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Waiting to play Shadowrun

Short post today as I’m just sitting around waiting to play Shadowrun. I’m supposed to find out what the GM has done with my 90 plus Karma to upgrade my character, which will be interesting. My last upgrade was to increase my firearms group from 5 to 6, which I spent a few Karma points and Nuyen on, not to mention several weeks of in-game downtime on. This is considerably more Karma than what I spent for that, so the upgrade will probably be more epic than that. I need to get some of my other combat skills in the same range as my firearms skills, so that my character is useful in situations that don’t require a grenade launcher or assault rifle.

It’s after the time we had planned on playing but we had 2 players with digestive issues who couldn’t play, one of which was the person doing my character upgrade. No details were given, but apparently there is still some Karma points left and my new skills are not OP but more “Daaaaang!” and I have some Karma left over.