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I found the files

And I used one to make copes in the rod I’m using to represent the tubes of the frame. I need more practice, but I got one that fit well and looks almost like the 1:1 Sprint-T will look when completed. Now the 1:1 car will use tubes of different wall thickness for areas of the frame that are loaded more or less with the wall thickness adjusted accordingly, but since they are all the same OD but different ID I use just the one size rod for everything on the frame. That is the same stuff I’m using for practice because I have tons of it, and I need to get those joints as close to perfect as possible.

This is the leg that had the cope that was better then the cope on the other side. The joint in question is the one on front and to the right of the picture.

Now the joint is in front and to the far left. You can see the fit of this side is not as tight as the other.

Not much to say except I used the back side of a triangular file to form the cope and the melting effect of solvent plastic cement finishes the actual cope when I force the joint together. Once I got it down it worked surprisingly well. The second try worked perfectly and also auto-aligns the joint to the center of the vertical member, or whatever orientation the coped rod is forced against.

In other news Mrs. the Poet’s new vacuum cleaner sucks, and that’s a good thing because that’s why we got rid of the old one that stopped sucking, sucking up the dirt. She made a test run and then did the entire house while I was doing my first search for the hand files. She is much happier to have a vacuum that sucks again.😁


The presents to and from Mrs. the Poet are here

Stuff we ordered for each other has arrived, she got me a shop crane/engine hoist, and I took her Amazon shopping for a replacement for her vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck. The engine hoist is her statement that I’m still allowed to build the Sprint-T, I just have to strip the donor vehicle in a different location than our house. The vacuum cleaner is my statement that I’m tired of listening to her berating the broken vacuum cleaner for being broken and not sucking up the dirt as she uselessly pushes it back and forth across the floor every week.

Her vacuum cleaner.

My engine hoist

You can see there is a large difference in volume and weight, but not much in price, her vacuum cleaner was only like $30 cheaper than the engine hoistshop crane.

This is the direct result of not having to pay the full, undiscounted facility bill for the DVT that wasn’t back in September. Since I wasn’t counting on being able to get a discount on that bill I got the full amount out of the trust and what we are buying presents with is some of the savings from my negotiations. I know I have mentioned that repeatedly in the past, but as I have a new publicist software I don’t know how many people reading this have never seen this blog before. Actually I should rephrase that to how many reading this are not Sioux Geonz or Ted Rogers, because they are about my only steady readers, but I do get a lot of repeats who are not steady readers, so I really have no idea who has seen the other posts about the trip to the ER and the bills it caused, or any of the rest of it.

So, anyway, we finally got a little something that will make our lives easier/happier so this is a good Xmas for us, and all the cats and people here at Casa de El Poeta wish the same or better for you and yours. The squirrels not so much, but what can you expect from squirrels?