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Another caffeine-fueled day, and the Feed

Just not feeling the need to eat today, so I’m working the second half-gallon of coffee instead. I have to do something to maintain my “girlish” figure, right? I mean I have found where all the new pounds are going and there is literally nothing I can do about it short of starving myself periodically. The extra weight is coming in my chest and shoulders, unless Mrs. the Poet has found a way to make all my shirts tighter up top and looser in the middle. And I’m sure that lump on the back of my neck has something to do with the weight gain above and beyond the fact that I can’t ride a bike because it exists on my neck. The thing is huge now, and is seriously interfering with my daily life. And it has to weigh at least a pound all by itself.

Up first is an arrest in a drunken vehicular assault down in the RGV of TX. Three Cyclist Injured, Suspect Faces Charges I think whoever supplied the minor with alcohol needs to be charged in the crime also. And something needs to be done to keep drunks off the roads. I’m in favor of taking the cars away from drivers caught driving drunk, but I don’t know how that would keep people from driving drunk in the first place.

And over in Houston they are building something approximating Dutch-quality infrastructure. Take a Look at Houston’s First On-Street Protected Bike Lane and New Green Bike Lanes Downtown And they need to put another protected bi-directional lane on the other half of the couplet so that people can access destinations on the street going the other direction. But baby steps…


And from a link gleaned from the previous paragraph, Denton and Lewisville are going to get connected by bicycle infrastructure getting round the I35E blockage. Path offers ride alongside rails This fills a critical gap in getting around the north central part of the Metroplex. Until now cyclists wanting to get from Dallas County to Denton had to either take the A Train or go through Frisco and cross over on 380, neither of which is ideal.

Next state over is an update on a wreck from a few years back. Severly injured cyclist says his life was ruined by drunk driver in fatal 2012 Perkins Road crash This guy was messed up even worse than I was, and the other guy died. The driver had a BAC of 0.307% which means that if he wasn’t an alcoholic he would have been unconscious.

A little PR from CO. Crammer: You know me, I ride a bike Making cyclists “human” instead of “other” makes some drivers think twice about running one over. I hope so anyway.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: LA finally gets tough on hit-and-run, Calimesa driver convicted in fatal DUI hit-and-run

I question where the thrust of this “enforcement” push will be directed. UAPD awarded grant to patrol bike, pedestrian violations I’m thinking they will go after imaginary bike and pedestrian violations while ignoring motor vehicles because chasing down motor vehicles to issue tickets is dangerous while stopping pedestrians and cyclists is much safer.

The Chinese BSO Wal-Mart sells will get painted and partially assembled in the US before getting boxed and shipped to Wal-Marts. Made-in-America bikes hit Wal-Mart “Assembled in USA from components manufactured elsewhere” bikes come to Wal-Mart…

A “rah, rah” link from CA. Attorney Ramin Soofer of the Soofer Law Group Praises Operation Firefly Yay! Headlights.

A cyclist in Canuckistan gets an unpleasant surprise after a right hook. Cyclist Rylan Kafara gets $6,000 bill after collision with SUV

Another protest I was invited to attend and cover over in Jolly Olde. London Cyclists Stage Protest in Memory of Greek Bike Rider

Some infrastructure news from Jolly Olde that does not bode well for the future. Taking Cyclists Off Roads Is No Way to Improve Transit As the article points out there are a number of proposals that spend buckets of money to just get cyclists off the roads but not let them get to where they need to go.

And I have run out of links again.

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The rain is helping my allergies, and the Feed

The weather has turned cold and rainy, and the drizzle has the side effect of washing the pollen out of the air so I can breathe without drugs. I wish all those climate change deniers would buy me a 100 count bottle of diphenhydramine so I can breathe normally all the time and get to sleep at night. Do you know how hard it is to sleep when you can’t breathe through your nose? My throat and mouth get so dry it hurts, I can’t speak when I wake up, and I sound like a truck load of gravel for several hours until I get my throat properly hydrated. All because of what a former president of the board at my church calls “plant bukkake”.

Up first a meaningless gesture at “justice” from NYC. DMV Revokes License Of Driver Who Killed 3-Year-Old In Crosswalk As nobody cares about driving on a suspended license, even if he kills again there will be no consequences to this death. And until death by motor vehicle is treated like death with any other kind of deadly weapon this will continue to happen.

Another hit-and-run in America’s most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike gets a protest ride. Family members of bicyclist killed near Key Biscayne reflect on loss and Cyclists Ride In Honor Of Man Killed In Causeway Crash This is as much an infrastructure problem as a drunk driver problem. When the only way on or off the island was built there was a small walkway sheltered by a concrete barrier but nothing for cyclists except what was the breakdown lane is now a paint-“protected” bike lane. The wreck happened when a drunk driver veered into the bike lane at speed hitting both cyclists from behind. The long and straight bridge looks like a freeway to a drunk driver so they just put the pedal down and just GOOOooo!

