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I’m gonna go for a wa-alk!

Read that headline in sing-song voice like you were taunting someone because that’s how I typed it. Yesterday was pretty painful but this morning I wasn’t feeling too bad so after dinner tonight I’m going to take a short (just >2 mile) walk. I can get 19 out of the 25 possible check-ins on my phone game, just not any bonus point check-ins, for a maximum of 95 points and a good walk. This particular walk seems to be my best compromise between exercise and damage to my body. I’m still waiting on that new pump to arrive so I can pump up the other tire and get some real exercise on my bike.

In other news there ain’t no other news I can report in this blog, so I covered it in my Twitter account. Twitter is not a good medium for me. I mean I can do it, no problem but I have a tendency to reduce my written communications to sound bites as it is and the 140 character limit per tweet makes this even worse. I mean, have you ever read “Famous Novels Redone As Single Tweets”? That’s what my tweets look like if I’m not careful about stuffing too much information into a single tweet.

I’m still unhappy with Mrs. the Poet over the hot rod thing, but I don’t see any way to compromise with her “no!” stance. My opinion is if I have to give up something I have dreamed about for half a century then there should be something Mrs. the Poet gives up in exchange, but she doesn’t have any such long-held desires. I mean the most I could do would be to tell her she can’t clean up the garage any more since I won’t be building anything in it now that I can’t build my hot rod. I have design sketches for the T-Bucket that are over 20 years old, she has nothing. Well nothing she hasn’t already got. Her big thing was getting the kids raised and grandkids, which she sorta has now. The only place she’s fallen short of her dreams is we only have the one grandkid, where she was hoping for several. Anything else she has wanted has been discarded like a used tissue. I’m still here, so I guess that’s good.

And my walk beckons so this is the last paragraph sentence.

PSA, Opus the Unkillable


This has been a rough day for a Wreck-Free Sunday

This will have to be a quick one. I went to a party Saturday, with mostly adults. I abstained from alcohol and monitored my hydration, took my snacks from the “healthy” side of the bar, did not over do anything except to stay up late, and still woke up late for morning services after somehow shutting my alarm off without waking up. I missed morning service, and did not really get “going” until about 1400 when the second cup of coffee finally started to kick in. And this was a service that I had been looking forward to attending almost as much as the one I gave last week. Some friends came by to take me out for sushi this afternoon, and then we went to evening service.

Something else that happened was I finally joined Twitter. I have managed to get my Real Name as my Twitter handle: @opusthepoet . I joined so that I could follow the Other Opus @frombloomcounty , and a couple of other people as well whose web comics I read religiously. Other than that I don’t know what I’m going to do with the account because I’m not the kind of guy who announces every meal or poop to the world. I will tweet this blog post when I post it, but aside from that I have no idea.

I really need to get back to bed now.

PSA, Opus