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I need to get this published while it is still relivent

OK 45 years ago the not-yet Mrs. the Poet and I hired a babysitter and got married, and 20 years ago we tied the knot (literally) and renewed our vows. I should have written down all the people who bet me a million dollars we wouldn’t last longer than 10 years, because we’re 35 years past that.

And in case you wondered why we had to get a babysitter to get married, I found out she was pregnant the afternoon after she delivered the baby on the way to the hospital in the morning. So we got off on the wrong foot, so to speak, but we have made it so far. Even if we have to live in different houses because she got sick. And that wasn’t the first time she had a baby before getting to the hospital, 3 years after that experience less 4 days I pulled the youngest out of her waiting for the paramedics to arrive. I believe I mentioned that one, compound breech birth at home with her older sister standing in the crib watching. Anywho, 10 days after the oldest was born, we got a sitter and got married.

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39 years ago today…

The groom’s father held the shotgun on the groom (me).

I won’t say everything has been roses and sunshine, but we have done pretty good as a couple. Could it have been better? At times yes, nothing is perfect, but realistically we did about as well as we could have given the situation we found ourselves in at the time. The bare fact that we are together 39 years later is testimony to doing “well enough”.

The problem I’m having now is finding the words for what I have to say. I have the concepts but not the words. Really I don’t have any experience in emotions, either writing about them or experiencing them, since I started being depressed about 41 years ago. Seriously I would rather be writing about building my hot rod or a bicycle than about emotions, because I know building bikes and cars. Emotions I don’t know. “They” say to write what you know, but this time I have to write about something I don’t know. I might as well be writing about living with Sasquatch or swimming with Nessie as trying to write about emotions.😀🙈

Rather than prolong the torture I’m going to stop right here. Maybe write about the bike pump? Ima write about the bike pump. I managed to get the busted hose off the gauge and chuck ends by peeling away the thin metal swedging that clamped the hose to the chuck and gauge leaving them ready for a new hose. Now I have to find a hose…

And that pretty well sums up how I’m feeling on my wedding anniversary.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Unkillable