There are some really low-class people out there. Thief stole cyclist’s bike as he lay injured in road after Leeds crash and How low can you get? Callous thief steals bike from injured rider after car crash This story comes less than 2 weeks after people robbed both the driver and the cyclist in a wreck in CA while the driver was providing first aid to the cyclist… I’m reminded of something my elder daughter used to say, “I hate people!”

Another memorial ride, this time in AZ. Prescott College holds memorials for alum killed while riding bike

More infrastructure news from the Feds on local infrastructure. DOT head challenges mayors on bicycle, walking safety Ultimately all infrastructure is local even when serving a national purpose.

UK infrastructure is examined and declared to be “not good”. ‘A cyclist is going to get killed at some point’ I think that headline is the epitome of “not good”.

Wounded Warrior gets a bit of a financial boost. World T.E.A.M. Sports Welcomes DuPont Fabros Technology as Face of America Sponsor

\Last link is sorta ironic for this old hot-rodder. America’s best-selling cars and trucks are built on lies: The rise of fake engine noise Basically, they program an MP3 player to play different tracks based on engine load and speed, pipe it through the stereo system and use sound shaping technology to “aim” it at the driver, because modern cars are sound like crap.

And I’m out of links today.

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Nothing strange here, and the Feed

Well I tried to find a link to Wednesday Addams saying “Everything’s perfectly normal,” but apparently nobody has uploaded that to YouTube yet, pity. That was from the 1960s TV show, not the movie, so there may not be any record of it any more. And Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day to all my “squirrelly” friends.

Some recreational “infrastructure a few towns up the road from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Frisco council approves construction of pump track for bikers

Still in TX Lubbock riders try to get baby steps started to making bicycle infrastructure there. Lubbock cyclists mobilize to address bike safety concerns What is sad about this is they are trying to get “bike routes” and “sharrows” or basically the “abstinence only sex ed” of bicycle infrastructure, i.e. not real bicycle infrastructure.

And today’s big story is a cyclist injured in a hit-and-run with a kangaroo. Cyclist injured by kangaroo and Kangaroo knocks cyclist off bike on Canberra’s Adelaide Avenue also Thomas Jordan at it again? Is he on the loose in Australia? I don’t know who Thomas Jordan is, I assume it is some kind of foreign exchange in-joke as the wreck was a hit-and-run. The kangaroo continued on to have another wreck with a motor vehicle where it was killed. Toxicology tests have not come back to determine if the ‘roo was drunk at the time of the wreck.

In national news, there is a bill in congress that would allow agencies from local to state levels to borrow money from the Feds at below-market rates to fund bicycle infrastructure now. H.R.199 – Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2015 – Full Text Lotsa words there that come down to authorizing $11 million to give away with $1 million for administration costs to loan at the same rate as Federal bonds, which is much lower than most municipalities can get.

Bikeyface has something to say about the condition of the infrastructure. ROAD DEMONS Potholes and debris are her road demons, because they cause unpredictable interaction with motor vehicles.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Catching up with the local blogs, better PR from LADOT, and BWB at the Kingdom Day Parade

Nobody can convince me that months of media coverage to the effect that cyclists are not allowed on the roads did not contribute to this, or caused it outright. Lexington cyclist assaulted with car door This is the same media market where the Cherokee Schill affair took place.

PA infrastructure news. What one avid bicyclist wants from Philadelphia’s next mayor

More PA infrastructure news. Bring 9/11 memorial trail through Lehigh Valley The author makes a compelling point for this alignment, but never states what other alignments might be used.

Support for a revolutionary change in legal infrastructure in NE. Cyclists say they need more protection

Sometimes it’s subtle changes to infrastructure that make your life easier. PVH ambulances vow to leave no bike behind It has come to the point of cyclists refusing the ambulance ride because their bikes would be left unattended and most likely stolen or stripped when someone came back to recover them.

A plea for the legal infrastructure to so something when a cyclist is killed and there is no doubt at all as to the cause. ‘Don’t let 73-year-old who killed cyclist drive again,’ girlfriend urges The driver in this case mistook the gas for the brake and ran over the cyclist and drive around in circles (doing doughnuts in the street?) until the car ran into a bollard with the cyclist still under the car. One wonders why the driver would ever want to drive again after doing that?

A little e-assist link. Proposed bill would legalize, regulate electric bicycles

And somehow I got invited to this protest ride, a far ways away from WoaB in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Vigil and Die-In This event will take place in London.

And now I’m out of links to share.

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Dealing with dysfunction and people I love, and the Feed

Want a train wreck? Try combining a depressed Trans* person, and Mrs. the Poet’s denying of the existence of depression, forgetting the fact that I have been dealing with varying degrees of depression ever since the wreck that temporarily killed me. The seismic shocks have been rocking the house all afternoon. And I mean seismic, Mrs. the Poet can be very … passionate about things. I love her (obviously) but she has blind spots in her worldview. I probably do too. I think everyone has to one degree or another. It’s just that this particular blind spot makes it hard to explain about the situation. This is similar to trying to talk to a person about climate change when they don’t believe there is any such thing. The outcome is seldom pretty.

