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Recovering from that thing with my jaw, and my Warlock is kicking some serious butt on Wreck-Free Sunday

We had another game session with the RPG group yesterday, and we kicked some serious butt, serious as in troll and hell cat butts. My Warlock is developing some serious HP and leveling up very fast. I keep adding skill ranks to things that are currently not useful and some to things that are useful and help keep my character alive (that is my definition of “useful” in the D&D world). The ones that are not currently useful are using magical device and spellcraft, because those will be useful when my character gets to 12th level and I can start creating magical items for the party. Since my character does not have spells of his own but rather has spell-like abilities the way he creates magical items is to pass a use magical device check. My character does not lose XP like a regular magic-user does when creating a magical item, but still has to pay for the physical components of the spell and it takes twice as long as for a regular magic-user. So as part of my planning ahead I’m dropping a skill point into use magic device every time I level up to make making magical items easier in the future and a point in spellcraft to make deciding which magical device to make easier. Now all I need are the Feats that will let me build these items… which means I need to find those feats.

Right at the moment I’m trying to refine my character for combat with a mix of short and long ranged attacks to keep him alive long enough to be able to use his abilities to settle down and make a living and support a family, like his father did. In the back story this character is the progeny of my previous character and someone the party saved from some awful fate that has yet to be made explicit, and that character made a living making potions for adventurers and townsfolk as well as clearing out the local monsters so that the people could go about their business relatively unmolested. This he did as the local lord and the people would pay tribute so that he could maintain his fighting abilities and do that. Nothing was established about what happened to the previous local lord, but it was assumed that the local monsters had either killed him or driven he and his forces away. Since killing monsters was considered a good to the community it was accepted and the tributes were paid and the new character had a nice place to grow up. He temporarily took over the monster eradicating part of the business as training for being an adventurer and establishing a keep and protectorate of his own before being called away by the king on the quest he is currently engaged in.

As was stated in the headline, my jaw is recovering from whatever I did to it last week that caused it to dislocate. Chewing is only intermittently uncomfortable now, unlike earlier in the weekend when just closing my mouth was tear-to-the-eye painful. I had pizza for dinner tonight and a salad and managed to enjoy every bite.

One of the reason this post is so late compared to other Sunday posts is we went to North Texas Irish Fest today. We listened to some good music, looked at some nice artwork, and shopped some. We left the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell via DART light rail to Fair Park, where we had zero parking problems as the train station was directly in front of the main gate to the complex making getting to the Festival as easy as getting off the train. We had a bread bowl of Irish stew and a soft drink for lunch after walking over most of the festival area, and I had my annual over-priced pint of Guinness.

What wasn’t fun at all was the drastic change in the weather, as we went from a high of 84°F Saturday to Temperatures in the mid-20s and falling like the mixed snow and sleet to a projected 17 15 12°F tomorrow morning. I’m just glad that we didn’t plan the “sheep shearing ritual” for today or else I would have been venturing out minus my winter fur. I would have shaved off all my hair and beard and then gone out into the freezing cold with no insulation to keep my ears and face warm.

And now I’m going to find something to pre-warm my bed so I don’t freeze tonight

PSA, Opus

Musings on the weather and on building snow bikes

Just for starters, the weather we have been experiencing here at WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell has been… atypical. That’s a good way to put it, no profanity or incredulous gasping, just “atypical”. Normally we are looking at highs in the mid-50s F with lows in the low 30s, but really cold weather is not unusual either. What made this weather event so far out of the norm was all the rain that preceded it turning to sheets of ice, followed by what for us is a metric buttload of snow. Our cold snaps are generally very dry as cold Arctic continental air masses generally don’t have a lot of moisture, but this time we had a very wet marine air mass in place that dumped its moisture on us as the cold air came in, causing the freezing rain and sleet that heralded the arrival of the blast from the north, then the cold air moved over the Gulf of Mexico which pumped moisture into a very cold air mass that turned into snow and lots of it. The after a couple of days the arctic air moved back north and we got our usual early-February weather back only we had that metric buttload of snow and ice on the ground melting all over everything and making a really big mess. What is funny was how badly Weather.com was off on the forecast, they were predicting a high of 41 and it’s already over 50 out there. We may actually make it to our “normal” high of 57F. I left the house dressed for the predicted 38F with 41F on the way home, and it was really 41 out and 52 back, so I was sweating furiously on the way back and shed layers as quickly as I could when I got home.

Now, about my snow bike. When Gigi was stolen I was “blessed” with numerous BSO so that I wouldn’t be stranded at home with no way of getting around, then I was really blessed with Blue, a bike I could ride all day (and have ridden all day). So some of the BSO were delivered in various states of disassembly except of one complete rideable bike that I converted for riding in the snow during the week. I didn’t have access to Lowe’s or Home Depot, so I improvised. Instead of drilling pilot holes in each knob of the knobbies and screwing in a hex head sheet metal screw that I didn’t have, I used a simpler technique called “siping”. Siping is the cutting of small slits into the tread of a tire to make the tread more flexible. The more flexible tread conforms to the ice better and actually gets a grip on it, as long as the ice stays dry. On the way home yesterday I ran into many patches that were water over ice, which doesn’t work so good even with the sheet metal screws. So as long as the temperature stayed below freezing with the sun behind clouds, I was golden, but when the sun came out and the temperature started climbing I was hosed until all the ice melted from the roads. The “fun” part is that I haven’t ridden a DF aka “wedgie” bike since August 31 of 2001, except for once or twice around the block to test repairs, and I had to lower the seat on this bike so that I could reach the ground with both feet and catch the bike if it started to slide so I couldn’t get proper leg extension to reduce the weight on my butt. So for my first “wedgie” ride in almost a decade I had the seat too low to take the weight off my butt. Can you say “Ouch!”? I knew you could.

So, we are having fun here at WoaB. And as they say weather is here, wish you were beautiful. 😉

Billed @$0.02, Opus