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Welding job done

I got the wheel welded after I finally got the rust and paint off the things I needed to weld together. My left hand still hurts from holding the hub center while I used the angle grinder with the wire brush attachment to get rid of the stuff that prevented me from getting good electrical contact on the workpiece. It hurts to type so the posts for the next few days will be succinct.

Also I accidentally wire-brushed my left thumb a few times. No blood, but it stings when I sweat. It looks a bit strange because skin is missing, but not deep enough to draw blood.

Like I said it hurts to type, so this is enough blog post.

Cleaning parts until I couldn’t use tools any more.

I managed to find where Mrs. the Poet hid put away my angle grinder after looking for a few hours so I could then use it and the new cup wire brush designed for angle grinders to clean the paint and rust off the welding job. I got almost done with that when I had to quit because the vibration and jerking of the angle grinder when the brush caught the edge of the workpiece had made it so I couldn’t work any more because my hands were not working. So welding will have to wait until tomorrow, and so will more blog posting because reaching for the edges of the keyboard is hurting my hands.

I had money so I bought some stuff

I had some money from my tax return so I bought some mid-Bucket parts for the front end. I went from known dimensions out back and how much the hubs added to the overall width of the front end and bought a front axle that spaces the wheel mounting surface just a tad further out than the rear.

Speaking of money, my first check from the secret shopper gig came this morning. The instructions were to cash the check, buy something up to $50 at the store (NDA on which store), keep $300 for myself and send $1300 to some dude in Houston. Supposedly there are some problems sending large amounts through Money Gram at this location. When I checked the delivery addy it did not exist, so I also checked the return addy on the envelope with the check and it didn’t exist either. The check looks real, at least the paper portion of the check is real, but I have no way to verify if the account is valid or not. The only thing I can do at this point is deposit the check and see if it clears.

Moving on to the other part of my day I repaired a cook stove for some people going camping next week. This was my first opportunity to fire up my flux core wire feed welder and give it a test at max thickness capacity. I had to do some finagling to get the part to stick together, but banging on it with a hammer did not dislodge the bits so I’m calling it done but not pretty.

This gig was good, solid practice for welding the frame and de Dion truss on the Mid-Bucket, and it gives me some hope on doing that project right.

And the guy that sets the alarm clocks to wake up chickens just left for work, so I should go to bed now.