Up first, more anti-cyclist H8 on display in the media. Double standards on bicycle safety? Two hit-and-run wrecks, one a pedestrian with lots of publicity and information about the wreck, the other an un-named cyclist with no information other than he was killed on a particular highway and was about the same age as the pedestrian.

Hey, a city is taking responsibility for creating infrastructure that gets people killed or injured, and for a driver that t-boned a car with a dumptruck. Denver City Council OKs settling 2 crash cases involving cyclist, motorist for $235K The cyclist was caught in a road seam that flipped him over the handlebars, the driver was hit by a truck and “severely injured”.

In the UK, a cyclist can take a cycling course instead of getting a ticket. Cambridge cyclists to face course or fine if they break law Note that of the three infractions listed 2 are reactions to crappy infrastructure, not things that are in themselves dangerous to others. The other one is riding without lights.

From Oz comes a report of a highly biased and inflammatory slur against cyclists on a popular game show. Family Feud question about ‘something annoying a cyclist might do’ causes backlash The comments are priceless worthless.

A bit of US infrastructure news. Motivated to ride a bike? Bike-share company changes name Another sign that Portland has lost its mojo, as Alta Bike Share leaves Portland and fires all the bikey people that were running the company.

And quiet day, those are all the links I could find today.

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I’m working sick, and the Feed

Yep, after a slight recovery yesterday I had a slight relapse today, but I got nagged out of bed and consumed calories so I’m able to filter links and do the blog. And yes, that was Mrs. the Poet doing the nagging. I still feel like crap, but I feel like I have enough functioning brain cells to compose a post without looking too stupid, or as Gigi puts it in her blog critiques, “Stoopid”. The timeline so far is that I slept until 1600 or so yesterday, was wiped out and back asleep by 0200 and did not wake back up until around 1330 today and still felt like cold crap even then. I had the breakfast that was left over from yesterday, re-heated, then about an hour later (1500) Mrs. the Poet fixed soup and sandwiches for lunch that I finally finished about 1600, and it is now 1745 as I type this and aside from having to wrap my legs in a blanket I’m mostly alert and active. I’m just getting ready to filter the Feed for relevant links, but I REALLY need to take a shower…

Up first is another bit of Schadenfreude about a killer driver. Bishop charged in cyclist death to remain in Baltimore jail Drunk driver blows 3 times the legal limit with a previous DUI and FINALLY gets some serious bail imposed after she kills someone. And while I feel some righteous indignation that the victim was a cyclist, I would feel almost the same had she killed a pedestrian, not quite the same had she killed another driver because there would be a strong possibility that killing another driver would result in serious injury for her. But yes, I’m having lots of schadenfreude about her having to stay in jail until trial, which might be in another 2 or 3 years.

And while we are in the legal infrastructure side of things, another driver gets a caress on the wrist for hitting 3 people and killing the one riding the bicycle. Distracted Driver Gets 1 Year In Minn. Crash That Killed Cyclist Mom Actually 360 days in local jail with time out for attending drill with his National Guard unit, so it’s an “interrupted” year.

This bill could potentially provide us with an endless stream of physical infrastructure, or be used to prevent federal funds from ever being used to build bicycle infrastructure. All Bill Information (Except Text) for H.R.199 – To authorize the Secretary of Transportation to establish a pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure credit assistance pilot program, and for other purposes.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: New hope for North Fig and Santa Monica Blvd; bike rider attacked on San Gabriel River trail

Another link from Oz that conflates wearing a bicycle helmet with avoiding injury on a bike. Cyclists’ injuries getting worse The article is about being dragged under a large vehicle like a semi, something that is so far out of the envelope of a bicycle helmet’s protection that it might as well be circling the rings of Saturn… but yet they still manage to mention wearing helmets while also talking about massive internal injuries that require weeks if not months of bed rest to recover from. Last I checked helmets only covered the top part of the head and did nothing to prevent internal injuries.

I don’t know why this article on passing cyclists safely includes a picture of the 2014 TdF peloton riding in the rain. RSA urges passing drivers to stay clear of cyclists The people in charge of suggesting rules have the right idea, but what are the editors of the media outlet trying to do?

Cyclists generally have big hearts, and not (just) because we are endurance athletes. Cyclists get on their bikes in support of injured rugby player Owen Williams

Another link about that useless “safety” app from Volvo. Volvo’s Next Safety Frontier: Tech To Help Drivers Share The Road With Cyclists As I pointed out before, this thing only works if you have a compatible cell phone with you as you ride, and for the foreseeable future only applies to Volvos driven with the app activated by the driver. Every other vehicle is still just as blind to you as before. Which is pretty much everybody.

And last link, bicycles and handcycles are a vehicle to recovery for physically and mentally damaged veterans. Wounded Warriors Interact With Dolphins, Bike Across Keys Bridge

And those were all the links I could find.

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