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Thinking again part googleplex

And yes that is an actual number, it’s google to the google power, an impossibly large number I’m using for humorous effect. If you are wondering exactly how impossibly large, that is a 1 followed by google zeros.

But I have already gotten on a tangent (SQUIRREL!) in only one paragraph. That’s not a good sign for the rest of the post, but I’ll be good and make it make sense. What I have been contemplating is weight reduction in the powertrain.

This takes us back to the engineering maxim of choice: Light, Strong, and Cheap; pick two. I absolutely need light, and I need to balance strong and cheap. The idea here is start with the Super T-10 aluminum case and make or modify the cluster and counter shafts to get 1st and 2nd underdrive, 3rd direct, and over drive in 4th by putting the overdrive in the 3rd position on the cluster and modifying the shifter to swap 3rd and 4th on the pattern. The effect will be a manual version of the gearing in the 4l80, except way lighter and more expensive but still lighter and maybe cheaper than the 5 or 6 speed manuals.

I’m still not sure of the best way to do it because I’m not a transmission engineer, I’m just a shlub that has lots of time doing systems. My initial take is copy the gears from 1st, and put them on the 3rd spot on the cluster, except swap them between the cluster and the main shaft so that it overdrives instead of underdrive. This compensates for the underdrive between the input shaft and the cluster, and gets me a decent amount of overdrive, without having to spend a bunch of money, hopefully.

There will have to be some money spent obviously, but I’m hoping this will reduce how much money that is. The plan is taking the 2.43 1st cluster and machining 3rd gear to the outside diameter of the main shaft, welding the main shaft gear for 1st where 3rd was, and machining the cluster gear for 1st from another cluster to install on the main shaft, or machining the profile of the gear onto a main shaft gear. The modified cluster will need to get heat-treated again because of the loss of strength from welding the new gear on it. And I won’t get a 0.403 overdrive because of the reduction between the input shaft and the cluster, I’ll get 0.403/(whatever the reduction from the input shaft to the cluster)2 because the initial ratio is reduced by the input shaft reduction and then again as an overdrive because the installed gear is driven by the reduction still.

And it’s late for me (0400) and I need to get some sleep, so I’mma pack this one to bed and me right after.