop though.

Still in Portland and still talking crap infrastructure. The westbound path of the Broadway Bridge will be closed for a month And for most of the month vulnerable users will be left to their own devices as to how to cross that river. The flaggers seem to be on duty as they are not required for other things.

This was our day to have lots of crap infrastructure from Portland. Gap Week: Cully, Columbia and Alderwood to Portland Airport Best quote from the article: “If only there were some type of ultra-low-cost personal vehicle that could help lower-income Portlanders reach the sorts of jobs that could make them middle-income Portlanders.

Finally some good news from Portland> New era for off-road cycling begins as master plan committee meets for first time

And this is not unusual with car shows. Portland Auto Show entertains their customers with… Bikes!

Scary news from the Great White North. VIDEO: Police release video of hit-and-run SUV that seriously injured cyclist If you watch the video you can tell the wreck happens just out of frame at the end.

Not-so-jolly story from Jolly Olde. Motorist ‘drove off’ after colliding with fundraising cyclist in Tamworth The cyclist was not seriously injured in the wreck, but that was only by sheer luck.

Unknown if this was a cyclist or pedestrian, but still awful. Woman in ‘critical condition’ after collision with car near Tamworth The article has updated since filtering and they now say the victim was a pedestrian. Still a terrible wreck.

This is our day for crap infrastructure it seems. Here’s Benidorm’s new ‘cyclist-friendly’ roundabout – what do you think? I think it’s terrifying to have bicycle infrastructure go straight across a roundabout and expect drivers to yield to cyclists.

Infuriating story from Oz. Driver texting repeatedly before she hit and killed cyclist, Perth court told and WA woman jailed over cyclist deathLawrence will be eligible for parole after serving 18 months behind bars.” Really? She killed a human being because she couldn’t pay attention to where she was driving (distracted by the median flora or texting) and she’s out in less than 2 years? TANJ!

Legal infrastructure news from Oz. NSW motorists and cyclists face new road rules Some of the changes are preposterous.

More on self-driving cars. Driverless cars work great in sunny California. But how about in a blizzard? It will get solved, it just will take some time and engineering talent.

And another history article about my favorite form of hot rod. The World’s First Fiberglass T-Bucket Hot Rod: Buzz Pitzen’s “Glass Image” – Part I That’s right, the guys that made the first fiberglass bucket body did not make the first fiberglass bucket car.

And that’s all I got again. It’s way late again so I’m not going to tag this one.

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Doing another burn test on strobe mode, and the Feed

Just to do due diligence on the new light I’m doing a second burn test on the strobe mode. It’s beginning to look like I’m going to need extra battery packs if I have to do trips that involve starting early and staying out late. And there were a lot of links from Twitter this morning, so here we go into the rest of the filter process.

Up first is a court case from down the road in Austin. Family sues driver after 2013 collision with cyclist

Still in TX. CYCLIST KILLED IN SOUTHWEST FREEWAY HIT-AND-RUN The cyclist was on his final approach to his place of employment on the frontage road of the freeway when he was killed.

Our Daily Ted, part 1. Morning Links: Bad weekend for pro cyclists, a crib sheet on protected bike lanes, and OCR’s David Whiting nails it

And part 2. Riverside bike rider killed in Sunday collision

Still in CA. Roadshow: White ‘ghost bikes’ honor dead bicyclists

Not done in CA yet. Cars vs. bicycles: The struggle to break a fatal cycle

Still in CA? VIDEO: Cyclists Assaulted on Chevy Chase Yep, that’s CA

NYC infrastructure. Evidence That Split-Phase Signals Are Safer Than Mixing Zones for Bike Lanes Wait, they don’t use separate phases at all intersections because it costs too much and takes away parking? How much is a life worth?

One of the most highly frustrating things about living in the City. Most Roads Are Clear, Why Not The Crosswalks? Nor the bike lanes, which seem to get used for snow storage as long as needed for workers to “eventually” get around to clearing them.

Infrastructure news from CO. Guest Commentary: Bike lanes are about more than just bikes Yep, bike lanes done right make things better for people that never rode a bicycle in their lives.

Unless this was gang-related this driver was an idiot. Man on bicycle in east valley shot and killed; assailant unknown Why do a drive-by shooting when you can just do a hit-and-run and claim you never saw the cyclist you hit and get grief counselling, if caught.

AZ cyclist is hit from behind in an area of bad infrastructure design. UPDATE: PCSD identifies driver, victim in fatal bicycle collision

AR mayor needs to get infrastructure right first, then do bike share on safe streets. Fayetteville mayor announces bike share program push

Over n Jolly Olde have you seen this person, or are you this person? Passer-by may have seen crash which killed Rugby cyclist Sam Davies

Still in the UK. Four in every five sets of traffic lights should be removed, report claims Delays of 2 minutes are crippling the economy, but pedestrian and cyclist deaths have no economic effect. Got it. Got that these clowns are roughly equivalent to the south end of a northbound mule.

Cyclist injured in illegal “punishment pass” in Oz. Cyclist reveals injuries after clash with ute in Brisbane As the cyclist pointed out, another 8″ over to the left and the cyclist would have been a greasy smear on the side of the road. That’s more than 1 meter too close (on a required 1 meter (39.37″) clearance.

Over in the PI a cyclist is killed walking her bike through a dangerous intersection. Death of a cyclist spurs new campaign for safer bike lanes As was pointed out in the comments even if they did put in bike lanes drivers would just use them to cut traffic jams.

In places where the bike lane has to go in front of the bus stop cyclists are required to wait for bus passengers in Denmark. LED Busstops in Copenhagen

Taxi companies could have cars on the roads any time they weren’t getting recharged, and would be convenient enough that people wouldn’t buy their own cars in this vision of the future. No parking? Self-driving cars could have a huge effect on our cities

I don’t see what problem this TX startup was solving, there are 3 e-assist bike stores in the Metromess. San Antonio electric bicycle startup gears up to start cranking out hybrid bikes Unless there just aren’t any dealers willing to put a kit on an existing bike, or build up kits for sale…

And that’s it for links today (tonight). I almost forgot, the burn test was almost exactly twice as long on strobe as it was on high, so strobe is a 50% duty cycle. And pretty freaky to wave your hand in front of.

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