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Trying to shift sleep schedules is hard

I have managed to keep it up for almost 2 weeks now, but I’m running out of the OTC drugs I use to maintain my diurnal schedule. One is Ibuprofen to keep the nagging discomforts of being old (and all those injuries I survived) from keeping me awake, the other is diphenhydramine that allows me to shut down instead of letting my mind wander where it will (and my mind has the metaphorical legs to lap the world several times).

The bad news is we forgot to get more diphenhydramine last trip to the store and now we are down to the last one, and we are also running low on the ibuprofen. I have to make another attempt at banking tomorrow, so I can extend that to a stop at the drug store to get more of my homemade sleeping aids. I didn’t post about my previous attempt to go to the bank Friday, but it breaks down to I went to the bus stop and waited for enough time that 2 buses should have passed but none showed up. By that time my injuries said I had spent too much time standing and I needed to have a lie down or at the minimum a sit down. The bad part is I activated my PM pass just before the first bus should have showed up and now I’m out the $1.50 for a disabled PM pass. That won’t break me, but I am annoyed at wasting the money.

So the plan is tomorrow I go to the bank and deposit the checks I was supposed to deposit Friday, get a massage, buy the OTC meds I use to get to sleep, maybe grab a burger for lunch, and go home. I can do that because there is a CVS, two fast food places and two places to get a massage all on the same corner, so I can do this on two bus rides out and back. There used to be a comic book shop on the same corner, but it was closed and now sits vacant over a rent raise. Real smart move for the landlord unless there is some kind of tax benefit from having the store vacant.

And I’m also making another attempt at Free Senior Day that also falls on Thrifty Thursday at the State Fair, I still have lots of fair food Mrs. the Poet wants me to try and tell her about.

But for the nonce I’m going to go deposit checks and do the other things tomorrow. I will probably spin a tale of derring do about my exploits tomorrow night.


Not much interesting going on

Still fighting to get my sleep schedule diurnal, but I managed to time shift enough to get a massage yesterday morning. The tech spent the entire session working on my back, neck and glutes, but I was able to turn my head most of the way to the right when she finished.

The interesting part happened on the way home when an Asian couple offered me water at the bus stop, and also to the other person waiting there in a wheelchair. I already had two small bottles of water from the massage place because I get a really dry throat during a massage, especially if I spend a full hour laying face-down.

When I got home I had a bite, then did the grocery list on my phone with my loyalty app, trying to not fall asleep and not having much success at it. About 1700 I finally gave in and toddled off to bed and woke up at about 2230, which is almost like sleeping at night, right?

I thought I might have an engine for the A-MOD car yesterday, but I wasn’t able to arrange transport for the donor vehicle, so I was forced to pass it up. It was a 250cc V-Twin with DOHC and 4 valves per cylinder, what used to be considered pretty racy stuff back in the day but is just a puttin’ around engine on a city bike today. It was rated at 28 HP, which was also a pretty racy number back in the day, being more than 100 HP per liter normally aspirated, coming in at 112 BHP/liter. But since I didn’t have any way to get it home, I ain’t got it.

Well I have to be awake this afternoon when we go grocery shopping, so this is a good spot to wrap this puppy up and put it to bed, woof.